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A Change in the Galactic Wave

One of the emergent tools for the corridor of transition between cycles and ages is the Mayan Quantum Wave Calendar, which arose within the collective awareness in the 1990s and penetrated the mainstream arena around 2012.

A useful background understanding of the Mayan Quantum Wave Calendar can be found in an earlier post: Understanding the Mayan Calendar After 2012. If this is a new area of study for you, I recommend reading that post before you read this one.

Since the end and subsequent renewal of the Mayan Calendar in 2011-2012, all 9 active quantum waves governing the evolution of consciousness entered a period of descent into a night-cycle, lasting varying time-frames depending on the frequency of each wave. Descent cycles generally coincide with the breakdown of civilisation, low creativity, gestation and chaos, with the following ascent cycle giving rise to new paradigms and significant new creative cultural shifts.

At this time it is easy to see, in the years passing from 2012 until now, that much of the modern and postmodern structures are in substantial decay, and in fact one might go so far as to suggest an entire paradigm for civilisation itself is undergoing a potent metamorphosis; something that has not happened before for at least 8000-10,000 years (the civilisation model since ancient Sumer is much the same now as it was then).

There are 3 quantum waves of immediate relevance to this window of time:

The Universal Wave: very newly initiated (it began for the first time in 2011), and carries new quantum information that will ultimately raise human consciousness into universal awareness.

The Universal Wave has the highest frequency and cycles every 18 days, completing a full wave movement every 234 days, which is notably less than a year. We are still trying to understand this wave and how it is influencing us, but so far the sense is that it can teach us how to live in trust, which is to say: to be in a relationship with existence that is non-attached, compassionate, and aligned with the higher-power. This is the same frequency level of the Saints and Sages throughout the ages.

The Galactic Wave: also newly initiated (it began in 1999), bearing new information that elevates human consciousness into galactic awareness.

The Galactic Wave has also a high frequency, cycles every 360 days and completes a full wave movement every 12.8 years. This wave activates the right-brain function, and thus reconnects us to the Living-Matrix, through which we can access truth. The Galactic Wave is an essential stepping stone to Unity Consciousness; it is bringing balance to the world through the return of the Divine Feminine, the re-emergence of the intuition as a valuable function, and direct experience of multi-dimensional reality through altered states of consciousness, which together will balance the currently dominant left-brain mode, which has led to a fundamental disconnection from the numinous, characterised by nihilism and science materialism. Through this wave we can move beyond secular materialism to reconnect with the cosmos and become galactic beings with active relationships with other intelligences residing in our Milky-way galaxy.

The Planetary Wave: initiated in 1755, ushered in global-level awareness (the basis of our current world-paradigm), and it is on this wave that the notion of a New World Order dictatorship was probably first conceived. This wave is of relevance because although it takes 256 years to complete, each day or night cycle lasts 19.7 years, which means that we will experience a shift in this wave around 5th July 2032, which isn’t that far away.

The Planetary Wave tracks the evolution of Earth-centric development, and together with the Galactic and Universal Waves will eventually elevate its expression, where humanity recognises its place within the Gaian evolutionary system, and aspires to become true guardians and custodians of the planet as a complex living collective system. Changes in the Planetary Wave will most likely reflect changes occurring on Earth as a whole, and how humanity functions collectively. At present since 2011, the Planetary Wave has entered a descent Night sub-cycle lasting 19.7 years, and for this reason we can expect further dissolution of existing global structures until 2032. From this period onwards we will begin to see significant global change and understand more how our future will look. Day 1 of the Planetary Wave (following Night 1) will tend to generate a positive reaction to the breakdown of the previous Night period, with a strong impulse toward a creative cultural renaissance. (Pluto will still be travelling through Aquarius until 2043)

The Galactic Wave since 1999 showing where we are now on the 2nd wave movement

Of most significance to the present moment is the imminent shift of the Galactic Wave into Day 6, and the approaching completion of the first Galactic Wave since 2012, occurring in 2024.

[Notably Pluto will begin transitioning into Aquarius in 2023, and anchor solidly into the sign in 2024 - the renewal of the Galactic 8th Wave will coincide with an evolutionary shift into the revolutionary and liberating sign of Aquarius, which will add more energy to the collective awakening process]

If we track back a few sub-cycles to Night 5, which began in Sep 2019 just before Covid 19 emerged on the world stage, at the level of the Galactic Wave governing spiritual awakening and the quest for truth, we entered a period of strong stimulus combined with the catabolic quality of a night cycle; we were being stimulated to wake up through the breakdown of systems and through catharsis; lock downs were a major imposition and interruption to normal life routines, which offered many the chance to reflect on their lives. For some, the time out of habitual daily patterns was an opportunity to meditate more, study new subjects, or get more creative.

A year later in Sep 2020 the energy shifted into Day 5, a stage on the wave associated with challenge, and not long after in Jan 2021 the ‘vaccine’ program began rolling out. For those not choosing to comply with vaccine mandates it has certainly been a challenging period, and yet we can also see the push back from free thinking doctors and scientists regarding the poor science behind both the vaccines and the tests. If we are to take note of the emerging new stats, there were many jab related deaths between Jan and April 2021 as indicated by UK Funeral Director John O'Looney

In Sep 2021 the wave shifted into Night 6, and while we were integrating all the puzzle pieces gathered in the ups and downs of the last few years, things have become clearer. Night 6 catalysed breakthroughs in clarity at the personal and collective level; emerging new truths about the world have indeed been serving to stimulate more people to awaken from a controlled narrative. Momentum is building within the populace, with more people beginning to accept and realise that they have been lied to and misled by politicians, law-keepers, technocrats and the media. For those already aware of the complex nature of world events, it has also been frustrating watching the manipulation of the masses from the sidelines, seemingly powerless to do much about it. We have instead been tasked with a great deal of inner work during this time.

The movement into Day 6 (Sep 6th 2022), which is the 12th sub-cycle (out of 13), indicates another change and the onset of fruition of this Galactic Wave movement, which culminates in 2024. It is the first wave movement since the rebirth of the entire evolutionary cycle in 2011. Some of us already joined the wave in 1999, but in 2011-2012 more souls will have begun to attune to the higher frequencies of this wave as they became right-brain active, and started to see reality in a very different way and essentially began to ‘wake up’.

The whole notion of awakening is of course an awakening to our true human potential, both individually and collectively. All of us are invited to participate, and we are all helping each other. Understandably, not everyone will be ready vibrationally to attune to the Galactic Wave just yet, but I suspect a sizeable number of us are already doing so, and a smaller number will also be moving into attunement with the Universal Wave. We can expect more souls to join the Galactic Wave activation as time passes, and we can tell who is doing this, simply by looking to those who are getting more intuitive, committing to a healing process, are exploring altered states of consciousness, and giving energy to their spiritual nature, or cultivating and integrating the spiritual into their daily lives.

Changes in the Galactic Wave represent evolutionary shifts relative to the perception of truth and the ability to individually know and understand reality, without some outer authority curating or controlling what truth is. As we move into Day 6 we can expect the energy to intensify as we generate deeper understanding of what it means to be human, to awaken, what we most need to attend to in our personal lives, the nature of personal and collective transformation, and how this transformation affects the global picture. The 12th tone governing this sub-cycle is one that generates coherent perception; the ability to take information from many different levels at once, like pieces of a jig-saw, and put them together into a larger pattern of meaning.

My sense is that during the next year, we will be drawn in large numbers to take the insights and revelations of the last few years (as far back as 2011) and start making sense of them in a more complete way, giving rise to greater understanding. As things become ever more clear in ourselves, as we delve into our own patterns of trauma, projection, indoctrination, past life recall, and shadow work, we will come closer to real understanding; as things become ever more clear in the world, with more whistleblowers speaking out, more suppressed data coming into the light of day, and hidden truths being revealed (the next equinox forecast is also leaning toward more truth revelations to come), we will be able to make more sense of all the seemingly unrelated parts and begin to understand the way things fit together into a larger pattern. The Day energy will tend to emphasise new energy coming in and a need to let that energy move us and change us; whatever level of awakening we have been working on personally, is coming to completion by 2024, marked by some form of transcendence and a rebirth into a new frequency level. If you have been feeling like the last year was slow, internalised and frustrating, you may see a shift by the beginning of 2023 into something more active, expressive, social, collaborative and creative.

With the Planetary Wave still in Night 1, the world picture will continue to breakdown and seem chaotic, and yet if we are riding the Galactic Wave, we can hold greater coherence as we evolve our perception of truth and adjust our life direction accordingly. The purpose of the Galactic Wave is to re-boot our connection to the Living Matrix, which in turn will alter the way the evolution of world systems will occur. Although it seems clearer now that the world is being driven toward a New World Order dictatorship by covert means, everything hinges on the quality of human consciousness. We cannot fight the super rich on the material level, but at the spiritual level everyone is a player, can participate and have a positive impact on future timelines; for the dark players everything depends on humanity staying disempowered and asleep.

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