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Lunar Eclipse May 2022 - What does this mean for us?

16th May 2022 at 5.14 am BST

Eclipse cycles form part of the astrological clock of unfoldment, initiating energy every six months more or less, and they have long been known since ancient times to herald personal and global developments and sometimes significant change. Total eclipses mark changes in the evolutionary cycle for humanity, and for lunar eclipses there is always a more personal emotional dynamic involved.

The Moon is typically associated with the emotions and thus with the irrational side of human nature and in mundane astrology represents the common people. This makes sense because the rise and fall of emotional energy affects everyone.

The last total lunar eclipse occurred in May 2021 in the sign of Sagittarius, initiating a wave of energy now culminating, connected with the search for deeper meaning, sense making in a chaotic world, and the development of personal truth, through which each of us could better navigate our own lives. Now the new emotional cycle initiates through the sign of Scorpio, which is going to add a degree of emotional intensity to this eclipse.

Solar eclipse cycles mark changes in the way we are developing both individually and collectively in terms of life purpose, guided by the higher-self. We can look at those forecasts as telling us something about the higher purpose we are meant to take.

The lunar eclipse cycle compliments the solar eclipse energy, and tells us more about where we are meant to put our conscious attention in order to evolve emotionally. Scorpio highlights the need to transform and empower, often through facing dark, repressed and feared aspects of ourselves, and their out-projections within reality.

As with the solar eclipse charts, the chart cast for the lunar eclipse represents an energy pattern that will be driving emotional development over the next six months, until the next total lunar eclipse which happens again in November 8th this year. It is not usual to have two total lunar eclipses side by side just 6 months apart, so this next time period will be intensified learning.

If the lunar eclipse falls in a key area of your natal chart such as in conjunction with any of the personal planets, or conjunct the ascendent, descendent, IC or MC, or is strongly aspected then this eclipse will be felt more strongly than others.

In general, lunar eclipses mark key changes at a conscious personality level, in conjunction with endings and the need to let go and move on emotionally. This time the lunar eclipse is close to the South Node and in Scorpio, so the necessity of letting go is very much amplified; we may need to move on emotionally at the personal level (especially in relation to the house it falls in your chart) and I expect that the world will be facing big changes yet again.

Let's look a bit deeper at the pattern in the lunar eclipse chart to see what new energies will be in play.

For a guide to the astrology symbols click here

There are a few key patterns to consider:

  • Saturn in Aquarius in an ongoing T-Square with the lunar nodes (red lines)

  • Jupiter at 0˚ Aires in an exact semi-square with Uranus in Taurus (dark blue line)

  • Pluto in Capricorn in sextile with the Eclipse Moon and Trine with the Sun (pale blue and green line)

  • Neptune in Pisces Trine the Eclipse Moon (green line)

  • Salacia opposing Makemake, forming a T-Square with Quaoar and Pholus (red lines)

Everything about this chart suggests a strong likelihood that globally, we are going to be faced with more revelations and new truths related to the past, which are going to challenge and upset a lot of people; dark deeds coming into the light to be emotionally processed. Jupiter at 0˚ Aires not only launches a new cycle of consciousness expansion, in terms of what we believe and what we recognise as truth, but its position on the world ascendent (Aires/Cardinal Axis) pushes the archetype onto the main stage, and the semi-square aspect with Uranus together with a trine with the lunar eclipse itself, suggests potent revelations that cause many to awaken to a new way of seeing things. This of course can happen also at the personal level, where new information or insight could lead to significant change.

Saturn in square with the nodal axis, speaks to an ongoing challenge at the personal and global level, related to changing structures. There is a push-pull effect: do we reach for personal integrity based on solid higher values and create new world structures that serve the many in the name of equality, fairness and responsible freedom, or do we cling to the past, get sucked into more manipulation and allow the powerful to dictate the future? What new ways of thinking, humanitarian values, or future forward altruistic ideas do we now need to establish in order to overcome the corruption of our systems and avert ecological collapse?

Pluto’s position in sextile to the lunar eclipse shows that the power elites are going to feel the effects of this total lunar eclipse, possibly causing some players to reconsider their position and choose a path of action with more integrity. In any case the eclipse energies will be adding more intensity toward the break down of old systems and the break down of power and control over humanity. Events that may transpire in the next period could get many to review and reflect more deeply on their own lives, and the world at large in order to resolve the past and move on to something better.

Neptune in Trine with this eclipse should have a softening effect on the one side, as high spiritual aspiration energy enters the mix, but it could also represent powerful dissolution of illusions and intense disillusionment as many could be forced into facing truths that they have either avoided for too long or have been hidden from mainstream awareness, such as the newly released Pfizer data showing that in the trials there were at least 1,223 deaths reported in the first 28 days after injection (see front page article in The Light Paper issue 20, for more on this story.) Will this information ever make it into the mainstream? Well this eclipse season suggests that revelations such as these are going to keep coming.

Finally as I mentioned in the Solar Eclipse Forecast in April, there is a powerful T-square with the newer archetypes: Salacia, Quaoar, Pholus and Makemake. These newer archetypes are still integrating into the collective field, and are generally connected with high frequency energies, and for this reason will tend to more directly influence those of us who are actively reaching to elevate personal awareness. This T-Square positions the current eclipse cycle in a larger evolutionary context, now driving a shift in human consciousness at a planetary level. These newer archetypes are not well understood yet, so I will offer my own evolving insights about them for your consideration.

The essence of a T-square is a crisis of integration: two archetypes in opposition to each other, find resolution through the archetypes at the apex; immense pressure is placed on the apex, which acts as a key or catalyst.

Salacia - Queen of the Oceans

Salacia represents beneficial high frequency energy waves initiating a birth of new consciousness on the planet. Makemake is the wisdom keeper of the last golden-age cultures on Earth , which have disappeared from human memory (the Hopi refer to this as the 3rd age, and we are currently in the 4th and now moving into the 5th age).

These cultures can be symbolised by the terms: Atlantis, Lemuria, Shambhala and Hyperborea.

For instance if we ignore the nonsensical assertions of official archeology, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, with its mind boggling dimensions and sacred geometry in accordance with the exact dimensions of the planet, is a glaring relic of a forgotten advanced period of human development sometime in the past.

Makemake heralds the return of our lost human roots, but he also carries the truth of humanity’s fall in consciousness, its connection with global catastrophe and thus species level trauma. This unresolved trauma is at the heart of the human meaning crisis. How do we find the balance and correct the negative karma rooted in our ancient past, as high frequency energy stimulates us to expand our conscious awareness? How will we begin to heal deep patterns of trauma at the species level? How do we uncover and then deal with the hidden truth about humanity and our origins?

Quaoar is the archetype connected to the Cosmic Tree of Life; the singer of creation emanating out of the Void. Through Quaoar we remember our place in the grand scheme of things, and through boundless love discover a sense of profound belonging and connection, which was lost at least 10,000 years ago. Pholus the wise centaur, speaks of profound initiation into the lost feminine mysteries, through which reconnection will at last be restored. Such initiations mark radical shifts in awareness that leave us transfigured. Pholus, like all the centaurs, points to a fundamental need to integrate high frequency energy into the physical body, and a need to bring repressed emotional information into the conscious realm in order to become more soul aligned. On a personal level this means accepting any processing task related to past life emotional energy as yet unintegrated.

This T-Square indicates an intense and potent evolutionary process within the human collective soul, with those who find themselves initiated into the path of the feminine acting as conduits for high frequency energy now re-energising repressed collective memory and driving it to the surface. Through the healing of the past, together we will move forward toward a better future.

With this in mind, the potential for truth revelations initiating during this eclipse cycle, will coincide with a collective mandate to heal, remember and awaken to our true human potential; to cast off the centuries of dogma and out-right lies, to throw off the shackles of short sighted science materialism, to remember more and more who we really are and our place within a galactic and universal context.

Pholus - cellular transmutation and transfiguration

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