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June Solstice Astrology Forecast '22 - Next 3 Months

June 21st at 10.14 British Summer Time

The solstices and equinoxes are key moments in the yearly cycle of the sun, marking threshold events where the invisible meets the visible, and thus where metaphysical energy is able to readily enter and influence space-time reality. The equinoxes are magical days where the day and night period is equal, and they mark the beginning of spring and autumn. The solstices mark the longest day in summer and the longest night in winter, and the turning of the cycle of light. On the winter solstice where the day is shortest, we know that from there on each day will increasingly get longer, and we can look forward to the return of the light and the bounty of summer. At the summer solstice the electromagnetic energy is high, and the Ley lines swell and expand. If we are closer to the poles of the planet, then on that day the night falls much later, close to midnight, and the summer solstice draws many to celebrate at sunrise and throughout the day.

In astrology, the solstices and equinoxes occur when the sun enters one of the four cardinal signs: Aires, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, and the cardinal signs act as doorways for metaphysical energy to more easily influence the field. For this reason, much like with eclipses, which are also liminal magical gateways, we can use a chart cast for these days to gather useful information about human evolution and its affect on the world. I use the term magical in the sense of spiritual energy shaping matter, or the power of Mind to influence outcome, and in the case of the solstice for about 3-6 months. Both the solstices and equinoxes are potent days for white magical processes or ceremony as shown in the above pictures.

The sun is central to the evolution of consciousness on the planet, and is directly linked to sun-spot activity and the transmission of visible and invisible light, and throughout the year, pulses of energy pour into the human collective field and the Gaian energy system, much like notes played on a piano generating a shifting musical chord over time. In this way the forecasts are best understood together and not just as sole events, but rather as energy downloads that mix and merge with those that came before.

The June solstice commences when the sun enters 0˚ Cancer on 21st June, so let’s look at what the solstice chart offers for the next 3-6 months.

For a guide to the astrology symbols used click here . In this chart I am showing the patterns most salient to me and I have dropped some planetary symbols for simplicity.


Astro-Jargon Technicals:

  • Saturn in Aquarius continues to square the nodal axis

  • Saturn in sextile with Eris in Aires

  • Pluto in trine with Venus, Sedna and Pallas conjunct the North Node

  • Pluto in Capricorn in ongoing square with Eris in Aires

  • Moon in Aires in square to the Sun in Cancer

  • Ixion, Pholus and Quaoar in Capricorn in opposition to the Sun conjunct Asbolus

  • Makemake in opposition to Jupiter, the Moon and Salacia forming a Grand Cardinal Square with the solstice Sun and Ixion

  • Hygeia in trine with the Sun, making a tri-septile with Venus and a tri-septile with Jupiter, while inconjunct the Moon.


As mentioned in earlier forecasts, the Pluto/Eris square and Saturn squaring the lunar nodes are ongoing longer term influences generating the breakdown of existing structures on the world stage, as well as at the personal level, creating a degree of chaos and uncertainty, but also creating space for new systems to emerge.

With Saturn in Aquarius there is an evolutionary push to liberate from systems that are proving to be too limiting or are no longer working, and there is an opportunity for new emergent structures to be more in line with humanitarian values using new technology (we are in the early part of an emerging Aquarian Age). And yet there is a danger that new technology will be used for more control rather than the betterment of humanity, if we don’t collectively recognise the misuse of power and the level of corruption permeating existing systems; its only through the unveiling of hard truths and the decision to step up and stand for higher moral values that we will make the most of these times.

For example the Chancellor of the Exchequer in charge of public income and expenditure in the UK recently announced his support for a new controlled electronic currency called CBDC’s (Central Bank Digital Currency), a concept advocated by the WEF (World Economic Forum). In the official description of CBDCs, they are described as “programmable currencies”, which in essence means that if an employer or outer authority decides, they can limit how we spend our money in the future. For example income could be programmed such that target individuals cannot purchase certain goods and services like alcohol or travel services etc. All CBDCs will be kept in a central bank account in each country, enabling governments to gain total control of the people, no different to the social credit system currently used in China. If we the people accept CBDCs as currently offered, we will in effect enable elite groups to dominate the world. I don't believe this will happen, but some factions in the world would like this to happen.

* It is of note that Rishi Sunak the current UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, is rated as one of the top richest people in the UK with a net worth of £200 million. His wife Akshata Murthy is thought to be worth £3.1 billion.

Eris in Aires square Pluto reflects a crisis in action, where more are being moved to make a stand against the powerful on many levels, including powerful wealthy plutocrats, in the name of justice and the greater good, and with Saturn in Aquarius in close sextile with Eris, we can expect ongoing disruptions to our systems stimulating rapid adaptation; although the breakdown of systems is unsettling, they are actually generating greater global stability in the longer term. The Russian military action taking place in the Ukraine is one such reflection of this aspect, with its affect on global food supplies, money and energy supply. There's lots of contention around this story, itself a reflection of the current mental chaos, where those following the mainstream narrative believe one thing, while those who are looking to more varied sources for information have a different and less certain perspective.

Ixion's Punishment

With Ixion in strong opposition with the solstice Sun, there is an emphasis on the shadow players (especially within established systems) directly opposing the shift in consciousness now taking place within humanity. But with Pholus and Quaoar making a conjunction with Ixion, the potential of nefarious factions will be weakened as they can no longer operate under the radar, and powerful forces operating for the greater good are working to bring down the shadow elements in play, as part of a culmination within the psyche of humanity. On a metaphysical level this means potent high frequency light transmissions permeating all of us as individuals, causing either the breakdown or mutation of personal psychic structures, as well as changes in the body physical.

In the long run the transmission of new high frequency vibrations is a good thing, but this is no walk in the park: stepping up one's vibration causes significant internal change that can at times be felt as an internal struggle as unresolved psycho-emotional material is forced up to the surface to be dealt with (Solstice Sun is square the Moon). Consequently these energies are catalysing deep changes through the processing of personal shadow material on the mental and emotional levels, which will ultimately effect change within society; in some cases the changes occurring are profound and swift. In addition depending on one's evolutionary state, this shadow material can show up first in the outer world before being worked on at the personal level, often causing turbulence and strife to begin with, or for those more advanced the work occurs mostly internally causing overwhelm, fatigue, anxiety, restlessness, and periods where darker emotions such as anger, despair and grief surge into conscious awareness, often with no contextual cause. Shadow work is essential for all of us, and my advice is to be gentle with yourself, allow the feelings to arise without judgement and pay attention to look after your needs with patience until the intensity abates. If necessary seek out healers and facilitators to help you with this invaluable and essential task. Whatever inner work we undertake has a knock on effect for the rest of humanity.

Ixion • Pholus • Quaoar

This Triad in Capricorn combines with Makemake and Jupiter (as well as the Moon) to form a Cardinal Grand Square, highlighting the significant stress and challenge humanity is currently experiencing, which can only be solved when we move away from the past and choose something new; evolution must occur.

Jupiter in early Aires emphasises a global impulse or need to break free from redundant patterns of belief, in order to seek a new and better truth; one that is able to envision solutions that benefit everyone. In some respects the challenge is in reconciling our lost human story of the distant past, connected with mythic themes such as the fall of Atlantis, species level trauma, and its connection to the corruption within global systems and institutions today. The karma resulting from events in pre-history is now up for processing to be finally brought to balance.

Mythic Images of Atlantis

Atlantis Before the Fall

The Great Deluge

The Myth of the Shadow Rising

Ixion at 1˚ Capricorn and thus on the world axis is currently a main player on the world stage of events; just how many stories do we need to hear about corruption at the highest levels, before we realise our version of the way the world is, needs radical updating?

Venus in Taurus - The Goddess of Love and Abundance

Before this sounds too ominous and foreboding, there are some key beneficial and mitigating energies in play that we need to be aware of. First Venus in Taurus is in an exact trine with Pluto, indicating that we are collectively ripe and ready to reclaim greater life meaning and personal power through higher virtues. The question remains how many of us will be willing to take action in the world, in line with our inner values? Venus is joined with Sedna and Pallas, and I think there can be significant progress made during this next window of time, to alleviate the suffering of victims in the world caused by the distortion of patriarchy (the elevation of the masculine principle) through the resuscitation of the true feminine. Pallas brings needed energy to inner healing processes supporting our inner hero, as many are more able than ever to address personal wounding pertaining to past victimisation. With Ixion inconjunct Sedna, we can also expect more truth revelations related to institutional abuse. These three goddesses in Taurus represent a powerhouse of Divine feminine energy lining up with the lunar north node, leading us forward to solutions.

Salacia - Gracious Goddess of the Sea

The goddess Salacia conjunct Jupiter and the Moon in Aires adds her beneficent energy to the challenging Grand Square initiating new awareness; for those willing to be guided by the higher power, there can be clear intuitive guidance, and revelatory insight on all levels to support us with the task at hand. She is also energising the remembrance of our forgotten story; who we are, where we come from and the scope of our true human potential.


Hygeia makes an interesting Yod-like formation made of septiles: she is in tri-septile with Venus and Jupiter (both of which septile each other). Septiles are generally correcting aspects; they represent synchronistic events that guide us forward in beneficial ways. Venus and Jupiter are both beneficent archetypes, and Hygeia is concerned with holistic healing and wellbeing. In essence, despite the intensity of the times, we are all going to get through this if we pay attention to how we feel and make sure we prioritise health and wellbeing as the foundation for positive change. On an energetic level, things are getting intense following the recent total lunar eclipse in Scorpio, and Hygeia also in Scorpio is showing us that we must integrate the higher frequencies on offer, and transform and empower ourselves through deep healing processes and integration.

How do we do this? In essence all we need to do is invite in, embrace and accept these new frequencies, and then respond as things unfold. The septile energy means that whatever we need in order to heal and evolve will synchronise with us; chance meetings, life changing conversations, and the right healers and facilitators showing up when we need them etc. All we need do is trust in our gut intuition and our inner connection with the higher power to know what is needed and when.

Asbolus the Seer

In this, the centaur Asbolus in the late degrees of Gemini conjunct the solstice Sun is, on a personal level, perhaps the key to this solstice energy wave. After all the cycle of the Sun is linked to self-realisation and new awareness. The centaurs in general, speak to the bridging of different states of consciousness, and the need to balance spiritual matters with embodied existence. Asbolus orbits between Jupiter and Neptune, linking these two archetypal realms or psychic functions: he acts as the concierge of higher guidance through the right-brain, arranging information into patterns of meaning. He is at the centre of things due to his close proximity to the Sun, inviting all of us to become more proficient at seeing the patterns we participate in, and to decode personal life signs, signals and omens in a useful and meaningful way, so that we each can know from within what it is we need to be doing in these next months and beyond. Until we see our negative patterns we will more than likely avoid healing them, and until we learn to notice guidance appearing in the synchronicities in our personal lives e.g. repeating words, messages, images, numbers and symbols, we won't be able to cultivate inner sovereignty through a self-sufficient inner knowing that lets us know when we are on track, and warns us when we are not.

The Alethiometer: a symbol of our inner psychic compass

The solstice chart for June 2022 offers us another intense period of evolutionary opportunity. This isn’t an easy time on the planet for anyone; we are all going through the wringer on a spiritual and psycho-emotional level if not the physical level, and yet there is purpose to events unfolding as we find ourselves in the crucible of uncertainty, tested sometimes every single day. If there is anything I would highlight as a takeaway from this forecast, it is to say that while the world is in disarray and things are playing out on the world stage beyond our individual control, we have a choice about how we relate to whatever is happening, and if we choose the path of the feminine, learn to love more (first ourselves), embrace more empathy, trust, and faith, we can and will undergo radical transformation; the power has been within us all the time, and now is the moment to let go of an old way of living and be guided to something entirely new. This doesn’t have to be daunting; whats on offer is exciting, expansive and full of positive potential - its up to us to choose it through a positive orientation to these challenging times.

© 2022 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved

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