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Spiritual Mentoring

"I highly recommend Aquila as a mentor! I first came to Aquila to

have some technical lessons on astrology, but here on my second

round of mentorship, we are deep in what can best be described

as life guidance.  Aquila CAN teach all sorts of esoteric knowledge,

but the luxurious experience is really that he guides me on my

particular unique path employing all of his wisdom. This is such a

rare opportunity, and I am so very grateful for the help, support and

his willingness to work with me. My sessions with Aquila can involve

tarot, astrology, dreamwork, shamanic knowledge and even

suggestions for vitamins, oils, music and crystals for specific purposes.

For different sessions different divinations are employed and I can see

my situation in a new light or somehow have more energy to go out

and be who I am supposed to be. Aquila's mentorship offer is an

outstanding opportunity to unblock and be warmly and wisely

supported in your life's journey. "


Mannah, 35 - Denmark

Spiritual Mentoring

My life has completely changed since working with Aquila. 

I no longer struggle with addiction and eating disorders and

my anxiety and depression are much less intense. When

accessing his wisdom and healing it leaves me with a profound

feeling of deep reflection.  Many times, this can trigger deep

inner personal work, which can be painful, but necessary,

but other times I find after working with him, a deep sense

of inner peace and calm.

You help me to see through the darkness Aquila. Your e-mails

carry a magical energy with them, that give me newly found

feelings of hope and determination.  Bless you so much for

being a big part of my life journey!

Michelle Firrisi - Canada

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Evolutionary Astrology

Hey Aquila 


Thanks so much for the reading I thoroughly enjoyed it and im looking forward to the transits to come. I was looking for that deep information about the soul and incarnations etc, and you and EA definitely gave me that.

Sam - Australia

Tarot Counselling

Thank you so much Aquila, it's amazing. The reading & your perception/insight  of the cards is very accurate, that's fantastic. Your reading has helped me relax and trust more in what I already know with more confidence. Thank you!

Gaylene Swann - New Zealand

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Evolutionary Astrology

 I found my astrology reading with Aquila very insightful and I believe it opened my mind to the possibility that there was a purpose to the chaos that had become my world and the events that unfolded within the year that followed proves that...I look back now and are thankful.

Regan McKinnon - New Zealand

Evolutionary Astrology

All readings are unique.  As titled Evolutuionary Astrology provided me with a grand perspective of the puzzle that is my life from a soul perspective. 

Resonated 100% accurate with why and where I currently

am at.  Could not be happier.  

Braven Almen - Canada

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