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Following the Signs & Prophecies: The Birth of a New Era

The 2012 Mayan calendar end date, originally heralded by José Argüelles in the early 90s, didn’t fail as some might think. It marked a significant cosmological tipping point, which in our current state of disconnect, was easy to misunderstand and simplistically imagine would manifest as a ‘light-switch’ moment of instant global transformation. The end of the Mayan Calendar indicated the end of an epoch and the subsequent beginning of another, which meant an opportunity for humanity to set a new path for itself, and to liberate from the past.

The lead up to this fulcrum in time, characterised by a war on consciousness, has intensified since 2012 generating an increasingly oppressive and toxic psychic environment world-wide. My proposition in this post is that any confusion we may have about these challenging times will be rooted in a flawed and incomplete understanding of what reality is and who we really are in the grand illusory dance of time.

The well known adage ‘history is always written by the victors’ offers a poignant key insight to anyone ready to leap off the proverbial ‘high-rise building’ of the current paradigm, and trust in the necessary unsettling free-fall to a more open truth. History isn’t a reliable foundation upon which to see the world, it is but a thread in the loom of understanding, which has to be woven together with many other threads, some of which are taboo in a culture dominated by the ideology of science materialism, and in much the same way that the victors almost always write the history books, so too do the established authorities such as orthodox science, archeology, and astronomy dominate our collective perception of the world and our place within nature.

Humanity is currently under pressure to expand its perception of reality - a process that involves a cathartic breaking-open as realities literally crumble around us, and we are relieved of an unconscious metaphorical ‘straight-jacket’ put upon the mind.

What will it take for us to break open, and the light to come streaming in through the cracks?

Why do we cling so strongly to the idea that human beings have evolved from apes?

Why do we insist that the pyramids were built without any sophisticated knowledge, with copper tools and logs of wood smothered in butter?

Why do we default to the notion that we are nothing but the product of random evolutionary mutation?

I posit that once upon a time our perception of reality wasn’t so perilously limited and myopic, but that human beings were vastly more knowledgeable, more profoundly connected, and in some ways radically different than we know ourselves to be today. How do I substantiate such a radical and heretical position? I can best answer that by saying that the clues are plentiful for anyone wishing to see, and the picture too complex to explain in this post; I can only invite you to explore the possibility if you haven't already.

Fascinatingly this period in the human story appears to have been foreseen numerous times in previous epochs, in a way that begs us to ask the deeper question: why do similar prophecies that uncannily describe core elements of our current time occur in the first place, do they have a purpose, and is there a message in them that can help us now?

For example in book 3 of the Hindu Mahabharata - Sanskrit texts with conventional dating to around 1000BC and more liberal dating putting it at around 15,000 years old, a prophecy is made about the current Kali Age, an epoch associated with darkness, greed, corruption and a fundamental loss in awareness. In this prophecy a great change is predicted, heralded by specific signs: a loss of spiritual practises, a world characterised by contradictions and ruled my dark elite Mleccha kings. These ‘sinful’ kings, addicted to false speech, govern their subjects with false principles in an era where many strive to rob the common-wealth until the coming of the Samvartaka fire.

Kalki Avatar

During this time, the coming of the Kalki Avatar is prophesied. The Kalki Avatar is described as being highly spiritual, intelligent, with great energy and prowess and special capacities, with which he or she will inaugurate the new era. During this time, spiritually powerful individuals including the Kalki Avatar will purge the world of the low and despicable Mleccha rulers.

A Persian prophecy disseminated by Zoroaster circa 600BC, taken from the ancient scripture called the Vendidad, which records information given by a being called Ahura Mazda who appeared to Zoroaster, speaks about the origins of the ancient Persian people having migrated from Siberia, some relocating to what is now India and some to the Middle East at the end of the Aryan Golden Age where there was said to be no old age or death.

Ahura Mazda (wise lord) who is often depicted as riding a winged disc, is a benevolent being, who may have been an ‘ancient’ visitor travelling here in a Vimana (spaceship) symbolised as a winged disc. Zoroaster’s prophecy tells of a time in the future when the Earth will be restored to its original perfection, and a new era under the positive influence of Ahura Mazda would commence, bringing about the end of history, rather than the end of the world. The prophecy of the ‘End Times’ is called Frashokereti or final resurrection, and is believed to be the source material for other messianic end times stories, which are now perhaps somewhat distorted from the original.

Zoroaster’s fundamental message was that the triumph of goodness would come when evil had been progressively weakened through the concerted efforts of the just. In his vision, the salvation of the world depended on both the sum of individual human choices and the striving of cosmic forces toward the same end.

The Frashokereti isn’t a prophecy that tells us an age of illumination will just arrive on its own accord; it speaks directly to the need for all individuals to overcome evil through concerted effort by taking personal responsibility and reaching for ethical, equitable and egalitarian values. In this cosmic drama, humanity is not a bystander, but rather the prime agent through whose action the ultimate triumph of good over evil is assured.

Edgar Cayce

In more recent times, this theme of humanity's active participation to birth a new era appears in material produced by Edgar Cayce circa 1934, known as the sleeping prophet because all his material was written while he was in deep trance. He left us with a great deal of material, with numerous sections addressing future times, that need to be brought together to make proper sense of them. Similar themes appear in Cayce’s prophecies, where there are clear indications that a new era of light occurs through the correct and honourable actions of many people. In this sense the ‘second coming of Christ’ is seen to occur on a mass level and not just in one individual saviour figure; it is an arising in the hearts and minds of those who have set themselves the task of becoming a channel through which the spiritual, mental and material become one expression through the physical body. Only in this way, by choosing to become receptive to higher vibrational impulses, and agreeing to act on those higher impulses will the Earth be resuscitated through a great awakening and the elevation of human culture.

In Bhutan, a country currently leading by example through its striving for happiness as the measure of a country’s success rather than GDP, there is the legend of the the Return of the Lotus-Born Master, a similar figure to the Kalki Avatar, who will manifest at the time of the Kali Yuga, when the teachings of the Buddha will have become very diluted. The Lotus-Born Master will arise and return to the world the true teachings of Buddha, which are said to be stored in the subtle dimensions of Bhutan, ushering in a new era called Shambhala. Guru Rinpoche circa 700AD, considered to be the 2nd Buddha, realised in his time that all his realisations would be needed in the times ahead, and so encoded all of his knowledge in order that people in the future could rediscover it; he literally hid the teachings for the future in the subtle dimensions of the earth, in space, in water and many other places. This hidden knowledge was encoded into what are called termas, to be rediscovered by chosen people in a future degenerate time. The termas take two forms: the sa gter or earth treasures, and the dgong gter or mind treasures; the terma are both physical artefacts and encoded information hidden by Guru Rinpoche and his disciples in the Himalayas, what might be thought of as uploading his wisdom realisation of non-duality into the cosmic server, capable of being accessed by anyone in mutual resonance with the high frequency level of these teachings.

The return of the Lotus-Born Master and the new era of Shambhala is linked to a Tibetan story called the Legend of the Shambhala Warrior, which I shared in an earlier post here, which speaks also to the current end times and the rise of many conscious spiritually empowered human beings known as Shambhala warriors, whose role is to pave the way for the new era of Shambhala.

Perhaps the most compelling of all the prophecies comes from ancient Egypt via the Hermetica, a set of books published in 1924, from Latin documents called Asclepius transcribed by Apuleius. This short fragment of text can be seen in an earlier post here. Again the themes are the same: a predicted descent or fall in human consciousness characterised by a rise in greed, corruption, exploitation, irreverence, materialism and suffering, to be followed by a return to the light, caused primarily by higher cosmic forces causing a shift in consciousness and a realignment with natural spiritual laws and correct conduct.


This theme is encoded in the archetypal images associated with the constellations of Virgo and Libra, which together represent Astraea, the goddess of natural law holding the scales. The story of Astraea relates to a prior golden-age when civilisations were aligned with natural law, connecting her to the Satya Yuga cycle corresponding to the golden age of the Titan gods when Saturn ruled. After Jupiter overthrew his father and established the Olympian era, a descent into the Treta Yuga or silver age occurred, and with it the beginnings of a deviation from natural law.

By the time of the bronze age, so the story goes, Astraea could bear it no longer and left the Earth, to return only at the coming of the next golden-age, when presumably adherence to natural law at a global scale will have resumed.

The Egyptian goddess Maat representing natural law

The Hopi tell us that the story of the 'End Times' has repeated itself many times for as far back as human memory reaches, and they have predicted where we will end up if we don’t change course immediately. According to the Hopi prophecy, three previous human worlds were destroyed when people became greedy, worshiped technology as a god, fought and hurt each other, and repeatedly forgot the ethical teachings they’d been given to honour the Earth as the source of life and sustenance. In the past, 3 apocalypses have previously occurred first by fire, then by ice, and the most recent by flood - this suggests that cycle changes like the one we are currently in are by no means guaranteed to succeed, and tend to fail when insufficient numbers reach for higher values and alignment. The underlying principle I suggest here is that cataclysms occur when humanity resists cosmic alignment with higher virtues, whose actions become much as they are today, as we individuals helplessly watch corporate interests decimate forests, pollute our rivers, seas and air, kill our soils and so on. As individuals we may indeed exercise our will to abstain from consumerism, reduce our 'carbon footprint' or choose a policy of non-compliance, but this alone does nothing to stop the roller-coaster ride toward self-destruction; only as a unified collective embodying virtuous intentions, can we make the needed changes. Finding connection with the cosmos, with nature and with each other is a crucial step toward averting an undesirable future.

There are two fundamental ideas that underly all of these prophecies, including the Mayan Calendar end-date. First there is the ancient idea of cosmic cycles spanning vast durations of linear time, of which the astrological system of precession is but one. In addition the old Aryan wisdom bequeaths to us the concept of the Yuga Cycle or cycle of the great ages; an intrinsically metaphysical system describing the potential rise and fall of human consciousness relative to grand cosmic cycles connected to the stars in our galaxy. The second is the shared notion that higher benevolent cosmic forces are a driving factor in an envisioned return to the light and emergence of human cultures from a time of darkness and suffering. This is unequivocally stated in Thoth’s prophecy on Egypt in the last paragraph.

Zoroaster’s contact with the Ahura Mazda being was powerful enough to establish a sizeable following built upon the understanding that there was a Divine plan involving a cycle of descent and ascent, and that humanity was tasked with aligning itself with natural law through active ethical participation in life, positive ritual, and the exercise of constructive/good thoughts, words and deeds. The three wise men who feature in the biblical myth of the birth of Jesus, were Zoroastrian Magi who were skilled in astrology and astronomy and on the lookout for key signs connected with the foreseen change in the cycle that would birth a new era. In this regard the symbol of Christ is perhaps paramount, because from a gnostic perspective Jesus is thought to have been the first embodiment of the Galactic Logos associated with the centre of the milky-way galaxy, which the ancient Mayans called Hunab Ku - the One Giver of movement and measure, or simply the Heart of the Mother. The word Christ literally means anointed, and is synonymous with the term Mashiach or Messiah, all of which mean the anointed one of God. In metaphysical terms we refer to the Christ Consciousness as a high state of being associated with love, compassion, and forgiveness, not dissimilar to the term Buddha, which means enlightened one, a state of consciousness associated with love, compassion and wisdom.

The vision of a new era, which is attributed to the astrological Age of Aquarius, as well as the epoch of Shambhala is connected with an ascension of consciousness and by prophecy to a celestial event referred to in the Mahabharata as the Samvartaka Fires, which we are told emanate from Surya the Sun. In Persia this same event was called Frashokereti meaning the final renovation or renewal of the universe. These fires are described as clouds filled with ‘wreathes of lightning’ and are a wonder to behold. Ezekial apparently witnessed something very similar when he describes (Ezekiel 1:4) “a great cloud with light around it, a fire from which flashes of lightning darted and in the centre a sheen like bronze at the heart of the fire.”

There is some speculation that the Samvartaka Fire could be a sizeable solar flare event. Signs that this may be true come from the world of astronomy:

In July 2020 Japanese astronomers detected a huge super flare from a nearby star that was about 20 times larger than any from our own sun at this time. The Star is called AD Leonis in the constellation of Leo, which is only 16 light years away. Stars toward the galactic centre close to Earth are now flaring, Proxima Centauri 4.2 light years away in 2019, Barnard’s Star in the constellation of the Serpent Bearer Ophiuchus 6 light years away, and most recently AD Leonis as already mentioned. It is predicted that our own sun will flare somewhere between 2030-2050.

Incidentally David Wilcock did a calculation on the Proxima Centauri solar flare which was recorded as being 100 times bigger than any we have seen from our own sun, to determine in real time when the actual flare occurred, and found the date to be December the 25th 2012, which is just four days after the predicted end date of the Mayan Calendar .

Also this year in May 2020 it was reported that Pluto’s atmosphere just collapsed, and Pluto is currently orbiting further out towards the Galactic Center, suggestive that something is emanating from the direction of the Galactic Center yet to fully reach us here on Earth. Additionally the hydrogen density of space is now 40 times stronger than it has been on previous measurements, indicating a change in the cosmic weather.

The solar system produces magnetic waves that push cosmic dust out of the system, and yet the galactic motion tends to bring cosmic dust back in. This relationship gives rise to cycles of the Sun being at times dimmer or brighter depending on how much cosmic dust is in local space, and it appears that light affects DNA, and is connected with the rise and fall of consciousness. Recent experiments undertaken by the Heartmath Institute show how DNA absorbs photon light particles.

The sun’s activity is well known to coincide with civil unrest. Alexander Chizhevsky the father of Heliobiology (a branch of biophysics studying the influence of changes in solar activity on terrestrial organisms) observed that mass changes-of-mind in populations are triggered by changes in solar magnetism, manifesting as upheavals, revolts, wars and revolutions, as well as events like epidemics and accidents. More than three quarters of all instances of human unrest have occurred during a solar maximum when solar activity is very high, and evidence shows that viral disease rises and falls with the rise and fall of solar activity.

John A Eddy, studying the history of solar processes, observed that during the 1600s-1700s when sunspot activity was very low or not at all, it coincided with the Age of Enlightenment, since the 1700s sunspot activity has been rising, dropped a little in the1800s and reached a maximum in modern times from around 1940-2000. It is predicted that we are entering a phase of very low sunspot activity similar to the Age of Enlightenment some 400 years ago. If indeed the sun affects mental processes of the masses, then long term shifts in sun activity should give rise to marked changes in mental life on Earth, with sudden bursts of cultural creativity occurring when sunspot activity is at its lowest.

North Pole is now in the sea

South Pole is now in the sea

Meanwhile the poles have been shifting, and the south pole has already left Antarctica while the north pole is racing across the arctic ocean, and it is possible the Earth’s magnetic poles are getting ready to flip within our lifetimes. The magnetic field began weakening already in 1600, and between 1800-2000 it dropped 10%, and then about 5% every century, and now weakening 5% every decade. With the Earth’s magnetic field declining so strongly, the Earth becomes receptive to more cosmic radiation, which in turn triggers seismic activity. The Ulysses spacecraft that undertook a polar orbit around the sun reported a 20% increase in cosmic-ray flux.

Christ Consciousness Rising

The Earth is of course interconnected with the Cosmos, and our relationship with the Cosmos has a direct affect on all life on the planet. In earlier posts I have been putting attention on the three major planetary cycles that came to completion in 2020 ushering in a societal reset and the start of what might be called “The Great Transformation”. The June solstice of 2020 played host to a solar eclipse, which rather amazingly occurred at the intersection between the line of the ecliptic (the path of the major planets around the sun), and the galactic equator (an imaginary plane that slices the galaxy in half). In sidereal astrology this took place in the constellation of Gemini, but especially close to Orion, which in Egyptian cosmology is represented by the god Osiris rising, which in turn can be associated with the risen Christ. In astro-theology this eclipse marked the arising of Christ Consciousness on the planet, which is why there is so much suppression of human consciousness occurring from the dark powers of self-interest operating on the planet during this time. Much like the image of St Christopher (the name possibly a fusion of Christ and Lucifer - literally the bearer of light balanced by the heart centred Christ ray) carrying the baby Christ over the river, humanity at this time has an opportunity to rise above the darkness on the planet, which is now so normal to us that we don’t always see it for what it is, and work passionately toward the higher archetypal expressions in all we do.

In addition the following solar eclipse that occurred just a week before the December solstice of 2020, coincided with a conjunction with a trans-Neptunian celestial object named Varda. In that same window of time, Saturn and Jupiter conjoined in the sky at 0˚ Aquarius (see my earlier posts for more information).

Varda is named after a mythical figure created by J. R. R. Tolkien, and is known as the Lady of the Stars, champion of the light and natural adversary to Melkor the Lord of Darkness, who appears as the evil Sauron in The Lord of the Rings saga. Her exact conjunction with the solar eclipse last year makes for an auspicious symbol, one that signifies the transmission of high frequency light emissions carried and amplified by the eclipse and the solstice energies to dispel darkness on Earth.

Varda - Lady of the Stars

Solar activity is a big deal even on the mundane level as high level IT technicians will attest, who commonly monitor sun activity and the electromagnetic ‘cosmic weather’ to ensure that our global communications networks stay operational. A large magnitude solar flare would have a profound effect on our fragile technological infrastructure.

In evolutionary terms we are but moments away from the Singularity; the moment when civilisation changes so much that its rules and technologies are incomprehensible to previous generations; a point-of-no-return in history. Most thinkers believe the singularity will be jump-started by extremely rapid technological and scientific changes, associated with the coming age of Aquarius. These changes will be so fast, and so profound, that every aspect of our society will be transformed, from our bodies and families to our governments and economies. Today this Singularity is intended to be the birth of AI (artificial intelligence) and the transition of the human race into a trans-human species seamlessly fused with nano-technology. In my view, given the way the world currently operates, a transition into AI would represent a rapid descent into an age of darkness, where true human potential would be grossly limited by technology (rather than enhanced by it) and the human soul potentially subjugated and even 'hacked' by AI; a sort of BORG collective hive species as portrayed in Star Trek.

And yet perhaps the potential for a Singularity event has a benevolent ‘twin’, one that involves an unprecedented mass ascension or activation of human consciousness and potential. The prophecies are replete with such notions; in the Mahabharata it says that during this ‘End Time’ event, luminous, humanoid beings will be seen to appear on Earth; their bodies made of lightning, having many eyes. This description is remarkably similar to Judaic images of the Watcher Angels or Seraphim, the ‘winged and fiery serpents’ and ‘burning ones’, whose swirling bodies are composed of pure love and light and are full of eyes. Are both these descriptions something akin to a plasma being? And could these descriptions be synonymous with the Rainbow Light Body of Tibetan Buddhism?

An artists depiction of the Rainbow Light Body phenomenon

In Tibet and Central Asia, the Buddhist rainbow body tradition goes back at least to 800AD, beginning with the great master Padmasambhava also known as the Lotus-Born Master mentioned earlier. Documentation since the 1900s shows that this is no myth; practitioners from the highest lamas to the most humble salt-of-the-earth people have attained rainbow light body.

To attain rainbow light body is to ascend to another dimension of being without the normal process of physical death. All 25 of Padmasambhava’s disciples attained rainbow light body, and many more have done so since.

There are two types of rainbow body: in 2013 Lama Karma Rinpoche attained the “Small Rainbow Light Body”; as he transitioned, his physical body literally shrunk in size, and within a 2 week period he had gone from being about 175 cm tall to just 20cm tall. Although termed small it is not considered lesser, and is a sign that he attained the Buddha state in his life. Apparently Master Nyaklha Rangrik Dorje did the same; his body is still preserved and it is the size of a hand, and Tasha Lamo, a woman practitioner - her body shrank to about 10cm in 1982. If a body continues to shrink until it disappears it shifts into the 'atom-less body state', and this transition can happen gradually or instantaneously.

Attainment of the “Medium Rainbow Light Body” involves the body dissolving as rainbow light of many different shapes, colours, and different sizes of rainbow spheres, rainbow rays, and rainbow ribbons until the physical body has totally dissolved, leaving nothing but the hair and nails.

In the Jewish mystical book called the Hekalot Zutartu, the Seraphim are described as: “their walking is like the appearance of a lightning bolt; a vision of them is like a vision of a rainbow; their faces are like a vision of a bride; their wings are like the radiance of the clouds of glory.”

It is possible, as originally proposed by author William Henry, that the swirling, vortex-shaped light-bodies of the Seraphim are the same as the Rainbow Body of Light, and that the Samvartaka fires emanating from the Sun could trigger an alternative Singularity event, caused by a spontaneous shift in consciousness mirrored by significant changes or activations of human DNA.

I surmise that perhaps a key truth that has remained veiled for many centuries, is the incredible potential within human-beings, and that much like the humble voracious caterpillar that is capable of transforming into a dazzling butterfly, that we humans too might be capable of a mode of being with formidable capacities, which we currently have little or no idea about, and which only fragments and hints now remain in ancient texts.

In the bible, Revelation 20:11-15 tells us that the 'dead in Christ' will receive a perfect glorified body at the first resurrection, and that the living saints will also be transformed. Then a second resurrection will occur involving a judgment, and those who do not appear in the book of life will be thrown into the lake of fire. My sense is that the dead in Christ refers to those souls who are good in heart but not yet self-realised, while the living saints refers to spiritual adepts or those already consciously on the path to self realisation and have not yet attained rainbow light body. A second resurrection process appears to target those souls who are not following a virtuous path, and the sense that these souls must yet choose their evolutionary path. Those who do not appear in the book of life, I take to mean souls who have made a contract with evil and can only take the path of purification by fire.

Last Judgement Art showing Christ as the Sun with what looks like a plasma flux portal

Byzantine art of the Last Judgement with a similar ribbon of solar plasma?

It is possible that the Samvartaka fire might occur through what is called a flux transfer event (FTE). Researchers have long known that the Earth and Sun must be connected. Earth's magnetosphere (the magnetic bubble that surrounds our planet) is filled with particles from the Sun that arrive via the solar wind and penetrate the planet's magnetic defences. They enter by following magnetic field lines that can be traced from terra firma all the way back to the Sun's atmosphere. For a while it was thought that there was a steady connection between the Sun and the Earth, but it is now irrefutable that the connection is not steady at all; they are often brief, bursty and very dynamic.

On the dayside of Earth (the side closest to the sun), Earth's magnetic field presses against the Sun's magnetic field. Approximately every eight minutes, the two fields briefly merge or "reconnect," forming a portal through which particles can flow. The portal takes the form of a magnetic cylinder about as wide as the Earth, and the European Space Agency's fleet of four Cluster spacecraft and NASA's five THEMIS probes have flown through and surrounded these cylinders, measuring their dimensions and sensing the particles that shoot through. This means that light energy from the Sun is channeled through magnetic field ‘ropes’ through which energy and thus cosmic information can travel.

Plasma light forming mini flux portals

It is perhaps no simple coincidence that key astrological symbols have been lining up with the solar eclipse cycles and the solstice cycles, as these moments function as primary openings or channels through which subtle cosmic light energy can enter into the Earth's field and be received by human beings.

Conventional thinkers tend to define the ancient texts as mere fiction, probably because on the surface the stories told are well outside of normal experience, and yet if Zoroaster did indeed experience a radiant vision of Ahura Mazda, then fiction isn't quite the right word because an experience isn't a fiction and describing it shouldn't qualify as fiction either. I understand the reasoning, but find it flawed and reflective of an incomplete understanding of reality and our place within it. These fascinating recurring archetypal themes appearing in prophecies throughout time, apparently unconnected, together offer us a clear message: a Singularity event is coming, it is part of a larger more complex cosmological pattern, there are higher invisible forces at work making it happen, and that our individual conscious participation is not just invited but necessary for the highest outcomes to occur. We also know that this opportunity functions through a cycle in linear time, and that humanity on Earth has had several opportunities which have apparently failed in the past. The ancient Mayans left us with a message indicating that we were approaching the end of a grand evolutionary cycle, and thus the beginning of something entirely new, and this means humanity is at a crossroads in time; a corridor of transition between the known and the radical unknown. What is this brave new world of perception upon the threshold? How do we navigate internal and external pressure to change?

Who or what are these Mleccha Kings and how do we overcome their negative influence? Will they fight at all costs to maintain the current paradigm and their position within it? Are they fighting a losing battle? And what part must we play at a personal and collective level to ensure we transition into a world we want to live in and a world we are happy to hand over to future generations? Will we believe in our innate human potential as already revealed to us by those within our collective who have attained spiritual enlightenment, or will we be seduced by the offer of AI enhanced cyber technology backed by corporate powers who promise to make us gods? Isn't a corporate funded AI world simply another form of slavery?

Only time will tell if and how any of the prophecy symbols will manifest, and whether we will have the eyes to see them or not. So I invite you to keep your mind and eyes open for the signs and symbols in your own life, to pay attention to the grand theatre of accelerated evolution with a symbolic mind-set, and most of all to listen to and trust in your higher-self and enjoy as much as possible the unfolding of this epic collective human journey.

Kalki Avatar

Aquila Idha offers spiritual mentoring sessions, Evolutionary Astrology readings and Tarot consultation for those interested in self-realisation as a means to greater self-fulfilment and productive world contribution.


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