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Aries Equinox Forecast '24

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In astrology, the solstices and equinoxes occur when the sun enters one of the four cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, and the cardinal signs act as doorways for metaphysical energy to more easily influence the field; they tend to initiate change. For this reason, much like with eclipses, which are also liminal magical gateways, we can use a chart cast for these days to gather useful information about human evolution and its affect on the world. I use the term magical in the sense of spiritual energy shaping matter, or the power of Mind to influence outcome, and in the case of the equinox for about 3 months.

The sun is central to the evolution of consciousness on the planet, and is directly linked to sun-spot activity and the transmission of visible and invisible light, and throughout the year, pulses of energy pour into the human collective field and the Gaian energy system, much like notes played on a piano generating a shifting musical chord over time. In this way the forecasts are best understood together and not just as sole events, but rather as energy downloads that mix and merge with those that came before.

Astrological symbols express quite differently depending on one's core vibration of consciousness, so there are numerous ways we each can experience how the cosmic energies in play move us. In addition I work increasingly with the newer archetypes correlating to new celestial bodies discovered since 2000. These newer archetypes operate at much higher vibrations than the traditional more personal ones, and this means that the more we ascend in vibration the more we become conscious of these newer cosmic players, and the more they influence us.

I write from an esoteric foundation and aim to decode causative patterns rather than the effects. I am not trying to predict exactly what will happen in the world, but rather to unveil the nature of the energy unfolding and the evolutionary opportunity available to all of us, so we are better prepared to respond individually.


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Last year’s Aries Equinox was unusual because we experienced two consecutive new moons in Aries, which last happened in 2004, and won’t happen again for about 30 years. The Aries Equinox always represents new energy for life coming in, and this new energy sets the scene for personal evolution throughout the year. 

I paid particular attention during last year’s 2 Aries New Moons especially because the first occurred just 24hours after the Aries Equinox. Something auspicious was at that time birthing in the world (at the quantum energetic level), and of course in each of our personal lives. For me personally during that period of time, I noticed I received energised and clear visions and messages about my future, which I suspect relate to the entire 30 year cycle until the next time we experience another 2 consecutive Aries New Moons instead of just the usual one. 

This is the context, I suggest, from which we can best position the new inspirations and guide messages coming through on this Aries Equinox energy wave, followed by the Aries New Moon energy wave on April 8th this year. If you were able to record and map guiding messages last Aries Equinox, or you can recall key insights and revelations from that time, then this year the guide messages will add more detail, and relate much more to developments intended, at the soul level, for this year unfolding.

What’s worth remembering is that the world is on a tipping point; there is a shift in evolutionary direction taking place that initiated in earnest just last year, and much like a super tanker slowly altering course, key turning points as marked by astrology, can take a few years to become obvious to us in our daily lives. Above all, new cycles and new evolutionary growth intentions, at the outset, represent the breakdown and release of old patterns and old ways of doing and being. This is the corridor of transition many of us now find ourselves in. Perhaps you are noticing this yourself in your own life; a natural changing of habitual patterns relative to your own way of doing things. Maybe there has been a shift of diet for example, or a change in social patterns of engagement, or changes in job, or the release of relationships. Most often, before we see what’s coming next, we are most engaged in making space for it.

The Equinox energy infusion into the planetary grid tends to have the strongest influence over the next 3 months, and the chart cast for the Aries Equinox has a fair amount of activity, features 2 helpful Grand Trines, and a plethora of conjunctions representing alchemical cycle changes or ‘renewal’ energy.

Equinox astrology chart

Chart cast for the Aries Equinox on March 20th 2024 at 3.06 AM GMT/ March 19th at 10.06 PM EST

For a guide to the astrological symbols click here




  • Quaoar conjunct Pholus in Capricorn

  • Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces

  • Hygeia conjunct Neptune in Pisces

  • Sun conjunct Manwë in Aries

  • Chiron conjunct Mercury and the North Node in Aries

  • Albion conjunct Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus

  • Vesta conjunct Asbolus in Gemini

  • Moon conjunct Vaurna in Leo

  • Orcus conjunct Juno in Virgo


  • Varda opposing Asbolus and Vesta

  • Orcus and Juno opposing Venus and Saturn


  • Ixion square Manwë

  • Chariklo square Albion, Jupiter and Uranus

  • Quaoar and Pholus square Salacia

  • Neptune and Hygeia square Vesta and Asbolus

  • Juno square Pallas Athena


  • A Grand Fire Trine featuring the Moon, Varuna, Sun, Manwë, and Pallas-Athena

  • A Grand Earth Trine featuring Albion, Jupiter and Uranus trine Orcus and Juno, as well as Quaoar and Pholus


  • Venus and Saturn inconjunct the South Node

  • Orcus inconjunct Chariklo

  • Juno inconjunct Salacia and Manwë


Light Warrior Activation


As has been for the last few years, Manwë the champion and defender of the Light, is conjunct the Sun in Aries, meaning that in recent years the Equinox waves have been infused with potent high frequency light coded for courage and new directions. This is a time of Light Warrior activation, and this year with the Moon conjunct Varuna in Leo in trine to the equinox sun, I expect this to be a powerful feature of the times; the emergence of a warrior spirit in alignment with natural law, inspiring those already working with the Light, to stand up against shadow forces now very much active in the world, with greater capacity than before.

To stand up against shadow forces, is not to say we all jump into the fray, but rather to mean that we hold the light with more tenacity, defy the negative energy swamping the collective field, and shine the light of hope on those more overwhelmed and fearful.

I am reminded of Thoth’s Prophecy, allegedly made by Hermes Trismegistus a few thousand years ago. In it he says that when the darkness is greatest, the One Creator will rectify the deviation from natural law, calling all souls back to the right path and initiate a purification of the planet, releasing us from the low frequency intensity of unbridled self-interest. I suggest that this is already happening, and we are living right in the midst of this gargantuan shift in the energies. 

The Grand Fire Trine

circle, trinity, triangle

The Grand Fire Trine is a striking highlight of the equinox chart. It features the Sun and Manwë trine the Moon and Varuna, trine Pallas-Athena. Trines are harmonious open channels for energy, and a Grand Trine, where several archetypes are all trine each other, creates an amplified energy channel. The Sun and Manwë represents powerful Angelic light frequencies that can either be healing and activating, or represent a heightened connection with the Angelic Light Realms. The Moon and Varuna in Leo indicate emotional awareness of these light frequencies and a desire to use them to unveil Self; to become more aligned with the Higher-Self and to move away from egocentricity toward soul-centricity, whereby the ego-personality agrees, more and more, to act in cooperation with Higher guiding forces. Pallas-Athena in Sagittarius (she’s also in trine to Salacia; another harbinger of the Light) plays a key role here; as the patron of heroes, Pallas catalyses us with messages, guidance and synchronicity in service to Self-realisation. 

In summary the appearance of this Grand Trine indicates that this year there are powerful guiding forces available to anyone who wants to awaken, and for those actively on an Ascension path, the next 3 months will give us an open channel to receive help from the spirit-world, relative to what we are called to be and do at this time. This opportunity could lead to miraculous events and life changes.

Inner work is still a core theme

head, brain, cosmos

Venus in a balsamic conjunction with Saturn in Pisces is in direction opposition to Orcus and Juno in Virgo. This is a highly spiritualised aspect, lending itself well to inner contemplative work; it marks a shift in commitment to the journey. For those just starting it might represent a deepening of commitment to spiritual awakening. For those of us already committed to that path, we may see ourselves reviewing the past, releasing old lessons, and renewing the path in some way. Commitment is a key theme, especially to healing and service, and what I call the feminine; learning to flow with life, to build connection to the Living Field Matrix, cultivating personal subjective experiences with spirit allies, and learning to know from within one’s personal Truth.

With Pallas square to Orcus and Juno, some may be challenged to listen to the inner guiding messages, or be challenged by the awakening process itself, through fear and resistance.

Quaoar and Pholus in Capricorn are now in a new phase conjunction; the high frequency transmissions coming from the Galactic Logos, now activating and quickening collective ascension, are tending to express as new life initiatives; we may need to take action to reflect the inner changes now occurring; we may need to actively break the old patterns as we venture forth into new ways of expressing and experiencing our core essential spiritual nature. This may also reflect in the world at large, although positive change is rarely reported on in the media, so we may not notice this unless we see it in our own community environments.

mother, father, community

It is easy to hang onto the edge of the seat, preoccupied by the bigger world picture of events unfolding, and this equinox emphasises that if we want to contribute to positive world change, then we need to pay attention to the inner-work. It may seem counter-intuitive, or it may not gratify the ego, but we are all connected, and inner-work really matters; a positive shift in ourselves can have a surprisingly powerful knock-on effect in our relationships and in family members, opening the way for more love.

Healing is part of the way forward

Woman, serpent

Neptune and Hygeia are in exact conjunction in Pisces, and they both square Asbolus and Vesta in Gemini, while Asbolus is in opposition to Varda the Lady of the Stars. Meanwhile the North Node of the moon is conjunct both Mercury and Chiron in Aries. 

Awakening and Ascension go hand in hand with natural holistic healing processes, and Hygeia the patron of holistic healing, now fused with Neptune in his home sign of Pisces, activates spiritual healing in particular.

Varda as a transmitter of the Galactic Logos energy (she is in alignment with the Galactic Centre) is collectively stimulating all of us to become more aware of the patterns in our lives, and with Vesta in Gemini in opposition, this year will draw us to put more attention onto personal patterns rather than simply ignoring them. As we bring light to deep seated patterns, in turn we will be moved toward finding more wholeness through healing processes. And via the Equinox initiation of new energy this influence will probably over-light us throughout the year ahead.

This is good news, because crucial world change is dependent on personal healing and resolution that changes the way we live. This is further punctuated by Venus in balsamic conjunction to Saturn in Pisces; an emphasis this year is toward rebirthing personal values in relation to how we conduct ourselves in life. In some ways this might drive an aspect of deeper introspection over the next 3 months, and ongoing for the year, through which we may see an elevation in values occurring.

Scheler's values

As an example, if we use philosopher Max Scheler’s hierarchy of values model,  much of the world these days puts most attention on utility values such as money and things, but we don’t see a great deal of attention placed on the value of virtue, truth and the sacred. This focus on the lowest level of the value hierarchy is a reflection of many of the problems in the world such as ecological crisis, the meaning crisis, the health crisis etc. 

  • What would our world look like when more of us begin to value the higher virtues such as integrity, honesty, truth, love and art?

  • Is it enough to pursue comfort as the main goal of life, or do we need to forgo comfort in the name of greater love, expanded awareness and right action (dharma)?

New teachings catalyse new understanding and a desire to learn

With Chiron conjunct Mercury in Aries and the lunar North Node, the next 3 months may see many catalysed by teachers of one kind or another, and the energy to move forward collectively is connected with a new way of seeing things. 

Chiron in Aries is already initiating forward movement in terms of holistic healing and new spiritual paradigms; there are now so many more voices sharing up to date information on the latest insights on physical health and mental health for example. 

The Aries North Node collective imperative, is to break away from obsolete patterns and forge new growth pathways, and for the next few months via Mercury, the way we forge new pathways will coincide with new information that helps us understand more how to move in new directions. New understanding can also catalyse healing processes.

The Grand Earth Trine

Albion conjunct Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus while trine to Orcus in Virgo and trine to Quaoar and Pholus in Capricorn.

Despite all the troubles ever present in the mainstream media, at the grassroots level, I suspect there is significant progress being made in support of the human enterprise. Which is to say that beneficial higher forces are acting on behalf of humanity, in order to help us elevate out of gross materialism and individual disempowerment through a radical shift in values. This shift must move beyond mere material values to include the higher virtues and spiritual development as a prime value. Without this there cannot be a collective shift in consciousness;  those of us already active on a spiritual path are tasked with cultivating more spiritual awareness and interest at the local level; to bring the sacred back into the everyday world, through a return to local food production and the cultivation of spiritual community.

This year there will be amplified energy with regard to this theme.


This Aries Equinox, which marks the beginning of the astrological year, is packed full of conjunctions and 2 Grand Trines, which heralds the coming year as a time for significant rebirth both personally and collectively - (last year seemed more of an inception period where the seeds of change started pouring in).

2 Grand Trines suggest there is going to be a lot of free flowing energy driving self-realisation processes in many people, activating the Light Warrior archetype, as well as initiating souls into much higher frequency states, especially for those actively on a spiritual path of development. 

The astrological year kicks off with energy pushing for more collective healing and spiritualisation, especially through surrender, trust, inner-guidance and forgiveness. This might be a primary theme for the whole of 2024.

Ixion and Manwë continue to be in a last quarter square, reflecting an ongoing meta-crisis driven by the revelation of potent dark forces operating within society, systems and institutions (Moloch:The False Matrix) in conjunction with the emergence of the Light Warrior and Light Worker archetypes now activating within larger and larger numbers, in turn engendering the possibility of a “New Earth”.

Stoic virtues
4 Stoic Virtues

With Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus about to rebirth in April 2024, there is a great deal of change occurring with regard to values; what we value is changing and in turn opening the way for lifestyle changes in the coming months and years. We desperately need to elevate our values beyond mere utility to encompass both the spiritual and the sacred; only in this way will the world move away from consumer-materialist self-destruction. Uranus will continue to catalyse liberation through disruptions that cause all of us to reevaluate what we value, why, and the consequences both positive and negative. At this time, shifting values are at the heart of the inner-work taking place.

Last year saw the energy stimulating the breaking of existing patterns, which I could correlate in almost everyone around me, expressing in unique ways but noticeably there was more openness to the new and to change. This year it looks more like there will be energy momentum for the birthing of new personal realities, especially pertinent to anyone who has already been receiving guiding messages toward that aim. This could be a fast year of exciting change for some of us.


© 2024 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved. Please credit and reference me and this website when choosing to use any written part of this article.

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