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The U.S. Pluto Return - What does it mean for the world?

The US Pluto Return is an astrological event occurring when the transit of Pluto returns to the same place it was when the US Republic was founded in 1776, some 246 years ago. The lead up to the US Pluto Return includes cosmological events such as the culmination of the Mayan Calendar at the end of 2011, an extended period of social disruption and evolution between 2007-2020 known as the Pluto-Uranus squares, the more recent Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Jan 2020 followed by the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction also in 2020. (I cover these in more detail in earlier posts)

For now I will simply highlight the intense social changes that have been stirred up by the Pluto-Uranus squares, which have been central to global events since 2007, as reflected by a mass awakening to the issues of inequality in the world, and subsequent protests that have been ongoing all over the globe in relation to inequality on all levels, including race, sex, sexual orientation, and social class, all of which have been putting enormous pressure on the existing status quo, which largely operates through a dysfunctional hierarchy.

Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn in 2008, has only amplified the way these energies have been impacting on society and our global systems: for instance within 2 months of Pluto’s presence in Capricorn, we experienced the financial crash of 2008, followed by many years of austerity measures imposed by Plutocrats, which did not work for the common good.

The US Pluto Return coincides with a country now in social turmoil, heightened polarisation, disillusionment, and poverty, with fears of a 2nd civil war on the horizon. The Pluto return symbolises a profound metamorphosis in connection with the ideals upon which the USA was founded ~ an evolutionary cycle is now coming to completion, which means that the country as a whole is experiencing the decay and breakdown of society and a powerful spiritual fermentation, which will give rise to a new evolutionary directive. In this article I’m going to envision the renewal of the USA as a key potential of this transit, which is now reaching a tipping point toward significant breakthroughs with regard to the current oppressive social turmoil and uncertainty.

How did the Republic of the US first come about, and why did it go wrong?

Most of us know that there is something special and different about the American Constitution, in particular the famous Bill of Rights, a document containing the first ten amendments to the constitution, guaranteeing essential rights and civil liberties, such as the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, and the right to a fair trial, as well as protecting the role of the states in American government. The notion of essential rights and civil liberties belongs to the archetype of Aquarius and its ruler Uranus, and although we commonly think this evolution within humanity toward equity and justice was newly emergent in the world, as reflecting in the American War of Independence, and the French Revolution, both of which occurred in the late 1700s, followed by the American Civil War (1861-1865), the notion of equal and exact justice for everyone had been implemented long before white Europeans arrived on the shores of North America. Five Native American nations had come together much earlier and vowed they would never war against each other, creating one of the oldest republics we know of in history called the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Faithkeeper Oren Lyons tells of how a great peacemaker brought five warring nations together and laid out some key principles from which to govern: Peace, Equity, and Unity.

It was later that the Iroquois people instructed the early white settlers to make a union like theirs, and eventually over the years the white European settlers decided to take on this advice, which became the driving vision of some of the founding fathers; an emerging desire for independence from England, and English common law, inspired the creation of an entirely new “Aquarian” system, which would liberate the New-World from the old Imperial structures; a movement lead by Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams. However there were more traditional players with privileged status; the old-school elites, who saw Democracy as a threat to the existing world order, which would compromise the power of elite members (a perception within elite circles still occurring to this day). As such there was a battle of sorts between the two visions, the existing hierarchical social order of things (Saturn) versus a new vision for a better more egalitarian future (Uranus), and at that time the Saturnian forces won, lead by players such as Alexander Hamilton and John Dickinson.

They put several safeguards into the new constitutional structure to guarantee that the people couldn’t actually exercise power within the government; they compromised the original purity of a vision of a new freedom based system, by installing elements that would ensure that their power and advantage couldn’t be touched by democratic vote. In fact the US Senate wasn’t even elected by the common people until the early 1900s; before that only white male landowners could appoint people into the Senate, and only those in the Senate could effectively choose who would become President. So although there is a great deal of optimism and excitement over the Bill of Rights, it in itself was effectively driven in over the top of a system designed to favour elite individuals, almost as an afterthought, and much like a side-agreement. Thus the fundamentals of the American system were designed to systematically divest real authority from ordinary people to put it into the hands of an elite new gentry.

In the early years, state governments passed very tight laws controlling corporations, but because the constitution was set up to protect property rights in favour of existing elite landowners, over time, corporations which themselves owned land, were able to seize rights which were originally constitutionally protected, giving more and more power to corporations, which lead to the easy exploitation of nature and the common people.

246 years later, it has become self-evident that the noble idea of equal opportunity and fundamental liberty has failed; less than 1% of the population have more money and more advantage than the rest put together. In addition to this, the issue of equality is juxtaposed by a global existential threat due to the existing system’s habitual exploitation of nature for profit.

The Pluto Return Chart

On February 20th 2022 the first of what will be three exact passes of transiting Pluto to the USA’s natal Pluto occurred at 27˚ Capricorn, the next two passes will be on the 11th July and the 28th December 2022. Of course the lead up to these conjunctions has been ongoing with evolutionary pressure building especially over the last 12 months or so.

I will focus on the transit chart drawn for the 11th July since this is at the heart of the transit and the next exact pass. I’m going to include some of the new archetypes, which you may not be familiar with; for a guide to the chart symbols click here.

The key astrological patterns are:

(If you don’t know astrology, you can skip ahead as this will be a list of technical astro-jargon)

  1. At the same time Pluto makes his 2nd exact pass to natal Pluto, Transiting Ixion is also in an exact conjunction with natal Ixion in Capricorn (The Ixion Return)

  2. Orcus is also making a return to natal Orcus in Virgo having just past the conjunction

  3. Chiron in Aires is approaching a Chiron return, just 4˚ off the exact conjunction

  4. Transiting Jupiter in Aires is in a tight last quarter square with natal Uranus in Gemini, while in trine with the natal North Node in Leo

  5. Transiting Eris in Aires is making a last quarter square with both natal and transiting Pluto

  6. Transiting Sedna in Taurus is in a close trine with natal Pluto

  7. Transiting Varuna in Leo is making a conjunction with the Lunar North Node, while Transiting Chariklo is making a conjunction with the South Node in Aquarius

  8. Transiting Saturn is making an exact conjunction with the natal Moon in Aquarius

  9. Transiting Icarus is making a conjunction with natal Pluto in Capricorn, while transiting Haumea is making a last quarter square with natal Pluto

  10. Transiting Mars in Taurus is making a square with the natal nodes

  11. Transiting Varda in Sagittarius trine transiting Eris, is in a first quarter square with natal Neptune in Virgo, in a semi-sextile with natal Pluto and opposes natal Mars in Gemini

  12. Transiting Manwë in Aires is in a T- Square with natal Ixion in Capricorn and natal Venus in Cancer

  13. And finally the Sun and Mercury in Cancer conjoin the Midheaven making a last quarter square with natal Saturn in Libra

These are just the most prominent highlights, and there is a lot going on in this transit chart. I will do my best to keep things simple and bring to light some of the major themes in play.

The rebirth of the USA is positioned within the ongoing context of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, which began in 2008 and will conclude in 2023, and as such it comes at the culmination of the breakdown of society, the crumbling of realities, quickened by the ongoing exposure of our failing systems and corruption at all levels over the last decade or so. Those of us who are questioning the official narrative or who are tired of the old system of control on this planet, are eagerly waiting for some significant change and relief from the recent intensity catalysed by the global covid ‘pandemic’ fear and hysteria. So it is with some optimism that the USA now undergoes a Pluto return.

Ixion The Evil-doer

Ixion in Capricorn now making a return to natal Ixion, in first quarter square with transiting Manwë, is exciting because the shadow side of what has been going on with the USA is now culminating and rebirthing, while the protector forces of the light now directly engage on behalf of humanity to help overcome the control of the deep state and their nefarious agendas. We are going to see more and more, the emergence of high-frequency players on the world stage in service to a greater good.

Ixion is a gateway archetype to the shadow, and whatever we collectively repress, ends up operating behind the scenes. At the founding of the USA, this manifested as the hidden hand of elite families manipulating the formation of the constitution, in order to thwart the very real threat that true democracy poses to those who desire power and money over all other things. The natal conjunction of Ixion and Eris make a potent pairing with regard to how far these people have gone to maintain and increase their power in the world over the last few hundred years; there has been unimaginable suffering.


Manwë is a new archetype representing high frequency expressions of light and love; he is the new upgraded Divine masculine principle, forged through those embodying compassion, sensitivity, integrity and empathy, and Manwë now at 1˚ Aires is rebirthing in the world and emerging in an active way as the spiritual warrior. It is unlikely that dark self interested parties will be able to continue into the next Ixion/Pluto cycles as they have done in the past: the planetary vibrations shifting upwards will simply not allow it. More than likely we will see the dissipation of control and corruption in our systems, through a new level of engagement with shadow work, as a means to prevent the shadow ever coming as close to total world domination again. The role of Manwë will be expressing through many people now awakening, as well as through off-world representatives of high cultures now visiting the planet from far away places.

Eris ~ Goddess of Discord

While transiting Pluto and Eris are square in the sky, generating ongoing global disruption and chaos especially in global systems, Eris in Aires is also causing necessary strife in the USA. I say necessary because the warrior feminine power and rage at a system that denies freedom and equality, serves to generate unrest so that needed changes can occur. Chaos opens the way for systems to rebirth themselves; sometimes we need to feel uncomfortable in order to actively reach for positive change.

There will be those that will want to cling to ‘sleep’ and prefer to avoid looking at the world with new eyes and seeing what really is, but there will be many who have no choice now but to awaken more and more to a new vision for the Earth, and as a consequence, for the USA. With Saturn conjunct the natal Moon in Aquarius, it will be the common people who are going to feel the effects of ongoing system disruption, and while the old system kicks back with more control enforcement, no doubt more and more people will awaken to the reality that they do not live in the land of the free as previously believed, and will want to do something about it.


Varda as the harbinger of the light lends her high frequency support to the Eris function, while these powerful feminine archetypes come together in harmonious trine, with transiting Neptune joining Varda in a square. Transiting Neptune is also in opposition to natal Neptune; there is no doubt that a spiritual awakening is a key component of the times, forcing many to confront their illusions and thus driving the shift to a better world; there is a lot of support from the forces of light operating in other dimensions of being.

Part of the way forward continues to be about enough American people realising the mind manipulation they have been subjected to, and being willing to question more deeply and go about finding answers beyond the official narratives. I think with Icarus conjunct natal Pluto there is energy available for the people to begin to engage the real truth of the USA and to take more responsibility for what comes next, and for going deeper into the hard reality as an old way comes to an end: to come to terms with the realisation that there are vital elements missing from the constitution that create big problems, for example there is no consideration for organised labour or workers, the protection of nature is not included, women were excluded during the making of the constitution, and as such it doesn’t recognise personhood for women.

Chiron The Wounded Healer

In addition, Chiron’s imminent return in the USA founding chart also means the opportunity for the people of the USA to come to a new level of healing the old wounds, through a greater understanding of the past, especially connected to the genocide of indigenous peoples and their subsequent disenfranchisement within the American corporate culture, as well as the deep wounding inflicted through slavery, and the current intensity over the rights and social status of those with darker skin.

Varuna and Chariklo conjunct the natal nodes offer support to the future of the USA. Varuna is an archetype related to natural law principles, and his ordering influence will probably support an emerging collective recognition that personal sovereignty and responsibility are natural law characteristics, which should help enable more people to take right action in their personal lives. Right action is linked directly to the concept of Dharma, where one’s actions and intentions are aligned in service with the whole. This may trigger the collective realisation that the American people must creatively engage in order to remediate, reform, and transform themselves and their way of life. This is not going to happen from the top down.

Much of what is happening in the world today is linked to a change in astrological eras, as we now move into the Aquarian age, where the pursuit of self-realisation will eventually be at the centre of culture. We can no longer tolerate world systems that essentially enslave the majority in low paid jobs, while distracting them from their innate potential. In the future many more of us will want to realise our potential as individuals; living the life we were born to live, and as the awareness returns to us that we are immutable spiritual beings having temporary human lifetimes, we are going to collectively demand the freedom to self-realise as a basic human right.

Chariklo will be encouraging the healing processes needed within the American people to overcome past traumas as a fundamental prerequisite to the founding of a true democratic republic, free from the covert machinations of the deep state. Haumea adds pressure to the renewal process driving for justice, reparation and fairness, especially for the natural world; the new constitution must give innate rights to mother nature to prevent further exploitation of natural resources for profit.

Haumea - Goddess of Nature

The renewal of Orcus in Virgo conjunct natal Varuna is a sure sign that new ecological values and laws to protect the natural balance in the world will become an ever more salient need. The Libran issue of fairness, justice and balance will be at the forefront of everything as the Sun and Mercury in Cancer on the midheaven move into last quarter square with natal Saturn in Libra - empathy and community will be instrumental in driving the changes in the USA in the years to come, and we can expect women to take more positive and influential roles toward a more egalitarian way of life.

New awareness will stimulate many to question whether the USA should attempt to continue into the future on a system that is built on a 1780s view of the world. Sedna in Taurus in trine with natal Pluto has been highlighting the plight of the victims within society; those in poverty struggling to survive, and those exploited sexually through sex trafficking and pornography. Her influence is driving a need for a change in value systems as a means to survive - to overcome the disenchantment with the universe, and to reinvigorate human welfare by elevating life to the sacred once again - in short a much needed move to an integral way of seeing the world. Mars in Taurus leads the charge through an active challenge to moral and financial corruption; many will be drawn to stand up for greater integrity and higher values.

The Phoenix ~ A symbol of radical rebirth

Overall this is an exciting transit chart, with great potential for a revisioning of the US toward a true democracy, much more than just voting for a political party, but one where the people actually have rights to power over their own destiny; to have control and decision making authority over key areas of their lives. My suggestion is that the lead up to a renewal and reformation of the original ideals set by some of the founding fathers will happen through ongoing truth and reconciliation processes in all areas, at the personal level, community level, social level, and collective level. The changes in America to purge corruption will act as a trigger for the rest of the world to do the same, and we can expect other countries to review their own governmental systems and upgrade them as well. Much of this will occur while Pluto transits through Aquarius in the coming years. There’s a lot to look forward to, but it is through all of us that these needed changes must occur, underpinned by a fundamental wave of awakening and revelation.

Aquila Idha is a Self-Realisation Mentor, Evolutionary Astrologer and Tarot Consultant in service to those committed to spiritual growth and development.


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