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A New Galactic 'Day Cycle' in the Mayan Calendar

fractal spiral wave

Cycle renews on 27th August 2024

Mayan Shaman

The Mayan Calendar system represents a body of knowledge and wisdom bequeathed to us from the now lost civilisation of the Maya, located in what is now the south east of Mexico, all of Guatemala and Belize, and parts of Honduras and El Salvador. The Mayan Calendar entered mainstream awareness as we approached a so called 'end date' posited as December 21st 2012. 

From what we can tell, the Mayan culture was rooted in shamanism, and the calendar system itself (not a calendar mapping linear time like most calendars) is thought to represent the accumulated knowledge gained by shaman priests over many years, engaging in altered states of consciousness, through the use of sacred plant-based psychoactive substances. 

According to biologist and researcher Carl Calleman, the Mayan Calendar system maps macro-quantum energy patterns underlying cosmic reality, utilising a system of 13 tones, 20 archetypal signs and 9 underworlds. In essence the One Creator Unity Consciousness pulses light in a sequence of modulating frequencies to generate dualistic fields of reality in which soul can play.

Tzolkin calendar wheel
Mayan Signs and Tones

These tones are a bit like keys on a piano, or like white light split into a rainbow spectrum. Every day we experience a different tone, and these cosmic light emissions are paired with an archetypal filter or lens, offering a greater complexity of waveforms from which the “illusion’ of space-time reality is generated. The cycle of the tones and signs (lenses) is called the Sacred Calendar or Tzolkin. It is a reflection of the 13 tones and 20 signs generating 260 permutations, and thus an unfolding energy cycle that lasts 260 days.

In addition to this cycle, the Mayan system defines 9 "underworlds" or quantum energy waves, each with its own frequency, each  layered on top of the other, acting as a matrix in which the cycle of 260 light emissions interact. The term 'underworld' refers to implicate quantum patterns that underly our experience of reality, and should not be conflated with the idea of Hell or the realm of the dead. These "underworld" quantum waves did not start at the same time; they initiated in a sequence with the very first starting 16.4 billion years ago (a proposed time location representing the Big Bang). The culmination of the Mayan Calendar circa 2011-2012 marked the activation of all 9 underworld waves for the first time, with the last Universal Wave activating in 2011. 

feathered serpent
The Rainbow Feathered Serpent - A symbol of all 9 quantum waves in full expression

Rather than marking the end of the world, the 2012 end date marked the full potential of Divine expression on Earth, and is now ushering in a very different era in human evolution. As each quantum energy wave activated throughout unfolding time, the potential of consciousness and sentient being has altered or evolved. Most pertinent to this period of time are two quantum waves: the 8th underworld or Galactic Wave, and the 9th underworld or Universal Wave. These activated very recently, the Galactic Wave in 1999, and as already mentioned the Universal Wave in 2011. In terms of linear time, these two waveforms, representing emanations from the Galactic Logos, are now adding their unique 'sound' to the 'song of evolution'; they are operating at a higher frequency than the underworlds that have come before. This is one possible reason why our current world picture is characterised by amplified polarisation, perceptual differences and social incoherence; humanity is expressing several quantum wave frequencies at once, causing a wider spectrum of human consciousness on the planet.

energy waves, spheres, clouds

With two new quantum frequencies now available at a collective level, there is scope for souls to choose to attune to them (or not) and in so doing, shift in consciousness. Those of us who have chosen at the soul level to activate through resonance with these new quantum waves, are now undergoing a constant shifting of consciousness toward the manifestation of new lifestyles, motivations, and ways of perceiving reality and being. 

In this post I will be focusing on the 8th Galactic Wave that activated in 1999, and if this wisdom stream fascinates you, then you may be interested in reading some of my earlier posts on the Mayan Calendar: 


The Galactic Wave

figure, rainbow light rays

The quantum wave of the 8th underworld cycles every 360 days and completes a full expression or transmission every 12.8 years. Imagine a simple sine wave; the wave rises to a peak and then falls to a nadir and then repeats. When the energy rises we call this a day cycle, and when the energy falls we call this a night cycle; thus all the quantum wave emanations express in day cycles when there is a marked rise in creativity, novelty, innovation and new ideas, followed by a night cycle when there is a quelling of frequency stimulation, allowing for integration, and if necessary the shedding of obsolete patterns and structures. Every quantum wave adheres to a 13 day/night oscillation before it rebirths a new expression; whatever evolutionary motivation seeding at the commencement of a wave renewal, is then progressively developed and expressed until the cycle culminates. Presumably each evolutionary cycle of any wave builds upon the previous one. 

sine wave
The Galactic Quantum Wave

In the case of the Galactic Wave there are 13 [360 days] sub-cycles alternating between ‘days’ and ‘nights’. The very first 12.8 year Galactic Wave cycle started on a day cycle, so the entire 12.8 years from 1999 were imbued with an awakening of consciousness connected with the activation of the right hemisphere of the brain. For many [like myself] who were awakening at that time, it was generally a positive and expansive process of discovery. 

In 2011-2012 when the first Galactic Wave culminated, it, like all the other quantum waves re-birthed, but this time it started on a night cycle, and so initiated a period of integration and gestation, while in the outer world it corresponded to a breakdown into more chaos as the old and now obsolete cultural structures began to feel more and more redundant and useless; we are, whether we know it or not, moving into something new and the old ways are not coming with us.

Since 2012 most of us are quite clear that the world seems more frantic, more uncertain, and more chaotic, as we recognise the failure of existing systems and the rise of corruption amplified by the capitalist paradigm. These quantum-wave night cycles (8 for the most part, with the exception of the 9th Universal Wave) have also coincided with Pluto moving through Capricorn (2008 - 2024), the sign of society and authority, and this has lead to the exposure of self-interest and its consequences on community.

hands, rainbow, geometry, flower of life, hearts
The New Earth Tribes

Now 12.8 years later, the 2nd Galactic Wave is culminating and will renew on August 27th 2024, and a 3rd Galactic Wave will initiate on a day cycle and thus correlate to a 12.8 year period of expansion, creativity, and innovation, especially in the following areas

  • Holistic healing and medicine

  • Heart centred community and what I call the “Rainbow New Earth Tribes”

  • Environmental awareness and our connection to nature

  • Dimensional awareness and our connection to the spirit-world and inter-dimensional allies.

Since the Galactic Wave resonates with the ‘right-brain’ we can expect more activation toward the Divine Feminine principle, and progress toward yin-yang balance as we ascend out of an old patriarchal paradigm. 

Despite what we may have wanted individually, my observation is that indeed many of us have been less active in the outer-world during the last 12.8 year 'night wave', and have been held instead, in a more internalised developmental and integrative evolutionary process. I think this is about to change; I expect to see a turn in the energy and with it a renaissance within the Rainbow Tribes of Awakeners, and as a result more outward expressions of an emergent New Earth paradigm founded on a new frequency of consciousness.

From September 2024, the Galactic Wave will begin initiating a new covenant of spiritual growth. We will be experiencing Day 1, which corresponds to the cosmic tone of unity; for the 360 days following Aug 26th 2024, those of us attuned to the Galactic Wave frequency will be receiving the essence of a new creative direction and motivation from the Galactic Logos (One Creator); each of us will be invited to carry a thread of this evolutionary intention for humankind to be nurtured, cultivated and developed over the next 12.8 years, during which time there will be a ripening period, where the fruits of this process can and will be expressed in the world in ways that change the collective frequency, and in ways that elevate the value of the Divine Feminine within our cultural and social frameworks.

moon, goddess
The Triple Moon Goddess

At the heart of this next 12.8 year cycle, all of us will become more deeply and richly acquainted with the nature and intelligence of the Cosmic Yin aspect of the One Universal Life Force. Given that we are all conditioned by the waning momentum of a patriarchal distorted perceptual environment, there is plenty of scope for us to expand into profound new ways of being human.

A time of incubation and internalised integration is now completing, and we can expect the overall quality of energy to become more outward, more energised, and more uplifting as momentum builds in the world toward productive and innovate change. This will naturally be supported by Pluto moving full-time into Aquarius - the sign of humanity, innovation and equality, by the end of 2024. 

This may mean that whatever dreams and visions we have been quietly incubating within the protection of our personal spiritual space, will now be given the ‘green light’ so to speak, as opportunities and impulses arise that encourage us as individuals, to move on our heart-felt dreams; we must be the means by which ascension occurs.


Manik ~ Deer or Hand

August 27th 2024, the first day of the new cycle, corresponds to tone 7, transmitting through the Mayan sign of the Deer (Manik), setting the pace for Day 1 (360 days): Tone 7 activates the vertical axis, linking us to higher consciousness, so that we can more easily receive dreams, visions, messages and purpose. This implies that Day 1 of the Galactic Wave will be focussed on bridging the material world with the spiritual world and finding the correct balance between the two. Tone 7 is exactly in the middle of the 13 tone sequence, evoking a sense of a fulcrum and the principle of equilibrium. Tone 7 offers us the ability to tune into the Unity Field in order to be guided forward toward our true purpose at this time. 

Tone 7 shining through the lens of the Deer, enhances the energy, adding a peaceful, cooperative and artistic quality, which I think may be carried forward on some level until August 2025. The teaching of the Deer (Manik) is to act as a lighthouse and spiritual guide for other people, awakening others to their true potential. We may see a rising call from newly awakening souls seeking help and guidance from those already on the ascension path.

The Deer also imbues Day 1 with the qualities and values of beauty, harmony, art and peaceful relationships. In addition, Manik corresponds to the symbol of the hand, and thus cooperation, working with others, healing and implementation. This implies that we are entering a time where those of like-mind may be called to come together in new ways; to enjoy new ways of living in peace with each other. The suggestion here is that this is the foot we start the journey on, and that this is where we are headed. Manik can also refer to the idea of a gateway, and this is an apt and uplifting symbol for the commencement of the 3rd Galactic Wave Cycle; the sense that the new frequencies can carry us through a gateway to new possibilities, free from the baggage and inhibition of lower frequency structures.

What a wonderful start to a new Galactic Wave cycle! 

Day 1 (lasting 360 days) is a time period that will fundamentally initiate a new evolutionary directive, and we can expect those within the new Rainbow Tribes (those called to break from the status quo to reach for a new frequency of living) to be asserting creatively in the world in the coming years. We can expect an upthrust of new ideas to emerge. Day 1 will be followed by Night 1 in Aug 2025, where the seeding of new frequencies of being within the world, will quieten down as the status quo responds or reacts. It will also correspond to a period of rest and integration, as well as push back from the old dying order. Regardless of this, the momentum of this new Galactic Wave cycle will inevitably continue, so we should not be concerned by the possibility of societal push backs, as we can trust in the creative power of the Galactic Wave, which operates at a higher frequency than that which has come before. In my view, in an ascending Yuga Cycle, low frequency structures and patterns will inevitably give way to the emerging higher frequency realities we are now co-creating.


My perspectives on the Mayan Calendar system are based on the work of Carl Calleman. If you find yourself resonant with this material and want to go deeper, he has published numerous books on the subject.

For those of you interested in historic correlation with the quantum 'serpent' wave model check out Calleman's blog post; The Mystery of the Plumed Serpent and its implications on Big History


© 2024 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved. Please credit and reference me and this website when choosing to use any written part of this article.   

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