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Aries New Moon Forecast '23

There are two successive new moons in Aries this year. The 1st occurs within just a few hours of the Aries Equinox, and so the chart for both the Equinox and the New Moon forecasts are virtually identical. There will be a 2nd Aries New Moon next month.

I cover a more collective perspective in the Equinox Forecast, in this forecast I will focus more on the personal level and highlight the growth opportunities and potential challenges for this Aries lunation.

Themes for this month:

  • New beginnings, new lessons and new spiritual directives

  • Reaching for feminine leadership through an alignment with grounded love and equity

  • Inner work opportunities to heal abuse trauma

  • Inner work opportunities to make better sense of the chaos

  • Inner work opportunities to align with natural law through self-empowerment

  • Inner work opportunities to complete spiritual lessons, and connect with the spirit-world.

  • Activation of the Light-Warrior to stand against collective shadow energy

Chart cast for the Equinox New Moon 21st March 2023 at 17.23 GMT/12.23 EST

For a guide to the astrological symbols click here



4 Yod formations:

  • Pluto and Aruwn sextile Typhon with Mars and Asbolus at the apex

  • Ixion sextile Haumea and the South Node with Sedna at the apex

  • Gonggong sextile Ixion with Varuna at the apex

  • Mars and Asbolus sextile Dark Moon Lilith with Pluto and Aruwn at the apex

3 prime T-Squares:

  • Chiron and Jupiter opposing Logos-Zoë both square Pallas

  • The New Moon conjunct Manwë opposing Ceres both square to Ixion

  • Venus and Juno in Taurus conjunct the North Node, opposing Haumea with Varuna at the apex

2 key trines:

  • Mars and Asbolus trine Neptune

  • Neptune trine Typhon


As mentioned in previous posts, this year initiates a transition due to significant changes in the energy transmissions emanating from Source. At the personal level the Aries New Moon begins a new growth and development cycle, and this means that each of us will now be receiving Higher-Self impulses pertaining to what new experiences the soul is now calling in. During the hours just before and after the new moon (about 12 hours on either side but it can go on for a bit longer) I recommend making quiet space for reflection, guidance and insight as the veil is thinner and it is worthwhile paying attention to your thoughts and ideas, inspirations and impulses, and any signs and synchronicities as they will often relate to what we are next meant to be and do, relative to our own personal spiritual evolution and life path.

Some of the themes received both this month and next month will be the seeds for journeys yet to come. It is notable that this year we have 2 new moons in Aries, which suggests we need more time to integrate the new seed thoughts and more time to break the old patterns to make way for the new ones. It feels like something bigger is happening, especially with both Saturn and Pluto now moving signs.

The general flavour of this lunation is one of a rising desire for new experiences, new projects, new journeys, and new explorations. As such we may experience frustration, a feeling of entrapment or sheer boredom with our existing life situation. We may also feel a sense of rising excitement and hope as we begin to tune into new possibilities within the field of potentiality, and we will more than likely have a heightened sense of courage and confidence over the next weeks, enabling us to take some steps toward new things.

It is worth remembering though that this is just a beginning, and being immersed in exciting new seed thoughts is only the early stage of a much longer process of manifestation.

Can sudden new opportunities arise?

Yes, definitely, and during this lunation we are more than likely up for the adventure of new things and more willing to take on challenges, but with Ceres in exact opposition in Libra, we must pay attention to staying balanced and allowing space and time to weigh and measure opportunities before we make any commitments. The message from Ceres is to say that abundant outcomes are cultivated through maintaining balance and harmony through a good grounded earth connection.

In this way we become a formidable force for the greater good. If we don’t stay balanced, then shadow elements may intrude on our plans and cause disruption or block us in some way.


This month offers us several Yod challenges stimulating inner growth and adjustment. Yods generally represent quite strong abstract blockages or resistance that demand greater inner awareness, and with 4 active Yods this month the potential for insight is heightened.

Yod 1: Learning to master the inferior nature; cultivating a trust in the higher-power to sort out the wrongs in the world; surrendering to the healing process and need to seek answers within; aligning more with natural law principles and the wisdom of the Higher-Self.

[Saturn and Icarus conjunct in Pisces, sextile to Ixion in Capricorn with Varuna in Leo at the apex.]

Saturn at 1˚ of Pisces presents us with a challenge of faith. How do we deal with the necessary disillusionment with regard to the world, as it becomes more and more clear just how corrupt our systems have become, and how impossible positive change appears to be?

  • Will we want to escape into false distractions, or will despair rekindle spiritual connection?

To be disillusioned is not just to be drowned in meaninglessness; it is to be purged of our illusions, and many of us are sheltering through various forms of denial, because none of us want the world to be in chaos; we all prefer safety and stability. As we move more and more into a reality we can no longer trust, where information can be invented and easily presented as truth, we are going to have to build faith in a higher ordering principle, trusting that somehow there is purpose to the chaos and that if we align with cosmic order, that things will work out well in the end.

Varuna in Leo at the apex indicates that there is pressure building, driving us individually to reclaim our sovereignty through aligning with natural law principles, facing inner demons if necessary, and with Icarus conjunct Saturn in Pisces we must be willing to go within in order to find our answers.

Yod 2: Knowing our limits in the search for understanding: learning to cooperate with the soul level of our being; recognising that there are some forces that are just too powerful to take on alone; yielding to change and renewal.

[Pluto and Aruwn in Capricorn sextile Typhon in Scorpio with Mars and Asbolus at the apex.]

Typhon is stirring up a lot of chaotic energy in the collective unconscious; his message is to remind us that we cannot avoid the darkness if we want to rebirth into the light. World events are affected by powerful unresolved energy in the unconscious related to past abuses of power, and a deep need for collective healing and transformation.

Pluto is at the anaretic degree (29˚) adding intensity to world events this year; final lessons must be dealt with. In a world where we see the shadow rising, say for example with the threat of a world war depending on how the Russia/Ukraine conflict unfolds and the China/Taiwan situation, or the threat of a new technocratic world order, or the attack on humanity via novel untested vaccines or a lab enhanced virus, how do we effectively make sense of reality and navigate these murky waters?

Mars and Asbolus at the apex in Gemini invites us to step up our sense making and to learn to recognise guidance given to us through synchronicity, omens and signs and act accordingly. We may well have to learn our limits and develop more humility in the coming months, accepting that we cannot know everything, and that most likely full disclosures won’t happen the way we want. The key lesson here is to surrender to the Higher Power; to something bigger in order to move more gracefully.

Yod 3: Increased stimulus toward trauma awareness in ourselves, others and society.

[Ixion in Capricorn sextile Haumea and the South Node in Scorpio with Sedna in Taurus at the apex.]

There is a lot to process as we come face to face with the full reality of power abuse in our systems and the nature of trauma many of us carry. Sedna’s appearance at the turn of the millennium signalled our time to collectively recognise and begin to deal with trauma as a fundamental issue that cannot be avoided if we want to create more joy and creativity in the world. From then until now she has been speaking to us through the ‘voice’ of Taurus, the culmination of which has become the blossoming awareness that its not so much that we experience traumatic events, but that we live in a cultural paradigm lacking in healthy feminine energy and so almost all of us experiencing some kind of developmental trauma in early life have never had the chance to be held and heard when we were children. Sedna is approaching the very last degrees of Taurus; awareness of the fundamentals about trauma is now culminating, and we can expect a significant change in our relationship to trauma to occur around August 2023 when Sedna begins to move into Gemini. In the meantime the issue of trauma continues to gain momentum in collective awareness. For example a recent online trauma conference hosted by Alex Howard and presented by Conscious Life attracted over half a million people in the first 3 days (offered free) and his follow up free online course Decode Your Trauma drew 100,000 participants on the first day - testament to the growing interest in trauma processing. This is not the only initiative, Diane Poole Heller's Trauma Solutions project is also proactive in supporting trauma awareness for seasoned practitioners, offering time limited free access to online courses.

At the individual level there is real scope for healing trauma this month fuelled by a desire to move on from the past. If we can realise that healing is ours whenever we want it, through Haumea we can experience radical renewal and regeneration. The key is in understanding that healing requires us to adjust our inner reality through forgiveness and acceptance.

For more on forgiveness see an earlier post here

Yod 4: Learning to yield to invisible evolutionary forces both personal and collective; healing the heart energy in order to elevate through love; allowing the Divine to guide our thoughts and actions.

[Mars and Asbolus in Gemini, sextile Dark Moon Lilith in Leo with Pluto and Aruwn at the apex.]

For those already working toward soul-alignment, the work this month will be on self-love, activation of the heart chakra, and alignment with the Higher-Self. We may have to give over our idea of the way things ought to happen and allow things to unfold from the soul level. The focus is on developing greater trust in the evolutionary forces and the wisdom of the soul.

For those at a more egocentric level, this may well be a challenging and frustrating time; a feeling of being blocked or held back no matter how hard we try or push for results. If we are too full of ourselves we may be rudely awoken to a profound sense of impotence or powerlessness in the face of forces bigger than ourselves. If we have been avoiding lessons and resisting growth, then this year will probably be tough and potentially cataclysmic. The lesson is the same: we are here to evolve and grow, and the ego is not in control.

Just remember that these Yod aspects all fit together into a complex synergy of energy dynamics and we may not be able to discern them individually at all. But they are exerting a pressure, and it all depends on who we are, the karma in motion, and the quality of our vibrational offering as to how intense and significant manifest events will be.

I’ve noticed quite a few Yods appearing in the last few months, and the inner adjustment nature of the Yod indicates a great deal of change is happening under the surface and contributing to the way things unfold in much more subtle ways. Not everything (thankfully) will play out in one’s outer life, much of the process is internal.

The T-Square featuring Pallas-Athene is of note to anyone on a spiritual path.

(Chiron and Jupiter opposing Logos-Zoë both square Pallas)

Chiron opposing Logos-Zoë is another integration challenge. Logos-Zoë in Libra is an ongoing indicator for Ascension through spiritual alchemy and a cultivation of a refined relationship with the dual forces of nature (Kundalini). Chiron as a Centaur archetype is innately connected to the bridging of realities and the embodiment of higher frequencies of being. It is challenging to actively process high frequency energy that is moving us steadily into Christ Consciousness, because it flushes out all unresolved wounds, and Chiron often works through a sense of crisis because to fully embody a permanent change of frequency, requires of us a breakdown of existing patterns of being.


I associate Pallas with the inner-voice; the guide and protector of the self realisation process. She is positioned at the apex in Cancer, indicating that the answers to challenging Ascension symptoms lie in accessing our emotional genius, which is to say to get out of our heads and allow our emotional states to guide us through. We must trust what our emotions are telling us, and we must learn to honour our emotional states and withdraw from activity when necessary to integrate, recover and regroup.

Allowing inner work leads to significant spiritual progress and inner transformation

The T-square featuring Venus, Juno, the Lunar Nodes, Haumea and Varuna emphasises the role of the feminine mode in the way we evolve and move forward this month. We can help ourselves to be more steady if we stay grounded and in our bodies. If we allow ourselves to go inward; to meditate, slow down, spend time in nature and so on, we will more than likely find answers to our concerns. Yoga practice, body work and massage are also good supports this month.

Tangible acts of loving kindness to both ourselves and others can catalyse deep transformations. Maybe we need to give ourselves a well deserved break, or a day at the spa, or quality time with friends and loved ones eating good vibrant food. There is the sense that putting the love into the little things can really help the intensity of personal processing at this time. For those spiritually active, energy is now directed toward self-mastery, relative to the level each of us are at. For those less aware there is evolutionary pressure toward cultivating more self-love and awareness; outer events may well cause us to slow down, reevaluate and recuperate.

The activation of the Light-Warrior will affect many of us I feel. This can express in many ways, but the general sense I get is one where altruistic pioneering actions on any level will be powerfully supported and protected by unseen benevolent forces. The symbol of the awakening of the Light-Warrior is one I think that will carry forward for most of this year. We may feel urged to do something new and courageous in the coming months, and we may notice that profound renewal is taking place as the months pass by; this is a time to break patterns of the past and take brave new intuitive steps forward without necessarily fully understanding what we are co-creating and where we are heading.


© 2023 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved

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