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The Two Matrixes

A matrix describes an underlying medium or lattice in which larger objects are embedded. In cultural terms it is the socio-political environment in which something develops. The matrix as a meme emerged in the late 1990s with the release of The Matrix movie; a powerful, complex and provocative metaphor for human life at the turn of the 21st century, summing up the challenge to the human spirit, immersed within a predominantly nihilistic tech-driven western culture.

Neo and Trinity - Matrix Movie

At the heart of the movie, is the hero’s journey of awakening, mapping out the various stages of liberation from an unseen adversarial system, and for this reason The Matrix movie was heralded as a film with the potential to change the world.

In my view there are actually two matrixes, which I refer to as ‘The False Matrix’ and ‘The Living Matrix’.

The False Matrix

The False Matrix is the focus of the Matrix movie trilogy; an artificial mental construct permeating the human collective field, representing a distortion from natural law. The most important thing about it is that it is dead, and being dead it can only offer a living system such as a human being, a deathly existence. The False Matrix has been around a long time, and has its origins in the descending Cycle of the Yugas, and in particular the recent Kali Yuga; an age of darkness characterised by a profound loss of consciousness.

The False Matrix can be likened to a mind virus, much like a computer virus, capable of replication and able to take over the living systems of individuals and whole collectives. In recent decades the influence of the False Matrix has become increasingly stronger due to the confluence of several metaphysical cycles, such as the Vedic Yuga Cycle, the cycle of precession in astrology associated with the coming age of Aquarius, and the Mayan Calendar cycle that culminated and re-birthed in 2011.

It appears that as a cycle of darkness and ignorance culminates and approaches the threshold of an ascending age of light, the darker impulses such as self interest and control within established systems amplify as the old order attempts to resist inevitable change.

The Demon Ahriman

The False Matrix although essentially dead and machine-like, is subject to evolution, and has been evolving over thousands of years into what it is today. Rudolf Steiner attributed the False Matrix to the Persian demon Ahriman, as he witnessed its accelerated growth with the rise of technology and the industrial revolution. George Orwell captured some of its essence in his well known book ‘1984’, while modern sci-fi dystopian storylines such as Blade Runner, Altered Carbon, Divergent and the Hunger Games all offer possible future scenarios should the False Matrix be allowed to continue unhindered.

The end-game for the False Matrix is the birth of A.I. (artificial intelligence), in the sense of intelligence devoid of a heart chakra or equivalent, guaranteed to take our world in a direction that no self-respecting human being would ever wish for.

The False Matrix ‘lives’ in all of us, some more than others, and perhaps there are a rare few who are completely free of it. It operates in our minds, and it spreads from person to person, and its effects can be seen in almost every aspect of modern life. We enter this world at birth free of it, but soon integrate with it through immersion in the human collective field and then later through indoctrination via the schooling system. By the time we are adults we are, very much like the character Neo in the Matrix movie, fully assimilated not realising that the bulk of our human potential has been commandeered toward aims that are not truly our own, and forced into a spiritual servitude, we are for the most part unaware of.

Neo unplugging from the False Matrix

The False Matrix generates negative hierarchies, divides people, disconnects and disempowers, in order to control and usurp innate human sovereignty. It thrives on elitism, exclusivity, and separation, and by its very nature is in metaphysical terms über-masculine; for its own survival it must denigrate the feminine principle in order to maintain itself.

Addendum: I originally published this post in mid Jan 2022 after I woke up one morning with the title of the post in my mind and a guided instruction to write it that day, which I did, not quite knowing what I would write, and watching it unfold effortlessly over an hour. Since then I came across a recent Rebel Wisdom conversation posted April 2022, called "The War on Reality", which tackles the notion of a false matrix from other perspectives, given other names such as 'The Machine', or 'Technium' or 'Fully Automated Luxury Gnosticism'. If you want to dive a little deeper into the nature and characteristics of the false matrix, this conversation highlights how it influences the world right now, and it also suggests that the idea of a metaphysical driving force behind world events is emergent now, and in essence becoming more salient within the collective.

The Living Matrix

The Living Matrix is very different. It is part of the fabric of an underlying higher intelligence responsible for generating and maintaining the reality we all participate in. It is not a sub-system within reality subject to evolution (as the False Matrix is), but rather an aspect of prime matter itself, which moves and breathes, modulating, adapting and changing through time. Because it is living, when we connect to it, we are imbued with life.

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry symbolising the web of life

Neytiri connecting to the Tree of Souls (Avatar film)

The idea of a Living Matrix is represented in a simple sense, in the movie Avatar, and the way we connect to it is through the human energy-system or bio-field.

The Living Matrix is much like a fungal mycelial network, connecting us to everything within the living web of life. To awaken is to reconnect, and the journey of awakening is fundamentally connected to the movement away from the False Matrix, toward full integration with the Living Matrix, which is our natural birthright.

This transition theme is embedded in many storylines, such as Frodo's heroic journey with the one ring of power in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings saga, and more recently in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, where the hero Rand Al'Thor must reconnect with the One Power in order to oppose the Dark One (Ahriman) and return the world to an age of light. These stories highlight the personal journey all of us must make in order to awaken to our true potential.

The transition from the False Matrix to the Living Matrix is different for everyone, and occurs through a process that takes time, and has several stages. Once a person has ripened and begun the transition, my work as a self-realisation mentor is largely to act as a guide and support in this process.

Some years ago I came upon the realisation that the only way I could effectively participate in positive world change, was to accept that I was to some degree contributing to the problems I saw in the world, and needed to cultivate a life approach that would encourage me to become part of the solution.

The False Matrix has largely disconnected almost all of us on the planet from innate universal intelligence. It decries, ridicules and debunks the feminine way, because it is through the Divine feminine principle that we can build a connection with the Living Matrix. The moment we put attention on this, energy from the Living Matrix begins to actively percolate into our dense and compressed myopic view of existence. Murmurs of inspiration begin to occur, as very slowly we start to turn the proverbial ship around and head into the rising sun.

As we reorientate our lives, more and more energy permeates into our field of reality, expanding our minds, opening us up to avenues of life exploration we would never have imagined, or previously laughed at, and before we know it, we realise that life has more meaning than it used to, and in spite of life challenges, somehow we are happier and more optimistic than ever before.

We may long for the natural world, and rediscover awe and wonder in the smallest things in nature, like sea shells, leaves and snowflakes. To be consciously awake to the Living Matrix is to be forever changed; reconnection with the universal web of life informs us in ways that transform.

These days its easy to see the workings of the False Matrix in a cultural system that leaves the majority working jobs they dislike or even hate, where our world is increasingly divided into the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, and more recently where the demonisation of an invisible virus has had us persuaded and bullied into even more disconnect with social distancing, mandatory masks, house arrests, and vaccine passports. Participation in the False Matrix is currently so deathly that its estimated that 40 people somewhere in the world take their own lives every second.

To reconnect with the Living Matrix is to activate the spiritual aspect of human life, and to elevate beyond a flat-land materialist fear and self-interest orientation that leaves us ultimately exhausted and lifeless, toward a cooperative approach with universal forces, with the power to reinvigorate our lives with renewed purpose and meaning.

Transition processes inevitably involve healing, purification, de-conditioning and the cultivation of compassion, forgiveness and mindfulness. There are uncountable ways to do this, the best of which are those that resonate with you the most; each one of us unfolds in our own time and in a unique way. This is why rigid spiritual teachings are of little use and eventually become a limitation.

All true healers, shamans, seers, visionaries and mystics know the Living Matrix, and healing modalities in general reconnect us with it. And yet in practise we can’t simply decide to reconnect like switching on a light and thats it - we need to actively and consciously cultivate and grow our connection to it, and purge our energy systems from all remnants of the False Matrix, while building strong defences against it.

The fractal nature of the Living Matrix

My proposition is simple: if you want to contribute to a better world, reach for connection with the Living Matrix in earnest (even if you don't know how), guard against the False Matrix by learning to see its many faces, and as your connection grows, allow yourself to trust enough in the inspirations guiding you from within, and watch yourself transform into a person who increasingly embodies an orientation to life that is positive, life enhancing, healing and cooperative with others toward win/win solutions. It's never too late to start, and you will be continually amazed when you finally do.

Some key symptoms of the False Matrix

  • A schooling system that teaches young souls to repeat and regurgitate information and dogma, rather than empower them to think for themselves

  • A justice system that gives advantage to those with more money, and disadvantages those with less, where winning is not necessarily connected with moral virtue, or truth.

  • Consumerism

  • Meritocracy - where people are compelled to invest large sums of money and agree to indoctrination in return for officially sanctioned credentials that enable them to work in better paid jobs, irrespective of whether they are good at those jobs

  • The domination of sex, violence and horror in our entertainment

  • The culture of addiction to legal and prohibited drugs

  • Health care systems driven by profit, dominated by synthetic substances, and aimed at the management of symptoms with no incentives toward real cures

  • Simulated thinking dominating the masses in contrast to critical thinking

  • The blind acceptance of hypnotic suggestion in modern advertising as virtuous

  • Rape culture

  • Wage slavery

  • Sex trafficking and child sex abuse

  • The use of technology to distract, disempower and enslave

  • Chronic fear and anxiety

  • Fatigue

  • Chronic depression

  • Meaninglessness

Some key signs of connection to the Living Matrix

  • A desire for win/win contracts of energy exchange with others

  • Compassion

  • Increased empathy

  • Desire for connection with nature

  • A capacity for independent critical thinking

  • A resonance with holistic healing practices

  • An attraction to healthy home prepared food

  • A heightened intuitive function

  • A sense of connection with a higher guiding benevolent power

  • A growing desire to fulfil ones true potential

  • A growing responsibility toward the cultivation of virtues such as honesty, integrity, and wisdom

  • A desire to be of service to others

  • An ability to actively commune with nature and existence

  • A capacity to discern that which resonates with the Living Matrix from that which does not

  • The careful use of technology to enhance cooperation, abundance and love on the planet

  • An enhanced capacity for altruistic love

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