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Know Thyself

Self-realisation mentoring offers support and compassionate input for those on a spiritual path, and those engaged in self-reflection who want someone to talk to for the purposes of greater self-understanding. To journey with a mentor is an opportunity to be seen compassionately, empathetically and without harsh judgement.

My role as mentor is to hold space and bear witness to your thoughts, feelings, senses, images and emotions, while using my intuitive patterning and sensing skills to offer input in order to quicken personal insight.

I bring to my mentoring sessions the accumulated self-knowledge I have gained as a spiritual seeker, shamanic healer, seer, astrologer and spiritual medium over a period of 30 years. My goal is to actively support your own ongoing gnosis; to listen deeply; to stimulate and catalyse your own awareness of your true nature; to encourage the making-conscious of emergent material held in the unconscious.

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There’s a moment that comes upon us all, sometimes early in life, sometimes later on, when it becomes meaningful to say that we are on a path, that we are walking a road that is unique to us, that we are on a journey of some kind. The word path and journey seem to have momentum in the collective mind because it’s the most common way we describe the process of individuation; that act of carving our own unique way through reality, a way that separates us from everyone else, and holds a greater promise of personal fulfilment, life satisfaction and contribution. As in nature every fruit ripens in its own time, but when that time happens regardless of when in life, it marks a significant turning point.

For me the perception of journey began to coalesce around the time when I was 19 years old. I didn’t know this at the time, but life events were driving me to recognise that I was born to live something unique if only I would allow it. By the time I was 22 years old the notion that I was on a path of some kind, going somewhere that had purpose and meaning, was a comfortable one; it became the centre of gravity about which my life revolved.

Along the way, from time to time, somewhat sporadically, I accepted guidance, support and help from mentor figures. In those days it wasn’t an easy time to be on a path; there was no internet so information was more limited, and anyone able to competently discuss matters of an inner journey were few and far between. Yet these were the right circumstances that helped me hone the navigation skills and patterning skills that are part of the journeyer's toolkit. Nevertheless there were times when I yearned for a true mentor, someone I could turn to who was further down the track, more advanced than I was, who could not just understand the nature of the task, but also offer resonant perspectives that might quicken my own process of insight.

In truth I wasn’t alone with it all, I got my help instead from unseen dimensions;  from intelligences that dwell in the-more-than-human-world. But the desire for someone here in this world, warm and in the flesh was a real one. As I look back with the understanding I have now, I realise that the world is in the process of growing more elders, those innately qualified to be guides and mentors, because two world wars and several thousand years of violence for the sake of dominance have not provided the best conditions for eldership.

Fortunately times are changing, and the birth of the internet has given us the possibility of connecting with people almost anywhere in the world allowing anyone on the path to self-realisation the chance to find an increasing number of those further down the track to draw support from.

The idea of journey infers movement and change; it suggests a symbolic landscape of sorts with topography, landmarks, weather conditions and denizens. To journey necessitates the need to navigate, to read the signs, to understand the signposts and possibly to piece together a map. Journeys also require resources and survival skills, and sometimes a helping hand.

Even when we know that there is a path to figure out and follow, it’s not always that easy to stay on it, at least at the beginning. In fact even after we have recognised that life is a journey, we can stall and end up on a path that leads us around in circles where little if any progress is made.


More on Mentor Sessions

Mentor sessions have two parts or modes:

Part 1: We come together in an online conversation using the SKYPE video conference service for 1 hour. During this time you can bring up whatever you want to talk about, and in a gentle flow of conversation I will listen and offer input as a means to expand existing perspectives. If your birth data is available i will look at your astrology chart.

Part 2: After the first hour together, I enter a more receptive mode, and usually receive more inspiration and insight about what we have discussed together, and will follow up with more input via email if I receive any. You get to respond via email, or share insights about your process at anytime. This is particularly relevant if you are choosing to undertake more than one session.

If you are interested in working together with me I recommend that you book a free half hour introductory online session where we can meet and I can answer your questions. Should you decide to engage me as a mentor, normal sessions are 1 hour and can be booked online.

Working with a mentor requires a level of commitment; I have found that single sessions booked randomly are not always sufficiently effective. I recommend that you consider undertaking 3 sessions to begin with. I have found that this usually provides enough time and input opportunity to initiate a beneficial inner movement. Sessions are commonly experienced as enlivening, uplifting, insightful and moving.

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"I highly recommend Aquila as a mentor! I first came to Aquila to have some technical lessons on astrology, but here on my second round of mentorship, we are deep in what can best be described as life guidance.  Aquila CAN teach all sorts of esoteric knowledge, but the luxurious experience is really that he guides me on my particular unique path employing all of his wisdom. This is such a rare opportunity, and I am so very grateful for the help, support and his willingness to work with me. My sessions with Aquila can involve tarot, astrology, dreamwork, shamanic knowledge and even suggestions for vitamins, oils, music and crystals for specific purposes. For different sessions different divinations are employed and I can see my situation in a new light or somehow have more energy to go out and be who I am supposed to be. Aquila's mentorship offer is an outstanding opportunity to unblock and be warmly and wisely supported in your life's journey. "


Mannah, 35 - Denmark

My life has completely changed since working with Aquila.  I no longer struggle with addiction and eating disorders and my anxiety and depression are much less intense. When accessing his wisdom and healing it leaves me with a profound feeling of deep reflection.  Many times, this can trigger deep inner personal work, which can be painful, but necessary, but other times I find after working with him, a deep sense of inner peace and calm.

You help me to see through the darkness Aquila. Your e-mails carry a magical energy with them, that give me newly found feelings of hope and determination.  Bless you so much for being a big part of my life journey!

Michelle Firrisi - Canada

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