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Virgo New Moon Forecast' 23

Virgo goddess, sun, lunar, night


The new moon can be thought of as a window in time when the Higher-Self initiates specific lessons or personal growth intentions for the coming month, and we can use the lunar cycle as a way of decoding evolutionary forces at a more granular level than the solar cycle or the transits of the slower moving planets.

For the spiritually minded person, the new moon is a time to receive the seed impulses for one’s personal evolution, and specifically those impulses toward bringing something new into conscious awareness. Each moon cycle fits into a larger cycle, which begins at the Aires new moon, and if you seriously want to track the unfolding pattern of higher-self guidance, it is a really good idea to record a log or journal of key messages and impressions received in the few hours before and after the new moon, roughly 4-5 hours on either side. During this window of time, make space to be more meditative and pay attention to your thoughts, inspirations, psychic messages and so on, as these will tend to correspond to the archetype the new moon is birthing in at the time, and correlate to the growth themes we are meant to work with during the month.

At some point in time (after a few months) you can look through your log and begin to see a key pattern unfolding, which can stimulate further insight in terms of life purpose.



Mirror, man, mask, contemplation

The New Moon in Virgo energises an impulse toward self-improvement, healing, detoxification, remediation, efficiency, internal self-analysis, and work (in the sense of practice-makes-better). The Higher-Self impulses will generally fall into one or more of these Virgo categories. We may find ourselves drawn into “the process” in whichever area of our lives this activates (the natal house the New Moon falls in can shed light on where the energy is most focused for the individual). For example we can find ourselves more attuned to the process of work (6th house), especially toward longer term goals, and we might be drawn to improve things if this is most needed. Personal 'projects' for example may arise that essentially bring us to resolution, humble us in some way, or serve to help us process past issues.

If we jump back to the beginning of the cycle, when the New Moon occurred in Aries last March-April, whatever arises this month will probably correlate to processes that help us align more with the earlier seed impulses transmitted from the Higher-Self toward new desires and life directions. The New Moon opposition with Neptune might activate sacred ritual work; perhaps we want to know more clearly the path we must take, and so put focus on deep internal questions that need answers; an altar may be set; prayers may be offered.

There are two helpful Grand Trines this lunation: both speak to the role of higher-guidance helping us move forward and overcoming internal obstacles. Let’s take a closer look at the New Moon chart to see the emerging themes we will be working with.

Astrology chart, Virgo new moon

Chart cast for the Virgo New Moon - 15th Sep 2023 2.39 am BST / 14th Sep 2023 9.39 pm EDT

For a guide to the astrological symbols click here




  • Saturn and Gonggong conjunct in Pisces

  • Sedna and Mors-Somnus conjunct in Gemini 0˚

  • Eris conjunct the North Node in Aires

  • Haumea and Ceres conjunct the South Node in Libra

  • Varda conjunct Icarus in Sagittarius on the Galactic Centre

Squares and T-Squares:

  • Pluto in a T-Square with Eris, Haumea, Ceres and the lunar nodes

  • Manwë in a Grand Square with Ixion, Pallas, Vesta and Asbolus

  • The New Moon opposing Neptune with Varda/Icarus at the apex

2 Grand Trines:

  • Eris, the North Node, Varda, Icarus and Venus in a Grand Fire Trine

  • Uranus, Arawn, and the New Moon in a Grand Earth Trine

1 Yod:

  • Ixion sextile Ceres and Haumea with Mors-Somnus and Sedna at the apex


  • Eris opposing Ceres and Haumea (and the south node)

  • Chiron opposing Mars

  • The New Moon opposing Neptune

  • Asbolus and Vesta opposing Ixion

  • Mors-Somnus goes stationary retrograde at the time of the New Moon

  • Varda goes direct at the time of the New Moon.


The collective overview

Libra, scales, rose, sapphire, mountain, lake, rainbow
Libra SN - balancing karmic debts

Pluto still retrograde in Capricorn continues to square the lunar nodes, which have recently moved into Aries/Libra, highlighting the role of relationships as the frontier of emotional evolution for the next 18 months; we can expect to be catalysed by other people and act as a catalyst for others.

With Pluto’s imminent ingress into Aquarius full-time later this year, the world is set to change, and right now we are all actively working with the past and the future as we get ready for the new Aquarian energies, which will initiate human evolution toward more personal freedom and rebellion against too much control if necessary (either self-inflicted or imposed by others).

angel, female, sword
Eris as champion of justice and equality

Eris is in exact conjunction with the North Node in Aries, adding a lot of feisty and potentially disruptive energy in all of us; many are tired of feeling trapped and compromised by corrupt and inefficient systems, and there will be a rush of energy to break free and take action. Fortunately perhaps, Eris is balanced by two other goddesses: Haumea and Ceres, both deeply resonant with Gaia and the mother archetype, and both on the anaretic degree adding intensity; whatever fierce uprising of energy occurs through Eris must be balanced with the needs of the planet, and take stock of other peoples needs as well.

Globally we can expect more disruptions in the coming months, especially connected to established systems and a growing need to break free from the past. Old ways of doing things are getting harder to maintain.

The exact opposition between Ixion in Capricorn and Asbolus in Cancer close to Vesta, suggests to me that “the people” are now learning to see the hidden patterns of corruption within our systems and in so doing, I expect more initiatives to reveal and disable criminal groups more effectively than before. For example there was a recent article about a human-trafficking ring arrested in Greece, where initial investigations began in 2022, with arrests being made in 2023.

Saturn and Gongong continue to fuse their energy in Pisces, now both retrograde, moving into an exact conjunction once again by January 2024. This retrograde energy puts the focus on internal structural change; old ways, old ideas, old relationships, old patterns are now dissolving as we lighten the load, and make space for new growth by letting go of old realities and especially cherished illusions. Saturn is also in close square with Sedna and Mors-Somnus at 0˚ Gemini; through a crisis in consciousness, where we might feel that existing reality has no meaning for us, we might find ourselves opening up to new ideas of who we are and who we could be. New information coming to our awareness might be the catalyst that wakes us up to unimagined possibilities.

The Grand Cardinal Square featuring Manwë, Asbolus, Vesta, Pallas and Ixion provides a great deal of evolutionary catalyst this month, which might be felt in the world at large. While the exposure of criminality in the world reveals organised patterns and agendas, the Warriors of the Light (working on many levels), now strongly energised, will most probably make significant progress, as long as they don’t lose sight of what they are striving for; we must continue to take guidance from the “inner teacher” in ways that keep us in touch with the consequences of actions in order to optimise karma. What strikes me most about this Grand Square is the sense of the emergence of a coherent pattern with regard to the dark players operating within existing systems; are the White Hats becoming more aware of the plans and intentions of the opposing groups?

Yod, triangle

The Yod featuring Haumea, Ceres, Ixion, Sedna and Mors-Sommus adds a further overlay, where the emergent notion of an abundant New Earth based on harmony and equality, in stark contrast to our existing service-to-self cultural values and behaviours, generates a crisis of awakening; a tug of war between staying asleep, carrying on as normal despite dwindling resources and climate change fears, and recognising that our destructive behaviours are rooted in both individual and collective trauma, which if ignored may lead us into catastrophic or dystopian future outcomes. There is evolutionary pressure building to grasp the benefits of trauma healing as beneficial to everyone in a way that alters our future potential as a species. This Yod occurring at this particular Virgo New Moon, in direct opposition to Neptune in Pisces provides a poignant macro-perspective to whatever personal Virgo adjustments we might make this month.

Personal Themes

This New Moon features in a T-Square with Neptune, Varda and Icarus. Varda turns direct at this New Moon, and she along with Icarus, lines up with the Galactic Centre (Galactic Logos). This aspect is highly energised and offers us the potential for some major spiritual breakthroughs or upgrades this month, as long as we are prepared to take the humble road and embrace shadow-work if necessary. My sense is that this can happen on two levels: we may experience powerful high frequency transmissions via Varda, which stimulate us to awaken more. We may also experience exposure to new ideas and teachings that cause us to upgrade our way of seeing the evolutionary journey, our personal path, and where we might be headed.

winged male, sun

An under-developed Icarus can cause us to jump ahead of lessons and skip vital aspects of the spiritual growth process; we have to guard against giddy optimism as new expanded states of awareness occur. We must be careful not to jump the gun and misinterpret input. The Virgo New Moon energy is one founded on sincere self-reflection and a humble desire to heal and serve, and we might need to put some effort into grounding new awareness and putting it to good use.

Varda and Icarus also feature in a Grand Fire Trine with Eris, the North Node, and Venus - highlighting a continuing theme (from the June Solstice) of the awakening feminine principle. Trines amplify energy and the Fire element is active and energised toward the new. Whatever spiritual upgrading or breakthroughs occur, they are going to activate the heart centre, and bring us to a new level of feminine power, to be a force that we bring forward into the world in new ways. The fierce passionate assertion of the lower Eris expression has to be tempered with love, and an inner-wisdom gained from deep self-knowledge. Will this give rise to a new elevated Eris expression I wonder?

goddess, water, river, sea
Eris redeemed

Eris is more than a champion for social justice; at a deeper level she is the keeper of the wellspring of feminine power and wisdom, and above all the power of transformation and renewal.

Although it is inevitable that the return of the feminine will generate temporary chaos in the world, this is but a means to an end; Eris has a lot more to give and she is waiting for suitable souls to act as her emissaries.

Arawn, Herne, Cernunnos, forest, moon, runes
Arawn - Lord of the Otherworld

A second Grand Trine, this time in the Earth signs, keys directly into the New Moon energy, featuring mysterious Arawn, Uranus and the New Moon itself. The presence of Uranus energises this Grand Trine with the potential for more insight and revelation this month, augmented by Arawn and channeled right into the liminal gateway of the New Moon.

Arawn as Lord of the Otherworld indicates that new insights can come from "passed" ancestors, beings in the Faery-world, or from other dimensions connected to the Earth within 3rd Density e.g. the inner-Earth realms; we might just get some timely help from the otherside when we least expect it. The retrograde nature of Uranus in Taurus signifies that new insights will initiate foundational changes on the inside, which might cause us to throw off old limiting ideas and behaviours.

Arawn also features in an exact T-Square with the lunar nodes and Eris. For some of us initiations may bring us into closer contact with the world of the Fae; dimensions of existence within 3rd Density which have been beyond the reach of a left-brain dominant mind. Signs and synchronicities may coincide to make the more rational minded seeker question their reality. For others the spirits of deceased ancestors may come closer in dreams or through mediums to communicate.

Relationships provide the key to personal growth

male face, female face, hands, mirror

The lunar nodes now moving into the signs of Aries and Libra offer all of us individually the opportunity to learn and grow through relationships in more active ways than usual. With Eris energising the North Node in Aries, there is a strong emphasis on breaking patterns (especially in relationships) for the purpose of being able to move beyond repeat behaviours; the aim is to generate something new in the world. Working to balance needs and desires will be emphasised in the coming months:

  • How do we pay attention to our own personal development without losing touch with other people?

  • How do we initiate new pathways of self-discovery, while also making sure we honour those we have contracts of exchange with?

On a collective level we can expect to see more relationship issues entering the public sphere e.g. public figures brought into the fore for past relational indiscretions. Mars, the ruler of Aries and now in Libra, puts a lot of energy into relationships in general and especially the desire for more balance. My sense is that Eris’s need for change may play out in extreme ways, especially in relationships, forcing tired and obsolete patterns into the open so that they can be seen and released.

The Season of Change

Tarot, wand, sun, rays, clouds
Ace of Wands in Tarot - new creative energy

Finally there are a number of slower moving celestial bodies moving into new signs this year. Notably Pluto moving into Aquarius (see earlier post Pluto in Aquarius - A New Era)

Sedna also entered Gemini for the first time in over 10,000 years, which is her first change of signs since she was first discovered at the turn of the millennium in Taurus. We are still learning about Sedna, but her ingress into Gemini will surely bring a significant change to the collective dynamic in the coming years. In an earlier post I proposed that part of Sedna's ingress into Gemini would mean that child sex abuse will have to be dealt with more directly from now on, and thus we can expect to see more exposure of this issue in the coming years.

[Coinciding with this, I noticed a new documentary "Scouts Honor" appearing on Netflix recently, released in 2023, exposing the significant child sex abuse within the boy scouts of America, an in house policy of covering it up, and over 82,000 victims over the last 50 years or so.]

Manwë, elven lord, male face

Manwë, another of the newer archetypes, moved full-time into Aries at the beginning of 2023, initiating a whole new cycle of development connected to the forces of light and our relationship with these forces.

goddess, snake
Haumea in Scorpio

And Haumea, the goddess archetype most resonant with the birthing of a New Earth, will begin to move from Libra to Scorpio in early October this year as well, marking yet another shift in the energy influencing collective consciousness. This shift into Scorpio will energise transformation and renewal - we might see some significant Earth changes during this time, some caused by Gaia herself, and others through new ecological initiatives toward remediation.

On another level, the nodal axis has also shifted from Taurus/Scorpio to Aires/Libra, with the North Node now in Aires amplifying the recurring theme of new beginnings, and ushering in collective and individual evolutionary growth related to self-discovery, assertion, action taking, and trailblazing. The shift of the nodal axis also means that the cycle of eclipses will also now fall into the signs of Aries and Libra for about a year and a half, so we will be working with this axis as one frontier of personal evolution, which in turn will bring relationship lessons to the fore. Unfinished business regarding past and present relationships may come forward to be worked on during this time, and new relationship opportunities can also emerge. We will be working periodically with learning balance, and finding equilibrium and harmony through the balancing of debts and reparation of past hurts. At other times the focus will be on personal individuation, breaking patterns of the past, and learning to take action toward what we most want.


© 2023 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved. Please credit and reference me and this website when choosing to use any written part of this article. Aquila offers Self-realisation mentoring, Evolutionary Astrology, and Tarot sessions for those awakening to their true potential.


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