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Cancer Solstice Forecast '24

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In astrology, the solstices and equinoxes occur when the sun enters one of the four cardinal signs: Aires, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, and the cardinal signs act as doorways for metaphysical energy to more easily influence the field; they tend to initiate change. For this reason, much like with eclipses, which are also liminal magical gateways, we can use a chart cast for these days to gather useful information about human evolution and its affect on the world. I use the term magical in the sense of spiritual energy shaping matter, or the power of Mind to influence outcome, and in the case of the solstice for about 3-6 months.

The sun is central to the evolution of consciousness on the planet, and is directly linked to sun-spot activity and the transmission of visible and invisible light, and throughout the year, pulses of energy pour into the human collective field and the Gaian energy system, much like notes played on a piano generating a shifting musical chord over time. In this way the forecasts are best understood together and not just as sole events, but rather as energy downloads that mix and merge with those that came before.

Astrological symbols express quite differently depending on one's core vibration of consciousness, so there are numerous ways we each can experience how the cosmic energies in play move us. In addition I work increasingly with the newer archetypes correlating to new celestial bodies discovered since 2000. These newer archetypes operate at much higher vibrations than the traditional more personal ones, and this means that the more we ascend in vibration the more we become conscious of these newer cosmic players, and the more they influence us.

I write from an esoteric foundation and aim to decode causative patterns rather than the effects. I am not trying to predict exactly what will happen in the world, but rather to unveil the nature of the energy unfolding and the evolutionary opportunity available to all of us, so we are better prepared to respond individually.


With the Solstice and Equinox forecast charts I like to include more of the new trans-neptunian archetypes to give a more nuanced appreciation of the energy flows for the coming 3 months. For this reason the chart looks packed with activity, I will do my best to keep things as succinct as possible, while also offering you a greater awareness of what to expect in the middle of 2024. We are all a little different, and as such some themes may be more personally salient than others; we each have an archetypal blueprint of our own, and so respond to the energies in relatively unique ways, while also conforming to generalised trends.

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Chart cast for the Cancer Solstice on June 20th 21.51 BST / 16.51 EDT

For a guide to the astrological symbols click here


Astro Technicals:


  • Quaoar in exact conjunction with Pholus in Capricorn

  • Nessus in exact conjunction with Saturn, both also conjunct T-Wako in Pisces

  • Chiron conjunct Hygeia in Aries

  • Asbolus conjunct Venus and the Solstice Sun in Cancer

  • Orcus in exact conjunction to Dark Moon Lilith in Virgo

  • Makemake conjunct Logos-Zoë and the South Node in Libra


  • Ixion opposing the Solstice Sun, Asbolus, Venus and Mercury

  • Orcus and Dark Moon Lilith opposing Nessus and Saturn

  • Typhon opposing Uranus

  • Makemake and Logos-Zoë opposing Manwë


  • A T-Square featuring Makemake, Logos-Zoë, Manwë and Ixion at the apex

  • A T-Square featuring Makemake, Logos-Zoë, Manwë and Quaoar and Pholus at the apex

  • Typhon opposing Uranus with Praamzius at the apex

  • Orcus and Dark Moon Lilith square the Moon

  • Pluto square Haumea


  • Quaoar and Pholus trine Mars

  • Chiron and Hygeia trine Praamzius

  • Haumea trine the Solstice Sun, Asbolus and Venus


  • Typhon inconjunct Chiron and Hygeia

  • The South Node, Logos-Zoë and Makemake inconjunct Mars

  • Pluto inconjunct the Solstice Sun, Asbolus and Venus


Personal adjustments as we move into the Pluto-Aquarius Cycle

man, urn, rainbow, water

Central to this years Cancer Solstice is a close inconjunct with Pluto in the early degrees of Aquarius. The Pluto-Aquarius cycle lasting until 2043 will soon be underway in earnest by the end of this year [Pluto will spend time in Capricorn one last time from early Sep - late Nov 2024] and for the last 12 months or so we have been collectively transitioning between two fundamentally different evolutionary directives. 

The Pluto-Capricorn years have been flavoured with: 

  • Austerity [Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 just before the financial downturn] 

  • Deep social reform [even if we haven’t seen the fruits of this yet - the pro humanity alliance (with incentives such as NESARA/GESARA, the R/V, and the push back against globalist agendas and child trafficking etc) began to take direct action against the current mis-use of the system after 2012]

  • The emergence of more control by the powerful [e.g Vaccine passports and mandates] 

  • A shift of money into the super-wealthy sector [Covid lockdowns]. 

During this period, world events have served to stimulate many to question their reality, and in 2020 Pluto and Saturn made conjunction, initiating a crumbling of realities and the transformation of world systems; if we hadn’t noticed things were changing, the year 2020 made this more salient for everyone.

Pluto is now in early Aquarius, ushering in a change in the way we evolve personally and collectively [I cover this in more detail in an earlier post Pluto in Aquarius ~ A New Era]. Suffice to say we can expect humanitarian issues to be at the forefront of our collective concerns and a move toward more freedom and equality as we break away from the old systems and generate new ones. 

As a cosmic transmitter, the Solstice Sun, now inconjunct to Pluto, indicates an evolutionary need to make adjustments as we prepare for the future; the new energy will stimulate us to make subtle internal changes as we deal with the global energy now changing. The emphasis here is on optimisation and renewed flow of energy as we align to the emergent Aquarian energy.

The Sun/Venus/Asbolus conjunction in Cancer energises emotional awareness for the next 3 months, asking us to move forward in the world with more love, emotional self-reliance, honouring fears and insecurities, while also paying attention to psychic messages and repeating patterns as a way to navigate forward. We are reminded that each one of us is hardwired to spiritual guidance all the time; the signal quality may vary from person to person, but it is always available in some form if we choose it.

Potent energy for Earth renewal

animals, Earth, Moon, sky, rainbow, mountains, goddess

Haumea (a goddess of renewal) now recently in Scorpio at 0˚, marks a change in the emergence of the New Earth paradigm, opening the way for planetary regeneration; we are entering a time period where energy is increasingly available to promote renewal and rebirth. Haumea is in close square to Pluto in Aquarius, emphasising Pluto’s early role as paving the way for the New Earth in the years to come. Pluto will shift gear from exposing the failure and corruption within our systems, culture and institutions (Capricorn) and now begin bringing into the light, corruption within the elite sub-cultural groups, especially those accumulating power and influence.

The Solstice Sun makes an exact trine to Haumea, and will act as a carrier for her wisdom and teaching over the next 3 months, and given the slow movement of Haumea, this influence will continue over the next few years at each Cancer Solstice, adding an annual pulse wave to the incoming energy. This solstice, Haumea offers us a greater capacity for renewal and regeneration, especially when we are willing to liberate from the past, which could be especially helpful for those with health challenges or those who have recently undergone cathartic life changes.

Revelations of our ancient past are part of the way we move forward

statues, easter island

A T-square featuring Manwë opposing Makemake and Logos-Zoë, with Quaoar, Pholus and Ixion at the apex describes another collective influence: Manwë, the champion of the Light, now stimulates new discoveries and revelations pertaining to humanity’s true origins, as high frequency energy generates shifts in consensus thinking. Makemake has been close to the lunar South Node for a while now in Libra, in a square to Quaoar and Pholus in Capricorn; the crumbling of realities to make way for expanded new ones, is linked to the percolation of radical new ideas about our human origins, and past high cultures, associated with terms such as Atlantis and Lemuria, in stark contrast to a tightly controlled archaeological and historical narrative. Our origin story, and the wisdom of prior golden ages, is intrinsically linked to the re-emergence of Christ Consciousness on the planet. At the forefront of this issue is the realisation that the human genome has been artificially edited about 300,000 years ago, when Homo sapiens sapiens first appears in our historic timeline; there is scientific data showing that 2 chromosomes have been spliced together enabling speech (splicing of this kind can only be artificial). The proposition here is that an early indigenous hominid was genetically altered to create humanity as we know it today. 

Perhaps more significant, is the notion that our human biology is a highly prized galactic evolutionary development, and that the human body-vehicle offers incredible co-creative capacities that almost all of us have no sense of, given that we have only recently collectively emerged out of a dark age of very limited spiritual awareness. These latent capacities are linked to the fabled siddhis of the Vedic tradition; magical powers and abilities that emerge through yogic advancement, such as knowing the past, present and future; knowing the minds of others; immunity to fire and poison; levitation; bi-location; and the capacity to transition from this life at will. I mention this in the context of a world paradigm, where the body is typically viewed as a faulty machine, incapable of any genius, and in desperate need of man-made (corporate funded) chemical interventions as a means to overcome suffering and extend life. 

With Ixion also at the apex of this T-Square, we can expect to see two different realties playing out in the world simultaneously; Quaoar and Pholus are stimulating us to awaken to our full human potential, while Ixion represents established forces and ways of seeing the world that effectively limit and incapacitate us as individuals. In this way souls can be caught in the mind-trap that disables and encourages dependence on established outer authorities, such as the health-care system that essentially pedals band-aid palliative options as the only solutions; or souls can currently be liberating from this way of thinking into more open territory, where the immense power of the human body-intelligence can be more easily harnessed and realised. 

The Ixion influence also plays out in the dogmatic and non-changing schools of thought, such as archeology and science; the tendency for established authority figures to censor or debunk new emergent information that renders previous ideas obsolete and also their prestige and careers; Ixion represents the choice to put personal desires as a priority over truth or the welfare of others, and this is one reason why most of us have scientific notions that are decades out of date!

Personal activations stimulate a desire for greater self-reliance and the evolution of personal values

owl, snake, eagle, panther, medicine wheel

The Logos-Zoë/Makemake/South Node conjunction in Libra indicates a resurfacing of past information connected with pre-diluvial golden-age cultures, as well as the lost or hidden spiritual-alchemy wisdom emanating from ancient eras, such as expressed through the Rosicrucian tradition, sacred geometry, or the gnostic esoteric branches, connected with the realisation of Christ Consciousness. In one sense, this could reflect as the return of past spiritual-initiate souls in large numbers to assist with the ascension transition, and it could also represent a key window of time when many are now actively retrieving past life memories associated with spiritual knowledge and wisdom, as part of a greater awakening process. This type of soul-retrieval is in turn activating deep changes in the way we go about life; as we each remember more about who we are at the spiritual level, and the legacy and lineage we belong to, we naturally alter course and move toward a higher purpose. 

Mars in Taurus makes a trine with Quaoar and Pholus, while also making an inconjunct with Logos-Zoë and Makemake: soul-memory access generates an adjustment to what we desire in life, nourishing the evolution of personal value systems and greater self-enablement, independent of others - or in other words, a deep personal inner connection with Source. This adjustment also improves the way we respond to the new high frequency transmissions emanating from the Galactic Centre and the Sun.

Astraea returns?

Astrea, goddess, moon, stars, scales, earth
Astrea - goddess of universal law

The position of Logos-Zoë and Makemake in Libra, together with Praamzius and Varuna in Leo, makes me wonder whether we are seeing the return of the goddess Astraea, and thus another sign that we are collectively now moving back toward universal law. In myth, Astraea is linked to past golden ages. She is the goddess of innocence, purity and natural law, and when the last Yuga cycle began its descent, marking the gradual loss of knowledge and spiritual awareness, she was the last of the higher archetypal angelic agencies to remain anchored on the Earth - eventually however, humanity degraded into increasing lawlessness that she left the Earth vowing to return only when humanity once again began respecting the higher virtues and principles. She became the constellation of Virgo holding the scales of balance (Libra), which is why Virgo is associated with natural law principles.

Varuna and Praamzius, two of the newer archetypes connected to spiritual knowledge and alignment with the higher-power, are both now transiting Leo, and now energising self-realisation as part of the return of high culture. In my view, golden-age cultures as recorded in the past, were all imbued with spiritual knowledge that enabled them to co-exist with hunter-gatherers, without exploiting them or plundering the Earth. 

Personal journeys now dovetailing with healing and self-realisation processes

harmonia, female, healing, heart, light

Typhon opposing Uranus continues a theme of collective disruptions in the world, as repressed aspects of the collective human psyche are brought more and more into personal awareness. For some of us, this may be a literal theme in our personal lives. Praamzius at the apex of a T-Square, and thus highly stimulated through the disruptions in the world, is promoting more awakening especially through the healing of deep soul wounds by holistic methods. There is an element of crisis occurring for many of us, as we are called to look at the collective Shadow more directly than before.

Meanwhile Orcus conjunct Dark Moon Lilith emphasises the challenge to the emergent spiritual initiate, to overcome past wounds connected with shaming, where we felt worthless, inadequate, impure or imperfect. In the next few months, layers of this may arise and it could be quite cathartic at times. The opposition of Saturn conjunct Nessus in Pisces, highlights deep and painful victimisation and persecution themes for many of those now remembering who they are. These must be purged and overcome. It will help greatly if we are willing to expand beyond our wounded storylines. 


This is not to say that June, July and August are going to be solely heavy and challenging - the blending of archetypal themes is complex and there are plenty of mitigating factors that will soften some of the more intense themes. 

Venus, goddess, shell, water, mountains, people
Venus in Cancer - joy, community, love, and abundance

Venus in close conjunction to the Solstice Sun in Cancer, will at least make the Solstice celebrations loving, abundant, and harmonious this year - the high energy of this moment can and perhaps should be used to elevate the collective field. These are not easy times for many if not all of us, and the role of the Light Worker and Light Warrior is to shine the unifying energy of Love as a counter balance to the heightened conflict, polarisation and fear also present in the world. 

There is work to be done at the individual level, and yet I sense that the world is indeed turning and we are generating powerful solutions to apparent emerging problems. For the individual, the power lies in self transformation, regeneration and its knock on effect in the Field.

My upcoming Cancer New Moon Forecast will focus on the more personal archetypal themes...stay tuned!


© 2024 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved. Please credit and reference me and this website when choosing to use any written part of this article.

Aquila offers Self-realisation mentoring, Evolutionary Astrology, and Tarot sessions for those awakening to their true potential.


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