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Understanding the Mayan Calendar After 2012

Much of the information presented here is based on the ideas of Carl Calleman, my aim is to offer a simplified overview of some of his key ideas to make them more available to a wider audience. If what I write about here excites and intrigues you, I recommend reading some of his books or visiting his website.

A lot of people interested in consciousness and the quality of life on the planet got very excited by the ‘hope for humanity’ that the Mayan Calendar culmination date represented. I’d been following it and studying it since the mid 1990s and was surprised and at the same time not surprised by the sudden build up of interest as the 2012 ‘end date’ approached. Now we are almost ten years down the track and the world seems in a worse place than before.

So what happened? Was it all an optimistic speculation, or is there still relevance to Mayan knowledge, wisdom and insight?

Is reality built from a lattice of light waves?

Holographic Theory

A useful concept to be aware of before I go any further, is the notion that the universe is a bit like a hologram. Holograms are created using a coherent light source such as a laser, splitting the light with a partially transparent mirror, so that some light hits the object of interest and some light doesn’t. Unlike a regular photograph, where one simply records the light reflected off an object onto a film or digital sensor, a hologram records the mingling of two light sources as they come together to create what are called interference waves.

Hologram interference pattern

The actual recorded data on the holographic film looks nothing like a hologram; it shows the interference pattern formed when the two light sources merge. It's only when we shine a laser through it, that it magically transforms into a 3d image. Even more mysteriously, if one takes the holographic film and cuts it into four pieces, unlike a photo, which would divide the image into four partial images, with a hologram each of the four pieces will still reproduce a whole image when activated by a laser, and each one will have its own unique perspective.

The basis of holographic theory is resonant with ancient wisdom, which asserts that physical reality is illusory in nature - what in the East is referred to as maya (not to be confused with Mayan). In essence the world of appearances made manifest by the observer (you or me) is much like a holographic image activated by a laser, and underlying the perception of a three dimensional reality is a waveform data matrix like a substrate of Divine Mind. This is not to say that phenomenal reality is not real, just that it isn’t what it appears to be.

The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence - As Above: So Below.

Another key concept to have in mind as we dig into the Mayan science, is another ancient idea that posits that spirit precedes matter. This means that the world of the five senses is formed by and dependent on a subtle hidden aspect of reality. In quantum physics this idea is reflected in the terms implicate order (referring to subtle dimensions of existence) and explicate order (referring to physical matter).

The Mayan culture differed greatly from ours; theirs was rooted in shamanism, while ours is governed by science materialism. While our modern science has learned a great deal about the realm of physical forms, the Mayan shaman priests were exploring multidimensional reality in altered states of consciousness, which informed their science, giving rise to what we commonly call the Mayan Calendar, but its important to realise that this is not a calendar that measures time through the cycles of tangible celestial bodies, but a system that measures reality at a quantum level.

So what is Quantum Science?

It is helpful to grasp (just a little) the difference between Newtonian science and Quantum science, without diving down a rabbit hole. Newtonian science is concerned solely with the physical plane; it deals with the explicate order of forms, and the physical plane of ‘effect’, where the potential energies of an object form a continuous sliding slope, and can take any values. A car for example can in principle be moving at any speed between 0-100 km/h, not just in 1 km/h increments but any value whatsoever e.g. 10 km/h or 20.5 km/h or 82.3468 km/h etc. In quantum physics however, potential energies can only take distinct values, much like steps on a staircase, where one can’t step ‘in between’ steps; one is either on one step or the other.

This quantised musical pattern shows how the underlying grid template forces the notes to begin only on the lines, and offers a visual sense of the quantum level, where a movement from one grid line to another equates to a quantum leap.

Quantum physics deals not with fixed reality but with potentialities, and describes how geometries organise energy, and as such attempts to understand a more causal aspect of existence through the study of the microscopic world of atoms and subatomic particles. At the quantum level of reality, there is no sliding scale, but rather a quantised pattern of geometry; an invisible field underlying the physical reality we experience.

Calleman proposes that the Mayan Calendar system is based on quantum physics at the macro level (as different from modern quantum physics at the micro level) attempting to understand the subtle fields of energy that drive evolution. An unfortunate occurrence was that the emerging understanding of the Mayan Calendar system, became tram-lined into our default Newtonian physics model of the universe, and misconstrued as the end of a 26,000 year cycle (a western astrology concept), which would occur on a specific date (Dec 2012) and usher in a new era. Hollywood picked up on the idea and de-railed any deep understanding of the Mayan wisdom as it entered the mainstream and for this reason, now that we are ten years further along with no obvious sign of positive change, no one is really paying any more attention to the Mayan Calendar.

So what was it really about then?

Tzolkin Sacred 260 day wave cycle

Firstly we should realise that the Mayan Calendar is not a calendar as we know it; it isn’t particularly focused on measuring cycles of time. It is really a system of several calendars, some measuring cycles in the Newtonian physics arena such as Venus cycles, and others measuring the quality of the quantum field such as the 260 day Tzlokin sacred calendar. Of particular significance is the concept of the nine step god, often encoded into Mayan step pyramids with nine levels, and associated with the image of a feathered serpent known as Quetzalcoatl (in Aztec) and a dark twin counterpart known as Tezcatlipoca.

In a nutshell the Mayan shamans appear to have been studying evolution from altered states of consciousness, and identified nine distinct levels called underworlds, which Calleman posits describe quantum waves of energy that shape 3d reality. The crux of the Mayan Calendar 'end date' referred specifically to a single inscription that said that the nine step Divinity would appear in his full regalia around 2011-2012, meaning that the full potential of an underlying matrix of reality would be at hand for the first time.

This means that creation has been unfolding over the last 16 billion years or so, and the underlying quantum field has been getting more and more complex, as new layers were added over time, each one adding a new potential to the 'game of creation' and the human collective mind. Up until 1755 there were just six quantum waves in play, then a 7th was added, and in 1999 an 8th, and very recently in 2011 the 9th. For this reason humanity has been experiencing an acceleration in evolution, which manifested more recently as the industrial revolution, followed by the birth of the information age in 1999, and now universal consciousness since 2011. In recent years all of us have felt in some way, the change in the quantum field, which has become much more complex since 1999.

This means that all quantum waves are running at the same time, and we humans can tune into different levels, which explains why there is so much confusion in the world as different groups attune to different waves. Each wave resonates with the brain in different ways, some are left brain dominant, some right brain dominant, while some are dualistic and others unitary. More than ever, we humans co-exist in very different vibratory states with very different frames of perception and experience. This change in complexity has been noticed by other thinkers too. For example something similar is represented in Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics - the Integral Theory stages resonate quite well with the Mayan 9 underworlds model, and further clarify just how different our perceptions can be when we tune to different levels.

Mayan 9 Step Temple

Each quantum wave operates at a different frequency, each one 20 times higher than the previous, and in addition each wave unfolds or develops through a cycle of 7 day periods and 6 night periods making a total of 13 sub-cycles. These day/night sub-cycles are attributed to the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl representing days, and the dark counterpart Tezcatlipoca representing nights. The metaphor of a serpent aptly describes this sine waveform with 7 peaks and 6 valleys.

After 2011 something unprecedented happened; for the first time we were able to access the full potential offered by the quantum waves emanating from the Divine Monad. In a Newtonian world view, we tend to think that our thoughts our unique to the individual, and that thought generates (apparently randomly) through chemical and electrical activity in the brain, but what if the brain acted not as a thought generator but as a receiver and processor? Where do our thoughts really come from? Could they be transmitted on whichever quantum wave we are tuning into, as each of us elect to participate in the intentions of the cosmic mind?

For example when tracking the so called Mayan Long Count, which is the 6th wave, a pattern emerges showing the rise and fall of civilisation, indicative of the way the quantum field affects collective thought and its outcomes.

Notably since 2011 wave six, also called the National Underworld because it gave rise to the formation of whole nations, has moved into a night cycle ruled by Tezcatlipoca. Day cycles which are associated with the light do tend to give rise to new levels of civilisation on Earth and are often connected to renaissance periods of new development and insight. Nights are a different matter and are associated with rest periods of gestation. These are time periods when cultures decline, and like a snake shedding its skin, a necessary breakdown paves the way for new evolutionary development to occur during the next day period. Of course we are seeing clear signs of this today, where all our existing systems are failing and simply not up to the job anymore. At no other time in history however, have we been so populated, with dwindling natural resources and a compromised ecosystem. Those operating from the 7th wave/Planetary underworld may well see the best survival option as expanding to other planets like Mars and to use all available resources, not to improve things on Earth, but to seek more resources elsewhere: as Jeff Bezos envisions- making Earth the residential zone of an inter-planetary culture. What interests me more is what answers will arise from those tuned to the newer Galactic and Universal underworlds, for it makes sense that their recent arrival is causing a significant change to humanity as more and more find themselves attuned to these new frequencies.

It is also important to note that the pattern of civilisation reflected in the Mayan Long Count, largely took place with just 6 quantum waves active; it was only in the last day cycle since 1755 that the last 3 waves have been in existence. So we shouldn't assume that our current descent into a night cycle will play out in the same way as previous ones. Even though on the 6th wave the duration of the current night cycle is 394.3 years (we are just 9 years into it in 2021), on the 7th wave, which is also in a night cycle, we are already half way through it with about 10 years left. The 8th and 9th waves have already completed their first night cycle since 2012, and in fact since 2011 we have already experienced 14 complete cycles (7 days and 6 nights) of the 9th wave, and on the 8th wave we are coming close to completing the first full cycle since 2012 and are currently in the 5th night associated with challenge. In a year from now (Sep 3rd 2022) we will move into a year long day-cycle, which should bring in more clarity and direction to the world situation.

I suspect that with the emergence of two new quantum waves since 1999, we are individually and collectively tasked with reaching for and integrating these new frequencies. Perhaps they will act as a key to positive and successful transitioning into whatever is being birthed now since 2012, and can ameliorate potential destructive tendencies associated with the night cycles, now occurring in the lower seven waves, all of which indicate a gestational period prior to a renewal of some kind. The Galactic and Universal underworlds are new to us, and I think we are still coming to terms with their presence in the field.

My sense is that we can no longer view life as simply a personal journey, where the prime focus tends to be on self-development and self-awareness. We need to understand that the real transition we must cooperate with, is one toward renewed connection and inter-connection; we have to move the centre of gravity from me to we and beyond.

The Mayan Calendar system sheds light on the fundamentals of the quantum field governing our reality, and following the Tzlokin 260 day calendar can be a transformative and insightful pursuit. Through Evolutionary Astrology it is possible to map out personal signs and symbols in order to become more aware of how this shift into universal consciousness can be realised at an individual level. It can also fill in some of the blanks with regard to ongoing collective evolution, which I cover in some of my other posts should it be of interest.

Aquila Idha offers Evolutionary Astrology readings, Tarot consultation and Spiritual Self-Realisation Mentoring for those interested in optimising their own shift into higher frequency states of being as a contribution to a positive world future.


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