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Ascension: Team Light or Team Earth?

Within the Ascension paradigm, it could be said that there are two broad soul groups operating on Earth toward a better world, with a third smaller group committed to the dark side of self-interest.

I have taken to calling this bifurcation in the human soul family: Team Light and Team Earth. I wanted to write a post about this because there are distinct differences between these two groups.

Team Light

  • Most people currently attuned to the ascension paradigm belong to Team Light, a large and diverse group of souls with some key attributes in common, which I cover in more detail in an earlier post “Working with the Light”.

  • They incarnate relatively switched on, with more self awareness than others, more connected to the Living Matrix and with stronger defences against the False Matrix (See The 2 Matrixes for more on this concept)

  • Commonly feel like they do not come from Earth, but from higher cultures elsewhere in the space-time Universe

  • Identify with subgroups such as “Starseeds”, “Light Workers”, “Renegade Souls” “Wanderers” “Indigoes” “Bodhisattvas” and so on.

  • Generally begin waking up from trance reality early in life, and have a strong sense that they have a specific mission to complete in service to humanity

  • Tend to be more empathic and intuitive, and find the situation on Earth hard to bear

  • Tend to migrate to a more spiritually aware lifestyle

Team Earth

  • A large majority of souls currently incarnated belong to this group

  • They are loving well intentioned individuals who are often innocent of, or out of touch with, the dark machinations ongoing on Earth

  • They are mostly unaware of the complexity of reality, and rarely if ever have conscious experiences of other dimensions of existence

  • They are here evolving through lessons and experiences in 3rd density existence

  • Many are in a collective state of consciousness, and function much like a shoal of fish, and are unable to think wholly as individuals, and for this reason they are highly receptive to group think, and are easily manipulated through the controlled narrative of the media

  • They are awakening at a different rate to Team Light

There are different challenges for Team Earth and Team Light, for example Team Earth find it harder to awaken beyond the confines of our socially engineered world. Those on the forefront of the awakening wave, will have periodic radical insights and revelations, but then slide back into sleep; insights beyond the dominant paradigm are much harder to maintain, and slip away much like the memory of a dream.

Team Light on the other hand are challenged with feeling very different from most other people, wake up faster to a deep sense of inner truth and find themselves ejecting from the False Matrix, often alone and without any support. On top of that they tend to be more empathic and sensitive, where the energetic chaos and dissonance is harder to bear, with a strong desire to ‘leave’ as soon as possible. Its a common first reaction for Team Light souls to be challenged by the idea that they chose to incarnate at this time. I myself had to address this aspect in the early years of my spiritual awakening (a degree of dissociation/trauma), in order to gently adjust to being in a collective field with so much pain and suffering.

The Healer

Team Light find it harder to fit into the system, harder to tolerate working in institutions, and have to find ways to get by in life, while they continue with their inner calling. Team Light souls often have specific spiritual mandates to develop in certain areas: some are called to be healers, some to be energy workers, some transformers, spiritual teachers and facilitators, leaders and disseminators through books and online media.

If you are in Team Light, then the onus is to manage your energy field, discern what goes into your mind and body, remember who you are at the soul level and what you came here to be and do, and to work consistently toward your own personal awakening as you hold and maintain a higher and higher frequency, which contributes to the collective elevation of consciousness over time. You’ll probably have had to develop specific strengths, such as knowing your own truth, learning to be a group of one when needed, pioneering into new territory, and mastering your own shadow.

If you are in Team Earth and you are now responding to a shifting collective frequency, understand that every time you advance and expand your understanding of yourself and reality that you succeed when you manage to maintain new awareness. You will probably take two steps forward and then one step back, and this is ok and part of the process. Your task is much the same as someone in Team Light, but you aren’t involved with transforming collective energy in the same way, yours is to anchor and stabilise your own awakened state and keep going. Changing your diet, connecting with nature, tuning out of negative people, being more discerning about what you read and watch, and feeling your connection with a loving God or benevolent universal force are great signs you are on track. You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to live through the heart and let love be your guide.

Team Earth souls don’t have any conscious affiliations with other galactic cultures, but they do have active connections with beings in other dimensions; all souls have spiritual ties to guides and helpers, because all souls are on an evolutionary journey that spans many incarnations. All souls in Team Earth and Team Light are evolving toward unification with Source, and most Team Earthers have probably begun their evolutionary journey in 3rd density here on Gaia, while those in Team Light have begun it elsewhere, reached a higher evolutionary state and have subsequently chosen to incarnate on Earth to assist others as part of their ongoing evolutionary covenant. For this reason all Team Light souls have both a personal and altruistic reason for being here; all of us are learning and evolving through our choices.

The Ascension Paradigm

I like to keep an open mind about ascension. Its an idea that’s been in my life for well over thirty years and I have been witness to its ongoing evolution. There are several different takes on the concept, for example one version of ascension envisions a separating out of the good souls from the bad souls, and a dual Earth vision, where those with a high enough vibration will ascend to a new Earth, while those with too low a vibration will either die and reincarnate somewhere else, or will continue on a version of Earth in our current dimension. I myself don’t resonate with these ideas; they are too dualistic and are tantamount to a kind of “spiritual eugenics”, which doesn’t marry very well with the notion of high-frequency love. In the Law of One material (channeled conversations with an entity called Ra in the 1980s) the ascension “pass mark” is simply to be at least 51% in service to other. This is to say that if you care about the welfare of others just a little bit more than your own welfare, you are part of the ascension process.

Ascension used to be described as the movement from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension, but that has since changed within the collective narrative and we are now thought to be moving to the 5th dimension. As far as I am aware, the system of dimensions used by people in the ascension movement varies, so we are left with a generalised idea of moving from one state of consciousness to another. The best simple explanation I have come across regarding ascension comes from Simon Parkes (co-founder of Connecting Consciousness), who describes the significance of the change as one where we are no longer affected by the lower 4th dimension, where dwell predatory astral entities and demonic powers; we are rising above the 4th dimension, and for this reason our way of being will no longer be influenced or interfered with by dark forces in the way it is currently. This will in effect remove hidden obstacles to spiritual growth and evolution, and usher in an era of profound harmony after a period of turbulent transition.

This shift also correlates to a movement away from rivalrous dynamics toward a new level of cooperation between ourselves as human beings, as well as between humans and nature: what thinkers like Jamie Wheal, Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jordan Hall call a shift from ‘Game A’ to ‘Game B’, where ‘Game B’ has yet to fully emerge and is still hard for anyone to comprehend or envision.

In the early days, the ‘pop culture’ ascension teachings tended to assume the shift would happen on its own; the idea was that we could just sit back and wait excitedly for it to happen, but as we haven’t yet awoken to find ourselves suddenly in a radically better world, the realisation is that we have to invite ascension to happen through us by consciously cultivating a higher vibration and corresponding state of being and doing in the world. Inspired ideas such as Game B for example are clear reflections of the evolutionary shift associated with ascension, where all participants in the discussion are individually moving beyond secular materialism through transcendental explorations, whether through the study of philosophy, ancient spiritual teachings, immersion in holistic therapeutic systems, or respectful use of psychedelics. In this way a reconnection with the Living Matrix is occurring and new ideas are being received to lead us forward, which will no doubt continue to happen as more and more people reconnect, become more heart centred and more spiritually integrated.

Part of the trouble with the ascension paradigm is that it generally avoids the shadow aspects of low density existence; in a sense some interpretations of ascension are a reaction to it and a desire to escape. This sounds like a typical reaction of Team Light souls doesn’t it? My view is that we need to each work through our apportioned part of the shadow, bringing it to light, feeling the feelings and then moving the feelings in order to raise our overall vibration of being; to transcend fear and become more able to flow with love. I think all of us consciously committed to this path are learning every day what this means, and realising that it takes courage and real effort.

This should be of no real surprise given that we live in a field of reality coded with limitation, and for this reason the process of global ascension may well take several decades to occur (or even centuries to culminate), with each generation participating in ongoing collective upward shifts in frequency. In my view ascension is better related to as a part of life rather than some lofty destination, with our lives dedicated in part to the work, while also grounded in a loving, abundant and joyful human experience. If we don’t take this approach we may end up living a half-life, while waiting for a proverbial promised land, postponing true life-engagement, and living in the hope that a better world is just around the corner.

For team Light, the notion of ascension is often a resonant one, because this group of souls chose to incarnate at this time to assist with the transition, but because of the challenge of dealing with the lower frequency vibrations on Earth, the concept of ascension can also be mis-used as a compelling strategy for escape and avoidance of reality itself. It's different for team Earth because these souls are rarely conscious of higher vibrational realities and are thus more likely to move into ascension as the collective field moves into higher frequencies, and it is possible that they may not consciously notice the changes in themselves until much further down the track.

I have noticed a tendency with members of team Light to be frustrated with team Earth, especially in recent years within the context of covid hysteria, media controlled narratives, the technocratic push for ‘vaccination’ programs and the threatening proposition of mandatory ‘vaccination’. This frustration speaks to a lack of nuanced understanding of the ‘game’ of incarnation: although we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, we are by no means the same spiritual beings, and the human collective tribe is host to a diverse array of souls enjoying different soul-evolutionary states coded with a variety of evolutionary intentions. Team Light in this sense is but one generalised grouping of souls with common traits, who tend to be more individuated and thus more able to think and act individually than the majority currently on the planet. For those souls more collectively orientated, it has been very hard to avoid group think, and I think it is somewhat shortsighted to assume that all they need to do is wake up to a more individuated way of thinking (something that usually takes many lifetimes to accomplish), especially when our current information ecology is manipulated, censored, and polluted. I am all for the potential for radical shifts in consciousness to take place, but am yet to see evidence of this happening for more than just a few people: what is more commonplace is a gradual change occurring year by year equating to a general quickening.

For many it is easy to see the acceleration of human evolution in the last few hundred years and more poignantly the last few decades, since the activation of the Mayan galactic and universal quantum waves that preceded the culmination of the Mayan Calendar in 2011-12. The paradigm of ascension can be tracked back at least to the Persian visionary Zoroaster (approx 1000BC), whose teachings were later integrated into Christianity and re-visioned as the second coming of Christ. The old prophecies on the topic (Persian, Egyptian, and Gnostic) tend to suggest a radical rebirth of consciousness, set within a grander vision of evolutionary cycles, as expressed through precession and the astrological ages, as well as the Vedic Yuga Cycle. For more on these ideas check out these earlier posts:

The Second Coming of Christ as a collective event

Since 2012 we are more and more collectively aware that we are fast approaching a precipice, characterised by information warfare, marked polarisation, rising prices, economic inequality, and an imminent 6th extinction event connected with the pollution of our ecosystems, destruction of soil, and unsustainable exploitation of natural resources for profit. This dramatic backdrop provides the impetus for a radical paradigm shift, where the only way to solve our survival crisis is not through technology per se (as the corporate capitalists would have us believe), but through an upward shift in vibration and consciousness, away from default rivalry and the doctrine of self interest a.k.a. ‘survival of the fittest’, toward a radical new interconnection and subsequent cooperation with each other, with nature, and innate subtle forces I call the Living Matrix.

This upward movement is of course the same as ascension, but I’d like to offer a more nuanced vision of what this means. To ascend in vibration is to become more loving; it is to come to a new level of balance between the heart and the mind, and between the Divine masculine and feminine principles (living within each one of us), achieved through intensified shadow integration and trauma healing. This does not mean that everyone will suddenly become self-realised or enlightened, but we will become less and less enamoured with the surface appearance of things, and the overwhelming perception that materiality is all there is (what the Sages call maya).

The evolution of consciousness through the journey of the soul is governed by metaphysical laws, which still apply regardless of ascension. It is after all a common spiritual perception that choosing to incarnate in a 3rd density environment is highly valued, due to the intensity of spiritual lessons and evolutionary potential offered in planes of existence that are coded with greater separation and limitation. Nevertheless planetary ascension is a rare galactic event and offers unique evolutionary conditions that many souls are keen to experience, with many choosing to incarnate on Earth, some choosing to assist from the other dimensions, and many more choosing to observe from the sidelines.

As our evolutionary environment changes, we will move more and more out of fear, control and disempowerment, and awaken to greater truth and love as the field of separation diminishes, which in turn will dramatically change the way we choose to live our lives. Those in a consensus evolutionary state will likely still operate within a more collective orientation, but will become fundamentally heart centred. Those more individuated will continue to individuate, but they too will be fundamentally heart centred. Together we will more than likely co-create an entirely new world culture (or cultures) based on love, equity, fairness, abundance and cooperation, which will open the way for humanity to engage in harmonious relations with off-world cultures we are currently not aware of. The nature and quality of this new era will be coded through the archetype of Aquarius since we are just entering the Aquarian Age, something I plan to write more about in a future post.

Anahata Chakra - The Spiritual Heart

This shift from the dominance of the ego-mind to the heart is the essence of ascension. Long ago the ancient Egyptians venerated the heart above the brain, and they looked upon the heart as a type of brain capable of knowing and wisdom. In the 21st Century we are rediscovering this truth; the heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field, and the electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).

HeartMath Institute Director of Research Rollin McCraty writes: “The heart is a sensory organ and acts as a sophisticated information encoding and processing centre that enables it to learn, remember, and make independent functional decisions,” Evidence shows the heart also plays a greater role in our mental, emotional and physical processes than previously thought.

For more on this click here

Game B as heralded by Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jordan Hall (among others) symbolises this radically new cultural paradigm, founded on a collective new frequency of being, correlating to ‘whole-brain’ activation, resonant with the Mayan universal quantum wave that initiated in 2011. Which is to say that the new paradigm beyond the threshold of ascension is already available to us, but we all have to ascend in vibration through the physical body, step by step, in order to match the frequency of the universal wave, and in so doing receive information from it.

In addition there is an ongoing influx of higher frequency energy altering the Gaian system via the Sun, with intense transmissions occurring through sunspot activity (solar flares) in conjunction with the cycle of the Sun and key moments when the Earth’s electromagnetic field drops such as during the Solstices and Equinoxes.

The following video presented by the Stoa aims to provide a basic sketch of what Game B might look like, and positions it within a human evolutionary context. (A bit slow, but worth watching if you wish to grasp what Game B is)

I envision ascension to generate a global change in the centre of gravity away from almost total nihilistic materialism toward a more spiritually aware social value system. Currently the majority of people on the planet have been ‘captured’ by the egoic mind, enchanted so to speak with 5-sense reality, virtually unaware that there are other dimensions of experience available to them, much like Neo in the Matrix. Part of this enchantment has been socially engineered by powerful factions linked to dynastic families, who stand to lose a great deal if human beings stop participating in their engineered pathological and destructive vision of the world.

A global awakening is occurring, which is of course why the whole world is moving into greater chaos as old patterns fall away. This is no different from any individual awakening process, but it's happening en masse and causing turbulence within society. We should not be overly alarmed, but we should be alert and poised to respond to these changes as they happen.

Are we all going to quantum leap into an enlightened state?

Although this is possible (in Buddhism this is called Satori), I think it more likely that the majority will become heart-awakened over time, and this reconnection with the Living Matrix will radically alter the way we see reality at the collective level, but the change will happen for each of us individually. Many of us are already experiencing this heart awakening, and we know that it causes a reorientation away from the material toward the transcendent. This movement toward reconnection will be stimulated by our escalating survival pressures in combination with powerful Game A players covertly and overtly manipulating global events, as part of a rivalrous incentive to stay on top of the game. As time passes there will be a shift in perception, where Game A players will be viewed more and more as fundamentally pathological because their actions will threaten collective survival. For example covert Game A strategies to reduce population numbers and move toward a centralised controlled state, as we have seen emerge during a perceived "pandemic crisis", will continue to stimulate awakening in those still unaware of the true complexity of the world situation. There is so much more to come I feel, and we can only ride the waves of ascension and continually ask what love asks of us in each moment.


The emerging idea of a shift into an as yet unknown Game B modus operandi, offers a helpful and practical way of actively cultivating the shift in consciousness we call ascension, which in Game B terms can be simplified to anything other than a default win/lose proposition in all undertakings. As a member of team Light, I can use my understanding of Game A dynamics and learn to cultivate outcomes that are more in line with Game B. For example when I am engaging team Earth individuals, I can encourage conversations to be less rivalrous, move them away from a default 'debate' style mode, and cultivate more uncertainty by reminding everyone that none of us know everything there is to know. I am finding that just this simple pull back, away from the perception of certainty, where I or others are convinced we know the truth, enables more questioning to occur and more openness to new information in those that are typically closed. By allowing conversations to conclude with uncertainty, it stimulates all participants to continue thinking on their own terms. In addition I can use these experiences as a way to measure my own capacity to play Game B. I am successful when outcomes are neutral and open-ended, if not harmonious and agreeable, and I fail when I am triggered into defending my views or worse move into conflict. I can also hold such failures with a degree of compassion for myself and others, knowing that the whole world is conditioned into Game A win/lose dynamics and we simply have to unlearn the habit and discover the benefits as we progress step by step toward Game B, in whichever way it evolves with us. I am learning that if I refrain from forcing people to understand and to convert to my way of thinking, but rather work instead toward generating a bigger and safer space for questioning, those who would otherwise double down on their fixed views, over time soften and open themselves to what is. With team Earth this may require patience.

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Jul 23, 2022

A very comprehensive read, and it makes so much sense to me and my life. Thank you.

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