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Uncover more about your life purpose

My role as an astrologer is to help you become more aware of the choices available in any given life situation, by helping you to ask bigger questions about yourself, life and existence. The process of astrology will rarely if ever tell you anything that is unfamiliar to you on the inside, but it can stimulate and sharpen awareness, bringing greater clarity up to the surface, in a way that both confirms your own nature and strengthens your capacity to follow your own unique path in life. And while the birth chart offers a symbolic map for understanding the soul and it’s potential for evolution, the chart itself is not who we are, and the map it offers is not the territory itself. For this reason consultations are a shared process; your thoughts and perceptions, life experiences and questions when combined with the symbolism contained in your natal chart have the potential to be profoundly illuminating.

Evolutionary Astrology is a style of astrology that differs from other more common forms, and has its own philosophical foundation based on Ayurvedic wisdom fused with Jungian psychology. Rather than fixating on personality characteristics and descriptions, Evolutionary Astrology aims to address the deep underlying archetypal patterns that drive reality, in order to determine why things are unfolding as they are, and how best to deal with them.

To find out more about Evolutionary Astrology click here

If you would like an Evolutionary Astrology reading, I will need the following birth data:


1. Date of Birth


2. Time of birth as accurate as possible, although an approximate time give or take half an hour is fine.

It is possible to still read a chart without an exact time, but there is less information to draw from as a result.

A solution to this issue if you don't have an exact time, is to undertake a Vedic Astrology time rectification process with a suitable Vedic Astrologer. I have found this to yield in most cases a time that generates a chart that makes sense to the person in question. I have found to provide a reliable birth time rectification service, which is simple to do online by filling in a questionaire (normally about 5 signficant life events are required such as births, deaths, marriage, career changes, property purchase etc), but bear in mind they run on Indian time so it may take several weeks to come through.

3. Place of Birth (if your place of birth is a small village, then closest large town is helpful)

A typical online reading lasts for 1 hour: a one to one conversation via Zoom video conference call, which can be recorded if you wish. An invitation link will be sent via email before a session starts. Readings are an interractive process that are built upon your questions about yourself, your relationships and any specific life situations that you may want fresh perspective on. The basis of my practise is to support the individuation process; the natural unfolding of a person's true nature that leads to true self empowered individuality.

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 I found my astrology reading with Aquila very insightful and I believe it opened my mind to the possibility that there was a purpose to the chaos that had become my world and the events that unfolded within the year that followed proves that...I look back now and are thankful.

Regan McKinnon - New Zealand

Hey Aquila 


Thanks so much for the reading I thoroughly enjoyed it and im looking forward to the transits to come. I was looking for that deep information about the soul and incarnations etc, and you and EA definitely gave me that.

Sam - Australia

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