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June Solstice Forecast '23

solstice sun cancer symbol


In astrology, the solstices and equinoxes occur when the sun enters one of the four cardinal signs: Aires, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, and the cardinal signs act as doorways for metaphysical energy to more easily influence the field; they tend to initiate change. For this reason, much like with eclipses, which are also liminal magical gateways, we can use a chart cast for these days to gather useful information about human evolution and its affect on the world. I use the term magical in the sense of spiritual energy shaping matter, or the power of Mind to influence outcome, and in the case of the solstice for about 3-6 months.

The sun is central to the evolution of consciousness on the planet, and is directly linked to sun-spot activity and the transmission of visible and invisible light, and throughout the year, pulses of energy pour into the human collective field and the Gaian energy system, much like notes played on a piano generating a shifting musical chord over time. In this way the forecasts are best understood together and not just as sole events, but rather as energy downloads that mix and merge with those that came before.

Astrological symbols express quite differently depending on one's core vibration of consciousness, so there are numerous ways we each can experience how the cosmic energies in play move us. In addition I work increasingly with the newer archetypes correlating to new celestial bodies discovered since 2000. These newer archetypes operate at much higher vibrations than the traditional more personal ones, and this means that the more we ascend in vibration the more we become conscious of these newer cosmic players, and the more they influence us.

I write from an esoteric foundation and aim to decode causative patterns rather than the effects. I am not trying to predict exactly what will happen in the world, but rather to unveil the nature of the energy unfolding and the evolutionary opportunity available to all of us, so we are better prepared to respond individually.


goddess juno star throne sky peacock feathers

This years June solstice is aptly conjunct its namesake Juno, and amplifies a directive to understand the role of the Divine feminine in the awakening and self-realisation journey. Through Juno we are able to connect with the ‘whole’ and move into a cooperative marriage with the Higher-Will, and with 5 Yod formations, this Solstice energy wave emphasises inner change and a stimulus to improve our relationship with the Divine feminine and Sacred masculine forces operating within each one of us.

Why is this so important?

Mercurius ascension divine masculine and feminine
Spiritual Alchemy

We simply can’t ascend in consciousness without a healthy and balanced flow of dual cosmic energy, and because we live in a cultural paradigm that is out of touch with the Divine feminine, due to several thousands of years of patriarchy, we all very much need to re-activate a healthy feminine mode of perception if we want the world to move toward positive future timelines.

Since we are coming out of a dark age of ignorance (despite recent technological advances - see The Cycle of the Yugas for more on this idea), and now are in an ascending cycle of consciousness, it is both fundamental and inevitable that humanity must learn to re-claim the feminine as an essential nutrient for personal and collective wellbeing.

As Pluto retrogrades back to the anaretic degree of Capricorn, and Saturn the ruler of Capricorn is also retrograde, the next 3 months will involve an intensification of throwing off the old patriarchal conditioning, especially connected to monotheistic religions that have been shaping our belief patterns for over a thousand years. We are moved to reject the status quo in order to make room for the return of the feminine into everyday life as an equal and venerated part of our human existence.

One might think that with the ascendency of women within western society, and the emergence of ‘girl power’ since the turning of the millennium, that the return of the feminine is well underway, but this would be to over simplify and misunderstand the nature of metaphysical energy. For a brief overview of the metaphysical characteristics of masculine and feminine energy see an earlier post: The Eternal Dance of Yin and Yang.

For most of us, this Solstice wave will present us with opportunities to move away from prejudgement and control, toward more trust in life as a benevolent principle, and more empathic connection with others and with existence itself.

Astrology chart 21st June 2023

The chart cast for the Solstice on June 21st 15.57 BST/10.57 EDT

For a guide to the astrological symbols click here


Astro Technicals:

Several conjunctions including:

  • Sun, Juno and Asbolus

  • Uranus and Mors-Somnus in Taurus

  • Gonggong and Saturn in Pisces

  • Quaoar and Pholus exact by degree in Capricorn

  • Logos-Zoë and Makemake in Libra

  • Mars and Venus in Leo

  • Pallas and Dark Moon Lilith in Leo

  • Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Taurus

2 T-Squares

  • One featuring the lunar nodes and Pluto

  • The other featuring Varda opposing Juno/Asbolus with Neptune at the apex

5 Yods:

  • Varda sextile Haumea with Mors-Somnus and Uranus at the apex

  • Varuna and the Moon sextile Logos-Zoë and Makemake with Saturn and Gonggong at the apex

  • Saturn and Gonggong sextile Quaoar and Pholus with Varuna and the Moon at the apex

  • Saturn and Gonggong sextile Jupiter with Logos-Zoë and Makemake at the apex

  • Neptune sextile Mors-Somnus with Haumea at the apex

  • Typhon in Scorpio in close opposition to Uranus in Taurus

  • Pallas conjunct Dark Moon Lilith in Leo opposing Hygeia in Aquarius


water bearer saturn uranus stars

Pluto’s return to Capricorn at the anaretic degree (29˚), retrograde, and square to the lunar nodes, sets the baseline for this solstice wave and the next 3 months. The world is now transitioning into an Aquarian era, while also wrapping up growth lessons from the previous Capricorn cycle that started in 2008. We might see more push back from the controlling elite-influenced forces on the global stage, while on the personal level we will be reviewing and internalising our own lives as we prepare to engage in new evolutionary directions. I cover in detail what Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius will mean over the next 20 years in an earlier post: Pluto in Aquarius - A New Era

For many, the evolutionary push is toward finding our own inner-authority, while releasing ourselves from past conditioning and limitation, through a balance between challenging and intense transformative processes and respite periods of grounded connection with what is real and of value in a fast changing world. We are tasked with the letting go of old ways of being, facing fears, and overcoming personal limitations as a means to greater self empowerment, while reaching for elevated values and morals, and more life-stability moving forward. As a collective we are stimulated to consider what is of most value to us:

  • Is it the acquisition of individual power and success over our peers, or is it collective survival and wellbeing?

  • Is it possible to have a balance between the two, or do we need to approach life in a completely new way?

Revelations about our corrupt and failing systems will continue to occur, calling for greater responsibility. Pluto’s trine with Mors-Somnus conjunct Uranus, highlights amplified energy stimulating more people to awaken from the collective dreamspell trance, while the programming also intensifies to try and capture as many in a materialist-consumerist paradigm and prevent them from breaking free.

The presence of 5 Yod formations emphasises the next 3 months as a time for internal change and adjustment. There is a lot of potential for many to experience inner changes that alter the direction of their lives. Together with the solstice Sun conjunct the goddess Juno, Mars and Venus conjunct in Leo and the Pallas/Dark Moon Lilith conjunction also in Leo, I think potent energies will be available for self-realisation if we are prepared to go within and do the deep dive. The whole energy gestalt speaks to powerful inner-change as we liberate from the past and make ready for the coming Aquarian times that will see an increase in revolutionary behaviours and a collective impulse toward more equality.

It is essential that we choose to become individually self-empowered, self-aware, self-determining and sovereign, because if we don’t then the new Aquarian upthrust of energy entering the collective field can easily be harnessed by dark players to serve dark agendas. Those who do not activate the feminine principle in a healthy empowered way, will tend to get sucked into organised forms of social activism that on the surface appear to be virtuous but actually serve those vying for power and control.

The Deep Dive into the Feminine - fine tuning what you came here to be

goddess moon peacock feathers

The June solstice always energises the archetype of Cancer, which at an esoteric level correlates to the Divine Mother archetype. Together with Juno (queen of Olympus), this years solstice energy asks of us to come into correct relationship with the feminine principle by learning to understand what the feminine mode actually is, and to learn to engage the feminine ‘right-brain’ as a way to navigate life, which for many in the world is a radically new idea. Asbolus is the centaur who bridges the realms of Jupiter with Neptune, and his gift is symbolic literacy (the capacity to understand symbols) and the ability to notice the patterns unfolding in our everyday lives, and understand what message they have for us at any given point in time.

alchemy sun moon male female

Meanwhile Venus is in a culminating conjunction with Mars in Leo, emphasising the next 3 months as a time for inner alchemy that can bring us to new levels of awareness and sovereignty. The notion of spiritual alchemy is innately connected to the reconciliation of masculine energy with feminine energy. Carl Jung pointed out that for many people, one side of the universal dual-flow is somewhat repressed into the personal shadow, depending on whether we identify as male or female. The process of spiritual alchemy, represented by the Venus/ Mars relationship at the higher level, involves the releasing of repressed energy within the psyche in order to become more whole. The current conjunction of Venus and Mars indicates both the union of opposites within and the rebirth of the alchemical journey itself. Pallas-Athene (another goddess) conjunct Dark Moon Lilith (a feminine archetype) in Leo, opposing Hygeia in Aquarius, offers us the opportunity to heal blocks to the Higher-Self, enabling more people to access spiritual energies in service to a greater good. Hygeia as the goddess of healing through holism, represents another call to work consciously with the dual energies of the Divine feminine and Sacred masculine to promote upward shifts in consciousness.

The 5 Yods provide a complex inner struggle toward humility and adjustment

triangle model astrology
The Yod

The Yod is an alignment that stimulates an internal struggle or crisis of some kind, which demands some form of inner adjustment, whether that be healing or remediation, or an upgrade to our attitude or life perspective.

  1. In this regard Varda and Haumea (both feminine archetypes) team up to stimulate a liberation from deathly or hypnotised states, which is to say awakening from the dreamspell matrix. These two goddesses provide a fusion of star energy and earth energy giving rise to new awareness about where we are caught in patterns of behaviour that are anti-life.

  2. Makemake and Logos-Zoë team up with Varuna and the Moon, representing the return of Christ Consciousness through a conscious desire to be in alignment with natural cosmic laws, generating healing and adjustments, which can install a new spiritual structure into our lives. For some this will be the challenge of developing spiritual disciplines that cultivate proper alignment. For others this may occur through a crisis of meaning that can only be alleviated through engaging a transcendent system of one kind or another. The key is to refrain from avoidance strategies that distract from whats really going on inside; it is far better to deal with emotions as they come up rather than push them away.

  3. Saturn and Gonggong team up with Quaoar and Pholus to promote the alignment of ego with the Higher-Self. The Saturn/Gonggong conjunction in Pisces represents the dissolution of obsolete patterns that free us up to connect more with the universal perspective, while Quaoar together with Pholus, now causing a gradual elevation in vibration, stimulates finding our proper place within existence, as part of a vast interconnected system, driving the ego to yield to the benevolence of the Higher-Power and to let go of egocentric reality.

  4. Saturn and Gonggong team up with Jupiter to energise the reconciliation of opposites through greater inner-balance. The breakdown of old patterns of social conditioning and a subsequent expansion into personal morally sound values serves to awaken the Christ-Consciousness within, through finding the correct balance between Divine masculine and feminine energy.

  5. Neptune sextile Mors-Somnus with Haumea at the apex puts pressure on us to wake up from personal illusions that hold us back from a balanced and vital way of life and the potential to rebirth and revitalise the world.

What I present in the above is the pattern in the most positive sense, assuming an individual is already awake enough to cooperate, but in reality this synergy of energy patterns will cause those more resistant to the evolutionary opportunity to experience powerful internal struggles because so many aspects of self are experienced unconsciously for many people. Even so this abstract sense of inner discomfort and tension ultimately serves personal growth.

The crux of this solstice wave will be about surrendering to forces beyond our control, and learning to find humility in the face of these forces, and to desist from trying to control everything. Those who are more equipped to let go and trust will find this energy much easier to handle, while those too rigid and unyielding may go through powerful chaotic or disruptive experiences, that won’t make sense, or seem like bad luck, but ultimately teach humility.

Everything seems to hang on a willingness to make internal adjustments as necessary, in order to integrate with the Divine feminine principle more than before. Or in other words to become more connected to the field around us, empathic, sensitive, emotionally aware, inwardly self-reflective, open and receptive to what is meant for us at the soul level.

Collective themes

The recent eclipse waves were initiated through the signs of Aires and Scorpio in April and May making the next 6 month cycle a period of time for new beginnings in alignment with the soul evolutionary intentions for each one of us. This isn’t to say that everyone will be moved to do this, as many people on the planet are still largely egocentric and disconnected from the soul level of being, but this is the optimal expression.

man woman foetus vesica piscis flowers

Something new is commencing, which I feel will begin as an internal change that will eventually impact the outer world and influence collective reality. This new incoming signal from higher causal planes of existence will stimulate two things: a need to let got of old ways of being, and a need to overcome personal limitations, through embracing more personal power over one’s destiny and moving through deep personal transformations.

This June Solstice wave adds the dimension of the Divine feminine, which is to say that whatever new way is now emergent within each one of us, requires us to move into more equilibrium in relation to yin and yang energy, and reach a new level of engagement with the Divine feminine principle, part of which will probably involve a new level of understanding of what the Divine feminine principle is.

In addition we can expect to see continued disruptions on the world stage that either cause us to feel disillusioned and somewhat victimised, or catalysed and awakened. There is quite a lot of energy driving an impetus to understand and make sense of the world, especially as things continue to be chaotic and uncertain. Chaos and uncertainty, together with an inability to understand the bigger picture, will probably drive many into escapist behaviours, while those who embrace a transcendent life perspective are more than likely to deepen their spiritual practices.

For those on a spiritual path, the focus will tend toward overcoming personal deficits of self-love in order to become more empowered and creatively autonomous, and with the Mars/Venus conjunction in Leo, there is a heightened spiritualising motion toward self-realisation, supporting inner growth as we prepare for a renewal of needs and desires in early 2024. This means that toward the end of the year, part of the process will involve finishing things up with regard to what we want, what we need and what we value. Perhaps the things we thought we wanted we no longer do, and maybe the things we used to need we no longer rely on. We may also feel driven to fulfil and exhaust specific needs and desires before the year is out.

Due to the lunar eclipse cycle, the emphasis will be on letting things go and moving on. This Solstice wave will carry a burgeoning inner question:

  • What do I most need and want in order to feel like my life has true value and meaning?

  • What do I need to live now that will make life worth living?

  • What new paths can I pursue that will allow me to express my unique gifts in ways that are beneficial?

If new seed thoughts don’t crystallise into new life initiatives this year, there is a good chance that they will from February next year when Venus and Mars finally rebirth in Aquarius, in a close conjunction to Pluto also in Aquarius. Internal changes we make now, will probably emerge in greater force into outer manifest reality from then onwards. This coming Mars/Venus conjunction, rebirthing a 2 year creative cycle, occurs in a somewhat auspicious position, enabling many to generate new creative pathways that are in alignment with the cosmic order of things; new permutations emerging in accordance with the natural rhythms of the cosmos.

We are all responding to the cosmic patterns of energy reflected through astrology in unique ways; everyone is operating at their specific level of awareness and alignment. For this reason how we experience the solstice wave can vary quite a lot. Some of us will be able to flow in trust more, while others will feel compelled to hold on to the past and resist growth. I hope that the themes I touch upon in my forecasts can help you to better navigate your own life and give you a useful larger context for both the personal and collective levels of life unfolding.


© 2023 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved. Please credit and reference me and this website when choosing to use any written part of this article.

Aquila offers Self-realisation mentoring, Evolutionary Astrology, and Tarot sessions for those awakening to their true potential.


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