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Scorpio Solar Eclipse Forecast '22

25th October 2022 active about 6 months


The eclipse cycles trigger waves of energy that influence all of us internally and externally. The imprint of energy as captured by the chart calculated for any eclipse, tends to get carried forward in time on a wave for about 6 months, and so makes for a useful method of forecasting.

All eclipses represent a break in the normal transmission of light from the sun, and that means the transmission of spiritual information received at the soul level of our beingness. For me the eclipses represent changes and shifts in the way our self-realisation process unfolds, keeping us in tune with our pre-intended life-purpose prior to incarnation. In essence, eclipse energy imbues us with an impulse, which when acted upon makes us feel like we are on track, energised, and purposeful. How this affects us in detail can only be determined by cross-referencing with a natal birth chart, but we can look to the overall themes to see how the world in general will be influenced, to give us a sense of the psychic weather patterns shaping things over time.

A Solar Eclipse takes place during the new moon, so it can be viewed as an enhanced new moon. Not only can we receive Higher-Self seed impulses for the coming month, we also can receive awareness that alters our growth path, or new lessons can be initiated, which will carry beyond the month over a 6 month period of time.

Key themes we will be working with over the next 6 months:

  • The ongoing revelation of hidden truths causing a reorientation to reality

  • Deep personal transformation processes leading to more self-empowerment through death and rebirth.

  • The transformation of dark low-vibration psychic energy at a personal level and in the environment

  • Letting go of past issues relating to betrayal, abandonment and abuse of power

  • Facing shadow aspects now rising from the depths of the psyche at a collective level

  • Shedding old identities in order to align with who we are becoming

  • Cultivating a more feminine approach through self-reflection, introspection, meditation, surrender and trust

  • An active impulse to learn and understand something new about reality, guided by the intuition toward higher truth and insight

  • A strong wave of energy stimulating more spiritual awakening across the planet

  • The ongoing liberation from social conditioning and indoctrination in order to see reality more truly

  • Shadow work: learning to observe shadow elements in oneself and the world at large in order to break free from negative complexes, and to learn to master compulsions and lower desire impulses

Scorpio in service to Sagittarius

The last total solar eclipse occurred in Dec 2021, marking the initiation of an eclipse cycle governed by the Sagittarius impulse toward truth and understanding through intuitive means. The main drive of this eclipse season, of which the current partial eclipse in Scorpio belongs, is toward an expansion of awareness, often with a philosophical or metaphysical framework. During the last years, it has been a very pertinent issue deciding what is true from what is not true, and we have all been faced with trying to make sense of our world in an information ecology that is polluted. Since then we have had a partial solar eclipse in Taurus and now another partial in Scorpio; the Taurus-Scorpio axis has been the learning arena - first through Taurus we were impulsed toward getting more grounded, slowing down on information overload, paying attention to survival needs and core essential needs, aligning with higher-values (ideally) and developing self-reliance with regard to sense making; what did we think was true regardless of what others thought? Now we are moving to the polarity sign of Scorpio, where if all going well, we have generated sufficient personal integrity and stability to face the challenges of deeper truths, change and metamorphosis.


The Scorpio Solar Eclipse this year, activates through the Lunar South Node, and for this reason we know that the impulses and lessons initiated at this time, will be connected to death and rebirth through reconciliation with the past; individually this may be connected to karma generated from the mis-use of power, sexuality or psychic energy, or it can be connected to past patterns related to co-dependency, betrayal and abandonment. For the next 6 months we can assume that progress is to be made through the unveiling of hidden truth pertaining to the past, without which we are unable to let go and move on.

Scorpio isn’t always an easy archetype; of the 12 zodiacal signs it is the one that requires of us to change, transform or let go. Its energy is typically intense, sometimes cathartic, and connected to the underworld mysteries and shadow work. With the South Node travelling through Scorpio until July 2023, for the time being, much of the collective evolutionary focus will involve the ongoing revelation of hidden truths pertaining to the darker side of life, and the need to process and purge psychic toxins as we resolve the past, in order to move forward in life.

  • What underlying truths do we need to face now, in order to move on from the past?

  • What unconscious patterns must we own in ourselves and transform?

The Solar Eclipse-New Moon energy initiates new seed impulses and lessons relating to: power and powerlessness; correct use of energy; the need to transform, heal and empower; the need to let go; to change; to dive more deeply into our emotional reality; to penetrate the surface appearance of things; to unveil reality in order to understand why things are the way they are.

During this time (about a day before, during, and a day after the eclipse) it is worthwhile giving time to become inward, meditative and poised to pay attention to thoughts and inspirations, psychic impressions and insights, as these will more than likely originate from the Higher-Self and indicate future lines of growth. If you are about to make key life decisions it is prudent to wait until a few days after the eclipse until the energy has settled down.

Let's take a deeper look at the chart cast for the Scorpio Solar Eclipse (25th October '22 - 11.48 BST/06.48 EDT) to get a better idea of the themes emerging collectively for the next 6 months. For a guide to the astrological symbols click here.


  • Uranus in Taurus, opposing Typhon in Scorpio, in a T-Square with Saturn in Aquarius

  • Pluto in Capricorn in a last quarter square with Eris in Aires

  • Venus combust the Sun/Moon conjunction at 2˚ Scorpio

  • Haumea in the last degree of Libra in conjunction with the Sun and Moon in Scorpio

  • Manwë conjunct Jupiter (new phase) both square Ixion in Capricorn

  • Manwë retrograde now revisiting Pisces at 29˚ in a 1st quarter square with Varda in Sagittarius

  • Varda on the Galactic Centre in a wide conjunction with Ixion

  • Gonggong in Pisces in trine with the Sun, Moon and Venus

  • Manwë and Jupiter inconjunct the Sun, Moon and Venus

  • Manwë in a 1st quarter square with Asbolus in Gemini

  • Mars in Gemini in a 1st quarter square with Neptune in Pisces

  • Chariklo in Aquarius square the Sun, Moon and Venus, opposing Varuna in Leo


The ongoing Pluto/Eris square, and Saturn squaring the lunar nodes, is something I’ve talked about in previous forecasts. So too the Manwë/Ixion square. These alignments are slow moving, and with the KBOs (Kuiper-belt Objects such as Manwë, Varda and Ixion) their 200-300 year orbital times offer us a poignant reminder just how significant these alignments are, as they will not happen again in hundreds if not thousands of years. For example the specific nature of Manwë and Ixion in a square, while also exactly on the World-Axis is tremendously potent.

Maat - The Principle of Natural Law Justice

As mentioned before, the ongoing Pluto/Eris last quarter square is tied to a collective crisis in consciousness, connected to the pressing need for effective action toward social and economic justice, against an entrenched patriarchal top down rulership system that does not want to change and is leading us to self-destruction. Eris induces an element of chaos as a creative opportunity, which can be used positively or negatively, and in my view there are players on both sides in this global drama; those egocentric and self-interested (often in positions of financial wealth, privilege and power) versus those more heart-centred, empathic, and in service to the greater whole (who are often disenfranchised by the existing systems now culminating and moving into decline) who are moved by the Aires archetype as “protectors of the sacred”, to stand up for what is right against a system that favours only a very small few and has little or no respect for the rights of nature.

[For example through the chaos wave manifesting as a perceived pandemic, super-rich elites like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have increased their wealth, Gates added around $18 billion to his current total of $131 billion, while Bezos added more than $70 billion to his net worth now totalling $185 billion. We can see the other side of this expressed in the idea suggested by Simon Parkes that a side effect of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is that what's left of Cabal money is being rapidly exhausted as they supply expensive weapons to the Ukraine; without money the disturbing dystopian vision of the WEF cannot be realised]

This same dynamic is mirrored on a higher level through the Manwë/Ixion square; a crisis in consciousness charging up a battle, literally between the Light and the Dark. In collective terms this means the majority, who are electing at the soul level to ascend in consciousness, rising up against the Ixion lineage of souls, who are striving to keep everything at a lower vibration, in order to maintain power and control. They are fighting a losing battle; metaphysical forces are now against such agendas; the cycles now occurring are stimulating a mass ascension event, or more simply put, a collective shift in consciousness, which will enable a new path forward for humanity, away from the two primary attractors - either dystopian future timelines or catastrophic future timelines, toward something entirely new and mutually beneficial to all sentient beings involved. This emergent new way will of course occur through an alchemical process, where many are electing to integrate the shadow with the light in order to rise in vibration, and in so doing contribute to world change.

The re-visioning and subsequent emergence of a ‘New Earth’ paradigm and 3rd Attractor

Manwë’s recent retrograde back into Pisces (for a short while only) re-imbues us with the higher vision that we are given to bring forth into the world. During this time the onus is on piercing illusions, while maintaining an open reception to higher visionary states. Manwë will soon return to Aires and make an inconjunct to Haumea in Libra, representing the birth of the vision of a New Earth (free of the False Matrix and thus aligned with natural law principles), in direct challenge to the Ixion lineage of souls, who are willing to break natural law (even to enslave others, violate and kill) to energise dystopian timelines; their vision is of course to be at the privileged end of a New World Order, while the majority own nothing, owe nothing and are ‘happily’ enslaved within a system where digital money (CBDCs) is used to control.

[This vision is not a theory, but expressed by the WEF (World Economic Forum) website, who have representatives in almost every government in the world - Justin Trudeau (Canadian prime minister) and Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand prime minister) are a few key examples of those indoctrinated by the WEF.]

The Manwë/Haumea inconjunct reveals the process toward a ‘New Earth’ as innately challenging; we can’t force this vision on the world, it has to emerge as a collective co-creation, and anyone trying to implement positive world change will inevitably, at this stage, face the significant power of corrupt players within the existing system. Haumea in Libra demands of us that we do this right, through balanced and harmonious means.

Manwë as Angelic Protector

Manwë has strong links to the Angelic realms, and as a protector archetype has affinity with Archangel Michael energy. Those of us attuned to Manwë are moved to envision a clear positive future for Earth and all its sentient beings, and with his recent rebirth into Aires, to powerfully energise positive visions into real initiatives in manifest earthly life. This of course can happen on many different levels within many life sectors, such as animal welfare, ecology and the environment, holistic healing, agriculture and horticulture, spirituality, local community, technology, financial and legal, governance and so on.

The square to Mars and Asbolus in Gemini is helpful; it challenges us to take the higher inspirational visions received from the ‘quantum’ angelic realms, and to organise them into meaningful linear coherent ideas, and to begin to communicate these ideas with others and build momentum for positive world change, through sharing and exchanging ideas and information, and by extension to network with others in order to build confidence in taking the next steps; its no use having positive visions of the future if they stay in the imaginal realms of the mind - at some stage these visions will need to be grounded and implemented. Asbolus and Mars in Gemini are in a disseminating trine with Haumea in Libra, generating an abundant flow of patterns and ideas from which to build a ‘New Earth’.

Shadow integration as an ongoing process; clearing the negative energy of the past to elevate collective vibration

Gonggong depicted as a malevolent black dragon

The presence of Typhon close to the Lunar South Node and Gonggong in trine with the eclipse/new moon highlights the more challenging nature of the times, and a very real need to face and integrate shadow forces both individually and collectively. This whole eclipse opportunity is rooted in shadow-work and transformational processes, and this theme has been active for several months already e.g. the Virgo New Moon forecast (last August) featured Gonggong in exact opposition, and Typhon in close conjunction with the South Node. Both Typhon and Gonggong are gateway archetypes to the shadow, and they share similar qualities but represent different aspects of shadow work. Common to both archetypes is their chaotic nature, threatening the existing order and even causing powerful disruptions that irrevocably change the order of things.

Inner and outer chaos challenge all of us with uncertainty, which is now a characteristic of the times, and the key is in being able to manage chaos and uncertainty without it getting too extreme and destructive. We are all being challenged individually with these chaotic shadow forces as they arise within us out of the unconscious (Gongong and Typhon are in the water signs of Pisces and Scorpio); they can enable new potential and a restructuring of our inner-world - change is at an all time high this year, and it is important to manage this by cultivating disciplined practices that balance mind, body and spirit. This will be different from person to person, but perhaps common to many will be the benefits of connecting regularly with nature through daily walks, gardening, or plant medicine, and the use of the rational logical left brain mode to mitigate irrational fears and compulsions with objective mindfulness; if we can observe and name fears as they arise, we can allow them to process and pass without acting out negative expressions.

Liberation from the False Matrix

The Lunar South Node in Scorpio together with Typhon indicate a collective need to engage, heal, and transform dark, negative, low vibrational energy forms as we work collectively to raise the core planetary vibration. This may mean releasing attachments to negative parasitic entities within the auric field, or trapped in the environment; these parasitic entities can be from the lower astral planes but they can also be deep seated negative thought forms rooted in childhood trauma, mind control or past lives.


If this is something you are drawn to, then consider working with plant Devas such as the trusty Sage, the Artemisias including Mugwort and Wormwood, gentle yet strong Lavender, the Juniperius plants such as Juniper or Cedarwood (Virginia), Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Sweetgrass, Camphor, Copal and Frankincense.

White Sage Smudge Bundles

All these plant medicines have longstanding relationships with humanity rooted in prehistory, and have been in service to humanity for a very long time. All of them have a part to play in psychic detoxification and purification, are innately antagonistic to negative astral entities, and can greatly assist us in maintaining clear space free from negative interference. There are many ways to connect with the plants at a quantum level for deep healing and purification - intention is key: we can invoke their energy through prayer, drink them as tea, they can be burned as incense and used ceremonially, they can be hung up in the house by the bed, essential oils can be used for ritual bathing, added to water and sprayed, nebulised, heated on a candle burner, or used in massage therapy. Planting some of these in the garden is another way to build connection with the plant Devas. Each one has its own character and niche of service, and some may suit you more than others. I myself have been drawn specifically to the Artemisias during this time, in addition to my long standing practice and engagement with Sage, Cedar, Lavender and Camphor.

The emphasis on nature, plant medicine and grounding as a healing and balancing force is emphasised by Uranus in Taurus conjunct the North Node in opposition to Typhon. Through an active relationship with nature we can gain significant insights that can help us to liberate from troublesome complexes within the psyche, as well as attain a valuable objectivity with regard to the shadow forces in play within as well as out in the world.

If the use of plants in this way is new to you, below are a few short articles that may be of relevance.

The Way of the Feminine as a Passage to Power

Perhaps most striking about this solar eclipse is Venus in conjunction on the same degree; the Sun is flanked by two primary feminine archetypes (Venus and the Moon), in the feminine water sign of Scorpio, strongly suggesting that at the heart of this eclipse wave is a call to actively engage the feminine-way as central to evolution and growth at this time. This means that each of us are called to slow down, be still, self-reflective, receptive and introspective more than usual; to sink into a quality of not knowing, to let love in, to cede control with unbridled trust to a higher-power, in order that some deeply felt death and rebirth can occur.

I use the term ‘feminine’ here in a metaphysical sense, and if this is new to you, consider reading an earlier post The Eternal Dance of Yin & Yang for a general summary of the metaphysical qualities of the divine masculine and feminine principles.

Venus in the Underworld

The heliacal cycle of Venus (with the Sun) is exactly mid-way, meaning that she is now deep in the underworld part of her journey through the sky; we literally cannot see her visibly as the morning or evening star, she is Cazimi (in the heart of the Sun) and when she next becomes visible in the sky she will be the evening star. This mid-way phase is a transmutation phase; intense love is forcing us to meet our dark-self during this time; everything we are convinced we are not. We are meant to feel pulled apart, undone and ‘ended’; to work consciously toward transforming the fear of losing what matters most to us, even if it takes us through the darkness to the other side. By allowing deep inner change, we can re-emerge from the process with a greater capacity to run more love through our energy systems than before. We may have to work through feelings of loneliness, isolation and loss. The amplification of the Solar Eclipse/New Moon energy is an incredible opportunity to surrender into a deep dive, in order to attain a greater, more encompassing capacity to embody the Divine feminine, which is to say: to become more rooted in heart-knowing. In order to achieve this at an individual level, we each of us must be willing to relinquish an old sense of self. This kind of transmutation forces us to serve who we are becoming, by moving beyond who we have previously been.

Chariklo in a close square to the Sun-Moon-Venus conjunction emphasises the challenge we may have, making sacred space available for this level of inner change to occur in an optimal way. Perhaps at times during this next 6 month period we may need the help of a trusted person to hold space for us to heal, and with Varuna in Leo in opposition (forming a T-square with the Sun-Moon-Venus conjunction), if we allow ourselves to go into the depths we can overcome fundamental fears and obstacles that may bring us to a higher more self-realised state.

This process is not without its challenges; Gonggong in Pisces makes a close trine with the Venus/Eclipse conjunction, opening an unimpeded connection to darker impulses operating behind the scenes and at the psychic level; there may be times when we feel suddenly disconnected from Source, or from the usual spirit guides and helpers. This could occur in numerous ways: dark players may use the media to stir up more fear to hijack common sense; personal negative complexes within the psyche may activate to be understood more clearly and managed; negative entities or psychic manipulation may also be a consideration. In any case we should not be surprised if we experience some sort of negative psychic turbulence as we continue to unveil truth.

Through responsibility and a humble approach, profound change is possible

Varuna in Leo inconjunct Icarus in Capricorn, trine Salacia in Aires & the Ixion, Pholus, Quaoar, Icarus stellium in Capricorn.

Varuna - Upholder of Dharma and Natural Law

There is little doubt that this eclipse wave is driving us to reclaim personal power through diving deeper and penetrating false perceptions to a greater understanding of reality. The Varuna/Salacia trine offers us a welcome support to depth processes in the form of intuitive guiding impulses from benevolent higher-dimensional intelligences, helping us “set our own houses in order” as we overcome personal negativity and become more aligned with natural law, and learn to move with universal energy rather than against it. In so doing we can become more sovereign and self-realised. The Icarus inconjunct suggests that humility will be a key quality, if we want to avoid any pitfalls of the ego or patterns of trauma that may induce us to by-pass spiritually, or feel more advanced than we actually are. If we take responsibility for our inner work, and approach it in a mature way, then the potential of this period of time can be quite substantial in terms of self-discovery, personal power, healing and transformation. The stellium in Capricorn will enable some of us to enjoy radical life changing shifts, as we learn to co-create better life outcomes through the longer term benefits of shadow work and deep self-transformation. There is so much potential here for positive change, which is exciting and hopeful, but no doubt we may feel at times we are working hard to earn it.

Spiritual Awakening now emphasised as a powerful trigger for shifts in consciousness

Awakening beyond The False Matrix

Varda in Sagittarius on the Galactic Centre in 1st quarter square with Neptune and Manwë in Pisces, opposing Mars and Asbolus in Gemini (a T-square aspect with Neptune at the Apex)

The Sagittarius/Gemini axis represents the evolution of our sense making capacity; it's about how we investigate phenomena in order to better understand things, combined with how we pattern information into maps of meaning.

Varda: I am not here to save humanity but to help humanity save themselves

Varda’s position on the Galactic Centre supercharges her influence during this eclipse period. As Queen of the Stars, and a high-frequency angelic creator goddess, she broadcasts potent energy transmissions that we can receive on the intuitive level, much like a beacon of light guiding us during these shadowy times. She is in a 1st quarter square with her consort Manwë, energising her vital transmissions with the need to take action in a lawful and impeccable manner. We can’t just absorb high-frequency energy from above & beyond without doing something with it; will we choose to heal, forgive, transcend, surrender or yield to the higher-power?

The Mars/Asbolus conjunction in Gemini energises our impulse to engage new information in order to find meaningful patterns. This information can come from 3d reality or from higher guidance via the intuition. Varda in direct opposition adds a super-charge to this impulse, and those used to working actively with intuition and guidance may find themselves receiving some powerful spiritual messages, while those less experienced may find themselves more challenged and disorientated by cognitive dissonance with intuitive awareness being at odds with conditioned awareness. The apex of this T-Square is Neptune in Pisces, and this makes it very clear that Varda’s mission is to excite and stimulate more spiritual awakenings on the planet. With Manwë close by we can be assured that there will be plenty of protection given to this process. I expect this to occur at many different levels for people, relative to their state of conscious awareness.

There is a proportion of the ‘awakening’ community, who have awakened to a realisation that the world they were told to believe in isn’t real; they have been awakening from mind control and indoctrination. And yet for the world to move on from slavery and control for good, we must also awaken spiritually. Spiritual awakening is a complex process that takes time and effort, and yet it is perhaps the most important part of global change; without spiritual awareness we cannot easily prevent shadow elements arising within human culture again. Varda’s presence on the Galactic Centre (a symbol of Divine Alignment) is auspicious for she is heralding a new spirituality, and when she ingresses into Capricorn in January 2026 she will begin to initiate the spiritualisation of culture itself. At this time, Neptune will also ingress into Aires, and Pluto will have settled into Aquarius setting the scene for a new spiritual rebirth to begin. For those of us already on a spiritual path this is an exciting proposition.

The Snake as a Symbol for Scorpio : Rebirth

This eclipse in Scorpio fused with Venus combust at 2˚ offers a lot of potential for personal and global change. The Sabian Symbol for the corresponding degree of Scorpio is:

"A house-raising party in a small village enlists the neighbour's cooperation"

At the heart of this eclipse wave is a call to work together in mutual cooperation toward transformation. The sense here is of activity, and the idea of working with others to come to a deeper understanding of reality both personally and collectively, and to penetrate beyond appearances to an underlying truth.

From this activity a new sense of reality can emerge.

Given that 2022 is likely to be a tipping point in terms of collective awareness, we may begin to see some significant changes emerging on the world stage, especially in terms of cleaning up corruption to make a clear space for better things in the future. Let us hope so.

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