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Equinox Forecast March '23

This equinox wave is imprinted with Pluto in Capricorn at the very last degree, just a hairs breadth away from Aquarius, emphasising the next three months as a time of culmination in the world. We are required to tie up all loose ends before the new Pluto era in Aquarius that will begin to activate just 3 days after the equinox, and will get fully underway by late 2024.

See an earlier post Pluto in Aquarius - A New Era, for more on this.

What is culminating?

Pluto in Capricorn sent seismic waves through our societal structures and systems throughout 2008-2023, exposing the nature of corruption within top down leadership structures at every level.

The corruption expresses in numerous ways, from the most egregious and malicious, to the greedy, down to the everyday lack of moral fibre embodied by a fair proportion of those working at the lower levels within many of our systems. Pluto’s call has been one of reform, but in my view, for the most part, reform has not yet happened. The status quo is resistant to change.

On a personal level, Pluto in Capricorn represented an evolutionary impulse toward social maturation, which meant that all of us had to consider how we could take more responsibility in our lives, and how we could step up and participate in the way the world unfolds. If we were to remain passive and infantilised, then the Plutocrats were going to shape and define the world on their terms with little or no regard for everyone else.

We have experienced over the last 15 years, a hidden war of sorts on a global scale, with battlefields in diverse sectors of society, as many have been striving and fighting for their humanity in an ever more oppressive and dehumanising system, where the rich have been getting richer and the majority getting poorer and worse off.

The world has changed a great deal since 2006, when Facebook announced that anyone with a valid email could join. By 2009 it had become the world’s most used social networking service. Little did we know then that Facebook would earn billions by harvesting valuable information from its users. Many of us are a lot more savvy now. We think more; we question a lot more, and above all we trust institutions a lot less. This general demeanour is not specific to the red pill tribes of ‘awakeners’, it is observable also in more conforming consensus social groups. There is an Aquarian quality emerging in everyday conversations in recent years (partly due to Saturn in Aquarius); people see too much self-interest in local and national politics for example, and they talk more and more about equality and innovative change, something that would have been a rare event just ten years ago.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the chart for the March Equinox to glean some of the energetic trends influencing us over the next 3 months.

Chart cast for the Equinox on 20th March 21.24 GMT/16.24 EST .

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(skip ahead if you want as this is not essential data)

  • The Equinox Sun conjunct Manwë in Aires

  • Venus and Juno conjunct the lunar North Node in Taurus

  • Mars conjunct Asbolus in Gemini

  • Icarus conjunct Saturn in Pisces

  • Haumea conjunct the lunar South Node in Scorpio

  • Salacia in Aires opposing Makemake and Logos-Zoë in Libra Neptune in Pisces square Mars and Asbolus in Gemini

  • The Equinox Sun opposing Ceres in Libra making a T-Square with Ixion at the apex

  • Ixion sextile Saturn and Gongong making a Yod with Varuna at the apex

  • Pluto and Aruwn sextile Typhon making a Yod with Mars and Asbolus at the apex


Something New

The Equinox chart this year heralds change, which is to say something new is about to begin and we are now entering a threshold of changing energies. Saturn, which has spent the last two and half years in Aquarius, moved into the sign of Pisces. This occurred a few weeks ago, and I will cover this change in a future post in more detail. For now though, the movement of Saturn will have an effect on society and our sense of reality, and this contributes to the changing energy dynamic in the world.

We also have all the primary planets now in direct motion, which is relatively unusual, emphasising movement forward in almost all areas of life experience. Where before we may have been feeling stuck, held back or overly limited in creative options, the new energies are offering us a green light so to speak, with much more open possibility coming in again.

Pluto is at 29˚ 57’ Capricorn at the time of the Equinox, colouring the Equinox wave for the next 3 months, even though for most of that time Pluto will have moved temporarily into Aquarius, another significant shift that I covered in detail in an earlier post Pluto in Aquarius - A New Era.

In astrology the very last degree of a sign is marked by intensified energy; the evolutionary lessons of the Capricorn era are coming to an end, and endings come easier to some than others. Although I feel we are moving steadily into better times, this year we can expect to see some powerful actions on the global chessboard as the unelected ruling elites make desperate moves to stay in control and protect their interests. Collectively, whatever shift in awareness is needed will now become intensified as specific outstanding Capricorn lessons must now be dealt with both personally and collectively.

Track back to 2008 and ask yourself what you have been learning in the Pluto in Capricorn era; how have you grown and changed in the period 2008-2023? How and in what areas of your life have you been moving into more responsibility, more authenticity and more self-determination? The next 8 months will be a time to finalise this learning.

The new moon this month, just a few hours after the start of the Equinox, is in Aires, marking the rebirth of the lunar cycle of personal development, highlighting yet again the inception of new evolutionary pathways. 2023 is going to be an active year of transition, and change even if we want it, may still have its challenges, especially if we don’t feel quite ready.

This Equinox wave is going to carry the energy of the Light Warrior Messenger as the Sun conjuncts Manwë and Mercury in Aires. The Sun forms a T-square with Ceres, Makemake and Logos-Zoë in opposition, and Ixion at the apex. We may see some disclosures in connection with humanity’s forgotten legacy (Atlantis, Lemuria, Tartaria etc) in direct challenge to corrupt and powerful groups. Just how deep do the lies go with regard to true human potential and human origins? Will we see more whistleblowers coming forward this year?

Collectively we are challenged to integrate the new frequencies of Christ Consciousness in a balanced way, while also taking the correct action to stand with our new emergent truth against that which seeks to control and dominate life.

Love and equity is now the leading edge of growth toward self-realisation

The Goddess Juno - Feminine Sovereignty

The 2 goddesses Venus and Juno now conjunct in Taurus are fused with the lunar North Node, with another goddess Haumea anchoring energy at the South Node, forming a T-Square with Varuna at the apex in Leo. This is quite a beautiful supporting alignment; earthy, practical, grounded love, combined with equitable feminine leadership (in both men and women), is what we must now reach for, but we must ensure that we are acting from a solid holistic foundation with good strong energetic connections with Mother Earth. In this way practical acts of love and kindness can be powerfully transformative and healing, and provide the means through which we can all step into more personal sovereignty and creative power.

There are so many opportunities to be kind and loving to ourselves and to others. Uranus in Taurus has been literally shaking things up in the earth element recently with the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, where many are experiencing survival trauma, and where many others are now stimulated to act from love. Closer to home, in almost every community there are also many struggling with survival issues due to the financial consequences of lockdown policy, who also need love and support now.

Inner change generates outer change

Several Yod formations are present in both the equinox chart and the new moon chart, indicating that for the next few months we will be collectively stimulated toward more inner changes. I cover these in more detail in the soon to come Aires New Moon Forecast, so I will briefly summarise here:

Saturn’s recent ingress into Pisces is going to shift the lessons, and we can expect to find ourselves challenged with increasing disillusionment and disbelief in the global narratives presented to us, along with rising confusion and potential overwhelm. Collectively we are learning to yield to the power and sheer force of the new light transmissions affecting the planet. Many are being stimulated to find new alignment with natural law, and to disengage from what I call the False Matrix, and in so doing reclaim new levels of personal sovereignty based on healthy self-esteem. For this to happen, more and more people have to move out of degrees of denial regarding Machiavellian groups operating on the planet, and go through uncomfortable disillusionment in order to break through to a new level of spiritual connection and faith in a higher ordering principle.

Meanwhile Typhon is stirring things up in the collective unconscious reminding us that we cannot avoid the darkness if we want to rebirth into the light. There will be continuing intense challenges in the world while the Pluto in Capricorn lessons culminate, and in a world where the media is no longer trustworthy, we are tasked to recognise that we can’t know everything, but must instead surrender to inner guidance through following the pattern of synchronicities, omens and signs given to us.

In general the Yods represent humbling experiences and situations where we are subject to forces more powerful than ourselves, whether these forces are disruptive elements of unresolved personal or collective shadow or trauma, or the guiding power of the soul, or potent light frequencies from Source moving us up into new levels of being, some of us will be challenged to realise personal limits. My advice: follow the path of least resistance and trust in the energies as they move you into a new relationship with life.

These subtle inner changes will have a marked collective impact on the world moving forward.

Many of those now awakening, now challenged by more conscious awareness of the nature of dark disruptive forces operating in the world, will be stimulated to reclaim lost sovereignty, while beginning to realise just how powerful we humans can be when we choose to be conscious co-creators. This could happen in numerous ways; as an example Gonggong in Pisces Inconjunct Varuna could play out as disruptions causing health issues, which then provide the evolutionary stimuli toward self-empowered healing processes. Ixion in Capricorn inconjunct Varuna could express as limitations caused by negative conditioning, which can only be overcome when we dissolve illusions of separation through heart centred awareness.

Making sense of the chaos through a growing spiritual connection and inner guidance

With Mars in Gemini (ruled my Mercury) and Mercury in Aires (ruled by Mars) the desire to understand and make sense of things is highly energised. There is a thirst for more knowledge and information at a time when nothing can be trusted. I think the next months will see continued confusion and uncertainty within the information ecology. Mars makes a square with Neptune in Pisces, while also inconjunct to Typhon in Scorpio; we may be challenged to make sense of things and we could see some false flags appearing to cause distraction, and if we are not careful we could get swept up in information overwhelm driven by a need to understand in order to feel safe. The key here I think is in the Neptune square, inviting us to act more from inner guidance and intuition than from a left brain dominant obsession with data. Ask yourself: How good are you at listening to inner guidance? Do you believe in or trust in a Higher Power? If this is a bit of a blurry area for you, then the coming months may have you asking deeper questions and looking for higher meaning. Through correct use of intuition we can save ourselves a lot of time and energy tuning out of unnecessary information. Trust in your personal signs and synchronicities!


Finally the archetype of Varuna is a central influencer for this equinox wave, as he is at the apex of a Yod, the apex of a T-Square and in harmonious trine with the equinox Sun. Varuna embodies several themes related to self-realisation, and this is heightened by his presence in Leo. As a high frequency symbol, my sense is that only those ‘ascending’ in consciousness will be moved by his energy (although it is early days yet and there is much more to understand about these newer celestial bodies).

In essence anyone riding the waves of personal awakening will be stimulated toward more alignment with natural law principles, the guiding intelligence of the Higher-Self or Sage, and the unveiling of Self, as part of a collective effort toward elevating human consciousness. Part of this process involves the facing of one’ personal demons and shadow, mastering the lower nature often through spiritual practices, and moving into co-creator awareness. Of course many of us a well familiar with the process and have been doing it already for many years, but when Varuna features in this way, we can expect this theme to be more emphasised in the next three to six months. The Yod in particular featuring both Ixion and Gonggong; archetypes associated with chaos, separation from Source and the Shadow nature, may present many with a significant inner struggle generating more self-mastery all going well.

I think we are collectively moving steadily toward more individual sovereignty, which will have a profound affect on the everyday life decisions each of us make, and a subsequent karmic knock on affect; if we incrementally act more and more from a place of spiritual sovereignty, how will this affect future timelines and the collective field?

The fire trine with Varuna and Manwë conjunct the equinox Sun is highly energised and beneficial; any self awareness process will be powerfully supported and protected by higher spiritual forces; for those aligning with natural law principles Grace will be bestowed.

There is good reason to be excited, but the work continues as we continue to journey through uncertainty, accelerated evolution and radical change.


© 2023 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved

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