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Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction April 12th 2022

The Heralding of a New Cosmology?

I like to map planetary cycles especially with the slower moving planets, because these cycles shed light on how the cosmic energies are influencing us collectively (and individually) over longer periods of time. When two transiting planets come together in the sky in conjunction, the archetypes give birth to a new learning and development cycle, relative to the archetypes involved. The seed evolutionary impulses started at the conjunction carry through and develop until the next conjunction.

The archetype of Jupiter is strongly linked with the evolution of our beliefs, intuitive right-brain perception, and personal truth. We are currently at a collective threshold of transition in terms of what we believe is true about life, and how we perceive reality in terms of left-brain/right-brain perception. For example do we live in a mechanical universe, or is the cosmos alive in some way? Do we believe in a higher-power or do we think the material world is all there is? Do we get just one life, or do we reincarnate many times? Do we go to Heaven when we die (or Hell) or does something else happen? Do we always reap what we sow (karma) or is everything random? Do we have a soul subject to evolutionary intentions, or is this idea just a delusion? Is sexual pleasure innately evil, or is it a sacred gift we should embrace wisely? Are women equal to men? Do we have free will, or is everything predestined, or is it something in between? All these questions show just how many different beliefs we humans can have, and the nature of these beliefs affect our life choices and thus the world we help to create.

This transition is reflected in astrology by Jupiter rebirthing itself through all the prime transpersonal planetary archetypes between 2020 and 2024, starting with Pluto and Saturn in 2020, Neptune in 2022, and Uranus in 2024. This will have immense influence both individually and collectively, and will inevitably impact global culture in the longer term extending over the next decade or so. What we believe defines what we attract into our lives, and if this is undergoing evolutionary change we can expect life on this planet to change simply because we see things differently and act differently as a consequence.

The Current Jupiter Rebirthing Process 2020-2024 ~ Overview

  • Jupiter rebirths through Pluto in Capricorn Jan 2020 - the metamorphosis of truth and belief systems reaching into the heart of culture and society (until 2033)

  • Jupiter rebirths through Saturn in Aquarius Dec 2020 - the structure of beliefs are radically liberated through insight and disruption to make way for new ways of seeing things (until 2040)

  • Jupiter rebirths through Neptune in Pisces April 2022 - what we believe is infused with visions, inspirations and spiritual insight, such that obsolete ways of seeing things fall away and a new compassionate personal truth emerges (until 2035)

  • Jupiter rebirths through Uranus in Taurus in April 2024 - collective beliefs systems are infused with future forward humanitarian and egalitarian values which are grounded into practical embodied practises toward a "New Earth" (until 2037)

The Neptune-Jupiter cycle is generally 13 years long, and each cycle tracks the evolution of beliefs about fundamental reality i.e. the nature of the universe, and how these beliefs shape the human world. The cycle reflects how our understanding of reality evolves, affecting the way each of us relate to the spiritual side of life, to higher meaning and our relationship with the infinite One Creator. Every 166 years, the Neptune-Jupiter cycle completes a grand cycle - whenever Neptune and Jupiter conjoin in the sky in Aires a new meta-cycle relating to the evolution of world beliefs begins, sometimes giving rise to new spiritual movements.

The cycle now culminating (in Pisces over the next 13 years) was last seeded in Aquarius in 2009, and prior to that, the previous two cycles from 1984-2009 (25 years) were seeded in Capricorn. During the Capricorn influenced cycles, we saw the peak of secularism in the Western postmodern world, with a default atheistic materialist orientation for many, and for those on a spiritual path, the tendency to look to past spiritual wisdom systems such as Yoga, Buddhism, Sufism, and Gnosticism. Since 2009 there has been a shift away from drawing from the past to looking to the future, and from established traditional or authoritative systems to heterodox cutting edge science; the collective growth pertaining to our understanding of the universe has undergone a rapid acceleration and been moving beyond the traditional viewpoint of the Science-materialist authorities, into new unorthodox areas of research. Notably within this Aquarian cycle period from 2009, heretical figures such as biologists Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton have caught the public attention; Sheldrake for his book entitled “The Science Delusion” and his banned TED talk of the same name, and Lipton for his book “The Biology of Belief” challenging the notion that our genetics define everything about us, in favour of epigenetics and the idea that our beliefs and life attitude, including the quality of our thoughts and emotions have significant influence over genetic expression. These ideas support the holistic notion that negative mental and emotional patterns are often the underlying cause of illness.

Around the same time, the documentary “What The Bleep Do We Know?”, taking viewers down the rabbit hole into the world of quantum physics, spirituality and consciousness, has since stimulated a shift in the mind sets of many around the world. The low budget film was to eventually gross over $16 million and it was played in theatres for over a year. Although the film initially came out in 2004, with a dvd release in 2005, it launched numerous new thinkers onto the world stage, such as Dr Joe Dispenza, who have continued to build momentum, coinciding with a shift within the science community from Science-Materialism to Panpsychism, and more interest overall in the much avoided hard question of what consciousness is. Of note, the film is currently described in Wikipedia as pseudoscience, highlighting its heretical nature within the established Scientific world.

The last cycle in Aquarius has definitely seen the frontier of spiritual expansion occurring through heterodox thought and new scientific development and exploration into subtle energy, quantum fields, holographic theory and research into understanding human consciousness, beyond the confining idea that it is just a byproduct of chemicals in the brain.

The new Neptune-Jupiter cycle birthing at 23˚ Pisces promises the dissolution of obsolete ideas about the nature of ultimate reality, and will set a new space for an entirely new world view, which will gain more traction in the following Neptune-Jupiter cycle commencing in 2035. To give you a sense of the possibilities, when Isaac Newton first established classical mechanics in his book published in 1687 entitled “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy” - the idea that the universe was mechanical in nature, Neptune and Jupiter were in the late stages of an Aquarian cycle (Science) and soon after made a conjunction in Pisces just 3 years later in 1690. Newton’s ideas about the nature of the universe radically changed our view of the world and have been the foundation of Science-Materialism ever since; his ideas caused the dissolution of an old world-view, and effectively gave us a new cosmology that made possible the Industrial Revolution.

The following grand cycle culminating in Pisces in 1856 and rebirthing in Aires in 1869, marked the emergence of Spiritualism, which later became the foundation of the New Age Movement that today strongly influences modern post-secular spirituality.

Now in 2022 once again we approach the culmination of the Neptune/Jupiter grand cycle, which will most certainly trigger another spiritual renaissance and a move toward greater connection with each other and with the cosmos, preparing the way for a possible new world-religion or spiritual paradigm, when a new grand cycle begins in 2035: whatever happens in the next 13 years will provide the basis for this new paradigm.

One could say that quantum physics (popularised since 2009 through social media) has acted as a bridge between Newtonian science and ancient spiritual philosophy, opening the way for the secular minded to be able to more easily rationalise and legitimise a growing interest in spirituality, driven by a hunger for deeper meaning, in an ever more chaotic world. For example, without quantum physics we would not have been able to understand the Mayan Calendar system, as brought to us by another biologist Carl Calleman in his book “The Purposeful Universe”, which came out at the beginning of the last Aquarian Neptune-Jupiter cycle in 2009.

The Sabian Symbols are a sequence of psychic images attributed to each degree of the zodiac and can be used to add greater detail to specific celestial events. The Sabian symbol for the 24th degree of Pisces is: On a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, people are seen living in close interaction.

This symbol highlights several themes for the next cycle:

  • An emphasis on individual spiritual development, suggesting a great many people will continue to awaken through paranormal experiences with the subtle dimensions. This means that many will proceed to develop their own spiritual connections with intelligences in the other-worlds; what are commonly called spirit guides and helpers, and that this is going to be one of the prime ways that we will be developing spiritually over the next 13 years. For many, contact from other dimensions will be the only way they can break through self-limiting mental programming, to rekindle a much needed spiritual connection. For those already advanced in this regard, there will continue to be an expansion into the spiritual realm, and the development of sophisticated inter-dimensional guidance-networks, through which healing and new spiritual teachings can be garnered.

  • On another level, we can expect to see a collective movement toward paying more attention to how we influence the world, and a growing desire to live one’s dharma; to walk more lightly on the Earth, with consideration to living in accordance with nature and spiritual laws. During this period we will be collectively learning how to interact with the unseen, through the development of psychic abilities, and a shift toward balancing an over emphasis on the outer-world with more focus on the inner-world, self-awareness and spiritual connection. Ultimately this could lead to many realising their oneness with the Earth, through experiences that promote inter-connectedness with all things.

  • We can also expect to see an increasing interest in spiritual systems of healing such as shamanism, hands on healing, and crystal healing, as well as quantum/energy based systems of healing such as homoeopathy, flower essence therapy, sound healing etc. Its true that these systems are already reasonably well established, but they are actively debunked and kept to the fringes of society; spiritual healers thus far have generally been unable to practise full-time due to a need to earn money in other ways. My sense is that there will be energised interest in this healing sector especially by 2025 (The next Jupiter-Neptune Square). How many who dream of co-creating spiritual healing centres across the world, will finally find the way open to make their dreams a reality in the next decade?

  • This conjunction may also represent the birthing ground of new 'fifth density' social culture. In other words the emergence of spiritualised individuals coming together in larger co-creative or cooperative groups, living in a new way, forging new ways of being in relationship based on love, compassion and empathy, and working together to establish higher culture from the ground level up.

Is there a dark side?

Having focused on the positive potentials of this new cycle, it is relevant to bring attention to the challenges of this upcoming conjunction. Aside from Neptune being about spiritual connection, and our intimate relationship with Divine intelligence, in whichever way we envision this, Neptune is also a murky realm in which beginners are especially prone to delusion, and Jupiter tends to amplify whatever it touches. So while there may indeed be a spiritual renaissance of sorts, we can also expect there to be an amplification of idealism, fantasy, deception, illusion and escapism. Neptune although representing our evolutionary journey toward Source, can also represent the ways we resist connection to the higher power, and this resistance shows up as escapism on all levels including addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, films, pulp fiction and spiritual bypassing. Some may choose to wear ‘angel tinted’ glasses, dazzled by ascension storylines that promise a sudden effortless shift in consciousness, free from spiritual responsibility, without the need for any authentic inner work. In my view these perennial Neptunian ideas on ascension are likely to be too idealistic, or at least incomplete and somewhat misunderstood.

The Neptune Conjunction Chart showing key patterns

The April 12th 2022 conjunction occurs in energetic collusion with the lunar nodes in Scorpio/Taurus, making a square aspect with the centaur Asbolus at 24˚ Gemini, and in a wide conjunction with the centaur Nessus in Pisces. Saturn in Aquarius adds to the energy of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction via an exact semi-sextile aspect. For an astrology symbols reference list click here

The nodal axis in a trine/sextile relationship with the Neptune-Jupiter conjunction speaks to lessons pertaining to the misuse of energy versus integrity. The karmic past strongly influences the potential of this new cycle, and this could amplify the attraction to manipulate and take advantage of others (especially new spiritual seekers), while challenging us to reach for a grounded practical level of integrity. For example Youtube is host to an expanding array of spiritual channellers and readers some of whom are acting with integrity and others not. I’ve been noticing tarot readings presented on YouTube targeting newcomers with readings on the astrological sun signs e.g. Taurus or Cancer etc, with the caveat statement that if the reading doesn’t resonate with you, then it is not meant for you! As a tarot consultant myself, this is an obvious misuse of tarot, without any true metaphysical understanding of the craft, and of no relevance to anyone. Another area that has recently drawn my attention is the New Age concept of Twin Souls, exploited by scammers, who attempt to prey on vulnerable individuals by posing as their twin soul.

How many individuals without sufficient metaphysical knowledge, dabbling in magical practises, are unwittingly practising black magic?

How many people knowingly practise black magic while underestimating the karmic consequences?

How has our collective ignorance of black magic sub-culture negatively affected world events?

These themes will be coming up collectively as part of a culmination process in the years leading up to 2035, requiring us to overcome and release these shadowy aspects and reach for more grounded realism, integrity and higher values as a means to mitigate the challenge of truth versus fantasy inherent to Neptune's realm.

How do we discern which spiritual resources, teachings and practitioners are reliable and true from those whose intentions are self-serving?

And should we allow ourselves to be ‘captured’ by perceived spiritual masters and powerful teachings, or should we take the steady path to self knowledge in a more self-reliant way?

How do we find the right balance between the two?

Nessus in a wide conjunction with the new cycle activating, indicates an element of work needed in the years to come: shadow integration will be a vital part of the emerging new spiritual impulse, especially in regard to the integration and empowerment of the Divine feminine. His presence at the seeding of this new cycle implies also the emergence of Self-Realisation as a necessary spiritual pursuit in the coming years.

Asbolus in a first quarter square with Neptune, provides the key to successfully handling this transit. How do we make sense of the signs and signals, the intuitions and inner messages driving new spiritual aspirations? In this, Asbolus in Gemini offers us the directive to not take everything at face value, but to use objective observation and critical thinking in our navigational strategy, so we don’t get swept up in wishful conclusions, as stunning synchronicities and wondrous alignments reinitiate us into the magical universe.

Asbolus gives every indication that each one of us will be receiving guidance from spiritual dimensions; the question will be whether we will ignore the messages as mere coincidences or fanciful thoughts, or if we will learn to listen to the promptings of the inner guide, without projecting our hopes and fears into them, and trust enough to take action.

Saturn in Aquarius should help stabilise and ground the potential of the Neptune-Jupiter conjunction into a responsible and objective context, and the liberation from limiting mental patterns will go hand in hand with spiritual expansion ~ spiritual experiences will cause personal revelations that change the way we think, while ongoing disruptions to a 'normal' way of life will challenge existing ideas about reality and open the way for spiritual awakening to occur.

Now that the turbulent and disruptive energies generated by the Pluto-Uranus squares between 2007-2020 in Capricorn are ebbing away (so too the Pluto-Eris square although it is yet still active), the upcoming Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces may well provide some degree of spiritual upliftment in the midst of so much chaos. At the same time it is more likely that the global uncertainty we are all immersed in through two years of Covid, followed by WWIII fears over the current situation in the Ukraine, and the economic consequences of these two events, will provide many with an inner stimulus to seek out greater meaning and purpose through spiritual connection, or to sink deeper into disillusionment. In this we all have a choice: we can let ourselves be spun around by 'infotainment' posing as truth, or we can go inward and follow our own innate truth. The next major collective change will be Pluto's ingress into Aquarius in 2023-2024, so for the time being we cannot expect the world situation to stabilise in the near future, but there are significant opportunities for radical personal and cultural change in the coming years.

On this it is worth considering that the current time offers a profound sense of uncertainty that always accompanies any kind of transformation on a large scale. Everything has to feel like it is on the line, otherwise, there won’t be enough psychological power to produce the profound moral reconfiguration that is needed to revision our world toward real peace, equity and inter-connection.

© 2022 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved

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Aquila Idha is a Self-Realisation Mentor, Evolutionary Astrologer and Tarot Consultant in service to those committed to spiritual growth and development.


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