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"Hold to your own truth

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You were born with.”D. Whyte

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If you ever wanted to understand more about yourself as a soul, and why you incarnated on planet Earth at this time, then Evolutionary Astrology in conjunction with Self-realisation mentoring might just be for you. Evolutionary Astrology functions as a reliable fractal map containing information about who you are as a soul, what your evolutionary intentions are for this life, what your chosen life purpose is meant to be, the lessons you booked in along the way, and any unfinished business from past-lives. In addition, transit charts can assist in helping you understand how your life is meant to unfold, and the underlying reasons for key life events and how best to deal with them. Together with Tarot imagery there is an incredible amount of useful knowledge and insight that can help you optimise your life and empower you with true direction and purpose. I very much look forward to working with you.


You are the most important person in your life; you are the centre of everything that matters at an individual level. This might sound selfish or to use a popular hype-word ‘narcissistic’ even, but acknowledging yourself as fundamental to your life, is none of those things; anyone can be selfish or narcissistic but these are different matters.

We all come to this Earth alone and we die alone, and no matter our togetherness with others in the extraordinary pageant of life, when we close our eyes at night, we know there is an entire universe within us that belongs to us alone. In fact part of the challenge inherent to human life is the desire to share some of that private world with others in some shape or form, and as simple as it appears, it’s not that easy to do!

Life is a mysterious, baffling, fascinating movement. I use the word movement because there is nothing static or predictable about existence; sometimes life is awesome, exciting and fulfilling; at others tragic, painful, and difficult, and no matter how we imagine it, nor how hard we try to make it not so, the natural cycles of life will inevitably bring all of us a fair share of both the good and the bad.

All of us yearn to feel fulfilled, and yet like ice crystals or the swirling patterns of our fingerprints, everyone is unique, where no two are exactly alike. To make things more challenging, the nature of things is to evolve, so what fulfils us in one moment, no longer does in the next; the essence of fulfilment is a flow rather than a destination.

We all initially look to others to learn how to live life; if we want success we look at those that we see are successful and try to copy them, and if we want happiness we try to live like those we think are happy, but because we are unique, in the end, none of these strategies will get us what we really want; to find love and acceptance for who we are as individuals rather than who we think we ought to be.

What we really need is a reliable map and a highway-code; a way to understand the nature of life and reality so that we can navigate both the ups and downs of life in order to become ever more masterful of our own destiny. But we can’t use someone else’s map; we need to find our own if we are ever going to find the sweet-spot of self-fulfilment and authentic life appreciation.

Through self-realisation mentoring, evolutionary astrology readings and online tarot counselling, I aim to help you de-code your true life potential, hold you with openness as you learn to remember your life-map, and catalyse you into greater self-awareness on your personal journey toward self-realisation.

I believe that there is nothing more important than knowing yourself, a process referred to as individuation; if we want to optimise life potential we need to see the truth of who we are and understand the nature of the starting point, and if we ever want to make a meaningful positive impact on the world, then we simply can’t do that if we’re busy trying to be someone else!

Each one of us has an incredible potential, to bring to the world a portion of the answers we need collectively. The true task of any individual is to unlock that potential through self-knowledge.

  Aquila Idha




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