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Tarot Readings with Aquila


The NOW moment


Yourself with fresh perspectives on issues that matter the most to you


Insight and Direction

My journey with Tarot began over thirty years ago, and since that time it has become ever more popular especially as a tool to read the future. The idea that we can know what lies ahead is both a natural and compelling one; all of us at some level want to know that everything is going to be alright; we want reassurance and that makes sense. I know that it is possible to predict the future using tarot cards, I have done it myself on several occasions with uncanny accuracy, but foretelling the future is not the best approach because it fundamentally leaves us disabled and powerless if we let someone else define our fate for us; what’s the good in that!

I believe that as individuals we are key participants in the unfolding of our life as a journey, which means that we will always have a say in how things play out in life; in every moment we are influencing how things manifest. This is what the law of karma really means.


So what do I do with tarot?

I have learned how to use Tarot as a sense-making tool and find that it does a lovely job helping us to navigate the ‘now moment’ so that we can make the best decisions and choose the most appropriate actions. My approach is a holistic one, informed by my other vocational work with healing and mentoring, with the sole aim to help you understand yourself better, find new ways to see your life situations so that you can feel more empowered with self-knowing.

What does a Tarot reading with me look like?

Any life concern that you may have is turned into a question. It could be about a mundane aspect of your life such as money, career, relationships etc but it can also be about deeper issues involving life direction, or internal challenges and worries.

Cards are laid out and through an intuitive process, which I believe involves forays into both the personal and collective unconscious, elements of the situation are brought to light, some of which might already be known in some way, and some information brought forward will expand your awareness with fresh perspectives.

Tarot at its best is a collaborative process; many levels of consciousness are involved in a cooperation with the highest most benevolent intentions. In this way we work together to communicate with the unseen, to connect with the higher-self perspective in search of insight and  awareness that often promotes greater trust in life as it unfolds.

Thank you so much Aquila, it's amazing. The reading & your perception/insight  of the cards is very accurate, that's fantastic. Your reading has helped me relax and trust more in what I already know with more confidence. Thank you!

Gaylene Swann - New Zealand

Tarot readings are available as an online experience using skype or zoom
or as a written service for one key issue
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