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The Turning of the Ages

Aquarius - The Water Bearer

Perhaps one of the most central symbols 'driving' human evolution at this time is the long heralded shift into the Age of Aquarius. There will no doubt always be differences of opinion as to when exactly we have entered or will enter this new emergent age, and yet for many the turning of the ages is now readily felt, as our world appears to be unravelling and becoming more and more chaotic and uncertain.

For a more nuanced understanding about astrological-age calculation see an earlier post: Are we in the Age of Aquarius?

So what does an emergent new age mean exactly?

Astrologers and astronomers throughout time have observed a visual phenomena called precession. In essence at the time of the equinox, just before sunrise, a specific constellation can be seen at the horizon “rising in the sky”, and the ancients observed over long periods of time that this constellation would change roughly every 2000 years, moving backwards through the zodiac. Thus every 2000 years or so we are said to move into a different age corresponding to a different sign of the zodiac.

The Mythological Sphinx

Knowledge of the turning of the ages extends into pre-history, with remnants of this knowledge reflected in images such as the Sphinx; a hybrid creature with the body of a lion and the head and torso of a woman with wings. Such an image is a clear representation of the transition from the age of Virgo (Goddess of Natural Law) to the age of Leo (the Lion, around 11,000BC), with the equivalent image for the current times, as we transition from the Age of Pisces into Aquarius, being a mermaid water-bearer.

Virgo as a winged goddess & Aquarius as a mermaid

I myself think we are already in the early stages of the Aquarian Age, based on the way that global culture has been changing over the last hundred years or so, with the decline of organised religion (Pisces age now ending), an acceleration of technology, strong cultural momentum for individualism, an ongoing impulse toward elevating human rights through postmodernist thinking, ‘woke’ ideology, and emergent new expressions of individuated spirituality, all of which I associate with Aquarius.

The dates used are just suggestions, dotted lines indicate transition periods

The notion of a cycle of ages governed by specific archetypes, suggests that periodically human development is shaped by different patterns of energy over time, with specific characteristics, lessons, and evolutionary potential, coming together to form a 26,000 year cycle known as “The Great Year”. For us mere mortals, concerned with life experienced over a short life-span, this grand vista of time may seem largely irrelevant, and yet during the transition between ages, the meaning of the archetypes and their changing influence becomes much more pertinent and can be of use as we try to navigate a world in flux; we have everything to gain if we align with the positive expressions of Aquarius.

The changing of the ages means a change in the over-arching archetype or pattern shaping the nature of human consciousness, with a subsequent influence on how cultures are formed, what psychic images are driving our ability to make sense of reality, what we value, and where we find meaning and purpose. In addition each archetype has a natural expression with evolved and less evolved forms, as well as a distorted expression linked to The False Matrix and down-cycles in consciousness connected with dark ages. See The Cycle of the Yugas for more on ascending and descending cycles. For this reason each age of Aquarius, every 26,000 years, will express in different ways, albeit with similarities and resonant themes. See The Two Matrixes for more on the concept of a False Matrix.

Minoan Bull Art

The turning of the ages is reflected in past cultures, mythologies and story telling, for example the Minoan culture on the isle of Crete circa 3500BC replete with bull and cow imagery occurred during the age of Taurus, and the ancient Greek myth relating to Jason’s quest for the golden fleece is indicative of the turning of the ages, moving into the age of Aries, symbolised by the ram. This same transition also appears in the biblical tale of Moses, when he visits Mt Sinai and returns to find the Israelites worshipping an idol in the form of a golden calf; another reference to the old age of Taurus giving way to the age of Aries. The ancient Greek tale of Theseus and the slaying of the Minotaur, a bull headed monster locked in an underground labyrinth, is yet another reference to the older age of Taurus, associated with a more matriarchal cultural paradigm, founded on the feminine mystery schools. The Roman Empire, thought to have been founded in 753BC, with its military might and orientation toward masculine virtues, is a prime manifestation of the influence of the age of Aries in a descending cycle of consciousness, ruled by Mars the god of war.

Christian Fish Symbol - ITHCUS

Gautama Buddha, taught about the path to enlightenment through self-mastery and self-awareness at the end of the age of Aries; Aries correlates to individuation and self-discovery. Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) is a key teacher and prophet during the age of Pisces (symbolised by two fish), and there are numerous fish images associated with him, for example he is described as a fisher of men, and his first disciples were fishermen. In the story of the feeding of the five thousand, he magically transforms five loaves of bread and two fish to feed everyone, and after his resurrection he makes breakfast for his disciples, again using bread and fish. To this day, the fish is still used as a Christian symbol, originally as a code in the early days when Christians were persecuted. His teachings themselves are very resonant with Pisces themes, including a focus on forgiveness, unconditional love and the notion that Divinity can be found within. Pisces itself is concerned with the human experience of the Divine, and so the last Piscean age, coinciding with a fall in consciousness (I’ll cover this concept a bit later), gave rise to patriarchal organised religion and religious warfare, as a distorted expression of the Pisces impulse.

The Aquarius Archetype

The traditional archetypal image for Aquarius is the water-bearer, depicted as a human figure holding an urn out of which water is pouring. The water-bearer is associated with Ganymede in Greek myth, whose role it is to serve an elixir known as ambrosia, which bestows youth and immortality to the gods.

In Tarot, the card associated with Aquarius is The Star, often depicted as a naked woman pouring the water of life over both land and lake. These flowing waters are from the archetypal realm and endow us with consciousness, and thus Aquarius acts as a bridge between the finite realm associated with the preceding sign of Capricorn, and the infinite archetypal domain of the following sign of Pisces. No wonder then that the age of Aquarius is heralded as the gateway to a new Golden Age, and yet to say that this is a done deal would be a bit presumptive; all archetypes express in evolved and un-evolved ways and have a light and dark side.

In general though, the nature of Aquarius is altruistic, humanitarian, egalitarian, freedom-loving, progressive, sincere, friendly, heterodox, future forward, impersonal, with an affinity with technology. As with all air signs, Aquarius is innately mental in nature, motivated by the betterment of humankind and prone to ideology. In particular the archetype represents the ‘higher mind’ receiving from the field of potentiality, capable of envisioning what can be, and thus intrinsically orientated toward higher awareness, insight and invention.

Given our current world paradigm based on hierarchies that select for self-interest and exclusion, the new influence of Aquarius has much to offer in terms of a cultural evolution or revolution toward inclusion, equality, and equity.

Signs of a growing Aquarian influence in the world

A key turning point in recent history was the Copernican Revolution of 1610, followed by the Enlightenment Period 1685-1815, otherwise known as the Age of Reason. Copernicus developed an explicitly heliocentric model of planetary motion, challenging the existing idea that the Earth was the centre of everything, and thus changing the fundamental paradigm that would eventually lead to the decline of religion and the power of the theologian. As I indicated earlier, theology and monotheistic religion are manifestations of Pisces, and the new Age of Reason centred on objective thinking is very much Aquarian. The Enlightenment Period, emerging out of an age of ignorance, and greatly influenced by an associated fundamental spiritual disconnect, eventually led to ‘the death of God’ and the rise of Atheism, another clear sign that the influence of Pisces has been waning for some time now. The shift toward objective thinking and the evolution of modern science, coincides with the birth of the industrial revolution and an acceleration in technological development, which appears to follow an exponential path, speeding up every year, and in my view we reached a tipping point around 1900 with inventors such as Nicola Tesla, Victor Schauberger and Wilhelm Reich (among others) who opened the technological ‘pandoras box’, and who are thought to have invented wireless technology, free-energy technology, subtle-energy technology and anti-gravity technology, followed later by J. Oppenheimer credited as the ‘father of the atomic bomb’. Since that time, many new technological developments have been kept from the public domain.

Besides rapid advancements in science and technology, another key Aquarian influence has been occurring through human rights movements, starting with women’s rights in the 1800s, racial rights leading to the abolishment of slavery also in the 1800s, and later gay rights starting in the early 1900s and the evolution of the LGBTQ+ movement today.

Both modernism - valuing rationality, science, individualism and democracy, and postmodernism - valuing pluralism, equality, relativism, civil rights and environmentalism, are manifestations of Aquarius, but these are just stepping stones toward higher Aquarian potential, capable of taking us to profoundly awakened states, characterised by a holistic and cosmo-centric orientation.

Other metaphysical cycles worth consideration

The astrological cycle of precession is not the only cycle measuring eons of time; from the Vedic tradition of India there is a 24,000 year Cycle of the Yugas, which rather than being tied to astrological signs, maps instead a grand cycle of the rise and fall in human consciousness defined by four ages: Satya, Treyta, Dwapara and Kali, with the Satya ‘golden age’ being when human consciousness is at its highest, and the Kali age being the darkest, when humanity has the potential to forget and lose connection with higher Divine reality. For more on this see an earlier post: The Cycle of the Yugas.

Again there are differences of opinion over when these ages begin and end, and which Yuga we are currently in. I generally use the work of yogi Sri Yukteswar as a resource, because it seems to reflect what’s happening in the world. In his view we are currently in an ascending cycle coming out of the Kali Yuga, and now in the early stage of the ascending bronze Dwapara ‘energy’ age. This is to say that much of the last Age of Pisces and Aries coincided with an age of darkness, with the lower expressions of both signs being more prevalent, and a great deal of distortion as well.

There is good news: as we move into the Age of Aquarius we are also ascending in consciousness out of a period of spiritual ignorance.

In addition to the Yuga Cycle, the quantum system known as the Mayan Calendar System, is also worth a mention. According to the Maya, we have also just recently reached the end of a macro-quantum process of unfolding wave emanations, represented by the so called ‘end date’ of 2012, and since that time we have entered new evolutionary territory, which is another reason why global civilisation has been in decline since this time, as energy now builds for a spiritual renaissance and the rebirth of humanity into something entirely new.

For more on this see an earlier post: Understanding the Mayan Calendar after 2012.

There are a number of cosmological factors to consider as we stand upon the threshold of the new Aquarian Age:

  • The precession of the equinoxes, which gives rise to astrological ages, is thought to be caused by a wobble in the Earth’s spin. The cycle of the Great Year (26,000 years) offers us the evolutionary opportunity of over-arching archetypal rulers, which change every 2160 years or so, and influence the way things manifest within human culture over time. In this way each epoch offers key opportunities and lessons for incarnating souls. For a more technical understanding of precession see an earlier post: Precession of the Equinoxes

  • The Cycle of the Yugas is thought to be based on the circling of our Sun possibly with another star (Sirius), which brings our solar system periodically closer to the Galactic Centre and a natural rise in consciousness potential, followed by periods further away when consciousness falls. As we enter the Age of Aquarius we are also ascending in consciousness with the Yuga Cycle.

  • The culmination of the Mayan Calendar indicates vast new potential for consciousness, which was not available to us before. This particular Aquarian Age appears to be the custodian of something very new for planet Earth, perhaps appropriately termed “A New Earth”.

  • Although we generally think the Earth simply goes round and round the Sun, the Sun itself is moving through space around the Galactic Centre. Space itself isn’t an empty vacuum as we have previously thought; space contains plasma dust clouds and as the solar system travels within the galaxy, the cosmic weather over time changes. Currently we are thought to be within a dust cloud, which protects the planet from stellar light, but that we are now moving into a clearer space within the dust cloud, which means we are now increasingly receiving more and more gamma radiation.

Image showing the Sun entering clear space

  • The Sun also has a cyclical nature, with periods when there is strong solar activity with more solar flares, followed by periods when there is much lower activity. In recent years sunspots have been highly active 2000-2003 and 2012-2015, and it is expected to rise again by 2025. We had a lull period 2006-2010, and 2016-2021. When the Sun is more active, the planet is more protected from cosmic light radiation, and when there is low activity, we receive more light energy from the galaxy. There is a definite link between sunspot activity and human consciousness, with low sun activity linked to periods of cultural creative renaissance. We appear to be stimulated to evolve during periods when we receive more cosmic energy from the Galactic Centre. Higher solar activity reduces energy received directly from the Galactic Centre, but also stimulates consciousness to evolve through more volatile disruptions and change.

  • The Earth’s electromagnetic field has been dropping for some years now. The Earth’s magnetic poles are also moving faster than before and away from their usual positions. There is the suggestion that the poles may flip. Pole flipping is thought to occur every 100, 000 years or so. The poles may instead meet for a short period at the equator and then return (somewhere between 30-50 years from now), but either way at present the protective magnetic field of the Earth is dropping, which also means more cosmic light radiation is entering and influencing us. The most obvious evidence of this for anyone old enough to remember, is the potency of sunlight, which is currently much stronger than it was in the 70s and 80s.

These factors together represent a significant increase in cosmic energy, which I think provides an as yet unknown effect on us and life on the planet. We know that light affects DNA, and that DNA absorbs and changes with photon light particles. The proposition is that it may significantly affect human consciousness, and stimulate mutation in body systems. More cosmic radiation also affects Gaia, and excites the planetary core.

Geo-biologist Rory Duff, a leading pioneer in the understanding of Ley lines and Earth energies, has been tracking changes in the Ley lines over the years. Ley lines are natural flows of subtle energy across the Earth, much like the energy meridians of the body in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Every Solstice and Equinox the Ley lines on the planet move into harmonisation, usually for about 3 days on either side of the event. But recently this harmonisation period has been extending; this year it was 15 days long. He estimates that by Dec 2024 (when Pluto ingresses into Aquarius full-time) the winter solstice harmonisation of the Ley lines will be as long as 96 days, which when combined with the other solstice and the 2 equinoxes will mean the Earth may be in permanent Ley harmonisation, for reasons we do not fully understand. The suggestion is that around this time we may enter a period of significant stability and creative renaissance on a global scale.

Something is happening

If we accept the notion of a 26,000 year Great Year cycle, with changing epochs governed by specific archetypal patterns affecting life on Earth, then much like a typical Solar Year, there must be a point in the cycle we could call the end and beginning i.e. a new Great Year cycle must begin somewhere on the zodiac circle. To determine where a circle begins or ends we can look for some indicator such as a line intersecting the circle, or some other indicator like the sun used to determine our calendar new year.

In ancient times the solar new year was placed either at the solstice when the sun is lowest or highest in the sky, or the spring equinox (in the northern hemisphere) when the sun moves into Aires (the 1st sign) in tropical astrology, and the days are of equal length. Only in cultures close to the equator, where there is no visible change in the sun, such as Hawaii or the early Mayan culture in Mexico, did they use stars such as the Pleiades as markers for the year. Originally our current new year began at the winter solstice, and has since been moved, I would suggest by design, to Jan 1st, when the Sun is at the heart of Capricorn. This apparently happened in 45BC with the shift to the Julian calendar in Rome, notably during the Kali Yuga. This may have been done to ground human consciousness into a more materialist and secular perception of reality (Capricorn is ruled by Saturn symbolising space-time reality). If we are trying to figure out where a circle begins or ends, a logical way is to look for something intersecting the circle, and perhaps the most obvious observable line in the sky is the Milky Way itself.

The Milky Way seen from Earth

Could we also be at the end and the beginning of a Great Year?

In May 1998, according to the calculations of astronomer Jean Meuss, the winter solstice point in the sky, for the only time in 25,820 years, formed a precise alignment with the place in the sky where the Milky Way intersects the solar system near the Galactic Centre. The Galactic plane (which we see in the sky as the Milky Way) intersects with the plane of the ecliptic (the circular path of the sun as we see it from Earth) somewhere in the vicinity of Sagittarius and Scorpio, at the point closest to the Galactic Centre. If we look today at the constellation of Sagittarius we are looking more or less toward the centre of the Galaxy. In May 1998, the position of the winter solstice point was exactly aligned, and this rare line up of symbols could dramatically herald the end of a Great Year and the beginning of a new one.

The path of the Sun (ecliptic) intersecting the galactic plane

(One orbit of the solar system around the entire galaxy is thought to take 225 million years.)

If this were the case, it adds a deeper nuance to these changing times, because in terms of soul evolution and karma, every soul who has incarnated at any time during the last 26,000 years would be drawn to incarnate now in order to complete unfinished lessons, and it would initiate an acceleration as a means for karmic recapitulation and resolution. In addition, the culmination of a Great Year signifies a threshold of new evolutionary potential for humanity as a whole. In essence, at least since the late 90s, we have been experiencing an ongoing acceleration as we stabilise into the new age of Aquarius. This has certainly been noticeable in my life over the years.

This acceleration occurs because with the turning of a Great Year, karmic forces are driving all of us toward completion in preparation for a new Great Year Cycle. This would mean that we are all manifesting specific relationships in order to complete karma, and it may explain why so many of us are not staying in bonded relationships for life anymore, but are instead manifesting several significant relationships in one lifetime in order to complete lessons.

Significantly, the possibility that we are entering a new 26,000 year evolutionary cycle as we transition into the Age of Aquarius, highlights yet again the role of Aquarius as a rainbow bridge to an entirely new evolutionary era at a planetary level, with unimaginable possibility; whatever the modus operandi for reality has been for as long as we can remember, is now potentially going to change, ushering humanity into new vistas of evolutionary opportunity including another Golden Age.

The Planetary Saturnalia

In Roman tradition at the end of each year there was a festival dedicated to Saturn, a carnival of sorts that overturned social norms. Social roles were temporarily reversed such that slaves were treated to a banquet normally enjoyed by their masters, with various sources indicating the slaves dined with their masters, or that they dined first, with their masters serving the food. Slaves were also permitted to disrespect their masters without the threat of punishment, and everyone: slave and master alike, donned a conical felt cap (the mark of freedmen) as if to say everyone was equal during that last few days of the old year.

It is as if we are currently in a planetary Saturnalia where up is down and down is up, black is white and white is black, corruption is good and integrity is for wimps and so on [note that this inversion is predicted in Thoth’s Prophecy on Egypt). The unravelling of order into degrees of social chaos seems reflective of two things: the dissolution of all old systems and ideas into a melting pot for the gestation and birth of a new way, and an intensified period of karmic resolution as we all manifest and work through whatever needs to be completed, before we move on to a New Earth and ‘game B’.

The Age of Aquarius

The Eqyptian Sphinx may originally have been a lion

More than likely the Egyptian Sphinx (probably originally a lion) on the Giza plateau was built as a marker for the last age of Leo, when the constellation of Leo would have risen right between its paws on the spring equinox some 13,000 years ago; the Great Pyramid itself testament to a level of advanced knowledge suited to a prior Golden Age.

Although we typically think of the astrological signs as 12 individuals, it is also relevant to see them as 6 polarity pairs. Aquarius and Leo are intrinsically linked and perhaps in some way inseparable, as if two different sides of the same coin, which is to say that the Age of Aquarius will be rooted in Leo, just as the last Age of Leo was rooted in Aquarius.

This means that there will be some Leo characteristics embedding into the Aquarian Age. For example our current cultures have been trending toward more and more individualism over the last century or so, and individualism is certainly a Leo trait, but when tempered by Aquarius, to be an individual doesn’t mean being better than everyone else, but rather we are meant to shine our full potential on the world along with everyone else. The term ‘unity in diversity’ would be an apt reflection of this archetypal quality.

At the moment we are seeing mostly the lower expressions of Aquarius, due to the influence of a declining dark age, but as we collectively awaken to higher frequencies of being, we can expect more elevated Aquarian traits to manifest in the world. For example, one could say there is an epidemic of narcissism within modern western culture (a negative Leo trait), and an escalation of mental illness ( a negative aspect of Aquarius), and yet these same archetypes have the potential to lead us into heart-centred societies imbued with a profound level of creative intelligence. My sense is that we are collectively climbing a frequency ladder or staircase and we are in some ways literally ascending into the Aquarian Age; we have to take things step by step, and the lower expressions are part of the way we progress, since we must ascend through the integration of the Shadow.

Silicon Valley could be viewed as an Aquarian enclave, where many creators once had a distinct Aquarian vision with regard to how new technology could set people free and make the world a better place, and yet those initial altruistic intentions have clearly been captured by self-interested groups, infiltrating the internet in the early days in order to control, censor and manipulate people's minds.

Domestic technology itself is designed to capture attention, starting already with television as a hypnotic device, and more recently the smart phone as a host for social media apps and news feeds, capable of surveilling us. Rather than liberating us, for the majority of people on the planet, technology binds and limits our capacities through distraction, addiction and dependence; creativity, sovereignty and freedom are greatly diminished when we plug into the dazzling panoply of technological goodies on offer on the market today, without enough discernment. It is true to say that the quickest way to wake up is to unplug from all media, for without the constant entrainment with a controlled or chaotic narrative, one is more prone to think for oneself.

The noble Aquarian human rights movements of the past, have also since been captured by ‘woke’ radicalism, and ostensibly legitimate causes have either been infiltrated by self-interested groups, or were created and funded by self-interested groups in the first place. The woman’s movement, which evolved into feminism, has evolved another branch called radical feminism; a distorted Aquarian impulse that ironically attacks women who don’t conform to the new ideology, or rather attacks women who don't share the same wounds as their activist sisters.

The internet that promised a freedom of idea sharing and a decentralisation of knowledge bearing, has also been compromised. We are now traversing a virtual cultural-dimension with culture wars, information warfare, word weaponisation, narrative shit-fighting, censorship, a rise in narcissism, mental pathology, red-pill tribes, information echo chambers, and subsequent acute polarisation and division.

Idealogical addiction now prevails, driven by unconscious psycho-emotional wounding, and absolutely no one knows exactly what is true, in an information ecology that is highly polluted through unrestrained self interest and covert warfare.

In the context of an ascension into higher awareness out of a dark age of ignorance, it is easy to understand that those entrenched in lower frequencies of being, will typically channel the lower expression of Aquarius in everything they do, while those who are shifting ever upward will access the Aquarian archetype at higher levels of expression. For example it is notable just how many dystopian sci-fi movies and series are being produced by Hollywood, Netflix and Amazon. At a glance I would say they are almost 99% dystopian or catastrophic, which is reflective of at least two things: those with the money to finance these films have a dystopian vision of the future, and may be attempting to socially engineer one, and that we are collectively processing shadow material as we look deeply at what we fear the most. In any case there is potency in whatever we put our attention on, and so at some stage (ideally now) we need to be cultivating a positive vision of the future, and decline any invitation to attune to negative visions, as a matter of responsible management of our co-creative power.

It is notable that none of the sci-fi novels of Iain M Banks have so far been picked up by film makers (Amazon apparently cancelled their attempt). His Culture novels offer a refreshing vision of an Aquarian future where Artificial Intelligence is benevolent and in service to everyone, there is no need for money, everyone lives abundantly, and humanity freely embraces all sentient lifeforms with mutual respect. His vision may not be a true reflection of what will be, but would be a stepping stone in the right direction if we’d see his altruistic ‘Culture’ civilisation brought to life on the big screen.

In contrast, the huge success of Game of Thrones is a significant indicator of just how many people have been susceptible to the reinforcement of a powerful negative and nihilistic mindset. Kit Harington who played the character Jon Snow admitted that just playing the part for so many years undermined his mental health. On the more positive side, the series seemed to represent a pure distillation of the dark age humanity has recently undergone, and perhaps collective interest in the series represents a core need for some souls to activate, process and begin to engage their own repressed shadow material.

Aquarius and the return of the true feminine

Although common images associated with the water-bearer feature a male figure, before Ganymede the original cup bearer was Hebe the goddess of youth. The role of cup bearer evokes an associated image: the Grail from Arthurian myth. Aquarius in its elevated form represents the return of the Grail Mysteries as a vehicle for the true feminine. Thus the new emerging age goes hand in hand with the re-integration of the feminine principle, in order to attain a new level of consciousness, born from a healthy and harmonious balance between yin/yang forces or what Jung called the Anima/Animus. For more on the metaphysical tone and quality of masculine and feminine energy see: The Eternal Dance of Yin & Yang

As I mention in my post on the False Matrix (a dying relic of the recently ended 'Iron' age of darkness/Kali Yuga), the denigration of the feminine has been essential for the purposes of control; it is through the feminine mode that we are able to go within and know what is true for us as individuals, and to ignite a personal connection with the Living Matrix (to be touched by the Holy Spirit). People who are connecting to the Living Matrix are innately ‘informed’ through intuition and less controllable; through connection with the Living Matrix (Cosmic Akasha) nothing can be truly forgotten, and suppressed or controlled knowledge can be accessed individually, which is one reason why the Roman Catholic Inquisitions targeted and killed many souls embodying a living connection with Source, in order to break the power of the Light Lineages. It is only now at the turning of the ages that so many 'older' souls and 'starseeds' are incarnating with the sole purpose of embodying the true feminine once again, as a means to planetary liberation.

Manifestations heralding the return of the true feminine can be seen in the Aquarian human rights movements starting with the women’s movement, corresponding with the discovery of the asteroids and the assignment of feminine archetypal images to them e.g. Ceres, Vesta, Juno and Pallas. Since the late 90s there has been an ongoing series of new celestial-body discoveries, with numerous ones now named after feminine deities. This is a significant symbolic development, as these are not just smaller asteroids (fragments of a lost planet), but dwarf planets. Some of these archetypes such as Eris and Sedna present initial challenges, as we collectively integrate the lost feminine and reclaim it from the shadow, but nevertheless the appearance of new celestial bodies named after feminine archetypes is highly significant to the Aquarian Age and its potential to generate an integrated society based on a true workable equality.

The return of the Grail Mysteries means that human culture is going to significantly change, once it has been freed from the yoke of control (another dying relic of the passing Kali Yuga). At the most fundamental level, the Age of Aquarius represents a shift in the centre of gravity toward humanitarian values, and beyond that to value the rights of all sentient beings, including nature itself. Due to the Leo polarity, I envision new Aquarian culture to be centred around the principles of co-creation and self-realisation. Instead of money, status and power, it will be self-realisation through self-knowledge that will be a social priority; the cultivation of each individual’s true potential will be of utmost importance, in accordance with natural law principles. We will no longer reward the extrovert and dismiss the introvert; both modes will be desired in equal measure. We will no longer empower the intellectual and practical, and marginalise the emotional or intuitive aspects; we will want a more integrated approach, where each individual’s unique gifts are cherished and welcomed as part of an evolving natural balance.

Schools will cease to exist as schools; we will need to create something better to take their place, with an entirely new approach that is founded on ‘listening’ to newly incarnated souls in order to help them self-realise. Teachers will no longer indoctrinate, but will instead become custodians, guardians and mentors holding space for young ones to know for themselves, and provide the right tools for self-knowing and self-discovery. New souls will be seen as gifts for community, imbued with their own spiritual mandate in service to a greater whole.

Money as we use it today, will at some point become redundant, as technology now in service to human potential will no longer be used to enslave the mind, but to benefit everyone, allowing individuals to focus on their true life purpose and social contribution. The return of the true feminine will alter human reality a great deal, because we will all be able to receive higher guidance as a natural fundamental for life, and our decisions will be made with knowledge of natural laws e.g. karma.

Personal sovereignty will be at the heart of new culture, and as a result new cultures will be highly creative. Aquarian society will desire a healthy balance between the masculine and feminine forces, and thus between doing and being. No longer will it be normal for people to work all of their lives without sufficient internal time and rest. Joy and happiness (not money and power) will be seen as the measure of a successful society (Bhutan is leading the way in this).

We will return to natural hierarchies, as we move more and more out of the distortion. Those who embody higher virtues will be respected, honoured and valued. The quality of a person’s energy will matter a great deal, and holistic healing modalities will finally come together with technology in one integrated sector to help everyone optimise their potential.

The focus on quality of awareness in accordance with natural laws will ensure a society of self-responsible, sovereign, highly creative and peaceful individuals, each one encouraged and supported in fulfilling their true potential for the betterment of the whole. This might sound somewhat utopian, and from our current standpoint it is an ideal we can only aim toward, but I do believe this is where we are ultimately headed. As to the speed of this transition there is really no way to tell, since we cannot look to the past for a pattern because every year the subtle energies are changing and mutating such that new potentialities emerge all the time; what was thought impossible before, can suddenly become possible and probable in the now.

In the short term, we can expect the world to shift both financially and governmentally, which is to say that our current corrupt financial systems are in the process of being cleaned up, with new systems being put in place to make sure manipulation of the financial system cannot continue to happen. This is happening globally, with initiatives such as NESARA/GESARA, the RV ('revaluation', which will level the value of all world currencies to a 1 for 1 exchange rate) and the QFS (Quantum Financial System) using quantum computer technology to ensure a safe and honest way of using money; no more will the super-rich be able to make money out of nothing by playing the system, or worse monopolising the privilege of simply printing it! System changes must include the removal of interest on money loans, the predation on people's money via advertising as it is done today, the cessation of robbing money already earned, via income tax and GST etc. No longer should it be acceptable for people to work three jobs just to make ends meet. The future depends on the average individual moving out of money scarcity into financial safety and stability, in order for the majority to be able to meditate, heal and self-develop.

I expect all governments around the world will upgrade to become constitutional on similar lines to the USA, which itself is in the process of reclaiming its original vision, and as necessary to redesign its structure to remove corrupt elements. The move to a humanitarian based constitution will of course override all existing feudal laws, with new laws that adhere to the baseline of each country's Aquarian style constitution. This will be the first real step to world change in accordance with the higher expressions of Aquarius. Governance will also probably shift to a more bio-regional focus, coinciding with a move toward more decentralisation; local people having the most say in their local area, while guided by a higher constitution based on what might be called natural law virtues, such as balance, honesty, justice, truth, courage, equality, connection, fairness, empathy and so on. In tandem with this, a renovation of civic areas, and the replacement of historic figures as icons, toward more archetypal icons such as the virtues in symbolic or personified form; a visible demonstration of shifting values toward the qualities we all want to embody more.

Taxation will also no doubt change, and I suspect income tax will be abolished in favour of taxing only those who choose to accumulate assets, for example the idea of taxing brand new products like cars, but to drop tax on all second hand goods, or the idea of taxing those who have more than one house etc. In essence the notion of taxing luxury without taxing necessity. This would be a complete reversal of the current system, where the rich pay much less tax relative to what they own, while poorer people pay a lot more tax, which tends to keep them poor.

We may also see income capping to prevent individuals from becoming too wealthy. However all these steps are for the short term as we continue to transition, for as we collectively liberate from past conditioning and mind control, and become more connected and self-realised, the addiction to Game A service-to-self rivalry will gradually dissipate and be replaced with the as yet unrealised Game B dynamic, which will be anti-rivalrous, cooperative and in harmony with nature and higher virtues. Once this is established, I imagine the idea of wealth accumulation beyond essential needs will be seen as pointless or meaningless. In the meantime there is a lot of work, remediation and healing to be done on all levels; on the structural level of society, within the family, community and individually at the physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual levels. The era of remediation is fast approaching, but will not happen until key old structures have been removed; those structures that currently promote division and disenfranchisement; money will need to be made available for projects that support healing, remediation and renewal to happen in earnest. My sense is that there are many on the sidelines who are now ready for this phase.

Aquarian Spirituality

As we move deeper into the age of Aquarius we can also expect to see new spiritual values, systems, and practices emerging to replace the now defunct religions associated with Pisces.

The emphasis on individuation and self-realisation will make the notion of organised religion impractical and unattractive, and yet we will need some common spiritual structure in order to develop coherent societies.

The New Age Movement, which emerged in the late 19th Century through Spiritualism, Theosophy, Occultism and Anthroposophy, and developed more momentum in the 60s and 70s, is of course an Aquarian manifestation. The New Age Movement can best be summed up as a radical ecumenical culture of therapeutic spirituality, drawing from almost all spiritual traditions, as well as Ufology, generating an alchemical cauldron of spiritual exploration tailored to the individual. In essence the New Age Movement is the 'compost' from which new elevated collective Aquarian spiritual expression will eventually arise. In the meantime the New Age sector provides the necessary prophets, seers, channellers, messengers and healers playing their part in human evolution, amidst a sizeable arena of spiritual hawkers, profiteers, con-artists and charlatans, still following ‘game A’ strategies based on rivalry and self-interest. In my view this is unavoidable and the muddy and murky waters of the New Age provide a useful testing ground for the sincere spiritual traveler or wanderer, through which to heal and awaken.

Evidence for a new spirituality is becoming more obvious as we appear to be moving into a post-secular age, with a significant hunger among those awakening for the missing spiritual element in their lives, as they find themselves drawn to healing workshops, men’s and women’s groups and so on. We are also seeing new techniques emerging such as Circling, not to mention a host of spiritual modalities drawing from many different wisdom traditions, such as those influenced by Integral Theory/Spiral Dynamics, and New Western Astrology approaches rooted in psychology, western occultism, eastern mysticism and shamanism to name a few.

I foresee both Astrology and Tarot will be elevated beyond a predominantly predictive focus, to become spiritual paths on their own terms, or at least tools for spiritual development. This is already happening, but I am not currently seeing practitioners speaking in this way very much, and yet both are branches of Hermetic Gnosticism with roots in the ancient traditions.

I also expect the new Aquarian spiritual language to emerge of out Sacred Geometry as this is the basic building block of dualistic reality, and will no doubt supersede mathematics as a universal language.

Sacred Geometry will also be integral to new safe technology, and form the basis of new life enhancing architecture.

New Earth Collective Symbols

Options we may use to generate more coherence could be the use of the solar cycle for spiritual festivals, such as the solstices and equinoxes, since these are universal to everyone on the planet and have obvious symbolic meaning e.g. the equinoxes represent balance, and the solstices represent the peak of the light (longest day) and the return of the light (longest night).

In a similar way the Moon cycle could be used as another cohering system for different spiritual or religious practices connected with family, clan, tribe, emotions and feelings etc in such a way as to promote connection and belonging within communities.

I myself have been exploring my own personal ritual practises on the solstices and equinoxes, and find them to be both stabilising and meaningful as a means to mark the passage of growth and time. For example I named the spring equinox ‘the festival of giving’, the summer solstice ‘the festival of light’, the autumn equinox ‘the festival of healing’, and the winter solstice ‘the festival of stillness’. I bake specific cakes on these days, which I don’t make any other day of the year. Food is a key part of this too - there is always a celebratory meal. Depending on where I am, I light a fire, or candles or burn incense. By marking the year in this way, I have found myself attuning to cosmic cycles in a more embodied way, and the structure of 4 primary days celebrating life has been easy to implement in a modern lifestyle, in a way that has encouraged me to be inwardly aware and attuned to spiritual guidance, while also coming together with others to simply be in a mindful sacred space of connectedness.

There is plenty of room for these sacred days to carry different storylines from community to community (whether drawn from existing religious systems, Indigenous culture, Neo-pagan themes, or new Aquarian ones), and yet grounded in the same fundamental metaphysical knowledge.

In the same way I expect at some point in time there will be a need to change the position of the new year to better reflect the Aquarian Age; in my view the entire Gregorian calendar needs to be replaced in favour of something new that actually makes sense; possibly a 13 month year synchronised to the Moon ( each month = 28 days), keeping the 7 day week, and naming the months appropriately, rather than the nonsensical botched calendrical system with months of varying lengths and names that don’t match their numerical position e.g. December (from the latin meaning 10) positioned as the 12th month. In my view the lack of symmetry in our calendar system disrupts our ability to attune to natural cosmic cycles, with negative consequences on overall health and wellbeing. How much easier it would be if the 1st of the month was the New Moon!

More than likely we will graduate to an open cultural connection with off-world cultures, but only when we have collectively ascended to a new vibratory bandwidth in resonance with these benevolent beings. Until then we will have to be content with personal CE5 connections or rely on messages from those developed enough to act as ambassadors on our behalf. As far as I am aware, we are already being significantly influenced by benevolent off-world collectives who wish to assist humanity in reaching its true potential, but input from more advanced cultures is done carefully and to a precise plan of unfoldment, which is monitored at all times in terms of future outcome and consequence. The role of these beings is to act as guides and guardians, without obstructing our path toward collective maturation and spiritual empowerment.

There is a great deal yet to be revealed in relation to our existing reality, but once withheld technology is finally released safely into the world, we can expect a rapid and relatively sudden transition in the cultural paradigm to occur, quite possibly within a short corridor of time e.g a decade or so. I suspect that many of us alive today will bear witness to this radical and exciting global shift into a new epoch.

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