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Equinox Astrology Forecast 2022- The Next 3 Months

The Sun’s movement into the cardinal signs Aires, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, correlating to the solstices and equinoxes, generates a ‘thrum’ of energy that pervades in the collective field for about 3-12 months. The spring equinox marks the beginning of the astrological new year in western tropical astrology (northern hemisphere), and we can take the chart of the spring equinox and divine the energetic weather to give us a shorter term sense of what to expect.

Spring Equinox Chart 20 March 2022

The key astrological patterns are:

  • Saturn in Aquarius in T-square aspect to the lunar nodes in Scorpio and Taurus, with Sedna making a conjunction with the North Node.

  • Pluto in Capricorn making a T-square with Eris in Aires and the Moon in Libra in exact conjunction with Haumea

  • Venus in a new phase conjunction with Mars in Aquarius, both square to Uranus in Taurus

  • Jupiter in balsamic conjunction with Neptune in Pisces

So lets get stuck in and make some useful sense of these symbols:

The big energetic powerhouse is undoubtedly the T-Square with Pluto. Pluto in Capricorn has been stirring up a great deal of change in our world since 2008, and during this time we have become more and more aware just how corrupt our top-down rulership institutions really are. During most of this time up until now, the ongoing Pluto-Uranus squares have also been generating an immense disruption to our way of life, as a mass awakening of the common people has lead to push backs against corruption and injustice in our societies. Eris has been in a square aspect with Pluto for at least the last 8 years adding to the breakdown of systems and increasing chaos. Eris is the harbinger of the lost feminine, avenger of wrong doings and champion of justice for the under-dog, and it has been her fierce energy stirring things up and igniting mass protests all over the world striving for greater equity for all. With the Moon conjunct Haumea, joining Eris and Pluto in a T-square, the energy over the next 3 months is going to intensify especially at the emotional level: the outrage of the common people clamouring for more equality and fairness will be stirred up and energised by the Erisian drive for change and social justice, aimed at the established top-down authorities of the world, demanding reform and transformation. We can expect to see more social upheavals, demonstrations and protests against elite rich powerful people and the systems they influence and control. With Haumea conjunct the Moon, it will be the people now aligning with natural law principles, empowered through a growing sense of connection to what is right, which may lead to the birth of new social changes toward greater equity. With Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn, the old corrupt leadership will be digging down to try and keep the old order running, but this will only make things worse for them - change is inevitable at this stage.

Saturn in square with the nodes emphasises the exposure of corruption and manipulation in the system being brought more and more into the collective awareness, and clashes against outer authorities in order to bring old corrupt systems down. We may also see the emergence of new social structures beginning to occur through an unprecedented collective compassion for the victims of a defunct and now morally corrupt rulership, and a movement toward honest fair values and integrity as a new way forward. With the beginnings of rising fuel costs worldwide and many people affected and essentially struggling to maintain basic living necessities, it is easy to see the evolutionary conditions lining up to push people into finding the inner sovereignty needed to turn the world in a better direction. It's important to note that although Eris energy does stir things up and generate chaos, she also sets the right conditions for tremendous renewal, which is amplified even more by Haumea’s presence as the Goddess of birth.

The Venus/Mars conjunction in Aquarius, imbues all of us with an innate resonance with the impulse to liberate, rebel and challenge existing systems in the name of human rights and equality (intensified by the square to Uranus), while the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces will no doubt supercharge both compassion and empathy for our fellow human beings especially if they are suffering.

Venus and Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus: we can expect volatility and instability in the financial system and the economy, with the move toward digital currency - the main question will be over how this will be done. Will the existing corrupt elite try to dominate and impose an old school centralised system, or will there be a quantum financial system (QFS) introduced, which promises a corruption free economy?

The next big astrological event will be the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, which I will cover in more detail in a future post, but in a nutshell this conjunction offers a profound spiritual awakening to humanity; we can expect significant hidden truths to be unveiled, with the potential to shift mass consciousness into a new direction. Of course the old order will be throwing at the masses a continuing barrage of hypnotic suggestion, misinformation, deceptions and down right lies in order to keep the population fearful and incapacitated, and yet despite this the odds are in favour of many tuning out of the control systems and tuning into their personal truth. The Pluto bottom line lesson for all of us as he transits Capricorn has been to take responsibility for what is ours, and to reclaim our capacity to self-determine and to resist being hijacked by the narratives of other people.

Overall a heady mix of intense conflicted archetypal energy, creating the right conditions for a mass awakening to a new way of living as an old system crumbles; out of all this chaos something beautiful and as yet unimagined is gestating and getting ready to birth into reality. The lessons of this time are pivoted so much now on self-responsibility - the nature and quality of our thoughts, emotions and actions. It matters a great deal whether we fixate on fear in the midst of uncertainty and obsess over the storytellers in the mainstream news and social media, or whether we choose to cultivate inner trust, openness and sovereignty to what is happening both inwardly and outwardly. Every day is an opportunity to choose the higher road, and in the most counter-intuitive way, we can do a great deal for the world situation from the comfort and confinement of the couch, simply because we are awakening to the realisation that collective thought does indeed create reality, and the onus is on us to choose love over fear.


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