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Pluto in Aquarius - A New Era

In astrology, the archetype of Pluto can be seen as one of the primary drivers of evolution, and as such it is one of the markers we can use to track human evolution and get a sense of the evolutionary context of the times and what to expect in the near future, as Pluto transitions from Capricorn into Aquarius, in a window of time from now until 2024, when Pluto will remain in the archetype of Aquarius for another twenty years.

Pluto has numerous aspects of meaning, but on a collective level Pluto energy tends to push against stagnation and inertia toward growth, change and renewal. When Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008, the focus of evolutionary forces within the collective field began to exert an influence on all existing structures and especially those that have outlived their evolutionary purpose. Structures have been affected on all levels, but most significantly the building blocks of culture, tradition and society, and for this reason the last fifteen years have seen ongoing intense seismic shakes ups that have reverberated throughout global society, beginning with a global financial crisis within just a few months of Pluto’s presence in Capricorn back in 2008. The main thrust of the Pluto in Capricorn impulse has been about the reformation of existing viable systems, but as far as I can tell, there has been too much resistance and very little reform.

There have been a number of developments over the last years:

  • The global financial crisis highlighted the greed, manipulation and corruption operating within the financial system

  • Unrestrained capitalism has revealed itself to have failed on all of the promises it presented; rich people are richer than ever before and poor people keep getting poorer

  • Month after month, year after year, we have seen scandal after scandal within the corridors of power and influence, with almost no one being held accountable

  • Building collective awareness and fear over global warming, industrial farming, and the destruction of the planetary ecosystem upon which we all depend

  • Increasing fragmentation within our communities due to polarisation, culture wars, and information warfare, quickened by communications technology

  • The Saturnian influence of Capricorn has manifested in elite-managed austerity plans for the common people, while those same elite fly around in private jets and enjoy fat annual bonuses

  • A growing distrust with regard to authority; there are more and more now who distrust medical experts, scientists, lawmakers, politicians and so on.

  • We’ve seen Aquarian movements like Occupy Wall Street and the Yellow Vest Movement in protest of the widening income divide and corruption within an outdated and failing system

  • Massive migrations in both Europe and North America, overloading the existing systems, as those that have a lot less, seek a new life in the 1st world and the promise of more, while also reaching for greater freedom as they leave cultures that are generally more conservative and diversity intolerant.

  • The Covid narrative that enabled governments to justify non-democratic actions against the people, including damaging lockdowns, enforced wearing of masks, vaccine passports and mandates, all of which have sundered whatever was left of community cohesion, often turning family members and friends against each other.

  • A sharp rise in protests in many places in the world in the last few years including Brussels, China, Italy, Germany and the UK over covid rules, protests against inflation in France, Germany, Romania, the Czech Republic, Panama , Peru, and Sierra Leone, anti-vaccine protests in Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Canada and the UK, anti-government protests in the USA, Brazil, Peru, Albania, Armenia, France, Sri Lanka and Columbia, to name just a few.

These are but a few of the highlights, but the general trend has been the ongoing revelation of the true nature of our existing structures and systems, while those with power and privilege scramble for more money and more control; many people know more now about the controlling and ‘for-profit’ nature of existing social systems like the judicial system [maritime law], mainstream media, education, the nature of fiat money and the money system, politics and healthcare than ever before.

It is this backdrop, which sets the scene for Pluto’s culmination in Capricorn and imminent transition into Aquarius. This transition will take until the end of 2024 with Pluto spending some time in Aquarius and some time in Capricorn, where we can expect a battle of sorts to occur as the new humanitarian impulse toward greater fairness and equality will clash with the ever more intense compulsion of those in power toward more control and self-interest.

Pluto in Aquarius - Radical Paradigm Shifts

King Henry VIII

Historically there are several radical paradigm shifts that occurred when Pluto was previously in Aquarius. In 1532, when Pluto was at 0˚ Aquarius, King Henry VIII of England went against the authority of the Catholic Church and married his second wife Anne Boleyn, using a political religious doctrine called ‘The Divine Right of Kings’ to justify his actions. Although the ideas within the doctrine were not new, his action initiated a radical change in English religious practices, when he aligned himself with the Protestant Reformation and made himself the head of the Church of England instead of the Pope. The Protestant Reformation itself began in earnest some years before in 1517 when Pluto was in Capricorn; the evolutionary forces at work were driving the reform of Christianity, then dominated by corruption within Catholicism, and precipitated a shift in the balance of power.

Nicolaus Copernicus

A little later, Copernicus delivered a bombshell publication in 1543, when Pluto was at 17˚ Aquarius, kick starting what is now known as the Copernican Revolution; a radical paradigm shift that placed the Sun at the centre, with the Earth moving around it, in direct heretical opposition to the theological geocentric dogma of the Catholic Church, which would eventually lead to its decline in terms of overt worldly power (there are some who consider the Vatican still very much at the centre of covert power). It’s hard to imagine how people in the Renaissance period got their heads around this new idea, in much the same way as many people today struggle with the idea of Ancient Alien Theory, or Extra-Terrestrial contact in the modern age, not to mention time travelling inter-dimensional craft and electrogravitics.

In 1789, when Pluto was also at 17˚ Aquarius, The French Revolution brought radical political and social change founded on the new principles of liberal democracy based on freedom, equality and universal brotherhood. The same Aquarian impulses were driving evolution in America with the Declaration of Independence in 1776 just 6 months before Pluto entered Aquarius, and the establishment of the U.S. Constitution in 1789 (Pluto at 17˚ Aquarius).

Pluto won’t return to 17˚ Aquarius until 2035, but perhaps we can anticipate some similarly powerful event to occur at that time.

Pluto in Aquarius 2024-2043

Pluto will enter Aquarius briefly March- June 2023, and due to retrograde movement will move between Aquarius and the late degrees of Capricorn, settling into Aquarius full time in November 2024. We are now entering into a transition phase between two archetypes, and one could say that we are getting a taste of the new cycle, while also finishing up lessons from the old one.

As we experience Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn, we can expect the ways of the old cycle to reassert themselves much stronger than before, due to the inherent resistance to change that the ruler of Capricorn represents; we are moving into more turbulent times on the 3D level of evolution and there will be an ever greater divide between those of us who align with Aquarian humanitarian values and ideals, versus those that orientate toward self-interest, control and power over others, as well as those who resist the imminent radical shifts in world-perception, who cling to an old way of thinking in order to feel secure. I expect there will be intense pressure exerted on those who choose to deny reality as it really is, and are too attached to outmoded and dogmatic ways of seeing and dealing with the world.

On a positive side, this transition period allows all of us to get used to the new Aquarian frequency; we get to dip our toes into the water and slowly acclimatise until late 2024. This will reflect in global events also; there is a frequency shift occurring, and it all depends on how we each respond. Some of us will have radical and delightful breakthroughs, and new truths especially related to suppressed technology will be exciting and life changing. Others will likely have a harder time as the world changes at an ever faster rate.

We can expect some powerful movements toward greater control and dominance within the established halls of power. We are already seeing this in every country world wide - one simple example in recent weeks is the move of the British government to control its striking citizens with job loss threats if they don’t conform to specific terms; those striking for an increase in wages are currently having their rights curtailed, in the interests of social stability. I suggest that tolerance for government over-reach will not continue much longer, as more and more join together through their Unions.

Because Pluto drives human evolution, the ingress into Aquarius will support movements toward greater equality, and the means by which this will happen will of course be through the power of the people; there is going to be a push to liberate from the mental chains of social programming in order to step into our authority as individuals. On a personal level therefore, the next years will have us stimulated to think differently, to hunger for new ideas and new ways to solve problems, and most of all to liberate from whatever holds us back from our true potential.

Since Aquarius is an archetype connected to technological advances, we are going to see more activity in terms of how technology can change the world for the better versus the attempt to use technology to control. We know that paradigm shifting technology is already in existence and has been kept from the public domain by those who stand to gain from such actions. More than likely the next decade or so will see the release of new tech in ways that are hard to imagine. In the immediate future we are already seeing new advances in nutraceutical medicine created by inspired and spiritually activated souls, such as the Root products by Dr. Christina Rahm, Nano-Soma created by research scientist Dr. P. R. Raghavan, as well as EMF mitigation technologies e.g. Memon and Biomedis Company to name just a couple. We are also already seeing the emergence of new electroceutical therapies, which are technology systems that deliver frequency waves of energy to promote healing. In some installations, these new healing technologies can broadcast for several miles from their physical location, positively affecting people’s health as they go about their daily lives. The heralded med-beds are also another such technology around the corner, reportedly capable of revolutionary healing including age rejuvenation.

Artist's vision of a Med Bed

I think we may well see more offerings like these manifesting in the next few years, but it may take longer for more radically new tech to emerge on the world stage - in my view, the existing elite-run control structures and the force behind them have to be properly taken down, in order to make space for future-forward humanitarian technological developments to succeed unimpeded. Powerful new technology must be used only for the greater good.

Light-Speed Evolution

The nature of Aquarius will more than likely generate increased evolutionary intensity; everyone will move to rocket speed evolution in their personal lives. For some this may mean more challenges, more surprise shocks and traumatic experiences, and more personal disruption, especially if there is resistance to the evolutionary impulse to liberate one’s awareness into a more informed and awakened state; all obsolete and limiting personal structures e.g. beliefs, habits, attachments, ideas, and so on, will be forced to the surface until we let them go and upgrade our personal awareness of ourselves and the reality we occupy and influence. For others the new era will be more of a fast track as we become more and more objectively aware of those things within our lives that we need to leave behind, and the mental and emotional patterns that need to be dissolved. I would liken this to a prison-break on a mass scale; there will be those who will resist and cling to the comfort of the known, but there will be others who will light up with new awareness and begin walking their path to greater freedom. The key lessons of the time will centre around freedom of thought, the right to happiness, cooperative new ways of living and working, liberation from the control system via new awareness, and above all personal empowerment and sovereignty, through which to self-determine and expand inherent human potential in ways unimagined.

The stage is already set for many of those who were not sufficiently aware, who having allowed themselves to be jabbed, may face healing crises as an evolutionary means to liberate from the mental prison generated by the False Matrix. For example UK nurses now suffering with “long covid” find themselves shocked and appalled by the realisation that despite putting themselves in danger during the covid crisis, they are now dumped by the wayside without any welfare supports. To genuinely wake up and liberate into a larger perspective of reality often requires life altering disruptions, disillusionment and alienation, which can be traumatic, especially if resisted. For those ready to step forward into the future, with a positive vision for humanity, the next 20 years will support such endeavours.

The reclamation of personal sovereignty will empower many to begin to actively envision the future they want to live in, as a powerful driver of world change. We mustn’t be afraid to dream, and to cultivate a vision of the future that seems utopian, only because we have been exposed to so much dystopian imagery in recent decades. Such limited and negative dystopian imagery entering the field of imagination has been, to a large extent, defining what is possible and where we are going as a collective community.

We can expect to see the emergence of new visionary tribes, actively using heart centred intention toward energising positive evolutionary timelines, and daring to imagine what a positive future would actually look like, rather than just fixating on the old reality that no longer works. I expect to see new thought leaders emerging in the next years coordinating large scale meditations, as well as those initiating grassroots projects nurturing solutions as they seed a new way of life that can be picked up and applied on a large scale in the future. This is already happening, for example ‘return to the land’ projects in many places worldwide, pioneering new ways of growing food and community, while promoting food awareness, as well as service orientated healing centres, such as those planned by Connecting Consciousness members, worker cooperatives (businesses owned and and self managed by its workers), or community bank initiatives (Netflix - Bank of Dave).

Aquarian Revolutions

In those parts of the world that are still running austere patriarchal cultural systems, such as in the Middle East and Russia, evolutionary energy will continue to shake things up in powerful ways. As Pluto has been approaching Aquarius, this has become evident in Iran as young women have begun protesting and demanding basic freedoms and human rights, something which would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. As I write this post, Pluto is at 28˚ Capricorn, and the push back from the establishment in Iran is fierce. A petition came in this morning about a 19 year old young man charged with “waging was against God (Moharebeh)” after defending a group of women who were being assaulted by the regime’s plainclothes forces, and he is currently due to be executed for his ‘crimes’. In a totalitarian regime run by men, it seems that a man who sides with evolutionary change, is the deepest threat of all. He is not the only one, another young father is also up for execution for marching with the women in protest. Click on their photos below if you feel moved to sign petitions that may help bring the worlds attention to this tragic reality.

In Russia, the war with Ukraine has also ignited anti-war protests, as many fear conscriptions to fight in a war they do not understand or condone. In 2022 protestors declared “Thousands of Russian men, our fathers, brothers and husbands, will be thrown into the meat grinder of the war. What will they be dying for? What will mothers and children be crying for?”

In China there have also been mass protests against draconian lockdowns (Nov 2022), with planned activism designed to overload the Chinese surveillance systems. The push back against censorship includes activists using VPNs in order to access social media and overcome strict controls over internet access. Protestors have been using the symbol of a blank page to represent their right to free speech.

And as mentioned earlier there have been numerous other anti-government protests including Brazil, Columbia and Peru indicating an increase in Aquarian revolutionary energy worldwide.

Such desperate actions, with high risk of imprisonment, demonstrate the potent revolutionary energy of Aquarius now arising, which may pick up in momentum in the coming years leading to more radical shifts in power, and a move toward more equality and freedom within Russia, China, Iran and elsewhere.

I think the power of the Cup Bearer will, over the next few decades, cause considerable erosion of the old patriarchal paradigm, paving the way for a more integral world-view.

The Dark Side

Aquarius has of course a darker lower expression, which will tend to play out through those operating in a lower vibration. The dark side of Aquarius shows up in the way technology has been used to control and manipulate the masses, the most obvious of which is social media and mainstream media, but we have also more recently seen the misuse of power in tech sectors such as Health-Care during the Covid madness. In China the use of mass surveillance and a Social Credit System is another example, and there is a concern that the use of Carbon Neutral ideology could lead to another form of a social credit system in Europe in conjunction with CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency).

Pluto has a tendency to expose whatever is going on behind the scenes and under the surface appearance of things, and while Pluto transits through Aquarius we may see much more exposure of the nature of elite power and how it operates in the world. I also expect that this twenty year window will be the time when elite interests will finally be exposed and dealt with for the greater good, but the results of this might not occur until the late degrees of Aquarius. Will a new quantum financial system (QFS) regulate wealth accumulation and prevent the misuse of money in the future?

The WEF (World Economic Forum) will no doubt continue to attempt to hijack our sovereign collective creator power, to generate their favoured dystopian new world order, but I generally feel that too many people will have awakened from the hypnotic trance, and move reality in a different direction. It matters not how many gather in Davos each year if the majority no longer resonate with their sugar-coated ideas of a better world for everyone, and if there is not enough money to implement such a plan, it will remain safely in the minds of those that imagine it. The future of the world depends on a move out of complacent passivity to one of heart centred empowerment for a large majority of the common people.

We can also expect the challenges of an upsurge of false and problematic ideologies capturing the attention of the masses, of which the primary contender is currently Wokeism. Collectively I feel we have to learn to ground idealogical thinking into reality as we move forward. Aquarius is for sure the main driver behind ideological movements; as an Air sign it loves the mental realm and can get carried away with ideas and fail to temper them with Saturnian lessons.

The aspiration toward idealistic change is not in and of itself a bad thing, but it gets dangerous when idealism asserts itself in an extreme or unbalanced way. The Woke movement may see itself unravel as we collectively recognise its noble motivations as well as its fundamental errors.

On a more personal level, the negative side of Pluto in Aquarius may express as increasing conflict between “the red-pill tribes” or more generally between different groups united by common values, beliefs or cause. Some may also experience more alienation as they awaken and no longer relate to the world around them. Part of the task in the coming years will be for many to actively seek connection with those of like-mind and cultivate positive change through open-hearted community based movements.

Final thoughts

It’s notable that in the years since 2008 with Pluto in Capricorn, there have been no significant reformations within the consensus status quo. In fact I noticed in a recent publication of the UK Sunday Times newspaper, an article by Matthew Syed covering the general complacency over repeated financial scandals and a creeping normalisation of corruption within the system as a whole. He cites an example of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) explaining how committee members began receiving gifts from cities bidding to host the games. These gifts are such things as flight upgrades and hotel suites, limousines, and expensive dining. At some point wives would realise that if they expressed a liking of something, it would inevitably arrive the next day in their rooms; pearl brooches, pendants and such, and nothing is done to discourage this type of gifting. It's a good example of how things work, where individuals can be treated like royalty, until after a while they to come to expect it, and think they deserve it. This type of corruption isn’t necessarily malicious; its about weak moral character, where individuals suppose that if others are doing it, it must be ok. This kind of ‘gift culture’ has been going on unquestioned for a long time; an acquaintance of mine who is a medical doctor practising in Europe has for a long time accepted free holidays and wine & dine gifts from pharmaceutical companies if he prescribed sufficient quantities of certain drugs. To see an article in a mainstream newspaper highlighting corruption as a primary problem and calling for reform, is a pertinent expression of Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn; Pluto has done his job, even if we are slow to get the message.

Since there has been no sizeable reform within socio-political systems, and we are only now beginning to grasp collectively what the real problem is, we can expect Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius to both shake things up and initiate a movement toward more radical systems change.

  • What will it take for those already corrupted in the corridors of power to stop blocking well needed reforms?

  • How much social pressure will be needed to cause politicians to reach for higher moral ground or step down from office?

It's been a frustrating time for many to witness the growing inequality and creeping corruption with no significant breakthroughs in the way things are done; no arrests; no accountability; growing distrust and disillusionment, and yet to see the world through an evolutionary lens is to see progress even though it has been hard on many. The challenges have been stimulating many to mature and to accept more responsibility; after all it is we the people who continue to play the game; it is our passivity that has led us here. The clarion call from figures like General Flynn (USA) during the Pluto in Capricorn Era has been one of more responsibility and participation of regular people in the local government sector in order to out-compete morally corrupt players. In the coming years the evolutionary directive will focus on empowerment, mental liberation and peaceful activism; we will be learning to walk the talk, and in so doing bring about much needed change.

Pluto's ingress into Aquarius marks a significant change in the collective evolutionary energy, and his presence will both intensify the Aquarian archetypal themes, and expose the shadow side of Aquarius operating in the world. On the one side, we will see a rise in humanitarianism, human rights awareness, power moving back into the hands of the people, a desire for more freedom and creative autonomy, decentralisation of power, new emergent communities of like-mind, and an acceleration in technological advancement, punctuated by the recent Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius (Dec 2020) , which last occurred in 1405! [The Saturn/Jupiter conjunction speaks to a rapid restructuring in accordance with both technology and humanitarian values].

On the other side, we can expect to see ongoing revelations with regard to suppressed or hidden technology, growing awareness about just how much technology is used for nefarious endeavours, as well as more exposure of the power and influence of rich elite groups operating at a global level. If it has felt intense these last few years, the next twenty will more than likely feel like things are changing very fast, and we will all be challenged to adapt and integrate as the world changes around us. There will no doubt be those still striving to direct the world toward a dystopian New World Order of über-control, but this shady Aquarian expression will sit within the context of an awakening population, where each year more and more will be stimulated by the high frequency energy coming in, to liberate from the hypnotic trance that renders us mindless infantile consumers feeding a corporate ideology, to such an extent that there will be simply too few players left to maintain that old reality. Instead I envision the vast majority shifting the frequency of their consciousness toward a much more equitable and egalitarian life approach. These changes of course will not happen over-night, the tide is now only just beginning to turn, and the process will take some years to build in momentum, in ways we can see in the world at large.


© 2022 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved No written part of this article may be used without written consent of the author, unless credit and reference to this website are provided. Aquila offers Self-realisation mentoring, Evolutionary Astrology, and Tarot sessions for those awakening to their true potential.


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