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Aquila Idha

About Aquila Idha

Aquila is a practising modern-day contemporary shaman, astrologer, spiritual mentor, songster, writer and poet.

After a spiritual awakening experience in his early twenties, Aquila has been exploring what it is to be fully human and how through the cultivation of our individual nature, depth of meaning and purpose can elevate us to ever greater contributions to the whole.

From very early on I experienced a desire to relate to life beyond what culture was offering. The unspoken and yet omnipresent prevailing collective notions about what life is and the purpose of a human life on Earth, have proven to be profoundly unsatisfactory to my spirit.

Some of the great perennial questions have been an ever-present backdrop of my unfolding life as journey… Who are we? Why and how do we exist? What is the purpose of our lives? What does it mean to be human and how can we fulfil ourselves?

In response to this I decided to let my personal relationship with existence be the guide and maker of my life story and its meaning. Along the way I have learned to dive deeply into my suffering, love more openly, trust the heart as a reliable guide, and discovered the true power of vulnerability. I think of myself not as a life-achiever but as a life-journeyer, willing to participate in the sometimes daunting and sometimes delightful cooperative relationship that is life.

I am passionate about the creative power of the individual and its relation to the whole, for I believe within each of us is a dream, a sacred seed that wants to grow into the light of this world, with the potential for great gifts to be both experienced and shared.

Yet what does it take to individuate? How can we become truly unique expressions of being, while also coming to terms with the universality that underlies our nature? How do we reconcile free will with larger forces beyond our control that also shape our lives?   


I believe answers to these questions lie deep in the heart of soul and psyche, answers which may be found if we are willing to know all of our selves; the heights to which our most heartfelt dreams can lift us and the depths to which our darkest pain can bring us; what it is that brings forth our greatest joy and delight and what it is that makes us wither in fear and shame.


I consider that, as individuals, we are not here to save the world, tempting though this may seem, but instead to cooperate with an underlying intelligence that permeates all of life, by setting out on the quest to discover who we are and thus be able to perform the intrinsic role we were born to be as a part of nature’s wholeness.


My work as astrologer, spiritual mentor, shamanic healer & initiator, writer, songster and poet come together as my offering in service to humanity; the cultivation of true authentic life-affirming individuals and elders.


The Life Hub Logo

The idea of The Life Hub emerged in my imaginings as I realised how difficult it was to find help or kindred spirit for anyone heeding the call to know soul and spirit. For me it is a call to action as I turn a corner in my own life journey; a ripening of my own capacity to give of what I have learned so far to those who want to hear.

The decision to be individual; to be honest and true to self, although easy to say is actually a great task that demands both patience and determination; it doesn’t happen overnight. And yet that decision initiates the most exciting and fulfilling adventure of our lives, one that surpasses the measure of worldly achievement on its own, for in the process, an undying incorruptible value forms at the centre of our being that is intensely transformative and enlivening.

Sir Laurence van der Post speaks of it this way:

Making what you are, what you inherited from the universe, specific…
Making what you’ve got of the collective in you individual…
To become your own way, of moving through life…
That is the hardest thing you can ask of a human being

To this aim is the Life Hub dedicated.


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