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Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Forecast '23


Eclipse cycles form part of the astrological clock of unfoldment, initiating energy every six months more or less, and they have long been known since ancient times to herald personal and global developments and sometimes significant change. Total eclipses mark changes in the evolutionary cycle for humanity, and for lunar eclipses there is always a more personal emotional dynamic involved.

The Moon is typically associated with the emotions and thus with the irrational side of human nature and in mundane astrology represents the common people. This makes sense because the rise and fall of emotional energy affects everyone.

The Lunar Eclipse is also a full moon, and it works in a complimentary way with the Solar Eclipse energy wave. While the Solar Eclipse infuses us with creative impulses from the Higher-Self, the following full moon represents a potential for objective insight and understanding at the ego-personality level. It’s a time when we are more able to take the impulses from the solar eclipse and make them personal through greater awareness.


The last total lunar eclipse six months ago was in Taurus, and this partial lunar eclipse close to the lunar south node, will operate in service to the Taurus overarching themes running until the next total lunar eclipse in 2025. More usually the solar and lunar eclipses occur in opposing signs, and thus the energy is focused on one polarity pair. This time we had the solar eclipse in Aires and the coming lunar eclipse will be in Scorpio, which means we won’t be working with polarity energies in these next six months.

The overarching themes of Taurus continue to guide us toward more internal emotional awareness, more emotional self-reliance, and the benefits of staying grounded, practical and real, while our world systems transition, and we redirect collective energy toward proper solutions rooted in a balance with nature.

This Scorpio eclipse close to the lunar south node energises the world toward emotional transformation through death/rebirth processes, especially linked to the emotional past. While the recent solar eclipse is all for new beginnings, on a personal level we will be working still on transforming the past, letting go of attachments, overcoming personal limits and reaching for more self-empowerment as a means to move on into new territory.

This offers us a poignant reminder that the success of new initiatives, projects, and desire impulses is determined to some extent by the degree of emotional work on ourselves we are prepared to do. Stepping forward into new growth pathways, will for the next six months, go hand in hand with emotional processes that wrap up the past and bring conclusion to unfinished lessons.

The chart cast for the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse offers a complex energy gestalt, so let’s jump into the details to attune more to this Lunar Eclipse opportunity:

Chart cast for the Lunar Eclipse 5th May 2023 at 18.34 BST/13.34 EDT

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Astro Technicals:

(skip this section if you are not familiar with astro-jargon)

  • A Grand Square featuring Pluto, the lunar nodes, Varuna and Haumea

  • A Yod featuring Mors-Somnus and Sedna sextile Dark Moon Lilith, with Varda at the apex

  • A 2nd Yod featuring Ixion, the lunar south node, and Sedna/Mors-Somnus at the apex

  • A 3rd Yod featuring Gonggong and Saturn sextile Ixion with Varuna at the apex

  • A T-Square with Salacia opposing Makemake and Logos-Zoë with Quaoar and Pholus conjunct at the apex


  • Sun and Albion conjunct in Taurus

  • Mors-Somnus conjunct Sedna in Taurus

  • Asbolus conjunct Venus in Gemini

  • Saturn and Gonggong conjunct in Pisces

  • Quaoar and Pholus conjunct in Capricorn

  • Makemake and Logos-Zoë conjunct in Libra

  • Mercury conjunct the North Node in Taurus

  • Hygeia in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus

  • Orcus in Virgo trine Sun & Albion in Taurus

  • Varuna in Leo inconjunct Gonggong and Saturn in Pisces

  • Orcus inconjunct Hygeia and Chariklo in Aquarius


The lunar eclipse is an energetically enhanced full moon capable of ushering in powerful new awareness in our lives, especially related to the Aries themes of the prior new moon - freedom, action, new beginnings and enterprises, autonomy and self-identity. The Scorpio energy is typically intense, emotional and prone to unveiling aspects of life we don’t normally see or want to see. Depending on what is needed at the individual level, some may find themselves confronted with reality as it is, only to realise just how little freedom they have, and in some cases catalysed to cut a new path on their own terms.

Although eclipse energy can be potent, for most of us, the opportunity is more than likely a gentle unveiling of information related to the new seed impulses to reach for new life experiences. The overall complementary Scorpio theme over the next 6 months will be about overcoming personal limitations as we move into new things.

The Yod Formation

As mentioned in the Aries Solar Eclipse forecast, the combination of a Grand Square and now 3 Yods speaks to a time of dynamic inner and outer change. The evolutionary impulse to liberate through the new Aquarian energies now coming online as Pluto begins to ingress into Aquarius, must be integrated with an alignment with natural law. If we don’t do this, we may see a shift in the balance of power in the world, but end up with much the same problems, due to a lack of integrity founded on universal principles. This I feel is the evolutionary fulcrum of the times: we need to collectively elevate in consciousness in order to break out of the destructive cultural patterns our systems are built on.

Jung's Model of the Psyche

A key message of the times, which can be garnered from the astrology, is that we cannot expect the world to change its moral axis if we ourselves don’t think we need to participate. The emphasis of the Yod is always about learning humility in order to nurture healthy energy flow. The Yod with Gonggong & Saturn sextile Ixion , with Varuna at the apex speaks directly to personal inner-work toward mastering and integrating destructive shadowy desires and motivations through a conscious elevation of awareness, by means of an alignment with the Higher-Self, i.e. to become more self-realised. If we want to positively impact the field, we need to be willing to do this.

Mors-Somnus and Sedna are both active on this lunar eclipse wave of personal transformation, as they participate in 2 Yods. We can expect some of the internal work to involve healing aspects of ourselves that have felt victimised to the degree that we have shut down and withdrawn from our true potential. The new high frequency energy coming in, will tend to stimulate new awareness in this regard, unveiling past trauma that causes us to fear our emotions, fuels a negative self-image, or causes us to feel ashamed of our feminine sensitive nature (regardless of gender). If we are willing to recognise and acknowledge whatever comes up for us in this regard, then there is tremendous energy available to heal, regenerate and awaken to new levels of self-awareness.

Orcus forms a trine to the Sun and a sextile to the Moon, and is in a relatively harmonious relationship with this lunar eclipse, which opens the way for the spiritual initiate to heal and be in service healing others. To be a spiritual initiate is to be initiated on a path of awakening to the spiritual dimensions of existence; it doesn’t require elite membership in a secret society, nor does it require a spiritual teacher to make the initiation. During this accelerated time many past initiates are incarnating, and many are self-initiating. If you find yourself deeply aligned with an urge to heal yourself, unveil reality and be of service to the world, you are a spiritual initiate and will be under the protection and influence of the Orcus archetype. The presence of Orcus in Virgo speaks to the path of service many are being called to now, the attraction to healing modalities and other spiritual methods to awaken, and the practise of sacred ritual as a means to connect with the Higher-Power. In the next 6 months as emotional transformation intensifies, there is an expanded opportunity to heal through holistic methods if we are humble enough to realise that healing is needed. One might even say that this eclipse wave could initiate more to the path of awakening through the healing crisis and the choice to embrace alternative holistic approaches to health.

The longer term T-Square featuring Salacia, Makemake, Logos-Zoë, Quaoar and Pholus, which I covered in some detail in my recent Solar Eclipse Forecast, provides a larger energetic context within which the eclipse energy flows: stimulus from high frequency cosmic energy transmissions now entering the collective psyche due to a weakening planetary magnetic field, continue to generate assimilation challenges for all of us. The challenge is in retrieving information about the long forgotten past, which led to a devastating cataclysm some 15,000 years ago, so that we can learn to avoid catastrophic future timelines now. If in the past, humanity deviated from natural law principles and as a consequence is currently suffering the karmic repercussions, then at some stage we will need to remember this truth in order to correct our evolutionary trajectory. In addition the new frequencies are stimulating us to de-condition layer by layer on all levels, affecting all structures, from the body level including cellular and DNA, to the emotional and mental levels including repressed emotional energy patterns, self-limiting mental patterns, hypnotic mind control programming, and beyond to the metaphysical levels, which may involve psychic implant removal, negative entities as well as spiritual trauma. By extension these personal transformative processes will inevitably have a knock on effect on social and cultural structures as well.

In this context, we can see the value of a solar eclipse cycle ruled by Sagittarius driving an expansion of awareness, dovetailing with a lunar eclipse cycle ruled by Taurus driving us to stay grounded, and this Scorpio eclipse initiating more emotional processing. In this way the new eclipse energy is helping us throw off the obsolete patterns to rebirth into ever more empowered versions of ourselves, if we choose to consciously cooperate with the energy unfolding for us.


Varda is also very active during this lunar eclipse wave, which means guidance is readily available just a request away. But Varda isn’t necessarily going to guide us in the way we imagine guidance to be; her high frequency transmissions will likely take us beyond what we currently know to be true, and at times we may be challenged to trust in the messages coming in more than we’ve had to before. Her opposition to Asbolus conjunct Venus in Gemini indicates that during this emotionally intense transformative window of time, we can more easily receive clear guiding messages and feelings through the heart centre. In addition we must actively work internally to understand the messages we are receiving; we will need to decode symbols correctly and learn how to if necessary. To ascend in consciousness is to leave an old paradigm behind, by step by step, releasing limiting conditioning and engaging a new way of perceiving reality and what it means to be human at this time. Guidance is literally everywhere, but it will depend on our own personal level of spiritual development, as to how much we know this to be true versus how much is just an inkling or speculation. The Yod with Varda, Haumea and Mors-Somnus may well represent profound spiritual activations for some people through the use of sacred entheogens (psycho active plants) that bring them to a completely new level of consciousness. In any case the Yod represents energetic pressure to awaken further out of the collective dreamspell trance. For those of us already well on the way in this regard, this alignment is a welcome indicator that more people will be stimulated to awaken.

With Pluto, Pholus, Mercury and Quaoar retrograde we can expect much of the changes to be happening through internal processes, emphasising this eclipse wave as a time where significant inner change can occur that will generate outer-change later on in the year.


Finally, Albion in close conjunction with the Sun and thus at the heart of the eclipse energy opposite the Moon, invigorates this lunar eclipse wave with a distinctly humanitarian quality, one that can uplift us with an optimistic enthusiasm for the human evolutionary journey at this time. In addition Albion adds a potent amplification to the evolutionary potential of this eclipse, especially in terms of helping us stay true to the life purpose we have been endowed with and the innate freedom we need to fulfil that purpose, which I think will be a welcoming balancing agent to what might otherwise be an intense and challenging eclipse wave. Albion will be supporting the global awakening process, imbuing all of us with a deeper sense of purpose so that we can meet the inner-growth challenges with more resolve.


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