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Leo New Moon Forecast '22

In this forecast I will highlight the upcoming Uranus conjunction with the Lunar North Node, tied in with the rebirth of the Moon in Leo (July 28 2022), to give you an idea of the psychic weather for the next 6-8 weeks.

The Uranus/Mars/Nodal Conjunction ‘22

One of the key astrological triggers this year is the imminent Uranus/Mars conjunction with the Lunar North Node in Taurus, occurring late on the 31st July (GMT) 2022. Conjunctions with Uranus and the North Node occur every 15 years, and this year Mars joins in adding to this potent alignment for evolution and change.

The archetype of Uranus initiates change and liberation through disruptions to existing patterns and structures within our lives on all levels of being. The role of Uranus is to maintain evolutionary flow through an ongoing liberation from all structures that have become obsolete or overly limiting, in order to prevent evolutionary stagnation.

Uranus in Taurus (approx 2019-2026) has been shaking things up in the world with regard to disruptions in the flow of resources such as money, food, medical supplies, fuel etc, and stimulating new awareness in terms of survival, causing many to review and recalibrate personal value systems, as we realise that we might not need as much as we thought in order to be happy, or recognise how endless consumption and accumulation of ‘stuff’ blocks our inner development and inhibits a healthy relationship with oneself as the basis of good relationships with others. Shake ups with regard to basic survival needs may also re-boot personal values based on natural law and cooperation in favour of self interest.

Uranus teams together with the Lunar North Node triggering revelations and insight with regard to how each of us must actively reach for greater self-reliance, through both understanding and reconnecting with our core essential needs, which may have been neglected for too long. The North Node of the Moon represents the leading edge of conscious growth; through Taurus we will currently find the answers to our most pressing evolutionary needs. Uranus will no doubt ignite a powerful shift toward common natural-law values based on fundamental integrity, in direct opposition to anyone who is misusing power, skulking in the shadows manipulating others, and otherwise sucking the life-force out of the system - those whose jobs and lifestyles do not contribute to the greater good of all, may soon be catalysed to re-think their position.

Mars close to Uranus and the North Node adds a great deal of active energy to get up and do something practical about whatever we see needs change, and respond effectively to insights and revelation that cause a re-structuring of our lives, whether these changes be small or large. I expect there to be a strong desire in the populace toward more stability, through grass roots movements, probably galvanised by media revelations regarding the corridors of power within the wealthy, the deep state, and government, calling for radical reform of our political and financial systems.

For example the recent stepping down of UK prime minister Boris Johnson, fuels the nations survival angst for the future, after a long succession of failures and lies. The true aim of the Brexit movement, emergent just before Pluto and Saturn conjoined in Capricorn a few years ago, representing an opportunity to renew global structures, has not been fully realised; Brexit was not just about leaving the EU, but much more about a rising desire within the populace for radical systems reform, with the common people wanting more say in what goes on and how our future is shaped. Johnson symbolised the hope of the people to fulfil the Pluto in Capricorn impulse for reform, and yet notably squandered the opportunity, leaving no one to pick up the baton. His stepping down is just weeks before the Uranus/North Node conjunction, and forms part of an unfolding pattern. Of course part of the problem has been the hidden hand of deep state manipulation, which many common people are still not aware of, an aspect which may become more revealed this year - Uranus is opposed to the Lunar South Node in Scorpio, which could manifest as sudden mainstream revelations of hidden criminal or unethical activity within the corridors of power.

The Uranus/Mars conjunction in Taurus is already strongly influencing the world, and we see a good example of this with the recent storming of the presidential palace in Sri Lanka by thousands of hungry people and ongoing protests. In this case the Mars activism rooted in survival pressure, is fully activated by Uranus toward revolution and rebellion; a poignant reminder that the power of populism can have both a positive and negative outcome, and that when systems collapse such as food supply, people are more likely to become desperate and degrade into potentially violent or destructive behaviour.

This is one reason why the German government has made public transport very cheap, and is subsidising fuel costs if people consume moderately; they are fully aware that if survival pressure gets too high, they too may end up with a volatile revolution on their hands - something undesirable for all - change is necessary but preferably through stability, in a time when Putin is pushing the west to move to gold backed money. With Pluto just a year away from its ingress into Aquarius, these themes are only just beginning.

A more gentle reflection of the current energy building as Uranus moves closer to the North Node can be seen in the recent documentary about the UK Olympic athlete Mo Farah, revealing his early life as a trafficked child forced into domestic servitude in the UK - here we see the revealing of hidden realities existing in western countries (South Node in Scorpio opposing Uranus).

The New Moon birthing in Leo just a few days before this conjunction peaks, indicates that lessons related to personal sovereignty are on the rise this lunation, with the energy of the Uranus/North Node conjunction supercharging this potential; don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking charge of your life in a new way, or expressing yourself while standing up for your version of reality during this month. With the New Moon in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, the stimulus to reclaim personal power will centre around corruption within our systems and authorities. For example some may become more sovereign in relation to the mainstream media, politics, the healthcare system, or the workplace.

Chart cast for the Leo New Moon a few days before Uranus makes an exact conjunction with the Lunar North Node - 28 July 2022 (as usual I have omitted planets to make the patterns easier to see)

For a guide to the astrological symbols click here

Key Patterns:

  • Pluto and Eris in Square (both retrograde)

  • Mars, Uranus and the North Node all conjunct in Taurus (circled in blue)

  • Sun/Moon conjunction in Leo - The New Moon (circled in pink)

  • Venus and Dark Moon Lilith conjunct in Cancer (circled in green)

Pluto and Eris in an ongoing square have both gone retrograde, driving the current crisis in consciousness inward for the time being; the breakdowns and disruptions are now causing change within each of us, sometimes at deeply unconscious levels. A great deal hangs on how we choose to handle feminine energy - something which has been denigrated and undervalued for so long is causing discord in the world, but the good news is that this is just the birthing pains of the return of the true feminine, forcing all of us to deal with the shadow, both inwardly and outwardly, as we are called more and more into death and rebirth processes.

Finally Venus and Dark Moon Lilith in close conjunction in Cancer (in the New Moon chart) tells us that the rebirthing of the feminine must take place through healthy engagement with the shadow. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and in all likelihood much of the Uranian revelation of truth active for the next month or so, will have a direct effect on our internal lives. The rebirth of values and core essential needs will require us to get in touch with our emotional reality, and to get more comfortable with feeling insecure, vulnerable and sensitive. It is through the activation of emotional sensitivity and empathy, that the New Feminine can emerge, and yet Dark Moon Lilith speaks to a culture that is deeply uncomfortable with emotional vulnerability, shames sensitivity and emotionality, with a consequent tendency to repress emotions.

If you want to make the most of this lunation, I encourage you to embrace your emotions as you touch deeper into your core essential nature; let awareness of what you most need and value expand, as revelations set you free to act differently; you may notice yourself expressing your emotional needs in new ways; taking charge of your life as a co-creator, and stepping more into yourself as a sovereign




The themes covered in this forecast of course fit into a bigger picture characterised by an ongoing collective shift in consciousness. For example if we look at Varda at 24˚ Sagittarius (one of the newer transpersonal archetypes), she is currently resonant with Pluto, Eris, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the lunar nodes (in the chart cast for the Uranus/North node conjunction), acting as a guiding force of light for humanity.

In order for there to be a positive collective shift in human consciousness, many more people on the planet need to awaken from a limited and largely socially engineered perspective of the world - which is to say they need to be stimulated to question the status quo reality they have been operating in. With Varda in close trine with Eris, my sense is that 'white hat' groups working on behalf of humanity in collusion with benevolent off-world cultures, may well be orchestrating some key 'controlled chaos' events in order to catalyse more people to wake up.

Varda as Lady of the Stars encourages a spiritual activation, and could represent 'teacher' guidance from higher realms or other dimensions, influencing some in leadership positions to act in ways that activate the population.

Are some key factions on Earth working with benevolent ETs?

For example the continual tragic comedy of UK politics, including Boris Johnson's stepping down, could be part of a white hat initiative to cause enough disenchantment within the population, such that real systems change toward greater equity becomes possible through sheer public demand, fuelled by new awareness. Or Putin's unfathomable game play (at least in mainstream news) may well be aimed at generating a controlled crisis in the west in order to wake more people up.

For more on the upcoming Uranus/North Node conjunction see my earlier post New Planets: New Consciousness - in a later section of that post I expand on the conjunction in the context of the transpersonal planets and how it fits into the energy flows influencing us at the global level.

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Jul 23, 2022

I enjoyed this too. Much appreciated.


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Great analysis.😊 So glad to come across your website.

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