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The Time of The Black Jaguar

An Indigenous Creation Myth, the Dark Times and the Coming of a New Earth ~ from The Time of The Black Jaguar by Arkan Lushwala

In the beginning there was only a point of light. This point of light fused its feminine and masculine energies and exploded, generating seven stars.

All at once, these seven stars also fused their masculine and feminine energies and exploded, generating the thirteen creators of this world, who manifested the existence of all beings through their singing and dancing.

The thirteenth, conducting the dance, was the one who had maintained his duality intact within himself: Eagle Dancer. To his left were six female dancers, and to his right six male dancers. They formed a circle standing on top of the open space of nothingness, each one of them carrying a staff with which they banged on the floor of nothingness calling it to become something. The first thing to appear before them was a tree that was an animal.

While the dancers of Creation continued with their movements and songs, fruits began to appear in the branches of the tree, which are now all the animal species and all the plants that reside on Earth. One by one they detached from the tree and found their place on the terrestrial space that the dancers had called to solidify itself from nothingness. In this way the world and its inhabitants were created.

At the end, the dancers who sang the Creation of the world decided to leave a species on Earth that had qualities similar to those of themselves. They created women and men and left them with the mission to care for the rest of Creation through the power of their heart and their capacity to produce refined vibrations. The first humans were born to be guardians of the memory for the original design of life, guardians of the memory that resides in the song and dance of Creation. Keeping this memory alive in their heart and singing it back to all that lives became their gift, their mission, and the foundation of a beautiful way of life.

Over time, the giant and powerful humans grew in numbers. Enjoying the fruits of their intelligence and their creative capacities, they kept life in balance and made beautiful things with what the Earth gave them. Some kept living in simple tribal ways while others developed great civilisations that became containers of universal wisdom.

When they were at the peak of their power, darkness showed up in the souls of many, and for the first time humans knew emotions like jealousy, envy, and greed. Those trying to prove to be the most powerful and beautiful among the rest competed with each other and, in doing so, ended up wounded.

A strange kind of pain related to the loss of unity with others, which came together with the loss of oneself, gave birth to fear. Defensive and aggressive behaviours born from fear made them close their hearts. Disconnected from the radiant light of their spirits, they kept going further away from their original selves. With time, they forgot their origin and the way Eagle Dancer encouraged them to sing in the beginning, becoming one.

Those who had grown a hole in their souls had a craving for becoming the one, ignoring that the one is really the one heart that is born from cooperating with others. The original brotherhood of the humans got lost. Some nations developed strong ethnic identities that they used for stating that they were not like the rest, forbidding their young ones to marry with an outsider.

When the humans became divided, the rest of Creation lost the contributions of its caretaker. Their violence made them hurt not only each other but the Earth as well. The balance of life became debilitated to the extent that the Tree of Life became ill and began to die; its withered branches fell upon the Earth generating earthquakes, volcanic explosions and flooding.

This violent way of life continued until one day when some of them decided to climb to the top of a mountain to cry for help. They were the ones who, listening to the beating of their own frightened hearts, remembered the staffs of the dancers of the Beginning, banging and banging, calling life.

On the mountain their vision was healed and they remembered themselves, being able to feel their hearts again. When they came down they knew what to do. The dance and songs of the beginning were once again offered to the Tree of Life, which now was a dying tree. Fallen branches were good for making drums that made the heartbeat of the Tree of Life resonate throughout the Earth. The branches were also good for lighting the sacred fire that showed them the spirit of the Tree.

In front of this Tree they danced to the rhythm of the drum day and night, elevating their vibration higher and higher. In alignment with the beginning and the origin of all things, remembering and healing themselves, they were able to re-establish the health and equilibrium of life on Earth.


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