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Gemini New Moon Forecast '24

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The new moon can be thought of as a window in time when the Higher-Self initiates specific lessons or personal growth intentions for the coming month, and we can use the lunar cycle as a way of decoding evolutionary forces at a more granular level than the solar cycle or the transits of the slower moving planets.

For the spiritually minded person, the new moon is a time to receive the seed impulses for one’s personal evolution, and specifically those impulses toward bringing something new into conscious awareness. Each moon cycle fits into a larger cycle, which begins at the Aires new moon, and if you seriously want to track the unfolding pattern of higher-self guidance, it is a really good idea to record a log or journal of key messages and impressions received in the few hours before and after the new moon, roughly 4-5 hours on either side. During this window of time, make space to be more meditative and pay attention to your thoughts, inspirations, psychic messages and so on, as these will tend to correspond to the archetype the new moon is birthing in at the time, and correlate to the growth themes we are meant to work with during the month.

At some point in time (after a few months) you can look through your log and begin to see a key pattern unfolding, which can stimulate further insight in terms of life purpose.

To begin with...

The last lunation period initiated through Taurus was a needed period of gestation, where new incoming seed-thoughts had a chance to anchor within each one of us, and we may have been deeply self-reflective as inner changes occurred. Now the New Moon initiates through Gemini, and the energy is once again moving outward toward new understanding, new information and communication. Growth themes this month will centre around learning through exposure to new ideas as part of the way we figure out our life unfolding. This is a time period when we are more likely to feel motivated toward learning, connecting, communicating and sharing information. There may also be an element of integration through opposing forces during this time.

This month Venus is in exact conjunction with the New Moon, and this monthly energy wave will be infused with Venusian energy, highlighting themes such as love, relationships, joyful connections with others, art, food, values and resources. Venus may also slow the fast moving Gemini energy down a bit, adding more stabilisation and caution in the way we engage new information and social connections. This stabilisation can also bring enjoyable harmonised connections with others, and perhaps for some of us, a romantic motivation.

The New Moon chart features a Grand Kite formation, a T-Square and numerous conjunctions, so lets dive deeper to see the evolutionary themes for this month…

astrology chart

Chart cast for the Gemini New Moon on 6th June 2024 13.37 BST/ 08.37 EDT

For a guide to the astrological symbols click here




  • New Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini

  • Mars conjunct Eris in Aries

  • Chiron conjunct Hygeia in Aries

  • Salacia conjunct the North Node in Aries

  • Saturn conjunct Nessus in Pisces

  • Pholus conjunct Quaoar in Capricorn


  • Uranus opposing Typhon


  • Uranus opposing Typhon in a T-Square with Praamzius at the apex

  • The New Moon and Venus square Saturn and Nessus

  • Ixion square Manwë

  • Quaoar and Pholus square Salacia


  • Ixion inconjunct Mercury

  • Typhon inconjunct Chiron and Hygeia


  • A Grand Fire Trine featuring Vesta, Teharonhiawako and Typhon 

  • Praamzius trine Chiron and Hygeia

  • The New Moon and Venus trine Dark Moon Lilith and the South Node

  • Pluto trine Mercury


Self-care is key as we deal with the upheavals in the world

woman, lake, nymph

A central pattern in the chart cast for the Gemini New Moon appears as a Grand Kite aspect dovetailing with a T-Square aspect. A Grand Kite is similar to a Grand Trine, it features 3 or more planets all in harmonious trine with each other, with a 4th opposing planet in a balancing sextile with the others.  This generates a kite shape in the chart, and it helps the easy flowing and amplified energy of the Grand Trine to become something we can more easily harness. 

Vesta in Cancer in close sextile to Uranus in Taurus, guides us to put our attention on our feelings and emotions, as disruptions in the world stimulate a change in life priority and values. Vesta is also trine to Typhon in Scorpio; deep destructive energy is uprising from the collective unconscious, and via the opposition to Uranus, is generating shocks, surprises and revelations; Typhonic energy is at times intense, unsettling and challenging. We can see some of this energy playing out in the Israel-Gaza conflict, as deep seated shadow patterns re-emerge, causing for some, profoundly traumatic and life threatening conditions. Those of us not near the conflict zone, are also shocked and unsettled by the repeat cycle of war. 

Teharonhiawako (T-Wako) is also in close trine to both Vesta and Typhon; a beneficial influence mitigating the often negative and violent expressions of Typhon. T-Wako is a stabilising and cohering archetypal energy, and yet its teaching is to assist us in embracing the shadow as a means to self-mastery and global harmony. We must learn to accept destructive cycles as part of dualistic reality, rather than suppress the shadow or deny its existence; to do so is to give it more power. 

The main driver of this theme is Typhon opposing Uranus, and in effect there is ample opportunity to wake up and see the world as it really is, and if we have deviated from solid life affirming values, to take responsibility and make the necessary corrections to the way we live our day to day lives. 

Praamzius in Leo forms the apex of a dynamic T-Square with the Typhon-Uranus opposition, and like T-Wako, Praamzius is a cohering benevolent force, also helping to balance and soften the uncontrollable shadow forces emanating out of the unconscious via Typhon. 

Vesta in Cancer highlights a core need to care; we should care for others and care about what happens to them, especially the victims of violence and war. We should also pay attention to our own feelings and emotions during this polarised and unsettling time in human evolution; if we do this we can harmonise the negative energy in ourselves and on the planet. 

fire ceremony, lake, mountains, angel

For those of us enabled, Praamzius indicates that positive ceremonial practices can be directed toward balancing global issues e.g. fire ceremony or group meditation etc.

Such actions can also activate needed healing, especially to the wounds of separation.

Holistic healing continues to be a primary theme

holistic model

Chiron activated the collective North Node in Aries just some weeks ago, and the Solar Eclipse in Aries a few months back, puts Chiron as an active archetype for another 4 months. Healing and self-initiation are energised themes, and this month Chiron in exact conjunction with Hygeia in trine to Praamzius and making an inconjunct with Typhon, calls many in the world to engage holistic health practices as a means to address deep issues of imbalance operating at the level of the unconscious. The new frontier continues to be holistic health, and we can expect the holistic movement to take bold strides this year. There is plenty of science backing alternative and natural healing modalities, the main problem has been censorship and hostile debunking from the multi-billion dollar Big Pharma hegemony. When one considers just how many billions have been spent over the last 50 years on cancer research within “orthodox” health care, it is astounding that there have been virtually no innovations; there are still just three primary treatments on offer - chemotherapy, radiation-therapy and surgery, with the new kid on the block being immunotherapy, using patented drugs to slow down cancer growth. Not surprisingly all these treatments are very expensive. Equally baffling is that despite dogmatic clinging to these therapies, the efficacy of chemotherapy to prolong the life of the patient by just 5 years, has only risen from 2% - 7%, which is to say a person with cancer undertaking chemotherapy will more than likely die within 5 years if they do nothing else. 

Too few people are exposed to the work of alternative holistic doctors such as Dr Edward Group or Dr Thomas Lodi, among many others, who have much higher success rates with chronic illness. And too many people queue up at the door of the orthodox MD despite out of date advice, zero cure rates, and unbearable side effects.

With Eris in Aries in conjunction with both Chiron and Hygeia, there is potent energy available for the holistic sector to stand up for itself against the pharmaceutical monopoly, created circa 1912, by John D Rockerfella and Andrew Carnegie, who aggressively took over the health market and pushed the naturopaths, homoeopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors and herbalists into the fringe, while elevating medical pharmaceutical methods to the official and dominant methodology. Conventional medicine is well suited to acute care, a vital sector of the health market, but it has proven to be inadequate with chronic illnesses. Even worse there are grounds to suggest Big Pharma thrives on chronic illness and has no financial or moral incentive to reach for cures.

The holistic heterodox sector is all too familiar with the aggressive tactics of the medical orthodoxy, and the symbols in astrology point to increasing support and momentum of natural medicine and health sovereignty.

The evolution of science

dna helix, molecules

With Pluto now recently establishing a foothold in Aquarius, ongoing for another 20 years, we can expect to see an evolution in science and a rebellion against the medical monopoly. All too often, statistics are ‘fixed’ to promote Big Pharma aims, and failures in the system have meant that esteemed peer reviewed clinical studies are rarely accurate due to rigging of data by the corporations; MDs trusting in peer reviews are being misled. 

Ixion in a gibbous inconjunct to Mercury speaks to the ‘doctoring’ of data by corrupt systems, while Pluto in trine to Mercury activates a transformation of understanding, and both aspects together sum up the predicament; rigged information and misinformation at odds with new innovative ideas such as red-light therapy.

Although this is but a passing influence this month, it reveals the nature of the process unfolding. Ixion in Capricorn in a sense represents the negative power of institutions rising in our awareness, and the dogmatic mentality within the current failing system built on the foundation of self interest and status. Fortunately Ixion is challenged by Manwë in Aries; there is a great deal of energy motivated toward breaking the patterns of the past and moving into new ways, and corruption is no longer going unchallenged. 

Pluto will in the end prevail; evolution will happen despite those who want to keep things as they are, and Pluto in sextile to Manwë adds a lot of high frequency light into the mix. In the coming years we can expect a return to true science and real exploration, once the corruption has been addressed. The Ixion/Manwë square is ongoing for some years yet, so we can expect the clearing up of the system to take some time.

High-Frequency upgrades continue

man, rose, heart

With Quaoar in exact conjunction with Pholus in Capricorn (a long term influence), now square to Salacia and the North Node in Aries, the new high frequency transmissions from the Galactic Logos will generate sudden shifts within society and challenge us, from time to time, to bring these higher frequencies into our daily actions - which is to say that only through each of us responding to the Ascension opportunity and anchoring elevated consciousness into the actions we take, can a new frequency reality emerge; to be the change we want to see in the world, and through the effects of actions, seed positive world change and overcome the greed and self-interest driving dystopian and catastrophic outcomes. Its worth remembering that actions do not have to be solely physical; our repeat emotional cycles and thoughts are also actions in their own right, with karmic consequences. Which is to say that for many, the frontier of elevated action may be in the mind.

We are entering a more active time period for the Light Warrior; an individual committed to leading the way through example, in open defiance of the status-quo control hierarchies, toward a more equality based world.


Heracles, nessus, centaur
Heracles defeats Nessus

I am struck by the poignant symbol of Saturn conjunct Nessus in Pisces squaring the New Moon and Venus this month.  The Nessus archetype is nuanced and complex. It bridges and thus combines the realms of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Orcus, generating sometimes potent transformative experiences, radical shifts in awareness, deep shadow integrations, and transpersonal and transcendent experiences. When Saturn joins with Nessus in Pisces, it on the one hand holds the world to deal responsibly with both its ideals and illusions; we are collectively held accountable and gripped by powerful lessons if necessary, in order to see the world for what it really is. Sometimes we are made to bear the awful consequences of our actions or unaddressed patterns of behaviour, in order to wake up and become more conscious and conscientious beings. 

If we deny reality, then we will not endeavour to change anything, but instead hide in our personal or collective projections and fantasies. This is not a good idea when the world is fast approaching dystopian or catastrophic future outcomes [I, like many, also hold optimism for the 3rd attractor; the path to world harmonisation]. Saturn is currently approaching an exact conjunction with Nessus, and over the course of about a year [from now], Saturn will complete a cycle and rebirth around Feb 2025. We are in effect collectively culminating a cycle of development that started in 1973 in Gemini, one that initiated the world into an integration task relative to the Divine masculine and feminine principles, and because our current cultural baseline is patriarchal, the lessons have more often been about the integration of the feminine into our everyday lives, as a way to change the human collective vibration toward something more holistic. In effect we have to now reconcile with and overcome the intense polarisation now expressing in the world, and transcend to a higher more holistic and integral perspective. We have had to face the shadow as part of this journey toward greater wholeness; there was no other way. 


The rebirth of Saturn and Nessus next year in Pisces suggests we are about to move beyond the social and cultural fragmentation we are currently enduring, and begin to seed collective integral awareness; one that inevitably elevates the Divine feminine principle, and values it as much as we currently value the Divine masculine principle. Of course such a change won’t happen over night, but it does signal the culmination of the polarisation process within humanity, and the beginning of a change in direction within society and culture as a whole. 

We are already seeing expressions of this resolution via the evolution of gender identity and sexual identity, as slowly, the narrative is moving away from LGBTQ+Straight and the perception of a ‘spectrum’ of sub identities and groups, which just divides us - now moving toward new notions of sexual orientation, e.g. ones that are less fixated on the L, G, B, Q or S and more comfortable with people having sexual experiences that don’t have to define a sexual orientation at all. I also think we are beginning to soften our fixed perceptions on biological gender assignment, which is to say we are less judging and harsh with biological men who embody feminine qualities, and we are less rigid with the social roles that biological women should or should not take. Part of this, in my view, is connected to the transition from the age of Pisces to Aquarius, now well underway, and sub-cycles within this evolutionary movement such as with the Centaurs like Nessus, which act as conduits for consciousness change, also play a part. 

The rebirth of the Saturn/Nessus cycle in Pisces, which describes the way that transpersonal archetypal energy transforms space-time reality, will occur in a natural square to the cycle now culminating [Pisces and Gemini are part of the mutable cross, and thus square each other], adding a fundamental element of challenge and crisis; there will no doubt be a degree of catharsis involved as we collectively rebirth society through the integration of opposites. These opposites are not limited to gender or sexuality, they also include racial polarisation and “hatred” (shadow projection), the polarity battle between the religious, the secular and the spiritual, and the class and culture wars.

This month, the New Moon itself and Venus add more energy to this square; we are at times in a crisis of understanding - how do we reconcile apparently opposing perceptions? If we insist on defaulting to a masculine left-brain-dominant sense-making strategy, we simply cannot! It is only when we cultivate the feminine right-brain mode that true embodied understanding can emerge.

heart, roses

Venus is the goddess of love, and that means that much can be solved when we run ideas and perceptions through the heart-mind toward a higher understanding, which in turn has a positive knock on effect on our values. Love heals all.


© 2024 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved. Please credit and reference me and this website when choosing to use any written part of this article.   

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