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2022 The Tipping Point

Through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology

The Goddess Themis representing Justice, Divine Order and Natural Law

There’s been a lot going on over the past few years, much behind the scenes, but some events capturing the attention of almost everyone on the planet. Since May 2020 the transiting Lunar Nodes have been moving through the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, highlighting the evolutionary frontier for collective humanity occurring through issues pertaining to truth versus lies, information versus misinformation, indoctrination versus critical thinking, with some stimulus toward better sense-making.

The Jester as a mercurial figure symbolises Gemini as a capacity to both deceive and unveil truth

This has been nowhere more obvious than the covid pandemic situation, where so many of us have been stimulated to think and re-think, in order to make sense of what has been going on, in the midst of censorship and information manipulation. As an example, more recently the Canadian government admitted that their covid hospitalisation stats had been inflated by as much as 60%, which was one of the reasons truckers have taken action in protest against unreasonable mandates.

In January 2022 the nodal axis shifted to Taurus-Scorpio, indicating a change in the collective evolutionary modus operandi, lasting until July 2023, when Pluto will be in the very last degree of Capricorn right on the threshold of a major evolutionary shift into Aquarius, which will occur between June 2023 and Nov 2024 (Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius will be gradual, due to retrograde motion, spending time in both Aquarius and Capricorn during that time).

So while Pluto continues to stir up evolutionary changes in the world's social structures, it will be the lessons of Taurus/Scorpio that will bring us into the upcoming Aquarian cycle, lasting until 2043. Now that Pluto is in the very last degree of Capricorn, there will be a Piscean quality to the current times; expressing as either a tendency for some to escape from or deny existing reality by whichever means, or to transcend a defunct perception of the world; a spiritualisation of one’s life perception through revelations of previously unrecognised truths both personal and collective.

The North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio Jan 2022 - Jul 2023

The nodes tend to define the conscious arena for both personal (especially the natal houses they transit) and collective evolution, underpinned by Pluto. This means that while Pluto currently in Capricorn, stimulates deep changes in our frames of reality in space-time, affecting every aspect of our world societies, from a largely unconscious level (in the sense that although we may see changes occurring in the world, they are being driven by unconscious forces), the nodes represent the lessons all of us are faced with at a conscious ego level. These lessons are part of our participation in ongoing evolution, with the south node pertaining to the past, and thus issues we need to collectively move away from, resolve and elevate, and the north node pertaining to the things we need to reach for in order to optimise growth.

What can we expect to see occurring in the world?

We can expect to see an upsurge in the lower Scorpio expressions such as power abuse, manipulation, criminality on all levels, and deep powerful unconscious patterns connected to control and resistance to evolution. The reason for this is that this hidden aspect of life will need to be faced and integrated, if humanity wishes to move into the light. On the world stage we can expect those committed to self interest, power and control, to get more and more frantic as they expose themselves in the world. As George Orwell once said, tyranny operates through fraud and misuse of power, and when the fraud gets exposed, the only recourse is to use overt force to control others. This has already been evidenced by governments opting for vaccine passports and mandates despite this being a violation of human freedom and dignity. This shadow element will play out on many levels including increased activity of online scamming etc.

On a personal level we may need to come to terms with our own shadow nature; areas in our lives where we are in unhealthy codependent relationship dynamics, are manipulative, misusing power, or feeling powerless. This is a time to consciously seek evolution, with the understanding that change is very much needed now.

While we come face to face with the hidden aspects of our reality, the North Node in Taurus guides us forward through choosing higher moral values and integrity. Pluto in Capricorn has been asking us all along to step up and take more responsibility, and be accountable for our actions and inactions, and over the next year and a half, the key will be in the development of clear values, higher moral virtues, and a desire for more sustainable abundant living. On a personal level we may well be reaching for more stability, and hankering to get back to the real business of living a good life in a manifest world.

As I write this article (mid Feb '22) Venus and Mars are in exact conjunction in Capricorn, and will make a second conjunction at 0˚ Aquarius in early March 2022, commencing a new Venus-Mars cycle for the next 2 years. These two planets represent the alchemical cycle; the dance between yin and yang, and needs and desires. It provides an intriguing symbol, first conjoining in Capricorn representing the known and the past, and then again in Aquarius representing the unknown and the future. Conjunctions represent both culminations and the birth of new cycles. In essence an old cycle of growth is ending and a new one now emerges, made all the more significant due to Venus being the current ruler of the North Node and our path forward. The new cycle in Aquarius in the very first degree initiates an active liberation process for everyone on the planet in preparation for Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius next year.

Which old and redundant desires do we need to release now?

What new emergent needs do we need to acknowledge moving forward?

What new values do we need to reach for?

The new Aquarian orientation at the alchemical level will be greatly supportive in the current times, due to the drive to liberate from the past, which will no doubt fuel a productive activism in the population at large. The personal nature of these planets will make the desire for greater equality in the world even more conscious and palpable over the next 2 years; as a collective we are unlikely to remain passive and complacent as the shadow aspects within humanity become more and more revealed.


In Numerology, the year 2022 provides an emphasis of ‘2 energy’ this year, a year where the fork in the road for humanity will become ever more clear, where the polarity between the old and the new will generate a lot of energy for awareness, and where perhaps all of us will be tasked with choosing between the old way and the new emergent way. 2022 reduces to the number 6, which is a synthesis number ruled by Venus and thus alluding to a potential for greater harmony in the longer term. With new awareness comes the greater possibility of cooperation between groups who previously were on opposite sides, and a move to a more integral way of seeing things.

Will this year prove to be a tipping point toward the light after a long period of darkness?

Will sufficient awareness be garnered by enough people to keep turning events on the planet in a positive direction?

As 2022 began, the most emergent realisation I see within discussion groups, is the notion that at some point the polarisation in the world will need to be resolved, if we are going to move forward. Much of the polarisation has been stimulated and manipulated by corporate social media platforms, and yet they have only amplified what is already within us as individuals.

Hegelian Dialectic Model

A philosophical approach to the way things develop, sometimes called the Hegelian dialectic, provides a useful map for meaning making; a thesis, giving rise to its reaction; an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis; and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis.

A clear example of a bifurcation in worldview can be seen in the ‘vaccine’ issue over covid.

In principle the thesis side of things relates to the established scientific position (Capricorn), in this case the notion that vaccines not only work, but are essential for human survival, without which we are unable to eradicate disease, and by extension are essential in the fight against covid, and thus are a social responsibility for everyone to take.

The antithesis position (Aquarius) arises as a reaction to this way of thinking, raising questions about covid; about how dangerous it really is, how accurate the covid death rate stats are, how safe the ‘vaccine’ is, the question whether there was ever enough informed consent, germ theory versus terrain theory, and the question whether an uncertain intervention such as a new untested ‘vaccine’ administered to almost everyone was ever needed in the first place.

We are currently right in the middle of this polarity of perception and belief. What we most need is to move into synthesis, by allowing a respectful conversation to take place with reliable data, rather than distorted facts, beliefs propagated as truths, and censorship blocking the full spectrum of relevant information, so we can make proper sense of things. In order for this to occur, currently withheld information and censored information will have to be brought to light.

Global awakening is happening much like a wave; some of us have been actively awakening for many years, while others have only just begun. For many the grounds for awakening are the current global events that have affected all of us, and it is relevant for us to appreciate that for those further down the track, well familiar with the ongoing nature of awakening as a process, there are others newer to the experience who understandably think they have fully awakened not realising that their journey has only just begun. Any external factors that served to awaken us, are just the means by which the journey toward self-realisation was activated. Time itself reveals this fact, when we find ourselves unveiling more and more truth layer by layer, year by year.

In early April 2022, Saturn and Mars conjunct in Aquarius will make an exact square with the transiting nodes, which I suspect will trigger some significant insights and revelations about power manipulations, shady shenanigans, connected to wrongdoings by the establishment which have had health consequences. Uranus at that time at 13˚ Taurus will be in exact opposition to Hygeia in Scorpio, related to health and wellbeing, while Mercury, the Sun and Chiron will be conjunct in Aires.

Will the world begin to understand just how many people are negatively affected by the covid vaccination program?

Will there be shocks causing anger from the general public?

A few months later at the very end of July 2022, Uranus will make a conjunction with Mars and the North Node, while still square to Saturn in Aquarius - evolutionary pressure will once again be put upon the establishment to change its ways, and many will be strongly activated to uphold common law values and if necessary make a stand for them.

Aquarius (The Star in Tarot) by Emily Balivet

As far as I can tell, key global events may catalyse us to get more practical about what we want the future to look like. It's one thing to fight against wrongdoers, and to bring awareness to whats going wrong in the world, it’s quite another to figure out how to move forward in the best way. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, the Aquarian energies continue to build, challenging us to awaken to our true potential as human beings, and to reach for equality and freedom with responsibility for the betterment of humankind.

The freedom anthem above, presented by Sovereign Soul, may prove to be a relevant clarion call; a cohering voice in the awakening mayhem, pointing humanity true-north toward its Aquarian future, and challenging us to dream harder in the name of a better future for all.

My sense is that 2022 will be a year when outer events will begin to show us that we are indeed on the tipping point toward a radically different world future, liberated from hidden obstructive factors, where the seeds for a New Earth can finally germinate in increasingly fertile soil. This is not to say all our problems will be suddenly fixed, but rather it is to herald a period in human history where the way will be open for us to work steadily toward our true potential and a much better world if we choose to.

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