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New Planets: New Consciousness

In this post I wanted to bring attention to what some astrologers already consider, which is the relatively recent new discoveries of celestial bodies orbiting out beyond Pluto, from about the year 2000 onwards, and their connection with an emergent new consciousness here on Earth.

In the New Age community the transition to a New Earth Paradigm is described as Ascension. In the Hopi prophecy it is the movement from the 4th world to the 5th world. Within heterodox intellectual circles this same idea is simply described as a needed shift in consciousness; the only way we can collectively solve the escalating global problems we now face, and a shift away from Game A to Game B, where Game A is a system of rivalrous dynamics dominated by competition and self interest, and Game B is essentially anti-rivalrous, heart-centred and cooperative.


The 5th beatitude of Jesus, (blessings attributed to Jesus during his Sermon on the Mount) is commonly translated as: “blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth”, and I surmise that this is a direct reference to the imminent paradigm reversal and shift to a New Earth and corresponding age of Light. Jesus himself attaining embodiment of the Galactic Logos was just the beginning of a transition that only now is reaching critical mass; his teachings grounded in the understanding that an age of darkness and self interest would eventually yield to an elevation of consciousness, as collective humanity rediscovers the ‘kingdom within’.

It should be understood however that the official translation ‘blessed are the meek’, is a rather limited one and not necessarily the best conveyor of its intended meaning. Dr Neil Douglas-Klotz who pioneered a different way of translating the teachings of Jesus, from the original Semitic language of Aramaic, highlights that it is common for Sufis and Jewish Mystics today, to look at the Aramaic words of a spiritual teacher or prophet, and draw numerous different meanings from the same words because the language allows one to do so, much like with Sanskrit. Official translations tend to have started with the original Aramaic, then translated to Greek, then from the Greek translated into Latin and then from the Latin, translated again into modern European languages. Those translations are more than likely to be less true to the original, obscuring more than revealing.

To translate directly from the Aramaic in the way Sufi mystics do, yields different results: for example the Aramaic word Abwoon meaning ‘Our Father’ connotes four interrelated concepts:

  1. Pure unity and the source of all power and stability

  2. Creation and the flow of blessing

  3. The breath or spirit that carries this flow of energy, which includes forces such as prana, magnetism, electricity and more

  4. The creative vibration of the Absolute resonating in the earth and in our physical bodies

In the same way, the words ‘blessed are the meek’ come into vibrant contemporary focus as ‘healthy are those who have softened what is rigid within’.

New Planets

From around the turn of the new millennium, a new grouping of celestial bodies best known as KBOs or Kuiper Belt Objects (located past the orbit of Neptune) were discovered:

  • Arawn - 1994

  • Logos-Zoë 1997/2001

  • Varuna - 2000

  • Ixion - 2001

  • Quaoar - 2002

  • Typhon - 2002

  • Sedna - 2003

  • Manwë - 2003

  • Orcus - 2004

  • Salacia - 2004

  • Haumea - 2004

  • Eris - 2005

  • Makemake - 2005

  • Varda - 2006

  • Mors-Somnus 2007

  • Gonggong - 2009

Note: These are just the ones that have been named (there are others still unnamed).

In astrology the discovery of a new planet or celestial body (many of the KBOs are designated dwarf planets) represents a new psychic function becoming emergent within the human collective soul. Our conscious awareness of a new planet appears to trigger an activation that can take decades if not centuries to integrate. In general the discovery of a planet coincides with specific changes in the world over time, as our collective perceptions are altered. In metaphysical terms the discovery of a new celestial object is a synchronistic reflection of the evolution of our collective psyche, due to the fractal holographic nature of the universe.

For example new asteroids were discovered at the turn of the 19th century, for the first time named after feminine Greco-Roman deities, which coincided with the emergence of the women’s liberation movement just a few decades later, changing the way we perceived the feminine; a process I suggest is still integrating to this day.

In 1930 Pluto was discovered, coinciding with the development of the first atomic bomb, World War 2 and our collective capacity to destroy ourselves with weapons of mass destruction; the world underwent radical breakdown and transformation during that time. Pluto as lord of the underworld brought us face to face with our collective shadow, as evidenced by the war atrocities of WWII on all sides. Pluto also energised the development of psychology, with the early psychoanalytic movement (Freud) founded 20 years earlier in 1910, and the bulk of Jung’s work published after 1930, who focused in particular on the significance of the shadow archetype and its role in psychological evolution.

The discovery of Chiron, the first Centaur, in 1977, quickened a change in the way we understood health and wellbeing, as we began to take seriously the mind-body link and more actively embrace and develop holistic approaches to health that focused not just on the body symptoms but on the health of the mind and the emotions. Despite ongoing aggressive debunking strategies from corporations and science materialist advocates, holistic healing modalities and new holistic science is thriving on the sidelines of modern culture.

The discovery of so many new celestial bodies in recent years is just another reflection of our current accelerating evolution, and these newer archetypes represent aspects of our true potential now available to us for discovery or reclamation. In Mayan Calendar terms, for the last 4000-8000 years humanity has been evolving through the ‘divided mind’, characterised by a left brain dominance, which has given rise to modern civilisations with cities, money and laws as well as a strong perception of separation. Only since 1999, when the Galactic quantum wave activated, has there been a strong stimulus to re-awaken the feminine right brain, coinciding with an emerging hunger within western people for personal spiritual experiences, the use of psychedelics, and the rebirth of modern shamanism on a much larger scale than before.

So what do these newer archetypes mean for us?

We can divide these newcomers into two basic groups: those with an orbital resonance with Pluto, given names connected with underworld deities, and those that don’t resonate with Pluto, which are given names connected to creation deities. In addition to this a fair few of these newcomers correlate to feminine archetypes, and there are also a few exceptions such as Sedna and Eris whose orbits are more eccentric and go much further out from the sun into deep space.

We can assume that the newer feminine archetypes represent the return of the feminine as an equally valued force, bringing in much needed balance to the world. The discovery of Eris in particular represented a powerful shift, as the power of the forgotten or repressed feminine started to surface once again in the world, sometimes in intense and challenging ways. Although this had already begun with the discovery of the first asteroids Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Hygeia (among others), Eris and also Sedna represent the reintegration of the more feared aspects of the Divine feminine principle, and especially feminine transformative power.

The addition of new underworld archetypes to join Pluto’s function is also of tremendous significance, energising the necessity for productive engagement with the shadow archetype, as a means to personal sovereignty, healing, transformation, wellbeing and empowerment. With the arrival of Pluto and his friends, the way has been opening up through which we can understand ourselves at the soul level in profoundly new ways.

The arrival of a host of creation deities, some breaking naming tradition and coming from indigenous mythic landscapes, initiates an ongoing expansion of awareness related to how we understand the cosmos, its function and purpose and our role as co-creator beings. As many begin to attune to the higher frequencies transmitted by these archetypes, we can expect a profound remembrance to occur on the individual level, related to how we connect with the living matrix of life, our understanding and alignment with natural law principles, and our role as guardians and custodians of Gaia.

Lets have a deeper look at how some of these newer archetypes are showing up in the evolutionary flows of energy at this time…

Uranus conjoins the Lunar North Node

A significant upcoming astrological event, surfing on the energies of the recent June solstice influx, will be Uranus (in Taurus) conjoining the Lunar North Node; an event that occurs every 15 years. Significantly this conjunction also features Mars in Taurus adding more energy for action to the influence. Uranus is the planet of awakening, and his energy is typically disruptive in nature, which can be experienced both positively, as sudden beneficial surprises and revelations, and negatively as unexpected shocks or changes, which can at times be traumatic. Let’s be frank: awakening isn’t lying on a beach with a cocktail in hand - no its much more work than that! Yes its often true that anyone who has awakened to a greater truth wouldn’t trade that truth for ignorance, but truth is often hard won and comes with a price; awakening by definition disrupts an old way of perceiving things in order for a new way to emerge, and such disruptions can initially be challenging.

When Uranus combines his energy with the North Node there is significant stimulus to break free from all limitations that obstruct evolution, in this case through the archetype of Taurus, which rules the physical plane of experience; things like food, money, and basic survival resources. For some this may reawaken an understanding that the accumulation of 'things' is not sufficient for a meaningful life. Taurus also connects with the Earth as our home and as our number one resource, which we need to take care of. On a higher level Taurus relates to values and integrity. We can expect disruptions to occur in any of these areas, especially if these things are blocking us individually from stepping up and engaging life with integrity and equity. If we are clinging to resources out of fear, we may lose control of them or lose them altogether, only to discover that the things we have been clinging to have enabled us to stay disconnected from others. With Mars added to the mix there is amplified energy for action and change, and however Uranus on the North Node activates us individually, the most important thing is to quell impulsive or angry action taking through grounded realistic and practical steps.

There is real scope within this transit for some significant positive changes to occur; at a global level this could mean shocking revelations of corruption and power abuse rooted in the past (the south node is in Scorpio) leading to more equity in the long term. This could also represent productive changes in the financial system (QFS = Quantum Financial System free from corruption/rigging), the way we grow food (more ethical, better quality and sustainable), how we use energy (less wasteful), or the release of new technology such as med beds. We may also see productive developments in relation to Common Law versus Maritime Law.

So if Uranus acts like a trigger to move us collectively forward, in what context is this taking place?

In the chart cast for the Uranus/North Node conjunction on the 30th July 2022, there are several highly energised T-Squares to consider.

For a guide to the astrology symbols click here (as usual I have omitted some planetary symbols to make key patterns easier to see)

  1. Eris in Aires opposing Haumea in Libra both square Pluto in Capricorn

  2. Makemake in Libra opposing Jupiter and Salacia in Aires both square Quaoar and Pholus in Capricorn

  • In addition Manwë at 1˚ Aires is in tight last quarter square with Ixion at 1˚ Capricorn on the world axis (brown dashed-line)

  • The Sun and Varuna are conjunct in Leo (circled in blue)

  • Uranus, Mars and the North Node (circled in green)

Some of the key themes:

The breakdown of obsolete, defunct, corrupt or overly limiting social systems through conscious activism.

T-Square aspects always engender change, and while Eris in Aires challenges the existing status quo top down rulership/governance of powerful leaders and elites, generating the breakdown of systems, and an impetus to stand up against injustice as a means to greater equity for all, she is joined by Haumea in Libra, the archetype of regeneration, respect for nature, and the birth of a New Earth. In this aspect we can see the power of the feminine (Eris and Haumea) challenging the power of the masculine (Pluto) to create a new level of balance in the world. The opposition of the two goddesses speaks to the real task of balancing passionate outrage with mercy and natural justice.

How do we recognise the crisis in consciousness underlying deep feelings of rage against the system, so that we can heal rather than generate more conflict and division?

How do we use natural anger in positive ways to birth a way of life based on natural law?

This is the crux of the current challenge, which we are all processing in some way, watching it play out on the world stage, while also experiencing an internal version at the individual level, and its effects in our personal lives. On every level the onus is to evolve our level of responsibility through psychological maturation.

Breakthroughs in perception leading to the release of limiting dogma in order to elevate to natural law principles

The newer archetypes, Makemake, Salacia, Quaoar and Pholus form several T-Squares together with Jupiter. These patterns have been in play for some months already, and form part of the influx of energy powered by the June Solstice. The apex of these T-Squares is the Quaoar/Pholus conjunction in Capricorn accompanied by Ixion just a few degrees away. Salacia and Jupiter are combust at 8˚ Aires birthing new higher intuitive perceptions that can take us forward, imbuing us with energy to take action in new ways, with fresh new insights. Makemake in Libra in opposition, creates an integration challenge: we must temper new action through an emergent awareness of our lost story related to the Fall of Atlantis meme, and an innate need to balance karma in order to move forward; without understanding the full context of why things are the way they are, free from the constraints of limiting Darwinist dogma (a hubristic ideology that has allowed us to dominate nature and exploit everything and everyone under the erroneous idea that the strongest and most competitive players deserve power and privilege), we won't be able to fully resolve a world in crisis.

The emergence of a new Golden Age is reliant on humanity realigning with universal laws, which nurtures balance and mutual wellbeing as a foundation for higher culture. Makemake is the keeper archetype for knowledge of the ancients, especially related to crystal technology and the use of crystals to heal and effect positive change in the world. The ongoing opposition between Makemake and Salacia represents a strong stimulus to integrate new knowledge and information about crystals and their use in high level technology, which will be part of the New Earth Aquarian Age; this reclamation of lost knowledge will more than likely be assisted by teacher beings from other dimensions.

Are we going to see more revealed in connection to lost advanced civilisations in the near future?

Will there be disclosure about what is exactly under the ice in Antarctica?

And how will such disclosures alter our perception of ourselves and our future?

At the centre of these tense T-Square aspects is the Quaoar/Pholus conjunction in Capricorn; it is through these archetypes that resolution can be found, and where the main thrust of change will occur.

How many of us are beginning to realise that we are responsible for the reality we co-create?

How much social conditioning and indoctrination do we need to throw off in order to make a quantum leap in consciousness?

How much pressure do we need to be under in order for the light to penetrate the dense myopic mind-matrix that keeps many hooked into a nihilistic machine-world paradigm?

With Ixion close by, we can expect shadow elements to play a part in this process.

A battle between the light and the dark, and between ignorance and awareness

Manwë and Ixion are in an exact last quarter square and both are on the world axis (1˚ of Aires and Capricorn respectively), placing their influence on the main stage of global awakening. This couldn’t be more dynamic. Ixion in Capricorn represents the collective of souls operating with ill intent, who are ensconced within the top down control hierarchies of the world. They have a long established breakaway culture nestled in plain sight, and veiled by a protocol of deception and distraction made possible by large amounts of money. Evidence for this breakaway culture can be seen in the peculiar and oft times disturbing occult pageantry displayed in the Super Bowl intervals every year, as well as the openings of large events like the Olympics.


Manwë represents high frequency protector energy; the antithesis of Ixion, now at 1˚ Aires activating the Sacred Warrior mode within all of us. The last quarter square represents a crisis in consciousness, as forces working for the greater good of all, now bear down heavily on the old dynastic families and their breakaway culture; a true battle between the light and the dark. Only now in recent months are the dark factions realising they might actually lose. There is simply too much high frequency energy for awakening for their hidden agendas to continue working. Even though the masses appear almost fast asleep, the tipping point is close at hand. Manwë protector-energy manifests as benevolent extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional intervention on behalf of humanity, through the warrior soul groups now incarnating on Earth for the greater good (those embodying integrity within the corridors of power), and through each one of us actively working toward holding more personal light, despite the enormous pressures to do otherwise, or be distracted and pulled back into lower vibrational states. On another level this square aspect is reflected in the dichotomy between those who are awakening to a wider more expansive reality awareness and those who are still deeply embedded in the false matrix of socially engineered reality, indoctrination and hypnotic mind control. Those on the awakening wave actively pioneering new ways of living, thinking and perceiving, now generating ripples of change in unpredictable ways, which increasingly challenge the existing status quo.

With the Sun and Varuna in close conjunction in Leo, I think there is a strong supportive energy toward self-realisation and sovereignty through self-mastery of personal shadow elements and its positive effect on the collective field. After all, the existence of nefarious groups is only an out-picturing of our collective unresolved shadow rooted deep in pre-history. This is why Makemake in opposition with Salacia and Jupiter is so auspicious, because we are making headway through these intense astrological alignments, to more deeply understand the nature of our predicament. Varuna is now energising the Sun with stabilising frequencies that are generating more coherence and moving us toward greater alignment with natural law, which will help moderate the negative expressions of Mars, Eris, Ixion and Uranus to help optimise true insight.

The Uranus conjunction with the North Node will activate new awareness, and the period of greatest influence is between May-Sep 2022, with the peak occurring on the 30th July. This new awareness will emerge for all of us individually in relation to our own personal evolutionary trajectory, where we may suddenly feel clear about what we need to be and do next. New awareness will also emerge collectively as new truths gain momentum in the narrative sea. Look to your natal chart for more details on how this event may catalyse awareness in you - especially the house it falls in and any conjunctions, squares or oppositions to natal planets.

© 2022 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved

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Amazing! So glad I came across this. Very interesting reading about the new planets.

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