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Understanding Ascension

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Spiritualism, a non-religious spiritual movement exploring the nature of the spirit-world including contact with the spirits of the dead, began to emerge at the time Neptune was first discovered in Aquarius in 1846. The archetype of Neptune is intrinsically connected to spirituality and transcendence, and the radical free-thinking exploration into unchartered spiritual dimensions by early spiritualists, set the scene and opened the way for the 'New Age' spiritual renaissance that picked up in momentum when Neptune re-entered Aquarius 150 years later in the late 1990s.

In my view the New Age movement is an expression of the emerging Age of Aquarius, and although it has been captured to some extent by corporate ideology and interests, at its very heart it is best described as a radical ecumenical culture of therapeutic spirituality. Ironically the New Age isn’t exactly new, for it draws off every spiritual system both traditional and modern, reformulating older ideas and psycho-technologies (e.g. meditation, yoga, toning etc) and together with new channeled information is generating a new synthesis; my sense is that the New Age Movement functions as the precursor of a new Aquarian spirituality replete with budding new religious practices suited to a post secular world, as yet to manifest in space-time reality, which may be directly linked to Ascension, or in other words this new Aquarian spiritual structure of belief may be an expression of an Ascended collective new consciousness.

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One of the key central ideas within the New Age movement that continues to build in momentum is collective Ascension: the idea that humanity as a whole is due to experience a rapid expansion of awareness and an elevation to a higher frequency of consciousness.

Ascension isn’t a new idea, it has a root in ancient Persian Zoroastrianism, which pre-dates the time of Christ; the Persians have a prophecy called the Frashokereti or final resurrection, and is believed to be the source material for other messianic end-times narratives.

The ancient Hindu texts also record a version of this prophecy called the coming of the Samvartaka fire. (I cover these prophecies in more detail in an earlier post: Following the signs and prophecies: the birth of a new era in it I cover ancient references to Ascension and correlate it to the current time )

Why write about Ascension?

I first came across the idea of Planetary Ascension in a book I read in the early 1990s; for anyone challenged by and disillusioned with the direction the world has been taking in the last decades, the idea of a radical leap in human consciousness to a more harmonious way of life has its allure.

As the decades have rolled out, the notion of Ascension has become blurry and somewhat confusing; at one point we were supposed to be moving to the 4th dimension, and then suddenly everyone has been talking about a jump to the 5th dimension.

So as the numbers of people attracted to and resonant with the idea of Ascension increases, so too in my view has the confusion. Part of the difficulty is the jargon; what exactly do we mean by the term ‘dimension’? What metaphysical system are we using? Is it a 9 dimensional model, or is it a 12 dimensional model? Do any of these models have any provenance? And are we locked into something like a culture war, where ideas are flung about as virtual truths based on whichever New Age books on the subject we happen to resonate with the most, or happen to have read first? My deepest suspicion is that few people really grasp what Ascension is, including some of those who position themselves as spiritual teachers on social media; in a world moving into chaos and uncertainty, Ascension inevitably gains more traction and that means more clicks.

I’ve been surfing the internet looking at information about Ascension, and what is noticeable is that numerous websites copy from other websites, and those that don’t, offer complex somewhat opaque metaphysical ideas, which presumably originate from material gained from channelling. There is also something disturbing about ideas on Ascension; they are generally idealistic, simplistic and lacking in any solid metaphysical philosophy, and some perspectives tend toward something akin to spiritual eugenics. The Neptunian nature of Ascension behoves us to take care that we don't get swept away in fanciful ideals, longings, projections or delusions.

For a long time, the idea of Ascension has been put to the side in my own life; not rejected, but it felt too much of a murky and potentially idealistic proposition, and I was more drawn to building a solid spiritual awareness through my own practices. And yet many spiritually orientated people resonate with a deep feeling that something profound is occurring at this time, one that fits with the Ascension paradigm. A sceptic might think Ascension offers us a diversion from the brutal 'meta-crisis' reality of the world; a reason to get up every morning to face life with greater optimism, and they may be partially right.

In this post I aim to present ideas that clarify some of the confusion, ideas I personally resonate with, with an added caveat: I don’t know what Ascension is, and what I write about Ascension is shared with the aim of stimulating thought and self-reflection in the eternal quest for greater Truth.

Contemporary information on Ascension

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There have been numerous channels and mystics that have published material on Ascension. The first of these was perhaps Edgar Cayce circa 1934, known as the sleeping prophet because all his material was written while he was in deep trance. He left us with a lot of recorded material, some of which pertained to the idea of a collective awakening. More recently there have been channeled beings such as Kryon, Seth, the Hathors and the Pleiadeans, who have made repeated reference to collective Ascension, some in more detail than others.

Ra Material Book Cover

For the most part, I will refer to information garnered from the Law of One Material presented by a collective called Ra and channeled by Carla Rueckert between 1981-1984. I will also cross-reference the Ra teachings with other systems that offer compatible yet different perspectives. Originally published in several books, the Ra Material is available online for free (I’ll put the links for this at the bottom of this post), and although initially somewhat opaque and hard to grasp, in the end provides what I think is the most reliable metaphysical context through which to understand Ascension that I have so far come across. What makes this material different from the majority of ideas on Ascension, is the story behind the experiment that lead to the Ra Material; Don Elkins had been scientifically studying paranormal phenomena, and had set up an experiment to try and make telepathic contact with extra-terrestials. Carla Rueckert was in deep trance when this material was received; she channeled while lying down, was unaware of what she said while in deep trance, and sessions were typically 60-90 mins long due to the slow nature of the transmissions. The Ra sessions were entirely dependent on 3 individuals coming together to generate the right frequency for Ra to come in, and when Don Elkins died, so too did the Ra contact end. The Ra Material is the fruit of several decades of foundational work, which gives the work a degree of provenance not common to other channeled material.

Ascension - the nuts and bolts

The Ra collective introduce themselves as beings that exist on a vibrational plane that is higher than ours, or in other words they dwell in realms that are closer to Source, what they call the Infinite One Creator. Rather than focusing on dimensions, they offer a simpler concise metaphysical lens through which to understand the function of Ascension in the evolutionary process.

The Model of 7 Prime Densities

Law of One 7 Density Model

We’ve all heard of dimensions in the Ascension narrative, but more rarely do we hear about densities. Ra presents their perspective of existence as being comprised of 7 primary zones of vibration called ‘densities’, and these densities correlate to the rainbow colours of the visible light spectrum.

The Infinite One Creator desiring to know itself created the universe, and innumerable others, as part of a Divine play, through which it can experience itself. In true Unity there is no separation, and there is only identity; the One simply is. Through a desire to know itself, the Creator generates the illusion of separation in order to create the many. The Law of One simply states that everything in existence is derived from the One Infinite Creator; as Hermes Trismegistus states: everything is Mental, a creation of the Divine Mind.

The 7 prime Densities describe the process of involution, or the rolling out of creation. These 7 densities appear in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life model (the back bone of Tarot) as the 7 lowest Sephirot (Divine emanations 4-10). These same densities also correlate to the 7 chakras of the human energy field, the 7 rays of Theosophy, the 7 Hermetic principles, the 7 traditional planets in astrology, and the 7 major notes of the musical scale (A,B,C,D,E,F & G).

The densities essentially sit within each other much like a set of Russian dolls, with each successive density being more densely saturated with light; the higher the density, the more light is present.

Kabbalistic Tree of Life
The Tree of Life metaphysical model

In Kabbalah, the Tree of Life represents the process of creation from the most subtle to the most dense manifestations; the lightning bolt of creation starting at Kether (The Crown) representing the Divine Monad. The circles represent Divine emanations or core frequencies, and the pathways linking them correlate to the 22 archetypes of the major arcana in Tarot. Often associated with Judaic mysticism, this idea probably originated in Egypt since the words Ka and Ba are ancient Egyptian for the soul and the etheric double.

Here is a basic overview of the 7 Densities:

Law of One, Density Model

For the most part, soul evolves from 1st Density in sequence to 7th Density, where the journey continues beyond into other universes in an infinite fashion. The nature of the soul develops from 1st density primordial awareness, to 2nd Density and the development of body/mind, to 3rd Density and the development of body/mind/spirit, where self-awareness first emerges, and then to 4th Density through love and understanding, moving ever more closer to unity consciousness.

Each density expresses through an approximate duration of time, meaning that for soul to develop in each density there is a predictable average amount of linear time needed. Time spent in each density is not the same, and to make things more complex, time is experienced differently in each density as well. Humanity at this juncture is in 3rd Density and now moving into 4th Density, and the planetary consciousness of Gaia initiated into 4th density at the time of the Mayan Calendar culmination around 2011. Although it was possible for occasional individuals to ascend to 4th Density at any point, the collective is now ripening for ascension after 75,000 years of development through incarnation. This means that we are now moving from the intensely polarised 3rd Density to a more harmonised 4th Density, where soul development continues through the lessons of love and understanding.

The 3rd Density is in some ways the most challenging, because the Logos (ordering principle) overseeing the metaphysical laws governing this solar system, has long ago initiated a veiling of consciousness in order to accentuate the lessons of polarity and choice. When souls move into 4th Density, this veiling dissolves allowing all knowledge of past lives to be remembered.

Each density represents a developmental stage for consciousness itself. Everything in existence is innately conscious/sentient (panpsychism); everything is of the Infinite One Creator, yet the nature and quality of consciousness changes from density to density. Primordial consciousness associated with 1st Density is non-differentiated; rock, water, air and fire are living manifestations but rarely individual (exceptions might include sacred mountains, springs and caves). Soul as we know it, emerges in 2nd Density through differentiation; and soul incarnation in 2nd density occurs through chemical vehicles that have the capacity to move, such as plants and animals.

The left and the right hand paths

Our current 3rd Density is defined to some extent by a marked intensification of polarity, and this is because 3rd Density offers the lessons of choice. Free will is a fundamental law within creation, this is because it provides a greater diversity of experience potential and greater co-creative novelty. The Infinite One Creator desires to know itself in as many ways as possible, and the 7 Density metaphysical structure is but one universal play offering an efficiency of outcome, which is to say that other universes can operate on fewer or more densities with different experiential outcomes.

What is important to grasp is that the universe is set up such that the One Infinite Creator isn’t directly involved with creation on every level; with sufficient self-awareness, everything in existence can activate co-creator consciousness , and through this a natural hierarchy of co-creator entities exist within the universe, each one with its own character and biases for added novelty.

spiral galaxy
Milky way galaxy

Take our galaxy for example: at the centre of the Milky-way is thought to be either a grand central sun or a black hole, which is home to the Galactic Logos, which is itself a sentient being that has conscious co-creator awareness, and with free-will of its own, is able to oversee the evolutionary potential of the galaxy as a whole, within the laws generated by the Universal Logos. In turn, individual stars are also active co-creators, and within the greater laws of the Galactic Logos, they generate more localised evolutionary playgrounds or schools in the form of solar systems.

Female figure, stars, crown, sun, heart
The Solar Logos

This is one reason why the early Egyptians were so interested in the Sun, because they understood to some extent that the Logos dwelt there. Our Solar Logos organises the evolutionary metaphysical structure, which sets up the conditions for all evolutionary lessons and life experiences within our solar system. Our solar system is coded with 22 prime archetypes, from which a vast array of sub-archetypes are generated, providing the underlying metaphysical patterns for all of our life experiences. These 22 archetypes are symbolised in the 22 major arcana of the Tarot system, and also the 12 astrological signs + the 10 planets in astrology.

Everything in existence operates with an inherent free-will (at the soul level), and in 3rd Density the primary lesson for all souls is the choice between the left hand path of service-to-self and the right hand path of service-to-other. In essence, over the last 75,000 years, most souls reincarnating during this time period in 3rd Density are coming to a decision as to which evolutionary path to commit to.

What is interesting about the Ra teachings coming from 6th Density, is the notion that the paths of good and evil are equal ways to eventually merge with Unity-Consciousness, which is to say that Source makes no judgement at all. However our Solar Logos is biased toward service-to-other, and so it is easier to ascend this way.

The prophecies of the past tend to indicate that collective Ascension is connected with changes in the energy transmission coming from the Galactic Logos via our local Solar Logos, and this means that like it or not, all of us have entered a corridor of transition with the opportunity to ascend to 4th density. Ra says that any soul who as attained a level of commitment to service-to-other that is over 50% will naturally ascend to 4th density on the right hand path, and all souls with a 90% commitment to service-to-self will also ascend on the left hand path. All other souls will elect to continue in 3rd Density as they are not ready to choose.

man, road, fork in the road, forest

The orientation toward the good or evil, then defines the path of spiritual evolution through the 4th and 5th Densities (at the threshold of 6th Density those on a service-to-self evolutionary path cannot proceed further unless they agree to flip polarity). In general therefore, the beings in higher densities tend to be in service-to-other, with only 10% in service-to-self. This suggests that the vast majority of 4th Density extra-terrestrial visitors are here to help us, with just a small minority intent on mischief and subjugation.

Earth, globe, energy grid

3rd Density Earth was put into quarantine about 75,000 years ago, when the cycle first began, by benevolent higher density beings called the Guardians, which has greatly inhibited predation of souls by malevolent groups, but due to the law of free-will, the quarantine is not designed to be perfect (it has to abide by natural law or else generate undesired karma), and on occasion dark higher-density groups have been able to infiltrate and affect consciousness on Earth. Their aim has been to allure lower density souls into a service-to-self orientation, while honouring the law of free-will - while benevolent higher beings have always been intent on being of service to all. This is one reason why spiritual teachings are typically distorted; in most teachings there is a mix of ideas that liberate and ideas that promote disempowerment.

Navigating 3rd Density

The key to 3rd Density has always been about learning to know oneself, love and accept oneself, and to realise the essence of inner Divinity and our innate capacity to co-create. To know oneself is to observe the patterns of beauty and apparent imperfection in an impartial way so that we can purify personal distortions and come more and more into alignment with natural law principles. Thereafter it is to love and accept ourselves in every moment so that we can look at these apparent imperfections without judgement, while honouring our desire to be whole. From this foundation we can penetrate the veil of illusion and truly recognise that we are one with Source and are co-creators. In this way we naturally ripen into Ascension and graduate on the path of service-to-other or service-to-self to become truly heart centred and engaged with the spiritual lessons of love and understanding - love of the other or love of self. The moment we inwardly grasp that everything is One, and that we are all of one creation, we are activating the green ray and this is 4th Density awareness.

Ascension and the Yuga Cycle

It is interesting to note that the approximate 75,000 year duration of planetary 3rd Density, nearly equals 3 great Yuga cycles (72,000), which means 3rd Density Earth has experienced at least two prior golden ages, where there must have occurred some Ascension of souls although not everyone. According to Ra, after completion of the 1st cycle of 25,000 years or so, Ascension failed and there were none who ascended at that time.

A little on 4th Density and the Right Hand Path of Evolution - Service-to-Other

4th density human, cosmos

In 4th Density we will still have a body, which will be part chemical and part light. This means we will still eat food, but the body chemistry, Ra tells us, is different to 3rd Density, so the types of food may be different, and more significantly our relationship to food will be different; we will want to commune more with what we eat. Communication occurs predominantly via telepathy but words can still be used as desired.

In 4th Density the life-span of incarnations is much much longer because the evolutionary process is slower and thus longer due to a reduction in polarity; the average incarnation in 4th Density is the equivalent of 90,000 years. Polarity, which is strongest in 3rd Density, provides evolutionary traction, without which there could be little or no evolutionary movement toward Source. The soul’s desire is to grow and develop in such a way as to increase its capacity to express the fullness of the Infinite One Creator. In 4th Density, human beings are released from the veil of forgetting, and so have greater self-awareness. In the beginning stages, individuality is greatly celebrated, and differences are readily integrated into a harmonious whole. All lessons are focused on developing greater love and understanding, and for the most part this is achieved through entering into service-to-other in ways that do not impinge on free-will.

After enough time in 4th Density, certainly hundreds of thousands of 3rd Density years, 4th Density humanity will eventually evolve to become what Ra calls a Social Memory Complex, which is a form of collective consciousness built from a unified orientation, where everyone is still individual, but are telepathically linked in a refined synergy that allows for a shared memory data-base; whatever is known by one individual can be known by all. According to Ra, this is a typical evolutionary characteristic of 4th Density beings and 6th Density beings.

human form, DNA, light body

What isn't clear is exactly how the transition into 4th Density occurs. Apparently our appearance will more or less stay the same, but there will be chemical changes in the body, and the body will be part chemical and part light. This may happen through mutation at the cellular level. Heart-math have shown that DNA responds to light photons, and we know that we are currently being exposed to a lot more photon energy from the cosmos than in recorded history. It may also be that as we genuinely attune to higher and higher frequencies, and move our centre of gravity to the heart chakra, that the way we decode reality will change along with the body.

Current examples of Ascension from a 3rd Density perspective such as the Rainbow Light Body of Tibetan Buddhist tradition, suggest two possibilities both of which take place in just a few weeks - either the body will shrink in size to about 20 cm (called the small rainbow light body) or the entire body will dissolve into rainbow light of many different shapes, colours, and different sizes of rainbow spheres, rainbow rays, and rainbow ribbons until the physical body has totally dissolved, leaving nothing but the hair and nails in 3rd Density. What is known however, is that due to the veiling of consciousness in 3rd Density, anyone ascending will no longer be visible to those still in 3rd Density unless they choose to be revealed. How long collective Ascension takes is anyone's guess, but by this point in time, the notion of an imminent sudden shift is less likely. Lee Harris who channels the Z's has indicated that Ascension may occur within a window of about 100 years, and I tend to agree. This is not to say individuals can't ascend beforehand, but that the full transition to a new 4th Density Earth may still be some time in the future.

Densities or Dimensions?

One might be drawn to question which model is right; densities or dimensions? For certain, most channeling I have been observing in recent years tends to refer to dimensions, most often the 5th dimension, but the meaning of the 5th dimension is often assumed to be a better less polarised state, and rarely defined as such. Ra uses both terminologies, and in one instance indicated that they sometimes operate from the 5th dimension in 3rd Density. This is a clear indication that the models currently being used don't clash, but represent different perspectives. In the Law of One material the nature of existence is perceived as infinite, and the Model of Densities offers us a very simple, resonant system with provenance (elements show up in ancient teachings throughout the world), which correlates well with our experience of manifest reality. When combined with the concept of dimensions, it gives us a highly nuanced metaphysical lens through which to grasp the waveform nature of existence.

Ascension and Earth Changes

There are many references to Earth changes throughout recorded prophecies and spiritual texts, including the Bible, as well as in a cross-section of channeled information. In fact studies in remote viewing of the future have observed Earth changes too, for example the sea level rising substantially by 2050 (these studies don't necessarily reflect what will actually happen, but when conducted in the 1980s revealed a possible future tied to Ascension - for more see the work of Stephan Schwarz) These Earth changes can vary and can be catastrophic in nature; the Hopi prophecy for example makes reference to 3 previous epochs, which all culminated with catastrophic Earth changes in the past. How these changes occur in this window of time is dependent on many factors. Hatonn, a channeled being through Carla Rueckert, allegedly from the same Confederation of Planets as Ra, but presumably from a different density, makes reference to the nature of Earth changes as something that is seasonal or cyclical, and emphasises that the nature and timing of these changes is entirely dependent on the collective karma of humanity and the vibration of the heart and mind of collective humanity. A great deal of karma must be adjusted as the cycle changes, and some expressions of this karma will manifest. Elemental forces will destroy only that which is in 3rd Density Earth reality and not be connected to 4th Density Earth. Hatonn goes on to say that we shouldn't cling to 3rd Density reality once the Earth has completed transition into the 4th: "If, within your spirit, your graduation day has come, those things necessary for your emergence into fourth density will be done for you. All will be accomplished by helpers which you must be aware that you have." For those more attached to 3rd Density reality, it is advised that life could get very challenging as those things we may identify with in our lives are destroyed and taken away. The agenda of groups such as the Confederation of Planets is to ensure as many souls move into 4th Density as possible.

Wanderers and Star-seeds

human figure, lotus position, stars, galaxy

There will always be souls that having ascended to higher densities, then choose to return to lower densities as part of their covenant to service-to-self or service-to-other. The majority of star-seeds or wanderers (as the Ra collective describes them) are service-to-other orientated, but a few are not. The choice to return to 3rd Density is heroic as it comes with some risk - the possibility that the soul will fail to penetrate the veil of forgetting and not remember their mission to assist and so effectively regress to 3rd Density. This is one reason why few service-to-self wanderers come, as with this orientation the risk of forgetting is much higher. There is tremendous pay off however for souls that choose to be wanderers; 3rd Density offers the most intense polarity and thus an opportunity to evolve at a fast rate, and if the wanderer is part of a Social Memory Complex, then the benefits are shared with the collective. Most wanderers will know very well that they are not here alone, but are strongly assisted by others in various dimensions and densities. According to Ra, the teacher Jesus was a high level 4th Density wanderer soul, and Buddha was a 5th Density wanderer soul. I haven’t detailed much about 5th Density, but the teachings of Jesus are aligned with 4th Density awareness, focused on love and forgiveness as well as self-sacrifice.

At this time of transition, there are millions of wanderer souls now incarnating in order to be of service to humanity (I offer more details on this path of service in an earlier post Working with the Light) . The majority Ra says (in the 1980s) were from the 5th and 6th densities, and I speculate that there may be more 4th Density wanderers here now, as the frequencies move closer to 4th Density. The task of the wanderer continues to be about penetrating the veil of forgetting in order to remember the specific purpose and intentions in service to others. In as much as there are 7 Densities, Ra tells us that there are infinite dimensions within each density, so the nature and essence of wanderer souls will no doubt vary considerably.

4th Density Gaia

Earth, globe

According to Ra, the Earth will soon become a 4th Density planet in service-to-other, and those souls who do not qualify will begin reincarnating on other 3rd Density planets to continue their evolution, or relocate to 4th Density planets in service-to-self. The idea that the planet has begun shifting to 4th Density, means that the gateway to collective Ascension has opened, and we can see an intense quickening within the human collective experience. Ra indicates that the transition to 4th Density would normally take 100-700 years, but due to our current volatile technological predicament in all probability the change will be assisted and take less time. Service-to-other beings, whether incarnating as wanderers or operating from other dimensions and densities are now focused on maximising the ‘harvest’ of souls into 4th Density via the service-to-other path, and so the emphasis will be on stimulating awakening on all levels so that younger souls can graduate by shifting their vibration to become more attuned to loving, caring and helping others rather than just helping themselves.

Lessons now amplify in order to speed up the process of choice between the left and right hand pathways.

The Right-Hand Path

meditation, forest

But what does service-to-other really mean? The Right-Hand Path can express in many ways, but at its heart it is an orientation that moves with open trust and faith, letting go of the need to put oneself and one’s needs, and the needs of perceived loved ones, before everyone else. It is of course a quality of being and a primary motivator. This is to say that whatever appears to be service-to-other, may not be; it all depends on our true motivation. If we decide to help others because it makes us feel good about ourselves, then we’re really serving ourselves. If we choose to help others in order to gain something for ourselves, then this too is service-to-self.

True service-to-other is to serve without need for any return, trusting instead that as co-creators we can manifest all needs from moment to moment. This isn’t to say we can’t charge money for some of what we do, because Ascension only requires us to spend just over half our time and energy in service-to-other.

One might think that to be a doctor or teacher would automatically qualify as service-to-other, but it really depends on motivation. A doctor seeing patients all day, but motivated by money or status, may be more in service-to-self. A nurse of the other hand, who is underpaid, and works a 96 hour shift in constant attendance to the health needs of others is more than likely to be in service-to-other. A healer who is compelled to heal others, sending Reiki energy to those they feel need it, but without their conscious permission, is probably more in service-to-self than they realise. On the surface they may think they are helping others, but deeper down its all about feeling special, or needing purpose or avoiding personal wounds.

Are multi-millionaires and billionaires automatically service-to self?

Again it depends on what they do with their energy and resources. If they tithe a considerable amount of earnings to effective and sincere humanitarian projects and dedicate personal time and energy to helping others, then they will be in service-to-other. If on the other hand the acquisition of money is hoarded and spent only on personal interests, then of course that’s definitely service-to-self. Some billionaires typically donate to charities, but if the strategy is to gain tax benefits or launder money it has nothing to do with helping people; if people happen to benefit I suspect it doesn’t count.

If we want to cultivate service-to-other more, then we need simply to help others for the joy of helping them, without any need for thanks or appreciation (even if it is nice to receive) but instead taking fulfilment from ones empowered choice to simply be of service to another person. The quality of our service can only be determined from within; only we can know what out true motivations really are, which brings us back to the foundation work of ‘know thyself’, for without the capacity for honest self-appraisal we can easily trick ourselves. This is another reason why meditation and yoga practice along with healing processes are fundamental to Ascension.

We live in a service-to-self culture. Ra indicates that this is partly due to the influence of service-to-self entities penetrating the quarantine field and amplifying through those souls resonant with them, a service-to-self orientation to life. This is one reason why anyone with a service-to-other orientation feels out of place in our current cultural paradigm, since there are few opportunities to thrive in the current system unless one is driven to selfishness.

In Ra's words: “The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This involves self knowledge and the ability to open the self to the other-self without hesitation. This involves, shall we say, radiating that which is the essence or the heart of the mind/body/spirit complex.”

The onus is on us

The writings of Edgar Cayce indicate that Ascension, although stimulated by changes in the cosmic energies influencing the planet via the Sun, very much require our full active participation. 3rd Density is profoundly about learning to make a fundamental choice at the soul level about how we will continue to evolve beyond this density. This change in the cosmic cycle is reflected in the Yuga Cycle, which is now in an ascending phase. It is also reflected in ongoing astrological alignments, as well as scientific observations such as the drop in the Earth’s magnetic field, the huge increase in solar activity in recent years, especially the super flaring of stars in close proximity to us and so on. In addition the increase in UFO sightings, especially through CE5 initiatives (close encounters of the 5th kind) and more recently, governmental disclosures that off-world vehicles do exist, indicates that something significant is happening. Most of these sightings appear to be about stimulating humanity to awaken and question more.

Prophets and Channels

female face, cosmos, star being

Prophets, sibyls, seers, shamans and channels throughout the ages have always been in contact with intelligences from different dimensions and densities, and it is worth considering the nature and quality of the messages we collectively receive from past prophets and our current channels, given that some are on the path of service-to-other, and some on the path of service-to-self. The nature of channeling itself, is dependent on the core vibration of the channel themselves, which means that some channels can be consciously or unconsciously on the left-hand path, some firmly on the right-hand path, and others somewhere in between. This means that we have to discern for ourselves the quality and orientation of all channeled material we explore. A channel who is vulnerable to separating forces may attract beings from both sides of the polarity without knowing, and messages can be corrupted. In addition helpful teachings garnered from channeling can come from different densities as well as many dimensions, each with their own specific bias toward the core lessons those beings themselves are learning: for example 4th Density benevolent guides will tend to focus more on love, forgiveness and understanding, while 5th Density beings will tend to focus more on knowledge and wisdom. The same applies for our personal guides and helpers, who can come from multiple dimensions and from 4th, 5th and 6th Density, depending on the quality and nature of our own personal core vibration. In some instances if we are not clear on which path we are following, guidance can come from both sides of the polarity, and of course if one is committed to service-to-self, then telepathic influence will be from negative higher-density beings.

Numerous service-to-other beings from higher densities are desiring to communicate with humanity through channels; there are many more channellers offering alternative perspectives on reality in order to stimulate the awakening of humanity out of our preoccupation with the illusion of materialism. They are choosing this means for a variety of reasons, but the main one is their desire not to infringe on our free will. They want to impart information in such a way that we can choose whether to listen to it or not, and ultimately to choose if we want to believe or resonate with it or not. If advanced extraterrestrial beings were to arrive in 3rd Density physical to impart the same knowledge, it would currently infringe on the free will of a sizeable number of humans on the planet; their presence would be too compelling and would interfere with choice. Through channeling, those of us who seek to look beyond the limits of illusion, can find hints, clues and fresh perspectives that broaden understanding and meaning.

Ascension isn’t about moving to a ‘place’ whether we call it the 5th dimension or 4th Density, it's about graduating within the evolutionary process of life to a new orientation and new lessons and growth opportunities. It's also about tuning to a higher spiritual frequency, which goes hand in hand with expanded awareness and an inner shift toward love, compassion and inclusivity. Gaia herself has recently began moving into 4th Density, and it is noticeable within the last decade or so, the significant amplification of polarisation throughout the world. We are seeing a bifurcation within humanity between those seeking greater love and harmony (4th Density) and those entrenched in a dualistic “them and us” mentality that fuels a service-to-self motivation (3rd Density).

What can we gain from the concept of Ascension?

My personal self-reflection, as I have become more clear about the fundamentals of Ascension, settle on the quality of my service-to-other orientation. I can only write from the perspective of a wanderer soul already here in service to humanity, and it is hard to grasp the challenges of polarisation for the majority of souls on the planet. What I have learned from the notion of Ascension however, makes salient the power of service-to-other at this time in particular, and a realisation that even if I am able to help catalyse but one individual to elevate their consciousness, then I too have grown and evolved and there is enough meaning in that.

Service-to-other isn’t a competition centred on how many people we help; there will be souls that touch many and there will be souls who focus on just a few. To be of service is to go where we are most needed, and sometimes we are drawn into experiences that cause us to discover capacities and strengths we didn’t know we had. For wanderer souls, personal lessons will vary depending on what density we have attained prior to acceptance of the veil of forgetting: if we are from 4th Density then love, understanding and forgiveness will be the main focus, and if we are from 5th Density, then insight, knowledge and wisdom will be what attracts us most, and if we are from 6th Density then the balance of love and wisdom and the cultivation of unity will be at the forefront of personal growth, all the while in service-to-other.

It is helpful to remember that Ra’s perspectives on Ascension are from the vantage of 6th Density, and so their observation that the paths of good and evil are equally accepted by the One Infinite Creator is an expression of 6th Density, and it is not to mean that we shouldn’t feel opposed to dark malevolent interests at work in the world. Ra in fact mentions this point, indicating that even in 4th Density, battle between the light and the dark still occurs and sometimes needs to occur in order to protect the path of service-to-other.

A final summary of Ascension according to the Law of One Material

  • Our Universe operates within a 7 Density metaphysical structure

  • All densities are equal - not better or worse than each other

  • Different densities offer unique spiritual opportunities for growth

  • Earth is now culminating a 75,000 year cycle of evolution in 3rd Density

  • Planet Earth/Gaia entered into 4th Density around 2012

  • We are all currently immersed in a collective opportunity to ascend to 4th Density

  • We are moving from a vibration of intense polarity to a vibration where love and harmony prevail

  • Ascension is an invitation or opportunity, and above all every soul must choose

  • Those still not ready to ascend will continue in 3rd Density

  • The 3rd Density lessons are now culminating; we must choose between a service-to-other or a service-to-self soul orientation

  • To graduate to 4th Density we must either be over 50% in service-to-other, or 90% in service-to-self


There are two useful sites on the Law of One where you can easily reference the original material

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