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Cosmic Metamorphosis: climbing the frequency ladder

rainbow ladder, spiral, snake

In this post I explore the astrological and metaphysical symbols now heralding the next 20 years as an accelerated time of collective change and metamorphosis...


For my generation, before the internet, when so very few of us were even remotely interested in higher meaning, purpose, and life beyond the False Matrix reality that so many of us are still embedded in, we are now entering the times that we have been preparing for.

As I germinate the role of eldership in my own life, the world is a very different place, and the light lineage tribes are awakening across all generations; via the internet, we are buzzing with curiosity, openness and a desire to liberate and transform our reality.

In this post I want to share an overview of cosmic signposts that indicate that we are now moving more completely into an accelerated time of metamorphosis, which will increasingly impact on both our personal lives and the world as a whole. At the moment we are mostly feeling the chaotic turbulence of failing systems and polarisation i.e. the purging of lower frequency expressions playing out yet again as more and more tire of it all.

What is Metamorphosis?


For the sake of precision, I distinguish between the process of transformation and the process of metamorphosis. Transformational processes typically refer to the alteration of personal structures; we are forever changed, but these changes are built upon fundamental foundations of being that remain unchanged. In a sense, existing structures of the mind are reorganised into a new meta-form.

Metamorphosis is a more rigorous and radical process of change, and an apt analogy is the life cycle of the butterfly. A caterpillar lives to consume and grow, its whole reason for being is to prepare for metamorphosis. A chrysalis is formed in which the caterpillar literally turns into biological soup; there will be nothing left of the original form of the caterpillar prior to the emergence of the new form. Within the primordial genetic soup, "imaginal cells" generate an entirely new and different structure called a butterfly, whose sole purpose is to procreate. Metamorphosis is a deeply "Scorpionic" process that involves the total dissolution of everything that has gone before, to provide the building blocks for something hitherto unimagined. Whatever life was like prior to full metamorphosis, is going to be totally irrelevant to the reality after metamorphosis; there is very little to link the two states.


Collective metamorphosis is inevitably challenging, because we are tasked with letting go of an entire framework of reality, in order to birth something radically different, and as human beings we commonly experience deep insecurity when we undergo change that requires us to relinquish the known without truly knowing what comes next.

light, temple, geometry, language

Light is information

New Grange, sun, temple
The winter solstice sun at New-Grange Monument, Ireland

The light has always been a symbol for the Divine; despite the intense loss of awareness during the last age of darkness (Kali Yuga) we have never forgotten the significance of light. The Neolithic geomancers who built megalithic structures like Stonehenge, the sacred site of the serpent in Avebury (UK) and New-Grange (Ireland), built in alignment to the sun; for example the December solstice sun shines directly into the centre of the New-Grange monument, and the solstice or equinox sun is often a key feature in ancient Egyptian temples and monuments, as well as Maya and Inca sacred sites.

church, light

Churches, cathedrals and mosques all organise around the principle of light to represent the presence of God, typically via stain-glass windows.

sage, staff, halo

The sages and saints have commonly been painted with auras of light to mark them as wise and knowledgeable about the essence of being. And even in modern secular culture, whole crowds marvel at the light emissions of fireworks, laser, and LED drone displays. More recently, science has uncovered the importance of light for health; our DNA both receives and emits bio-photonic energy, and without a connection to both telluric (Earth) and cosmic energy (gamma radiation) we die; we cannot survive for long in a faraday cage (which blocks electromagnetic energy).

galactic map

In spiritual circles we often talk about light; light is what it's all about, and the whole paradigm of ascending and descending ages (highlighted via the Vedic Yuga Cycle) is intrinsically connected to Earth’s proximity to the light emissions coming from the Galactic Centre. The further away we are, the more restricted our awareness in human form becomes.

photon belt

2024 is pegged to enjoy a peak of solar activity. In addition to that, the Earth entered a part of galactic space saturated in photon particles, often referred to as the photon-belt (around 1999 for the next 2000 years). On top of that, astronomers tell us that the planet has begun moving out of a cosmic dust cloud.

In recent years, the planetary poles have started moving away from their current positions, and the strength of the Earth’s electromagnetic field has been dropping substantially. In fact this year, as far south as Brittany in France, it was possible to see the Northern Lights! All of this means we are receiving much higher levels of cosmic radiation than ever before in recent human history. 

solar flare chart 1997-2024

If we consider that light is information, then an increase in light from the cosmos is going to generate changes in human awareness over time. The main challenge will be how we integrate these incoming energies. So far this year, we have already had about 1500 solar flares, and last year we had close to 3000 solar flares, the highest number since at least 1997. In addition we had around 300 M-class solar flares this year. M class solar flares are medium sized flares and are less frequent than the more common C-class. In contrast, in the year of 2018, we had no M-class solar flares at all, and virtually no C-class solar flares.

Both sunspot and solar flare activity is linked to shifts in human consciousness - see Russian scientist Tchijevsky’s work linking high sunspot activity to major dramatic world events.

The Mayan Sacred Calendar 

Hunab Ku, Tzolkin
The 13 Cosmic Tones & 20 Quantum Signs

The Mayan Calendar system maps quantum wave cycles driving all levels of evolution (according to Carl Calleman).The 2011-2012 end date marked a pivotal point in time, signifying momentous change; the end of one evolutionary era, and the beginning of a new one; the culmination of the foundation for human consciousness and the emergence into greater creative and spiritual potential.

Since the end of the last cycle in 2012, the 9 quantum waves continue to work in unison toward a new possibility, and these waves all entered ‘night’ cycles at the end of 2011 (according to Carl Calleman’s calculation in accordance with the Mayan Elders). Night cycles correspond to a breakdown in the existing pattern, and a gestational period before the emergence of new consciousness and new forms. The quantum waves operate at different frequencies; some are very slow and last millions of years, but the more recently activated waves, such as the Galactic Wave initiated in 1999, and the Universal Wave initiated in 2011, are much faster. The Galactic Wave cycles every 12.8 years, and the Universal Wave (which we are still integrating) cycles every 260 days (it moves and breathes with the Tzolkin Sacred Calendar). 

dragonfly shaman

The Galactic Wave activated the awakening of the right-brain and energised the return to shamanism (for modern people), while the Universal Wave is awakening the whole-brain function! And both these waves are moving us away from a secular science-materialist perception of reality, to one that is both spiritual, pan-psychic and integral. In essence these two waves help us understand how we are shifting consciousness toward a unified more loving state of being. I wouldn’t be writing this post, if it weren’t for the activation of the Galactic and Universal waves - there simply wouldn’t be enough people interested in reading it!

August 2024 marks a significant change in the Galactic Wave: we are about to move into the first Day-cycle since 2011-2012, and that means we can expect a renewed consciousness renaissance with heightened personal insights, creativity and altruism to emerge in the next 12.8 years. I’ll cover this change in the cycle, in a future post.

Astrological Themes ~ Cosmic Metamorphosis

solar system map

The astrology also shows signs of significant change occurring, which are marked by a number of slower moving planetary archetypes entering new signs. The faster moving personal planets move quite quickly. The Moon moves sign every 2.5 days, Venus about every month, Jupiter roughly every year, and Saturn every 2.5 years. The transpersonal, more collective planetary archetypes move much slower, and they mark longer-term changes in the way things unfold. 

  • Ixion entered Capricorn in early 2020 (until 2039)

  • Pluto recently entered Aquarius this year (until 2043)

  • Haumea began entering Scorpio in late 2022 - 2023 (until 2049)

  • Manwë moved into Aries 2022- 2023 (until 2044)

  • Varda will enter Capricorn in 2026 (until 2048)

  • Sedna entered Gemini 2023- 2024 (until 2065) 

  • Quaoar entered Capricorn in 2017 (until 2039)

  • Pholus entered Capricorn in early 2018 (until 2040)

As you can see, from 2017 - 2026 there are some powerful movements occurring in the mirror of the heavens, and when these slower moving archetypes shift signs, it inevitably represents a change in the cosmic patterns unfolding; the lessons change, consciousness changes, and so too do the forms we create and experience.

Evolution of the Shadow

Ahuar Mazda, Ahriman, battle
The Persian Ahura Mazda (Christ Consciousness) vanquishes the demon Ahriman

Ixion represents our shadow nature, and he correlates to the Source-given choice to rebel against natural law; to move toward separation; to choose the path of service-to-self. For most of us, the archetype tends to reflect how we relate to the personal and collective Shadow, how it turns up in outer life, and how we work with the Shadow. Ixion can sometimes out-picture as the evil-doer, and collectively embodies the “Dark Triad” - a psychological approach to the Shadow, expressing as lower character traits; Narcissism; Machiavellianism; and Psychopathy. Sometimes a forth is added; Sadism. 

These traits can appear in various combinations in those with strong negative Ixion influence. In forecasting we can look to Ixion to get a better sense of how those souls, invested in service-to-self, are showing up in world events. For example during the Ixion in Sagittarius years, we saw a great deal of financial market manipulation and de-regulation. When Ixion entered Capricorn in 2020 we saw enforced lockdowns that ultimately served the super wealthy. With Ixion in Capricorn until 2039, collective awareness is growing with respect to corruption within all our systems and institutions (the Pluto in Capricorn years also unveiled this issue), and perhaps we are realising how little responsibility most of us take in regard to the systems we engage [and give our energy to], and how little personal authority we have within these systems. It is also evident that we currently tend to project the Shadow onto our systems and outer authorities [especially once we are red-pilled], and at some point we will all have to work to integrate our small part in this evolutionary theme.

Fortunately we have some powerful mitigating archetypes also in Capricorn. Quaoar entered 3 years before in 2017, and Varda will soon enter in 2026. These two archetypes represent high frequency expressions of cosmic light, and while there has been an obvious move by self-interested parties toward more control and totalitarianism, there has also been a potent awakening occurring.

A change of evolutionary gears

blue, spiral

I have spoken a fair amount about the recent ingress of Pluto into Aquarius, which I cover in detail in an earlier post Pluto in Aquarius - A New Era. Whenever Pluto enters Aquarius it signifies accelerated global evolution and a collective move toward greater equality, creativity and freedom. It also heralds a time for collective liberation from the False Matrix conditioning, or in other words a purging of distorted patriarchal values. We are in the very early stages of this new energy directive, but we can expect some very positive developments to occur in the next 20 years, but the real work will happen on the personal level toward greater self awareness.

The awakening of the Light Warrior

human, light

Manwë entered Aries last year, ushering in an upthrust of light and the return of the Light-Warrior in greater numbers than ever before. Manwë represents powerful protective light forces; an angelic archetype of the highest order. His rebirth within the zodiac is auspicious. The return of the Light-Warrior can manifest in many different ways, but in essence it represents individuals who have awoken enough to actively pursue their calling; these souls are commonly starseed/wanderers with specific missions to complete. Light Warriors go about their work despite the toxic and negative push backs from society; they can be healers, teachers, researchers, scientists, inventors, therapists, artists, protectors or care-givers to name but a few.

At a more collective level Manwë in Aries represents the re-birth of the light and I think marks the return of humanity into the light.

Powerful regeneration in the midst of radical change

lion's mane mushroom
Lion's Mane Mushroom for cognitive regeneration

Haumea, the Hawaiian goddess of the forest, plant medicine and regeneration has now just entered Scorpio. This 25 year period ushers in a potent transformative process for the world. This is going to express in numerous ways, but an obvious one will be through the use of plant medicine to regenerate chronic health conditions. In recent years there has been increasing scientific attention placed on natural herbs, and as we uncover in more detail how the polyphenols in plants interact with the body, many will begin to have more confidence in using plant medicine to address health issues caused by our high speed, high stress lifestyles, and the toxic environment we find ourselves in. For example we are already seeing the rise in popularity of Tumeric for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Berberine is another herbal extract with potent healing capacity [well known for centuries by indigenous herbal savvy humans - but a word of caution only for short term use as it erodes the gut microbiota], and Ashwagandha [an Indian root used in Ayurvedic medicine for a long time] is now a popular remedy for stress, sleep and fatigue. The upswell of interest in natural medicine, has also enabled for better extraction methods to evolve, and more availability. Another major grouping in natural medicine are the medicinal mushrooms with a plethora of powerful health benefits including stress support, hormone balancing and immune system balancing. 

human, microflora

Another reflection of the Haumea energy is the increasing momentum behind gut health and microbiome awareness. Haumea was discovered in 2004, and up until then science knew virtually nothing about the microbiome, and had been up to that time largely disinterested in it. By 2006 the first significantly funded research on the microbiome began in the US, and from then on research expanded all over the world, with different researchers in other countries exploring different aspects, which would then be pooled together. We now know that Hippocrates (the father of medicine) was correct when he asserted that the seat of all health issues is in the gut. Haumea is the archetype that corresponds to the interconnected and cooperative way that nature works. Quite naturally she is a feminine archetype, because the whole idea of cooperative relationships and inter-connection pertains specifically to the yin energy of life. In recent years, ecologists discover more and more the complex and sophisticated communication between different plant species - the book Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake is one example of this emergent new understanding. Haumea embodies this complex bio-diverse symbiotic relationship within nature, and the more we learn, we discover that the microbiome is a vast and complex milieu of microbes that communicate with each other, and form a substantial basis of what it means to be human; when we are healthy, we are in a harmonised symbiotic relationship with trillions of microbes, and these life-forms actually generate 50% of the essential substances in our blood stream, including vitamins we ourselves cannot produce, anti-inflammatory substances, and hormones like melatonin. Sleep troubles can often be rooted in gut dysbiosis. It's interesting to note that much of what has got us to a place of epidemic illness is an over reliance on germ theory, a masculine perspective on life that views microbes and viruses as the enemy, in contrast to terrain theory (which emerged more or less at the same time), which considers illness and infection to result from the body terrain i.e. gut issues, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental toxins. Terrain theory is a feminine perception of reality, and both theories offer part of the truth. Of course given the patriarchal foundation of modern culture, germ theory was bound to be taken more seriously, since it appeals to our more masculine way of seeing things. The discovery and naming of Haumea was another reflection of the returning feminine to restore the balance, and now that she is in Scorpio we are already seeing the accumulation of microbiome research (nearly 20 years on) beginning to percolate into the mainstream mind. At the heart of this new teaching is the notion that we are not separate from nature, and that nature isn't our enemy to subdue and control, and as we learn how to improve gut health, we will no doubt see radical transformations in both physical health and mental wellbeing.

I expect the natural medicine sector to enter a renaissance period, where more funding will be given to researching many more plants for their benefits toward optimisation and wellbeing. 

Haumea is also a resonant symbol and perhaps carrier for the New Earth meme, and her presence in the deeply transformative sign of Scorpio, will no doubt bring the natural-world higher up our priority list. Her ingress into Scorpio is a striking symbol initiating the metamorphosis of the world from what we currently know, to something entirely different and as yet unknown to us; does the caterpillar ever really know that the trials and tribulations of the chrysalis will lead to the radical new form of a butterfly?

Haumea in Scorpio may also energise the frontier in research in longevity and life-extension.

Haumea as the goddess of the natural world will also trigger new healing and remediation methods, especially with regard to the clean up and transformation of toxic substances, and increasing momentum toward effective environmental remediation projects. 

A quickening in human consciousness

head, energy, spheres, code

Sedna’s recent ingress into Gemini marks a significant shift from the earth element of Taurus to the air element of Gemini. We can expect human consciousness to be quickened by this potent archetypal harbinger of cosmological knowledge and wisdom, with new thought streams emerging through elevated souls tasked with expanding our understanding of who we are as a species and our place within the galactic milieu. Not long ago, the majority truly believed we were alone in the universe; this is what our trusted ‘priests’ of academia consistently told us. If you privately believed in life elsewhere it was safer to keep it to yourself. There has been a significant change in the last decade or so, and of course finally the deep state has reluctantly released withheld information confirming the reality of extra-terrestrials (or at least other intelligent life-forms other than ourselves). Yet for the most part, we don’t have a clear picture of how everything fits together. Sedna in Gemini is going to energise the debate, and we can expect the conversation to diversify and quicken as the years pass. We may also see science change dramatically as our current paradigms shift, and that means new technological pathways of development as yet not considered.

Sedna has a dark side, and currently she also acts as a custodian for our collective trauma patterns. When Sedna was first discovered in Taurus around 2000, it corresponded with energised awareness of the under-acknowledged mistreatment of women (Taurus ruled by Venus), as well as the cultural sexual-objectification of women, and this upsurge of energy led to the Me Too movement, which brought a lot more awareness to this long standing issue. Through Taurus, Sedna has made us all much more aware of systemic sexual abuse and how it affects everyone. While the media have been all too willing to report on sensational Me Too storylines, there has been a marked reluctance to cover child sex-trafficking. This is a topic still lurking in the collective shadow, and we have not been ready to process it. With Sedna now in Gemini, I suspect we are entering a more active period where this issue will become more exposed and more actively dealt with.

The frequency shift now affects global societal structures

solar mandala

We’ve been experiencing what can be called a planetary frequency shift for quite some time now. This frequency shift is connected to the collective ascension meme, rooted in early Persian teachings and predictions, associated with a related meme called the 2nd coming of Christ , referring to a collective spiritual movement into 4th Density consciousness, and what some call 5th dimensional consciousness. Both terminologies refer to the elevation of humanity into the vibration of love. For more on this collective shift see an earlier post: Understanding Ascension 

There have been several milestone marker events which initiated stages of this shift:

  • The Harmonic Convergence - perhaps one of the 1st global meditation events invoking more love and harmony on the planet in 1987, which was timed to the unfolding of the Mayan Calendar, preparing humanity for the approaching activation of a new quantum wave affecting human consciousness.

  • The ingress of Earth into the Photon Belt; a part of space saturated in high levels of photons, lasting approx 2000 years, circa 1999

  • The activation of the Galactic 8th quantum wave of the Mayan Calendar system in 1999 as  mentioned earlier

  • The discovery of numerous trans-neptunian planets from the year 2000 onwards

  • The activation of the Universal 9th quantum wave in 2011 also mentioned earlier

Another of these marker symbols is the conjunction of Quaoar and Pholus, and their recent ingress into Capricorn 2017-2018. These two celestial bodies began coming together in conjunction from around 2011, which of course synchronises with the culmination of the Sacred Mayan Calendar and the birth of a new evolutionary cycle. They initially came together in Sagittarius, moving into close conjunction around 2017, and they have been in close conjunction ever since and will continue to do so until around 2043, when Pluto ingresses into Pisces for the first time in 248 years.

cosmic tree

 I associate Quaoar with the Cosmic Tree of Life; an expression of the One Creator of the highest order, and thus innately connected with Divine consciousness, and a natural transmitter and concierge of Christ Consciousness. Pholus is classified as a Centaur; he’s a celestial body that takes the role of world-bridger acting as a frequency transformer, allowing us to receive very high frequency cosmic energy in a way that we can safely integrate. Without Pholus, the majority would not be able to receive such a high frequency transmission; only spiritual adepts can make the bridge to such high frequencies normally. 

Initially these transmissions were activating the right-brain function and stimulating the intuition in many people. Since 2017 these frequencies have been deeply affecting our societal structures; penetrating the control and limitation of modern society and awakening people all over the world to break free from the False Matrix controlled reality, toward greater and greater mental and spiritual freedom. This is one reason why there is increased chaos and uncertainty in the world as our systems breakdown. 

Not long after 2017, we had another activation that quickened the crumbling of realities, when Pluto and Saturn re-birthed in 2020, also in Capricorn .

2024-2026 represents a turning in the energy


This year in 2024 as mentioned already, the Galactic 8th quantum wave will culminate and rebirth into a 12.8 year day cycle of expansion, creativity and greater intuitive capacity. 

In 2026, Varda (another of the newly discovered trans-neptunian planets) will ingress into Capricorn to add even more high frequency light, permeating our world systems and personal patterns of conditioning. Varda, also known as the Lady of the Stars, represents high frequency benevolent Angelic consciousness; she is a primary adversary of the dark service-to-self agenda [Deep state, cabal and negative dimensional beings]. Her presence in Capricorn, suggests a quickening of the breakdown of corruption and control toward greater human freedom, while also suggesting the inspiration of new ways of living, new cultural movements and "New Earth" culture beginning to seed and germinate on the planet.

goddess, star
Varda of the Light

Many of us have been waiting for a sense of impasse and limitation to disperse, and there has had to be a great deal of inner change and breakthrough to occur at the personal level during the recent years that have been so troubled, uncertain and polarised. Some of us have been sucked into fear; fixating mostly on whats going wrong and the structures falling apart. Some of us have been drawn away from fear, to hold the light during these momentous times; drawn to cultivate more love and joy wherever possible. If you are among this group of people, then I suspect the next 2 years will be a time period where significant inner and outer change will happen. Who among us will be tasked with carrying the light of Varda into society? Who among us will be ordained as ambassadors for off-world cultures? Who among us will transmit Varda’s light on behalf of humanity? Perhaps in some way, great or small, it will be you!


© 2024 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved. Please credit and reference me and this website when choosing to use any written part of this article.

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