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Moloch: The False Matrix

number matrix Moloch

In an earlier post The Two Matrixes, I presented the idea that we are currently influenced by two distinctly different metaphysical energy matrices; one a natural living matrix of light that connects us with infinite intelligence, and another which currently dominates the human collective mind, grossly limiting human awareness, personal freedom and creativity, and an interconnection with all of life. It is to this “False Matrix” that I will share more of my perceptions and ideas, since the more we understand it the more we will be able to liberate from it.

Rudolf Steiner
Rudolf Steiner: father of Anthroposophy

In my initial explorations of this concept, I attributed the Persian demon Ahriman to the False Matrix. I took this association from Rudolf Steiner’s ideas about the current times, which seemed to tally closely with my own emergent views on the current predicament humanity finds itself in. In this post I will assign the dark deity Moloch as well, primarily since it is a meme with more momentum, and serves just as well. My own first awareness of Moloch came through reading early David Icke books, when he revealed Moloch as a primary deity of secret cabal groups operating within global society, and occupying a hidden ‘subterranean’ super-elite sub-culture.

The name Moloch is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible several times, possibly of Canaanite origin, and is strongly condemned due to associated practices of child sacrifice. Moloch is typically portrayed as a bull headed entity encompassing a sacrificial fire, and describes a power that demands dire sacrifice. The notion of a False Matrix (as I refer to it) is currently emergent within the collective intelligence process; there are now numerous online conversations unpacking this idea using different language to describe a hidden force operating within the human collective experience, influencing all our global, national and local systems, and human behaviour in general.

What is the False Matrix?

baby in the matrix

For anyone who has seen the 1999 film The Matrix, this is a familiar and pertinent question (it forms part of the first few scenes of the movie). In my view the film acts as a symbolic transmitter, richly metaphorical and somewhat prophetic, now often referenced by thought leaders to encompass a fundamental quality about modern culture that is hard to describe or put a finger on, and yet which many of us are beginning to perceive. I liken the False Matrix to a mind virus replicating in the collective mind of humanity on Earth. This is to say that it exists within us, and although nature suffers from its destructive effects, it is not influenced directly. Dogs for example are wholly accessing the Living-Field Matrix, as are all other animals and plants. It is only we humans who suffer from degrees of disconnect.

The False Matrix steals our co-creative capacity, our life force, and commandeers our lives, entrancing us to fulfil its wants at the expense of our own. When we are born, our innate connection to the Divine is almost immediately under siege, and by the time we are just a few years old, we are pulled into the dreamspell trance generated by the False Matrix. Some of us are more resistant than others, and have been able to withstand the onslaught of Moloch, such that we have begun to awaken, but everyone is affected. Awakening goes hand in hand with a decoupling from this Molochian influence, and currently we are all touched by it, because it dominates the collective energy of humankind.

The False Matrix generates numerous ‘symptoms’, and these symptoms are founded on a fundamental suppression of the metaphysical feminine principle. Which is to say that Molochian reality is masculine dominant, and this dominance operates through both sexes; women are just as likely to be top heavy in the masculine mode as men.

A brief summary of the metaphysical characteristics of masculine and feminine energy

yin yang symbol

The Taoist Yin-Yang symbol expresses the ideal relationship between apparently opposing dual forces

In metaphysical terms masculine [yang] energy is:

sun symbol

The urge to move away from one’s own source, to separate and to individuate in order to develop a singular defining identity that can ultimately reach a state of pure experience of All-That-Is; what we might commonly call “enlightenment”. Yang energy holds no pattern and naturally disrupts and shatters structure, organisation and stagnancy. Within us this energy always moves away from the subjective to the objective. This dynamic energy can be eruptive and violent, inconsistent, competitive, alienating and yet if expressed positively can be non-violent, emotionally powerful, idealistic, visionary, and detached. It is associated with the colour white representing day or blue representing the sky, the elements fire and air, and with the Sun.

In contrast feminine [yin] energy is:

crescent moon symbol

The impulse to return and move inward, to dissolve uniqueness into a totality of sameness. Through the archetype of the feminine we are able to relate, to include, to contain and to live and die. It is through the yin energy that healing and transformation occur. This energy within us can express as jealousy, rage, it can be parasitic, all consuming, all devouring and fiercely protective, and more positively as harmonising, compassionate, receptive, inclusive, nurturing, and accommodating. It is associated with the colour black for the night or red for the earth, with the elements of earth and water and with the Moon.

contemporary yin yang art
Yin & Yang today

The suppression of the feminine principle effectively represents a distortion in the way we experience and express cosmic dual-energy, and both masculine and feminine modes are distorted within our current cultural paradigm. Most significantly, if we lack a connection with our own innate feminine energy, we also lack an ability to connect, and that means we lose our connection to the Living-Field Matrix and by extension lose our sense of spiritual reality and become locked into a polarised ‘flat-land’ experience of existence, which is limited to a materialistic perception of reality through the five senses; we forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience; we lack intuitive awareness garnered from a connection to the Living Matrix, we move out of whole-brain perception and rely heavily on the left brain to process and make sense of reality, and we become trapped in a prison of the mind.

Perhaps the strongest symptom of a masculine-dominant world perception is the amplification of rivalry and competition. Moloch could be seen as the god of unrestrained competition demanding we sacrifice everything just to win. Moloch is the champion of zero-sum-games where there can only be one winner and everyone else loses. In Moloch’s way of thinking, winning is everything, but Molochian consciousness is extremely limited due to its drive for separation, isolation and disconnection; the prize may well go to the ultimate winner, but despite the aspiration for absolute freedom without responsibility (power), everything is connected, and in the end, in the False Matrix everyone loses.

What I am proposing is that at the heart of the current global crisis is not simply a cabal or a network of cabals vying for global control and dominance from behind the scenes; this may well be the case, but I see this as a symptom of Moloch and not the False Matrix itself. The key point being, that if we were able to extract and eliminate every cabal player, it may not solve the problem, because others may simply rise to take their role and place. My sense is that we must collectively purge the Molochian influence from humanity on Earth, and to do this we need to understand more about what it actually is.


solar eye symbol

An occult concept that is helpful to understand is that of the egregore; representing a non-physical entity that arises from the collective thoughts of a group of people, and which appears to have a life of its own. An egregore can be helpful or destructive, depending on the vibration of those who initially create it. Moloch may be a type of super-egregore, a powerful metaphysical entity with intelligence (or the appearance of intelligence) that derives its existence from the thought energy of almost all souls incarnating in human form on our planet. This is to say that our collective energy enables Moloch to exist. It is not so much as we created Moloch, but rather that we are collectively possessed by Moloch. In the Matrix movie, Moloch is the machine-world, and humanity is effectively a giant battery feeding it energy. This is made possible because so many of us are trapped in a very limited perception of reality and have forgotten who we are.

In our current culture Moloch is almost everywhere, it shows up in all our global systems, in government, health care, education, finance, business, agriculture, horticulture, religion, advertising, entertainment and so on. It also shows up in how we relate to each other, our obsession with ‘zero-sum games’ (entering into win\lose propositions), and currently an ever increasing polarisation within our communities.

The race to the bottom

The best way to demonstrate the effects of Moloch is the ‘Fish Farm’ example taken directly from Scott Alexander’s blog entitled ‘Meditations on Moloch’.

As a thought experiment, let’s consider aquaculture (fish farming) in a lake. Imagine a lake with a thousand identical fish farms owned by a thousand competing companies. Each fish farm earns a profit of $1000/month. For a while, all is well.

But each fish farm produces waste, which fouls the water in the lake. Let’s say each fish farm produces enough pollution to lower productivity in the lake by $1/month.

A thousand fish farms produce enough waste to lower productivity by $1000/month, meaning none of the fish farms are making any money. Capitalism to the rescue: someone invents a complex filtering system that removes waste products. It costs $300/month to operate. All fish farms voluntarily install it, the pollution ends, and the fish farms are now making a profit of $700/month – still a respectable sum.

But one farmer (let’s call him Steve) gets tired of spending the money to operate his filter. Now one fish farm worth of waste is polluting the lake, lowering productivity by $1. Steve earns $999 profit, and everyone else earns $699 profit.

Everyone else sees Steve is much more profitable than they are, because he’s not spending the maintenance costs on his filter. They disconnect their filters too.

Once four hundred people disconnect their filters, Steve is earning $600/month – less than he would be if he and everyone else had kept their filters on! And the poor virtuous filter users are only making $300. Steve goes around to everyone, saying “Wait! We all need to make a voluntary pact to use filters! Otherwise, everyone’s productivity goes down.”

Everyone agrees with him, and they all sign the Filter Pact, except one person who is sort of a jerk. Let’s call him Mike. Now everyone is back using filters again, except Mike. Mike earns $999/month, and everyone else earns $699/month. Slowly, people start thinking they too should be getting big bucks like Mike, and disconnect their filter for $300 extra profit…

A self-interested person never has any incentive to use a filter. A self-interested person has some incentive to sign a pact to make everyone use a filter, but in many cases has a stronger incentive to wait for everyone else to sign such a pact but opt out himself. This can lead to an undesirable equilibrium in which no one will sign such a pact.

(Meditations on Moloch is well worth a read if you want to understand how this applies in other areas of society, Scott Alexander provides numerous other examples some of which I touch upon in this post)

At the heart of the Fish Farm scenario is a fundamental disengagement with the feminine principle; Steve and Mike both suffer from a familiar type of isolation and disconnect common to the world today. They are only thinking about themselves, consumed by an inner emptiness that drives them to want more, as a futile strategy to somehow feel better in themselves, to satiate the existential void inside, with a temporary moment of satisfaction that winning and gaining elicits. They are unable to consider any other factors; unable to care about anything other than winning; unable to feel any connection with the rest of the world. People entrapped in this way are suffering from disconnection; it is a soul malaise.

We see the same pattern in government; those within government are competing with each other to get elected or get promoted, and if improving one’s chances for electability means optimising campaign donations from corporations, those that keep the status quo inevitably get elected, while those more virtuous who might try to do away with corporate donations get filtered out of the system. In short, good people don’t make it in the toxic shit-fight environment; only those who are willing to be brutal, immoral and ruthless in the political game make it to the top, and the very nature of the game means that every year participants inevitably get more brutal, more ruthless and more corrupted.

In education we see a downward spiral as well, where the best employers default to choosing only those educated in the most prestigious universities, which drives students to vie for places in the most prestigious schools, in order to maximise their chances of getting a well paid job and rising in the ranks of the existing social hierarchy. The schools and universities then put all their attention of prestige, because like any other business they want to make sure they get a full quota of paying students every year. Employers select from prestigious schools to play it safe, regardless of whether said schooling offers any benefit whatsoever, and students go to universities not caring if they learn anything or not. Educators strive for prestige, and pay less and less attention to the quality of their education. In a better world we might think students should only go to college if they think they will get something worthwhile out of it, and employers should hire applicants based on their embodied knowledge, capacity, competence and potential regardless of whether they went to college or not. But from within the system, none of this applies because the mindless Molochian incentives drive everything.

Moloch and Capitalism

Moloch expresses through capitalism (as well as other systems like communism and feudalism). Prior to the emergence of private property ownership (before agriculture), when humans were generally grouped into nomadic tribes, we didn’t really have any reliable way of storing resources. Any excess food was better in your neighbour’s belly because it would simply rot otherwise and be wasted. Once individual families could own property, there then came the possibility that land ownership meant we might make it through the winter more prosperously than others; we’d be able to stockpile food in barns, while those without land could not. We could also hand over resources through inheritance. The moment we owned land, a new incentive emerged to turn more of nature into private property. The advantage of a bigger property means one could stockpile other resources like timber or coal, but there was also an innate diminishing return for how much we could stockpile; there is only so much coal that I can barter in a given season, and only so much timber is needed at a time, so there was no point having too big a stockpile. While property was limited to actual physical resources and exchange was limited to forms of barter, there was a restraining force in play that inhibited unbridled exploitation of resources. However, once we evolved to a currency mediated system, it became possible to sell resources in real time in exchange for something that didn’t have any intrinsic value, but could be exchanged for almost anything. Our current fiat money, which most of us know is just a piece of paper and has no real value, gains value when we all agree to use it, because it allows us the option of speedy optionality i.e. we can exchange money for almost anything on the market very fast. In contrast, in the days of barter, if I wanted potatoes I’d have to find someone who had an excess of potatoes but who also wanted my excess carrots in exchange, and this process takes much longer than the use of cash. From the moment fiat money existed (and gold backed money also, but to a lesser extent) there was no longer a diminishing return for stockpiling, and thus a new incentive arose whereby the accumulation of money became profitable. Fiat money isn’t backed by a limited resource like gold, so it can be created without restraint, and since there is no loss in storing money, more is simply more. Money then becomes a liquid form of power, since it can be readily converted into resources e.g military power. On top of that, additional modern developments like compound interest, and the plethora of financial services that deal with capital, have meant that the more money we have, the more money we make, and rather than a diminishing return for stockpiling resources, we now have an exponential growth curve, where money makes more money on itself, and a prime incentive to accumulate wealth and by extension power. This has given rise to a new exclusive social strata called the super-rich elite.

Nowadays there is a maximum incentive to turn as much of the world into personal capital, and because other people are also attempting to do this, and they can potentially use their financial power against others, it generates a race to do it faster than everyone else. This race to accumulate money is decentralised and is not regulated, so once a family becomes inordinately wealthy, in all likelihood they continue to get more powerful over time; there is very little that can stop them except bad luck. If money equals power, then our attempts at a fairer more democratic world become fundamentally undermined because anyone with enough money can simply lobby governments, bribe government officials, pay off anyone to keep them silent, debunk all ideas that compete with existing interests, murder anyone dangerous to those interests such as whistleblowers, pay for false rape allegations such as happened to Julian Assange, employ hoards of internet-trolls to manipulate public perception, gain leverage within any organisation through so called philanthropic donations such as Bill Gates donating to the WHO and the BBC (in the UK), pay journalists to lie e.g. German journalist whistleblower Udo Ulfkotte, organise false flag events, coup d’état’s, assassinations and so on.

Money of course is just one of the factors, but it gives us insight into the dynamic, and helps explain why, when we know that chopping down the rainforest is a bad idea, it still goes on regardless.

The Cabal and Conspiracy

spectre symbol octopus

If sufficient money could in effect make it possible to do almost anything, then if we follow the dynamic to the next level, it follows that an individual or family with vast monetary wealth could benefit from alliances with other wealthy individuals or families with similar aims, and these alliances would naturally involve meetings to discuss mutual agendas e.g. The Bilderberg Group and the WEF. The prominent conspiracy phobia is somewhat irrational, because historically we have plenty of evidence for the existence of conspiracies. To say that conspiracy doesn’t exist is implausible given the way the world is. The moment that two interested parties come together to discuss mutual agendas, and they begin dreaming and plotting and planning how they want the world to unfold, I think it is legitimate to say they conspire. The problem isn’t that they conspire, it is that they also have inordinate sums of money, and thus power, by which they can implement their self-interested plans. How many of us really wanted television back in the day? How many of us were consulted when the first mobile phone networks were put up? How many have been consulted regarding 5G and the Internet of things? Has there ever been a choice? I use these examples specifically because they have radically altered our society in ways that have been more destructive that beneficial, and 5G in its current form will do the same.

Once something is invented it becomes a tool in the Molochian Matrix. The current new innovation is of course A.I. and there are many tech experts calling for a halt to A.I. but we can expect these more virtuous and prudent individuals to be ignored; the race is now on between Microsoft and Google to gain dominance. To my mind a misaligned A.I. is the end result of Moloch. Moloch itself has the feel of A.I. - a quality of intelligence that is vastly different to our own, one that is cold and indifferent to human suffering.

If we accept that rich and powerful individuals can build relationships and alliances with other rich and powerful individuals, it follows that at some stage a Cabal could be formed. My version of the conspiracy hypothesis isn’t that there is just one super cabal with one simple vision of a dystopian future, but that there is more likely a network of cabal groups tentatively joined together, but more importantly driven by the same Moloch program. In fact one could say that cabal members are simply those that have succumbed the most to Moloch, and who have given themselves to this entity, in the hopes that they will gain more power and privilege within the system.

There is something about Moloch that blinds us to reality, and those most influenced have the most fearful and myopic world-view. Some people balk at the idea of a depopulation agenda, despite Mr Gates literally telling us his intentions on one of his TED talks. But if you were super-rich, and you thought about the future of the world about 50 years ago, you might have concluded that the best thing for the future of humanity was to reduce population. Your agenda would have an appearance of virtue about it; after all, your efforts are saving the world from extinction. But the tendency for the False Matrix to drive human behaviour toward a race to the bottom, means that at some point someone in the depopulation agenda is going to start actions that violate and hurt other people, and once that happens it gets easier to justify criminal means to create desired ends.

The Georgia Guide Stones
The Georgia Guide Stones

[The Georgia Guide Stones in the USA were anonymously commissioned, and are an indication that secret groups exist with both financial capacity and idealogical aims. The first two principles on the list speak directly to both depopulation and eugenics. The stones are often cited as evidence of satanic occult practices. They were blown apart last year by unknown means, but the video footage suggests it was with some kind of energy weapon]

The race to the bottom is a primary driver of many catastrophic potentialities, which almost anyone can see we are currently hurtling toward, at least in our fearful perceptions; world famine, devastating war, ecological disaster, and global cataclysm to name the most obvious. Yet these perceptions are born from our immersion in the False Matrix, which limits our perception, and corrals us into a very limited vision of what is possible. The rise of the Cabal phenomenon may be an inherent response to ‘catastrophobia’ and a desperate and misaligned attempt by the unelected Oligarchs and Plutocrats to protect their selfish disconnected interests, by gaining absolute control of the world, and to plunge us into a dystopian future as a way to avert global destruction that only a psychopathic narcissistic mind would accept as legitimate.

The origins of the False Matrix

I have a few thoughts based on metaphysical concepts that might explain a little how we ended up with Moloch. We could take a hint from the fact that the image given to Moloch is Bull headed, so we might consider that this is a reference to the last age of Taurus, which means that the False Matrix was perceivable already around 5000 years ago. This doesn’t mean it began then, but suggests that it has been with us for a long time already.

The Vedic yuga cycle and ages of darkness

A model of the Yuga Cycle
The Yuga Cycle according to Yukteswar using the proportional model where the ages are of differing durations

note: this model is based on the autumn equinox as used by early astrologers, we now tend to use the vernal equinox, which means the Age of Virgo in this model is the equivalent to the Age of Pisces, and the Age of Taurus correlates to Scorpio circa 3500BC

If we use Sri Yukteswar’s version of the Vedic Yuga Cycle (see earlier post for an overview of the Yugas) then the beginning of the age of Taurus coincides with the beginning of the descending Dwapara Yuga, where as the texts tell us, humanity began to be affected by negativity and imbalance, following a Golden Age of truth, virtue and perfection. The descending nature of the cycle means that humanity continued to lose spiritual awareness until around 500AD; the heart of the Kali Yuga; an age of darkness and ignorance. From 500AD until 1700AD we were still in the Kali Yuga but we were slowly ascending toward greater spiritual awareness. I think it is interesting to note that the idea that cabal interests go as far back as 1400 years, coincides more or less with the darkest moment in human history, at the nadir of the Yuga Cycle.

The cataclysm hypothesis and collective psychic possession

tempest seascape

If we follow Graham Hancock’s hypothesis of a prior advanced human culture on Earth, wiped out by a global catastrophe some 15,000 years ago, and ushering humanity into a thousand years of super cold temperatures, we can imagine the profound collective trauma and subsequent struggle and suffering experienced by survivors, who are of course our ancestors. As Sedna moves into Gemini this year, I begin to see the message coming from trauma experts such as Gabor Maté now heralding collective trauma as a significant co-factor in our toxic traumatised societies. My sense is that unresolved species-level trauma, originating about 15,000 years ago is at the heart of the False Matrix predicament. Trauma makes the human soul (or any soul) fragile and vulnerable to psychic predatory entities. The aura is weakened, and continual survival struggle generating more trauma, leaves us with a painful legacy of complex ancestral trauma affecting all of us today. As we know, trauma patterns are easily passed on from parent to child, and I posit that in the years following the cataclysm, thought to have been caused by several fragments of a comet hitting the Earth in different places, followed by a vast deluge, a deep freeze and loss of habitat, humanity would have been vulnerable and susceptible to possession. Once seeded into human consciousness, this parasitic entity, has over time, grown in influence and power to such an extent that we are collectively entranced by it without much awareness at all. The cataclysm occurred more or less at the apex of the yuga cycle just as we were beginning to enter a descending cycle, which meant that every passing millennium marked an ongoing degeneration of conscious awareness and a subsequent loss of knowledge. It is only now as we continue in the ascending cycle toward more awareness of the metaphysical universe, that Moloch is once again revealed.

The quantum wave hypothesis generating the experience of extreme separation

Adam Eve angels garden
Knowledge of the tree of good & evil means leaving the Garden of Eden

Another option can be found in the work of biologist Carl Calleman and his decoding of the Mayan Calendar System. In one of his recent books he proposes that a new quantum wave was initiated around 3115BC (close to the beginning of the age of Taurus) which divided the human psyche, correlating to the exodus from the Garden of Eden myth. This 6th quantum wave emanating from Divine Mind, ushered in a new era of separation, which lasted until circa 1755AD when a 7th quantum wave initiated, followed by 2 more in 1999 and 2011. The 6th wave caused the human experience to change in accordance with evolutionary forces, where we began to experience separation in a more extreme form, and the arising of masculine left-brain-dominant perception. This proposed metaphysical event could also be a contender for the inception of the False Matrix, but I myself tend to lean toward trauma being a more likely cause, although such a metaphysical change in the quantum field could be a co-factor of some relevance to our understanding of how to overcome the evolutionary cul-de-sac that Moloch represents. For more detail on the Mayan quantum wave science see my earlier post: Understanding the Mayan Calendar.

Lotus Dharma Wheel
Lotus Dharma Wheel with 8 divisions reflecting divided perception

Post cataclysmic survival necessity optimising for male traits

We can also see how a global cataclysm of such unimaginable proportions could have seeded the beginnings of male dominance. If we accept the plausibility of a pre-cataclysmic advanced global culture, characterised by pyramid technology, then what must it have been like to suddenly lose everything and be plummeted into a hunter-gatherer reality? How would we have coped mentally? Given that mother-nature revealed herself as a wrathful destructive force, might we have begun to fear the feminine? And in an environment of harsh weather conditions and brutal survival challenges, where masculine traits would have been an obvious asset, did humanity at that time start to over-value the masculine principle and neglect feminine traits altogether?

Gobekli Tepe megaliths
Ancient stones of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey

If the timing proposed for the cataclysm is correct, then there were several thousand years of survival uncertainty before the site of Gobekli Tepe in modern Turkey, the oldest known megalithic site, was built about 12,000 years ago, possibly marking a time of new beginnings for humanity. Andrew Collins in his book about the ancient site, posits that carved animistic images might represent a record of the cataclysm, describing the cloud trails of falling comets in the sky.

Collective PTSD as the source of the distortion

Bird headed angel
Sumerian brid-man carrying a distinctive 'hand-bag' and holding a pine cone symbolic of the pineal gland

Graham Hancock's suggestion that survivors of an advanced human culture with knowledge of mathematics, engine