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Night 7 of the Galactic Wave

Fractal waves

The 2011-2012 Mayan Calendar culmination was a significant, although generally misunderstood, quantum event. It was misunderstood largely due to the corporate machine grabbing hold of the idea and merging it with religious apocalyptic ideology. It became a talking point of mild interest in the social spaces of the masses; but only as a mere transitory curiosity.

Spiral galaxy
Our Milky-way Galaxy

The Mayan Calendar isn’t a calendar as we might typically think of one; it is a system that maps macro quantum waves emanating from the Galactic Logos, which directly affect our solar system, and how life on Earth evolves. This mapping was undertaken by many Mayan shamans in altered states of consciousness, induced by plant entheogens; it is assumed that over time, through these spirit journeys, awareness of the quantum wave universe first came about for the ancient Maya, and it influenced their culture and their architecture.

These quantum waves hold the information that governs all of manifest reality on Earth, each one building upon the other, adding more nuance and detail to the Song of Creation. Up until recently, there were 7 quantum waves unfolding over time, each subsequent wave operating at a higher frequency than those that came before it; each one much like an instrument adding its voice to the symphony that is life as we know it.

Mayan Pyramid, 9 underworlds model

In 1999, 16.4 billion years after the very first quantum wave began to sing out across the galaxy, an 8th “galactic” wave began to unfold at such a high frequency that it would complete itself in just 12 years. This galactic wave, so called because it is thought to stimulate a shift in consciousness within humanity to a galactic perspective, has been a primary activator of the feminine right brain function, responsible for stimulating the awakening of humanity in much larger numbers than prior. Collectively we began to move beyond secularism to reconnect with ‘the whole’ through spiritual practices and explorations that were typically, at that time, found only on the fringes of society, hidden away in plain sight, accessible only to those whose minds were switching back on. When I say collectively I don’t mean the majority, I mean rather that significant numbers of people acting independently of each other have been moved and motivated toward a new way of perceiving reality.

shaman, tree, jaguar, snake, galaxy, cosmos, spirit guides

In the early1990s, energy healing, contemporary spirituality, shamanism, herbalism and meditation were virtually unknown in consensus reality and never talked about; yoga in the West, was not a mainstream past time, albeit soon to become one. By the 2020s this has changed, with many more souls actively seeking out answers to deep spiritual and existential questions that cannot be answered by modern science alone.

Saint, energy rays, yogi
The Universal wave is the activator for Ascension and Unity Consciousness

In 2011 a final 9th wave began to unfold for the first time, this one moving at a higher frequency yet, culminating in less than a year, and in so doing, bringing the first quantum “symphony of creation” to completion, and initiating the beginning of a new cycle comprised of 9 active waves for the first time ever.

What is most significant to the current times, is the notion that humanity is now integrating and responding to 2 new quantum wave signals affecting human consciousness, which have only been active in the last 24 years, which in evolutionary terms is a near imperceptible blink of an eye.

mayan galactic wave model, sine wave
2 Galactic Wave cycles since 1999

The quantum wave emanations unfold like a sine wave, or as the Mayans expressed it, as the feathered serpent known as Kukulkan. Sine waves have an up-cycle called ‘day’ periods and a down-cycle called ‘night’ periods, and a full expression of each wave is comprised of 13 sub-cycles (alternating day and night periods) which move through time at different rates; for example the galactic wave (the 8th wave) cycles every 360 days, and it completes itself every 12.8 years. The universal wave (the 9th wave) cycles every 18 days and completes every 234 days. While the planetary wave (7th wave) cycles every 19.7 years and takes 256 years to complete; the planetary wave gave rise to civilisation patterns within humanity, and it is interesting to note that it is well observed that civilisations tend to last, at most, 300 years before entering decline.

Tarot, tower, eye, dove, human bodies
Civilisation goes through cycles of breakdown

The Mayan Calendar culmination date of 2011-2012, initiated a new cycle, with all 9 waves shifting into ‘descending’ night cycles simultaneously: these descent cycles generally coincide with the breakdown of civilisation, low creativity, gestation and chaos, with the following ascent cycles giving rise to new paradigms and significant new creative cultural shifts.

Humanity has experienced major descent cycles before, when ancient civilisations such as Egypt and Rome moved into decline, but back then the 8th and 9th waves were not active as they are today, which means that whatever we are going through currently, is going to be different to the past in some way, and the main difference has to do with radical changes in conscious awareness within people.

Since 2012, the ‘descent’ cycles of all 9 waves have coincided with a palpable decline within Western civilisation, and this is a perception shared by many. For example journalist Douglas Murray published The Strange Death of Europe in 2017 and more recently The War on the West - how to prevail in the age of unreason. Geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan published in 2022 The End of the World is Just the Beginning, in which he maps the collapse of globalisation.

In an earlier post A Change in the Galactic Wave, I wrote about the last change of sub-cycle within the galactic wave as it moved into Day 6. In this post I will offer rumination on the galactic wave as it moves into culmination and Night 7 on 1st September 2023. The culmination of the galactic wave will coincide with a movement of Pluto into Aquarius (an astrological indicator of significant changes in human evolution that will last close to 20 years), ushering in a quickening of the breakdown of obsolete human structures (from the perspective of evolution) and opening the way for radical changes in society, lifestyle and culture.

Night 7
lemniscate, ouroborus

In my view, last year felt like a very active year; it was a year where the penny finally dropped and many more people began to make better sense of the emergent chaos, the decay of once cherished institutions, and the rising awareness of moral corruption in the corridors of power on almost every level. We may not like what we see, and we may take little comfort in the way the world is moving, but we do begin to have a much clearer grasp of just how fast the world is changing, our volatile position in terms of catastrophic outcomes, and maybe even a counter-intuitive sense of optimism.

This year the galactic wave enters a night period as it culminates, something it has never done before (the last and only time it culminated, it was in a day period in 2011). Changes in the galactic wave represent evolutionary shifts relative to the perception of truth and the ability to individually know and understand reality, without some outer authority curating or controlling what truth is. It is at this time, for many people, the primary wave that is activating expanded perception beyond the spiritually crippling False Matrix frame of reality, and so we can expect something significant to arise in the next 2 years as the 8th wave culminates and rebirths into an ascending day period, more or less at the same time Pluto establishes himself in Aquarius.


If you want to get a heads up on what Pluto in Aquarius heralds, see my earlier post Pluto in Aquarius - A New Era.


flower of life, cosmos
The Living Matrix

Night periods are strongly associated with integration, and since the galactic wave is the main driver for awakening (especially from the False Matrix), something deeply intriguing is going to be taking place in 2024 within anyone attuned to this wave. It's almost like it has taken 11 years for us to really come to terms with what is now happening and what the culmination of the Mayan Calendar, and its association with Earth/Gaia ascending to 4th Density, initiated back in 2012. [See Understanding Ascension for more on the metaphysical model of densities]


If you want to understand the significance of the Mayan Calendar see my earlier post Understanding the Mayan Calendar after 2012


woman, wings, sun, eagles, heart

Night periods are also associated with gestation, and this implies that the tribes of Rainbow Warriors and Light Workers will be undergoing significant transformations (relative to where they are in their healing and awakening process) as they prepare to rebirth in August 2024, just in time to make good use of the liberating, activating and inventive Aquarian impulses transmitting with high intensity through Pluto.

I think this means that many with strong guiding visions for personal life missions in service to the whole, will engage in deeply rich and creative processes in preparation for an expansion of expression when the galactic wave re-initiates next year. This suggests a time of rest, quiescence, preparation, the laying of proper foundations, and a healthy dose of patience. Something is brewing within the new post-secular tribes, and when this finally moves into outer manifestation, we can expect to see some exciting new innovations and humanitarian projects emerging in unexpected and novel ways.

The renewal of the galactic wave in 2024 will represent a call to action as many, having come to terms with the breakdown of life as we knew it, now rally together to initiate creative action toward a future we all want. I think after the initial disorientation of the last 12.8 years, many will be ready to step up and step forward to participate positively in the world. We may see the first signs of a cultural renaissance gaining momentum over the next 12 years, giving rise to new paradigms and significantly new creative cultural shifts. This probably won’t happen all at once, but I think more of these New Earth initiatives will become more salient within the google curated internet, in stark opposition to the old decaying systems and those fossilised powers hell-bent on preserving the status quo.

Mahatma Ghandi
Mahatma Ghandi (1869-1948)

Like Gandhi leading a revolution of non-compliance with regard to an old declining authority, the New Earth tribes will very likely birth movements that bypass the False Matrix system in favour of lifestyles that generate freedom, vitality and creativity.


My perspectives on the Mayan Calendar system are based on the work of Carl Calleman. If you find yourself resonant with this material and want to go deeper, he has published numerous books on the subject.


© 2023 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved. Please credit and reference me and this website when choosing to use any written part of this article.

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