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Solar Eclipse Forecast ~ Apr 30th 2022

Active for the next 6 months.

The eclipse cycles trigger waves of energy that influence all of us internally and externally. The imprint of energy as captured by the chart calculated for any eclipse, tends to get carried forward in time on a wave for about 6 months, and so makes for a useful method of forecasting.

All eclipses represent a break in the normal transmission of light from the sun, and that means the transmission of spiritual information received at the soul level of our beingness. For me the eclipses represent changes and shifts in the way our self-realisation process unfolds, keeping us in tune with our pre-intended life-purpose prior to incarnation. In essence, eclipse energy imbues us with an impulse, which when acted upon makes us feel like we are on track, energised, and purposeful. How this affects us in detail can only be determined by cross-referencing with a natal birth chart, but we can look to the overall themes to see how the world in general will be influenced, and give us a sense of the psychic weather patterns shaping things over time.

Solar Eclipse Chart 30th April 2022

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If you know your natal chart, then the position of the solar eclipse will tend to be most felt in the house it falls in, and in particular it will have a more dynamic influence if it makes a significant conjunction, square or opposition with one or more of your natal planets (especially Sun, Moon Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn).

This coming partial solar eclipse at 10˚ Taurus close to the North Node adds a support wave to the wave triggered by the last total eclipse in Dec 2021, which occurred in Sagittarius. The ongoing themes and lessons of Sagittarius will continue until 2024, so you might find it of use to read my earlier post here for more detail on the larger context.

Suffice to say that for the next few years we are all learning to be more intuitive than ever before, in order to know our personal truth within a larger spiritual context. The last 6 months had us letting go of old patterns to make way for new things, and this next 6 months will impulse us to move forward in very tangible, grounded and practical ways. Moving forward however will require effort on our part as we forge new pathways in relation to the archetypal themes of Taurus. Bear in mind that these new pathways can occur as both inner changes or outer manifestations.

This solar eclipse indicates a change in evolutionary orientation toward the following:

  • Focusing on being here now, and enjoying what life has to offer in every moment, in full appreciation of the things we have, in spite of our worries over a world in chaos

  • Actively reaching for higher values, which means being the change we want to see in the world, rather than expecting others to lead the way. For some of us this may mean standing up for what really matters, and developing a solid backbone when it comes to personal values.

  • Learning to do as much for ourselves as we can in order to become more self-reliant. This might mean learning to cook in new ways in order to save money, or it may mean getting into the garden to grow some food. Or maybe it's to make soap or body cream at home for a cleaner, safer and more economic product, rather than outsourcing to an expensive brand.

  • More than likely many will find themselves focusing on resources in the next 6 months. Will there be food shortages or continual rising food prices that need consideration? Will fuel bills keep going up? Or will our attention be on global ecological issues? What practical steps will we be inspired to take as a response?

  • With Uranus in close conjunction with the solar eclipse, the 6 month period now commencing will be energised with strong impulses to break free from the past and to do things differently. The emphasis will be on fresh new perspectives as a means to moving forward. I expect many to surprise themselves with some practical changes they make in the next period of time. Uranus is often a disruptive influence, so we should not be surprised if unexpected events catalyse change especially in areas of money, survival and values, with these changes tending to make us more self-reliant on all levels in the longer term - in fact if disruptions occur for you, either internally or externally, I advise you choose options that are practical, down to earth, and lead you to become more self-sufficient in whichever way.

  • There may be a significant attraction to connecting with nature, especially for those already awakening, as this eclipse brings in some high frequency energies for those ready to receive them. When we actively work with integrating high frequency energy, nature will always be a reliable ally to help keep things smooth and harmonised. Connecting with nature can be very stabilising, balancing and soothing to the nervous system.

  • Venus combust Jupiter just about to rebirth at 27˚ Pisces in close conjunction with Neptune, highlights the Venusian theme riding on this eclipse wave, since Venus is the ruler of Taurus. It emphasises the elevated side of Venus toward sacred values and ideals, guiding humanity forward toward making things better. Perhaps we are all receiving inspirations from the higher realms toward what we each need to do to make things a little better in the world. The imminent rebirth of Venus through Jupiter will no doubt imbue all of us with an expansive new vision, and with an emerging elevated need for greater integrity in the way we live our lives.

  • Hygeia at 8˚ Scorpio in opposition to the solar eclipse, makes a T-Square aspect with Chariclo at 8˚ Aquarius. These 2 feminine archetypes are also resonating with Quaoar and Pholus combust at 7˚ Capricorn, Salacia at 7˚ Aires and Makemake at 7˚ Libra making this a complex synergy riding on the eclipse energy wave. Many of the newer archetypes are still integrating into the collective field, and they tend to have a higher frequency as well. This means that their influence will be strongest with those already operating at a higher frequency. I think we are all going to be further impulsed by the higher power to embody the changes that have been happening within us at an energetic level, and Hygeia in opposition indicates the challenge of energetic integration and harmonisation. The new high frequencies are of course going to bring change to the physical body, and with Chariclo at the apex of a T-Square the real issue will be whether each of us will create a gentle loving and compassionate space for the necessary healing and integration to occur. The key will be in assessing oneself objectively, to realise that certain symptoms such as stress, overwhelm, tiredness, anxiety etc could be linked to integration issues that need to be honoured and attended to with the appropriate self-care. There is no doubt that with Quaoar combust Pholus at the apex of another T-Sqaure with Makemake in Libra and Salacia in Aires, for those already awakening, there are very high frequency energies available that have the real potential to bring profound transformation; these energies are coming in the form of new teachings transmitted from Earth’s distant past (pre-diluvial High Cultures) and from higher dimensional beings, catalysing an intense shift in consciousness, in some cases through a communion with the Cosmic Tree of Life. These frequencies will not be available to everyone; it will depend on the core vibrational offering of each individual. Those still in a low vibration will not be ready to integrate what is on offer. If you are consciously waking up to an ever wider reality view, then there’s a good chance that these higher frequencies will be activating you on a subtle level.

  • If we take into account the Grand Trine with the solar eclipse, Pholus/Quaoar, and Orcus at 12˚ Virgo, this eclipse cycle has amazing potential for significant shifts in consciousness in those choosing to elevate their frequency. In as much as this is all good news, assimilating the new frequencies is also going to be challenging at times and intense. But with Orcus present in the mix, we can expect the process to cycle from deep dives into the underworld to the rebirthing of new capacities that will need to be grounded into 'the real' in order to stabilise them; if we don’t ground what we reclaim from the shadow it may soon be forgotten again, and never fully realised.

  • One last poignant symbol to consider is Gonggong conjunct Mars in Pisces in opposition to Orcus. In one sense this suggests that the battle between dark malevolent factions against the spiritually initiated, will be a hidden and yet significant element of the next 6 months - I suggest we all pay attention to protection protocols especially before sleep. The Solar eclipse coincides with the Celtic festival of Beltane (May 1st) and according to some sources festivals like these are used for black magic ceremony to generate negative energy within the collective field. On another level we can expect significant psychic disruptions on both a personal and global level with the power to significantly alter reality. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as these disruptions could well affect negative groups, but I suspect events during this coming period may for some, be literally life changing.

This Taurus solar eclipse empowers the Venus function in all of us, which is to say that the aspect of our lives pertaining to the inner relations we have with ourselves will also be where a great deal of the work will take place (extending outward to all our relationships). How we relate to our inner world and the feminine within each of us may be catalysed by events. For those less in touch with themselves, outer events may well challenge them to go within, more than before, in order to discover new inner resources. For those more fluent with their inner world, these events may be more internal, such as questions arising within that get us to go deeper and become more grounded, realistic and authentic. The current Venus phase is attributed to "Surrendering and Discovery" and reflects Venus in the sky now descending from her highest and brightest point, to a point when she disappears below the horizon - a period of time that will take us into September this year. The suggestion here is that within this eclipse wave of energy, we are all being asked to surrender an aspect of ourselves that exists to protect our inner weaknesses, and in so doing to open the way for a discovery of a more complete and true inner sense of feminine-being to be further realised. This surrendering can happen for example through letting go of the need to look a certain way, followed by the discovery of a new level of self acceptance, which then empowers us to take different action in the world. Or perhaps the surrendering of a false belief about ourselves in terms of relationships - perhaps deep down we don't believe we deserve good relationships, or that no one can ever understand us etc - through this kind of surrendering, new possibilities can arise to be discovered.

Overall it is also worth understanding that this eclipse energy contributes to an existing energetic picture, with the current main stage players being Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn unveiling the shadow side of our top down institutions, now getting increasingly intense as Pluto closes the Capricorn chapter in 2023, while Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus all of this year, driving the ongoing breakdown of structures in the world, and the clash between pro status quo and entitlement groups versus pro egalitarian future forward groups at a global level. In the background, ignored by MSM, no doubt breakthroughs and progress toward new and better systems is well underway, such as the heralded QFS (quantum financial system), as well as grassroots initiatives.

As we know there’s lots going on, most of which we don’t even know about. I am excited about this eclipse season because it promises some forward movement at the practical level, and positive progress toward building the world we want to live in, what some are calling the New Earth. Over the last 6 months the emphasis has been on transformative internal processing, dealing with the darker emotions, and letting go of old perspectives on things as personal truth became a key focus. Now the impulse will be toward stabilising new personal truth through making tangible changes in our personal lives that will take us a step forward toward our dreams and goals. This of course will happen for everyone in very different ways and although my sense is that the energies will continue to be intense and at times challenging, I also feel that there is great potential for positive tangible leaps and strides.

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