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Aries Solar Eclipse Forecast '23


The eclipse cycles trigger waves of energy that influence all of us internally and externally. The imprint of energy as captured by the chart calculated for any eclipse, tends to get carried forward in time on a wave for about 6 months, and so makes for a useful method of forecasting.

All eclipses represent a break in the normal transmission of light from the sun, and that means the transmission of spiritual information received at the soul level of our beingness. For me the eclipses represent changes and shifts in the way our self-realisation process unfolds, keeping us in tune with our pre-intended life-purpose prior to incarnation. In essence, eclipse energy imbues us with an impulse, which when acted upon makes us feel like we are on track, energised, and purposeful. How this affects us in detail can only be determined by cross-referencing with a natal birth chart, but we can look to the overall themes to see how the world in general will be influenced, to give us a sense of the psychic weather patterns shaping things over time.

A Solar Eclipse takes place during the new moon, so it can be viewed as an enhanced new moon. Not only can we receive Higher-Self seed impulses for the coming month, we also can receive awareness that alters our growth path, or new lessons can be initiated, which will carry beyond the month over a 6 month period of time.


The last total solar eclipse, which set the overarching theme for the eclipse waves following, was in Sagittarius in late 2021. This solar eclipse is one of 4 lesser eclipses (non-total), which I posit operate under the rulership of the previous total eclipse - in this case Sagittarius, and forms part of a cluster of eclipse waves affecting human consciousness in service to an overall expansion of awareness and the evolution of intuition and belief systems world-wide. The last solar eclipse wave was in Scorpio close to the lunar south node, and during that time we have been grappling with the shadow, dealing with more revelations of corruption within our systems, and tasked with personal transformation as a means to let go and move on.

This Solar Eclipse in Aires at the 29˚ ushers in a wave of energised movement toward new experiences. If you’ve been following my previous forecasts you will be aware of the recent changes in the collective energy toward new beginnings and new evolutionary directives. You may also have been feeling this change. This Solar Eclipse wave will act as a starter gun, amplifying the urge to break free from old restrictive patterns and commitments especially in areas of our lives where we feel bored or trapped, and will carry the energy of new beginnings forward over the next 6 months.

The chart cast for the Solar Eclipse (also the new moon) 20th April (05.12 BST/00.12 EDT) showing key symbols

For a guide to the astrological symbols click here


  • A Grand Square featuring Varuna in Leo, the lunar nodes in Taurus/Scorpio and Pluto in Aquarius

  • A Yod featuring Saturn and Gonggong in Pisces sextile Ixion in Capricorn with Varuna at the ape

  • A T-Square featuring Salacia in Aires, Makemake in Libra, with Quaoar and Pholus at the apex in Capricorn

  • Vesta conjunct the lunar North Node in Taurus

  • Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus

The three primary major aspect patterns of the Grand Square, T-Square and Yod come together, punctuated by a few key conjunctions as a potent impetus toward both inner and outer change.

Before I jump into decoding this complex energy pattern, let's just consider how change happens.

Change always begins with an inspiration, which is to say that we experience the reception of an idea or a vision or a feeling for something new. These types of inner experience I refer to as seed impulses; we are given the seeds of new experiences from a higher plane of existence via the higher-self guiding-function. Every new moon, there is a threshold moment when these seed impulses are stronger, due to a natural thinning of the veil that marks the border between the visible and known, and the invisible and not yet known. Receiving seed impulses however is not sufficient to guarantee a new manifestation; we need to accept, nurture, gestate, grow and cultivate seed impulses in order to bring them to fulfilment. These new impulses are not simply random desires, they contain within them the potential to grow, evolve and learn, and this occurs through every step of the manifestation process, not just at the peak experience but beyond through the decay and dissolution of what once was to make way for what is yet to come.

As we know, the outer world at large is in the midst of change, flavoured with chaos, uncertainty and conflict. There are a number of archetypal drivers for this: we had Pluto and Saturn conjoining in Capricorn in 2020 followed by Jupiter and Saturn soon after. We had Pluto in square to Eris over the last few years, as well as Pluto square Uranus in the years following 2012. The USA is presently experiencing its first Pluto return. Saturn and Gonggong are currently conjunct in Pisces and will continue to be for the next year or so, continuing a pattern of systems disruption and breakdown. We now have Pluto transitioning into Aquarius beginning to stimulate an acceleration of evolution (see earlier post Pluto in Aquarius for more on this), and we have Quaoar conjunct Pholus in Capricorn stimulating an ascension of consciousness that must be grounded through the body.

As Pluto ingresses into Aquarius it now squares the lunar nodes, stimulating even more evolutionary energy worldwide, while opposing Varuna in Leo. Pluto also squares the Solar Eclipse, emphasising a fundamental evolutionary crisis in action, which is to say that many will be challenged with doing something differently as a means to moving forward in their personal lives; something is fundamentally changing and we must all respond accordingly, or suffer the consequences of greater evolutionary pressure later on if we choose to resist change now.

So what is being asked of us?

This all depends on our individual, unique, and personalised seed impulses, which have been emergent since around January this year, but more intensified during the recent Aries new moon lunations of which this Solar Eclipse is the 2nd. There is still time to come clear with what new directives are arising within. See related post: 2nd Aries New Moon '23 for more on the personal development cycle.

While the Grand Cross will tend to generate outer change, the Yod will stimulate inner change and adjustment. Two shadow archetypes Gonggong and Ixion, together with Saturn cause an inner tension that can only be solved with more self-awareness. How do we reconcile the now visible machinations of global players operating through deep fear, and an encroaching disillusionment with life itself, the way the world currently is, and an urge to escape it all?

Through the activation of the inner-Varuna principle, we can realise that we need to lead by example, and that means reflecting on our own patterns of fear and destructive tendencies in order to overcome them, either through taking more responsibility, or through transcending fear by coming into an active alignment with the Higher-Will and learning to operate in a humble and cooperative manner with universal forces. By stepping up into our innate sovereignty as immutable spiritual beings, we begin to change the world from the inside out.

The trines involving the Solar Eclipse, Vesta and the North Nodes with Dark Moon Lilith, indicate where the inner work most lies; issues pertaining to feelings of inferiority and lack of worthiness may arise within the process as we reach for more creative potential. Are we too self critical? Does lack of self worth undermine attempts for a better life? Are we too harsh with ourselves or others when we notice faults or things we could do better? Or does a drive for perfectionism prevent us ever sharing our gifts with the world?

Through Vesta in Taurus we can attend to core essential needs, and through practical acts of self love bring healing to those parts within that feel unworthy. Often with patterns like these we long for others to love and elevate us in some way to soothe the inner pain, when what we most need is to bring that love and recognition to ourselves in a self-reliant way. Through cultivating our own personal relationship with the Higher-Power, we can establish a self-reliant and stable spiritual foundation, which can help us get through challenging moments.

Taking care of what you can do for yourself

The Vesta/North Node conjunction in Taurus is a key indicator for how we best optimise moving forward. The North Node represents the primary balancing agent for the current time, which in this case is to cultivate self sufficiency, attend to core essential needs, focus on what we value and bring more awareness to our values, and get grounded into practical processes to get things done. For some, just moving energy out of the head into the body will be a significant shift e.g. going for walks in nature rather than getting lost in social media; cooking food, making pottery, doing the garden or yoga body postures (asana) are other options that can get us more grounded and out of a head-spin.

The more we do for ourselves, rather than outsource to others, the more self-enabled we feel, which in turn raises self-esteem and confidence.

With Pluto activating the lunar nodes, we will need to get the balance right between deep and sometimes intense personal transformation processes and rest periods with more stability and practical engagement with physical life. We are still collectively working with resolving the past, letting go of old patterns, and in relationships overcoming patterns of co-dependency, and we can help ourselves moderate the intensity when we cultivate the Taurus qualities mentioned above.

Intensifying pressure toward an upward shift in vibration and a corresponding elevation of awareness

Finally the T-Square involving Salacia in opposition to Makemake, with Quaoar conjunct Pholus at the apex.

This alignment of the more recently discovered celestial bodies speaks directly to the ascension process; an overarching energy influencing the collective experience. I see this as the integration challenge between the future forward innovations and breakthroughs stimulated by off-world groups and intelligences from higher dimensions, with humanity’s past forgotten legacy associated with pre-diluvial cultures now only remembered in myth, such as Atlantis and Lemuria.

A speculative map showing lost golden-age past cultures

Both of these energies are resources for the global awakening process. How many of us are now receiving help from unseen dimensions, some related to benevolent ET cultures through CE5 experiences? (see Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind currently streaming on Amazon). Some of us are also experiencing renewed access to lost human knowledge from past golden ages, either through past-life resonance, spirit contacts from the inner-Earth, time travelling connections made in altered states of consciousness, or information recorded in ancient crystals. I myself currently experience energetic input from both these sources, which serve to quicken my own spiritual evolution.

This is a very close aspect, with all archetypes on the same degree, so it may be that over the next 6 months or so, those ready to receive in this way will feel more ascension symptoms, and make positive breakthroughs in personal development and awareness. It is worth remembering though that this high frequency stimulation dovetails with the more gritty processes reflected in the Grand Square, the Yod and planetary conjunctions; it is all working together on simultaneous levels.

With Mercury (the lower mind) rebirthing through Uranus (the higher mind), telepathic reception will be enhanced, and messages, insights, revelations and synchronicities will be amplified. Don't be surprised if guiding messages take you outside of your conditioned safety zone.

Green Tremolite Crystals

If you are finding the new frequencies challenging to integrate, you might enjoy connecting with the green tremolite crystal. It appears to help the new higher frequencies integrate with the physical body, and has a soothing effect on the nervous system. This bridging capacity seems to soften any uncomfortable intensity.

Final thoughts - an upsurge in the freedom impulse

A seed neither fears light nor darkness but uses both to grow

Matshona Dhliwayo

This Solar Eclipse energy looks set to stimulate a break from the past, and birth explorations into new ways of being and doing, and I think is going to initiate some people to take more active steps toward an emerging new vision for the Earth. In order to transition into a New Earth culture, we will of course have to learn to leave the old ways behind, which is to say we have to choose to stop repeating the socially engineered patterns dominating modern culture, and venture forth elsewhere to discover new ways on our own terms. So much hinges on our ability as individuals to liberate into more and more self-sovereignty, where we are richly aware of our capacity to create new realities. In order to do this, we need to resolve the past, overcome personal limitations, transform and rebirth ourselves to become more self-realised and empowered.

The gestalt of this Solar Eclipse wave embodies all of this, and my sense is that throughout 2023 many will find themselves beginning to start engaging reality in a very new way, and in so doing set energy into motion that contributes to a change in the collective orientation to life itself, and adds to the momentum that will take us away from dystopian and catastrophic timelines toward what might be called the ‘third attractor’ and safe passage to a better, happier, collectively more creative and benevolent world.


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