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Working with the Light

My observations of humanity have lead me to think that humanity is comprised of many different soul groups incarnating together in the same window of time. I use the term soul groups to mean groupings of souls with a similar evolutionary intention, with shared aims and lessons that might differ considerably from other soul groups.

The general patterns of orientation I see people attuned to, suggest quite different paths of enquiry and growth; some of us are here to learn about space-time reality, some are here to graduate in physical embodiment, while others are here to carve out an individual path in life, and to realise their true potential. Others still, seem strongly drawn to an ongoing merger with spirit and Source.

In this article I wanted to muse over what it means to work with the light; to be part of the soul group that identifies with the archetype of the “Light Worker” or “Starseed” or “Wanderer”.

This archetype has some general characteristics:

  • The strong perception of not coming from or originating on Earth in the spiritual or soul sense.

  • The inner knowing that there is something inherently ‘wrong’ with the way the world is.

  • The longing to change the world for the better, experienced as a burning need.

  • The inner experience of knowing other ‘higher’ cultures either in the past or elsewhere, accompanied by the feeling that these high cultures are more of a home than present day Earth cultures.

  • The deep seated feeling that there is some special purpose to fulfil in this life.

  • A desire to be of service and help the world.

  • A natural and innate alliance with nature, which is perceived to be sentient, wise and a place that heals, recharges and balances.

  • A developed capacity for empathy

  • An inherent resistance to mind control e.g. school indoctrination, hypnotic suggestion etc

  • Sensitivity to and awareness of subtle energy.

  • Advanced psychic ability.

  • Healing capacity, often activated at some stage through a deep calling or healing crisis.

  • An active relationship with other dimensions of existence.

Over the last hundred years or so, timed with natural celestial cycles, which govern the nature of space-time reality, it is thought that many souls from outside the Gaian evolutionary system have chosen to incarnate on the planet for the purposes of quickening collective human evolution. Books that specifically speak to this idea are the Law of One material (available free online) and Barbara Marciniak’s Bringers of the Dawn. My sense is that there are specific karmic laws, which limit the influence of discarnate beings over the earthly plane. This is true for both sides of the polarity: both benevolent and malevolent beings. To be embodied in physical form gives souls specific rights or power to effect change within their anchored dimension. For example if it is spiritual law that we need to invite in benevolent assistance, then someone needs to be embodied in order to do this. Part of the task of light-worker souls now incarnating in the many thousands has been to reach a critical mass in terms of a heart-felt call for benevolent assistance for the Earth.

An overview of the world situation can be seen as follows:

  • Evolution occurring on multi-dimensional levels occurs through cycles. Gaia has hosted numerous epochs where enlightened cultures existed, typically referred to in myth as ‘Golden Ages’. Evolutionary cycles involve periods of time where consciousness falls, and we are currently in an early stage of ascent out of a dark age, sometimes called the Kali Yuga. For more on this see Cycle of the Yugas.

  • During the previous dark cycle, the Gaian evolutionary system appears to have been hijacked or compromised in a significant way, sometimes referred to as the Luciferian Experiment, in which a false matrix was introduced into the collective human mind as a takeover bid. This shift in the ‘game’ has provided an immense opportunity for soul evolution, with many souls electing to participate in the last ten thousand years. You and I are such souls. This takeover bid is encoded in the Fall of Satan myth and the rise of the Demiurge in Christian Gnosticism.

  • The influence of the false matrix is at an all time high in present time, and many younger souls (less developed) have become trapped in it, with significant evolutionary stagnation, unable to get out. Like a virus of the mind, the false matrix engineers a fundamental disconnect from Source, disabling souls from their innate sovereignty. The false matrix is linked to demonic entities or powers, which Rudolf Steiner attributed to the Persian demon Ahriman, and later versions such as Satan the adversary and a host of fallen angels. Given the multidimensional nature of reality, this drama also plays out at a galactic and inter-galactic level involving predatory parasitic off-world cultures as well as benevolent ones. (For more on the false matrix concept see The Two Matrixes)

  • Renegade light-worker souls now incarnating, are here to move humanity to a tipping point by positively influencing the collective field to enable an upward shift in human consciousness, in order to throw off the yoke of the false matrix and its creators. This is occurring now because the cycle is turning toward higher frequencies, and the lost souls and entities trying to dominate the Gaian system are working very hard to prevent souls trapped in the false matrix from remembering their innate co-creative spiritual essence.

  • Dark players on the world stage are souls who have given themselves to the false matrix and those that create it, under the false belief that it is worthwhile. It is a choice to strive for a relatively low vibration existence.

  • We are currently reaching a tipping point, where benevolent allies in other dimensions of being, are now more actively engaged in opposing the dark tribes influencing the Earth on behalf of humanity.

  • When sufficient numbers of human souls have ‘awakened’ and made a sizeable shift in consciousness, the task of the light-worker will largely have been accomplished, and many souls will once again be reunited with their soul-family collectives.

So what are light-workers here to do?

Here are a few considerations for reflection:

  • The main task for any light-worker is to simply be here and remain in a body for as long as possible. This is because all light-workers have taken on spiritual contracts to transform energy, in order to penetrate the effects of the false matrix. For this reason when we are doing this kind of transformational work, it can get pretty gruelling, because we are working with eons of heavy psychic material, and it can get quite confusing and depressing if we do not understand this. Not all of us make it; not all of us are able to endure this work, and sadly take their own lives. Many light-worker souls have high empathy and the psychic toxicity within the collective field is formidable. In addition dark entities can sometimes breach protection and invade the auric system. Just being here is good work.

  • One of the main opportunities for the light-worker is to actively work within their biological family of origin, to effect significant change down the ancestral timeline, through personal healing journeys. The more we dive deep into our own pain, and work to integrate the shadow within ourselves, the more we positively effect the healing potential in everyone we are connecting to. Ancestral healing is a profound and rewarding task, and each of us will probably spend some time in this area periodically.

  • Light-workers are often spread out over the globe, and are not drawn at this stage to gather in large communities. This is because it is much easier for dark forces to track light-workers if they all live in the same place. In addition the nature of light work is to journey into dark places to bring the light into them, and so it is not part of the mandate, at least right now, for light-workers to know many other light workers. There is a lot of work to do, and all of us are drawn to where we need to be, and although we do from time to time walk together and work together, it is also common for sudden changes to occur in relationships due to changes in contract as we are moved toward other light work.

  • All light-workers experience some degree of shut down in early life, and we are all to some extent integrated into the false matrix. Part of the early task for light-workers is of course to wake up, and to liberate from the hypnotic trance generated by the false matrix. For this reason especially early on, emergent light-workers are usually drawn to healing themselves as they shift into greater awareness. I myself did exactly this, and spent several years immersed in past life recall as well.

  • Waking up is to liberate from false conditioning, and this means overcoming illusions, delusions and lies. As such it ejects us out of society, and can be alienating, painful, exciting, confusing, frightening, lonely, emancipating, expansive and ultimately empowering. If you find yourself struggling or drowning in an awakening madness, you are certainly not alone. And yet the nature of our struggle is also the testing ground that makes us stronger; natural birth is really no different - a new born baby has had to struggle through the birth canal, at times experiencing a degree of peril, before taking the first ever breath, seeing the first direct rays of light, and discovering the safety and comfort of a mothers nipple.

  • Light-workers belong to a wide array of souls; we are not all the same even though we work toward the same goal. In essence we resonate with different cultures within the galactic milieu, and many of us are specialists with specific tasks in addition to those more general tasks I mentioned above. Some of us a here to heal and work with people, some with animals, some with plants. Some of us work with the Gaian energy grid and Ley lines. Some are here to be messengers for the light-worker community. Some will be world teachers, and others are here to remediate the ecological damage. Some of us are here to work only with advanced souls to help them awaken to their own tasks, and some of us are gifted in working with the denser energies of those more enmeshed in the false matrix. Some of us work as ambassadors to the stars, and are drawn to CE5 connections such as Dr Steven Greer. Some of us are warrior souls working in the military to liberate humanity on the physical level, and yet others are warriors working at the magical level to stave off the interference from the dark powers.

  • Light-workers should not forget that they too have an evolutionary incentive to be here; we are not rescuers as such, we too are here to learn and evolve through the soul choices we have made. To be a light-worker isn’t always easy, it really depends on the tasks we have undertaken. For this reason we cannot rely on what other light-workers are doing as a model for working with the light. At all times we need to be building and maintaining a strong clear connection with our own source, and with the team of spirit allies we are assigned and which we earn as we progress in evolutionary terms. As we step up, we inevitably attract in new spirit helpers and teachers. For this reason it helps if we deeply understand and know ourselves from within. Deep inner work goes hand in hand with light work.

  • Above all light-workers should guard against avoiding their own shadow side - it is essential for us to integrate with the personal shadow in order to contribute to the diminishment of a collectively repressed shadow. This is because the drama unfolding on Earth right now is linked to a deeply unresolved human collective shadow, due to past cataclysmic trauma at the species level. I suspect that the dark forces in play today took advantage of cataclysmic events to inveigle themselves into the sovereign psychic space of humanity in the past. C G Jung pointed out that when we ourselves have too much unintegrated shadow material, it opens a door for takeover by collective shadow forces. Part of the great task is to do shadow-work alongside light-work.

  • Light-Workers are inherently good intentioned, conscientious and compassionate beings, and problems can arise when there are deep unconscious issues relating to worthiness, self-value and the loss of personal sovereignty, which can lead to underlying patterns of rescuing and becoming over burdened with responsibility for others and the world as a whole. What are we responsible for? What energy should we transform as part of karma yoga, and what must we leave untouched? Without awareness through self-reflection, it is possible to take on too much psychic energy from others and literally burn out. Usually unhealthy patterns caused by unresolved wounding are the cause. If we are not careful, we may end up trying to transform the entire world resulting in unnecessary illness. It is crucial we each become aware of what our light-worker contracts are i.e. what we really came here to do. Now that the term 'light-worker' is popularised, it does mean that some of us come to the role without true knowledge, assuming an idea of what it means, rather than unveiling the task through deep meditation within. We should guard against making self-sacrificing agreements with spirit as a means to drive the world forward into the light, simply because it feels hard to be here now. This is a sure recipe for psychic overwhelm and burnout - if we have inadvertently made such agreements we can simply unmake them again. No one "above and beyond" is holding us to any task we do not agree to undertake, and we are free to change our contracts if they are unhealthy. Becoming clear about what we are responsible for is a key to thriving in a chaotic world in transition.

  • The more we work with the light, the more we too awaken and the more we awaken and heal, the easier we make it for others to follow in our footsteps. If for example the healing journey is like a deer track in the forest, only souls with good tracking skills will ever find the path. On the other hand the more of us who find the path of self healing, the wider it gets until eventually it becomes a wide avenue for anyone to find. Every insight we gather, builds momentum in the collective mind for more insight to be received by the masses.

  • In the same way every true act of love, and every true act of giving, changes the field, and makes it more possible for those more self serving to discover and align with higher love. In this way another form of light-work is what I call 'impeccable living'; the practise of reaching for the highest most honourable actions in daily life. This might take the form of mindfulness, peaceful intentions, forgiveness, compassion, prayer and love. Above all, this practise must be given first to ourselves; we need to hold ourselves lovingly, and bring forgiveness to negative thoughts and feelings, and to cultivate tolerance for apparent failures etc. This is the ground work of any light work we take out into the world. How can we heal if we ourselves are not actively on a healing journey of our own?

Light-work can sound at first like a glamorous mission, it evokes the heroic in us, and at times parts of the journey can be very exciting and euphoric. However the true nature of light work although indeed heroic is not always like a Hollywood movie - heroes by definition face adversity and enter dark places and sometimes die trying to fulfil their quest. I have enjoyed glorious periods in my life of expansion, revelation, epiphany, joy and hope. I have also experienced the brutal reality of dark entity intrusion, gruelling shadow-work integration, and a call to conscious suffering as part of my spiritual alchemical process. I’ve been taken to the edge of death, and at times ventured close to the precipice of hopelessness. I have also been honoured to work with people as they aim to heal, participated in wondrous shifts in reality, witnessed apparent miracles that defy conventional thinking, cavorted with benevolent beings in other dimensions, and been privileged to be touched by bright illuminate angelic beings, wholesome gentle nature spirits, and advanced other-world cultures and intelligences.

If there is one thing I could best impart to others following a similar path, it is to encourage you to trust in life as a benevolent force, and to dedicate a good chunk of your attention toward your own connection with Source within, irrespective of the welcome help and assistance from elevated spirit allies. The journey of a light-worker is not static, we don’t stay in the same place for long, and the lessons, gifts and tasks change over time. Sometimes we are given the lesson of not knowing, and we learn to be strong in trust, at others we are blown open with insight and premonition. There have been moments when I am astounded at how clear my knowing has been, especially in times of need. Light-workers implicitly need to trust, we need to listen to the gentle voice of the innermost, because more than likely there will be moments of intense darkness when all will feel like it is lost, and only the voice of the innermost will be left to guide us to hold steady and wait for the dawn. As we progress, cycles of development and learning complete, journeys with kindred souls come to an end, and new aspects of our task come online, often with a steep learning curve before we get used to the new way. Sometimes we are asked to be alone to work in one way, and later we are propelled into social roles to work in another way. As I have worked with my guides over the years, I have learned that nothing is predictable and plans and strategies suddenly change as the world picture changes, and we can be pulled out of service and directed to fulfil our tasks by another route. Perhaps of all things, the most valuable is a strong clear connection with higher help and an implicit trust in guidance as it occurs on a moment to moment basis.

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