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Libra Equinox Astrology Forecast '22 - Next 3 Months

23rd September 2022


The Sun’s movement into the cardinal signs Aires, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, correlating to the solstices and equinoxes, generates a ‘thrum’ of energy that transmits into the collective field for about 3 months. We can take the chart of the equinox and divine the energetic weather until the December solstice, to give us a short term sense of what to expect.

As I’ve said before, key times within the solar cycle represent ‘threshold’ moments allowing subtle energy transmitted by Divine intelligence via the Sun, to penetrate more deeply into the Gaian energy system, affecting consciousness on the planet. These ongoing transmissions generate momentum, which can last many months. Bear in mind that the archetypes express in both positive and negative ways linked to our personal core vibration. With the world operating from different levels of consciousness we can expect to see many levels playing out in the world. The more in love and trust you are as an individual, the more likely your journey through these changing times will generate safe and productive outcomes; we are all tasked with levelling up in order to keep the world moving away from dystopian and catastrophic outcomes toward more balanced, benevolent and abundant futures.

Each equinox, solstice, eclipse or lunar forecast may share similar themes as the slower moving planets can feature over several forecasts. I cover different interpretations from forecast to forecast, so for those interested in a more nuanced picture of the current times, I recommend reading a few of the earlier forecasts to appreciate the ongoing themes in more depth.

A period of heightened intensity

The chart cast for this September Equinox - 23 Sep 2022 2.03 am BST (22nd Sep 21.03 EDT) has a lot to offer, with a significant Grand Cross formation on the world-axis, making this another energy download with direct and powerful effects on the global picture.

For a guide to the astrological symbols used click here


  • Pluto and Eris in an ongoing last quarter square

  • Saturn in an ongoing square to the lunar nodes

  • Saturn in an ongoing square with Uranus

  • Eris, Varda and the Moon in Grand Trine

  • Manwë, Asbolus, Sun, Mercury and Ixion in an exact Grand Cross on the world-axis

  • Manwë, Jupiter and Salacia conjunct in Aires

  • Jupiter and Manwë in opposition to the Sun and Mercury

  • Salacia in ongoing trine with Varuna, and in opposition to Makemake, and Square Quaoar and Pholus

  • Typhon conjunct the lunar south node and in opposition to Uranus

  • Typhon inconjunct Mars

  • Chiron, Orcus, Typhon and the lunar south node for a Yod

  • Neptune and Venus in opposition

  • Saturn, Typhon and Uranus in an energised T-square

General Overview

The shadow archetypes of Typhon and Ixion are prominent and have been for some months now, and there is no doubt that humanity is being stimulated to face the darker side of reality; to unveil the stark reality of control and crimes against humanity, and the power grab by super-rich elite dynasties to attain a global dictatorship a.k.a. The New World Order, while also coming to terms with our own personal shadow material, through the cultivation of trauma awareness, and the evolutionary necessity to heal and integrate in order to become more empowered and enabled. In this way we can oppose dark nefarious initiatives and co-create an alternative New Earth paradigm based on love, abundance, equity, sharing, inclusivity, and an active inter-connection with all of life. Our entire future depends on vast numbers of human beings moving out of a numb, fearful, mindless entranced mind-controlled state, in order to withdraw passive participation in a future none of us want, and move into active participation toward a world we do want.

The hidden world war, masked by a thick blanket of propaganda, via our ‘trusted’ media networks has been heating up over the last 5-10 years, and the ongoing Pluto/Eris square is a clear reflection of the newly awakened population pushing back against the corrupt and powerful elite apparatus operating throughout most if not all our social structures. Eris champions inclusivity and natural justice, and energises many to stand up for a better world, and this influence continues through to at least 2024. Because the USA is currently undergoing its Pluto return, Eris is also currently square the natal Pluto of the US founding chart; the forefront of the battle for freedom will be strongly felt in the USA as the common people rise up to save their Republic. Journalist and activist Ann Vandersteel recently reported on AGN the fact that the shadow players have lost control of the narrative in the USA, and are now driving for more chaos as a means to establish martial law, and she expects things to get a lot worse before it gets better, which does seem to reflect in the astrology.

Saturn now in Aquarius continues to square the lunar nodes, and moves into a close square with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is also conjunct the lunar north node in opposition to Typhon, forming a tense and energised T-square. Saturn itself moving through Aquarius initiates ongoing shocks, insights and radical disruptions to existing structures that no longer serve us. It helps to see this in the context of rising vibrations; as the collective shifts upward in vibration, the existing social structures that cannot resonate begin to fall. We can see this happening in the world through the exposure of how our systems really work for the elite few, and at the same time we are experiencing this on the personal level as we are pushed to ditch old ways of thinking, move on from an old way of living, and align more with our higher truth. There are plenty of people holding out for things to go back to normal, refusing to accept the inevitable changes coming to all of us, but there are just as many awakening to new truths and adjusting as necessary. The nodes themselves indicate the karmic nature of the times, urging us to deal with the cause and effect of our actions and inactions, while stimulating us to evolve toward integrity and higher moral values and virtues.

The Saturn/Uranus square is a tense aspect, as Uranus shakes things up in the mundane world, causing many to worry about the future, and attend to survival needs, money security and resources. Through the threat of hardship there is an increased probability than many more will begin to question the way the world actually works, as different from the one they have been led to believe in. This is a last quarter square inducing a crisis in consciousness and meaning; shocks will continue to occur affecting our livelihoods, possessions, money, and survival needs, generating a breakthrough in awakening.

The T-square with Typhon adds intensity, as unconscious shadow elements energise negative and destructive outcomes; we must master the shadow within us, and learn to work productively with fear. Typhon entered Scorpio in 2017, amplifying the emergence of the shadow in the world. It is noteworthy that evidence now shows that the covid pandemic scenario was already well underway in 2017 and covid test kits were already being distributed in 2018.

For more on this see THE PLAN highlighting the official agenda of the World Health Organization to have ten years of ongoing pandemics, from 2020 to 2030, revealed by a WHO virologist, Marion Koopmans.

Typhon will stay in Scorpio highlighting the need for shadow work until 2026. The apex of this T-square is Saturn in Aquarius, and this is where the integration must take place; we must awaken to reality as it really is, and move beyond our current limiting ideas about the world; to liberate from false realities to become fundamentally more sovereign. Saturn and Uranus have been in square since 2021, and they will move into an exact square one last time on 1st October 2022 at 18˚, giving one final push through this aspect, to the breakdown of the old to make way for the new. The Sabian symbol* for the corresponding degree of Taurus is: 'A new continent rising out of the ocean' - indicating that the potential of Uranus is to generate a surge of new potentiality after a crisis. How this will happen for each one of us will depend on what is needed individually, but the collective implication is quite clear; there is great potential emerging out of these times to build a new world.

Uranus also recently made a conjunction with the lunar north node in Taurus (a 15 year cycle) triggering new awareness in each of us toward positive movement forward, and this is still ongoing as Uranus is only 4˚ away. There is emphasis on breaking old patterns of behaviour in order to become more and more part of the solution.

* Note: The Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 word phrases that correspond with each of the 360 degrees of the wheel of the zodiac, from Aries 1 to Pisces 30. Consisting from as little as 2 words to as many as 21 words, each one of these Symbols holds both a story and a unique energy field of their own, from which to divine or decode more meaning from a specific degree of the zodiac.

Mercury and the Sun conjunct at 0˚ Libra on the World-Axis and the Super-Galactic Centre

The choices we make in the next few months will be pivotal

The key theme for the next 3 month period is going to centre around the use of information, communication and propositional thinking in conjunction with the choices we make. With Mars in Gemini also energising the left-brain mode, and communication in all forms, especially verbal or written e.g. mainstream media, alternative media, social media and books etc. we can expect new information releases to feature on the world stage in a big way. This information can be both positive i.e. truthful or negative i.e. propaganda. Care should be taken with what we tune into and discern as truth. As chess master Garry Kasparov once said “the point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth” As he puts it: There would be no game of chess if the pawns refused to play…

With Mercury on the world axis we can expect more truths to penetrate the mainstream information arena such as the covid scam, mass murder in hospitals, and the truth that variants are made up and used as a cover for covid vaccine injury . On this topic the testimony of Funeral director John O’Looney in the UK is compelling. Published almost a year ago, his perspective on covid death rates versus vaccine death rates is still of prime relevance, when children are being targeted for vaccines. Mercury is also retrograde and will move back into Virgo, so part of the way will be to go over information and to pay attention to the facts in great detail in order to make decisions. It will be important to dig deeper and get clear about what the facts really are.

Mars makes a bi-septile aspect with Mercury and is also inconjunct Typhon in Scorpio. In general the bi-septile is corrective, implying that the majority of new information will tend to be positive for humanity even if hard to digest, and serve to keep us on track toward better times. Mars in Gemini energises us at this time to want to understand whats going on in our world, and the bi-septile with Mercury and the Sun means that the right information for whatever we are trying to understand , whether it be about ourselves, our own lives or the world in general, will come to us in synchronistic ways. Yet Typhon as a disruptive influence could also muddy the information pool, and we can expect to see a fair amount of manipulative news coverage and propaganda, if not fake news aimed at adding more confusion and chaos. Overall however, this equinox transmission will bring us collectively closer to hard truths and a more nuanced understanding of the world.

The Grand Cross on the World-Axis - Ixion • Manwë • Asbolus • Mercury • Sun

This Grand Cross in the cardinal signs is a highly energised pattern that will initiate a great deal of change, that will be challenging to integrate.

Ixion at 0˚ Capricorn, on one level, represents the soul group who have made contracts with evil and who have now come into the open on the world stage in order to manipulate the world toward a dystopian global reset often pedalled as the 4th industrial revolution. They are directly opposed by the truth-sayers who have been able to uncover the hidden patterns in plain sight, who embody the Asbolus archetype; those who have been able to divine the truth, and who have been actively debunked as conspiracy theorists all this time. On another level Ixion in Capricorn makes salient the negative and morally corrupt nature of our societies including the financial system, legal system, governance in general, education, health service and so on. As more and more people have become aware of the limited and rivalrous nature of the system, there has been an understandable frustration and emerging push back represented by Eris in Aires; there is a call for natural justice and fair treatment for all, and this push back is generating more chaos, while corrupt players are generating chaos in order to grab more power.

Asbolus is in a 1st quarter square with Mercury and the Sun in Libra, and Ixion is in a last quarter square with Mercury and the Sun; while the truthers disseminate information about what is really going on, it induces a crisis in action for anyone exposed to it; what are we going to do with this information? Will we reject it outright to protect our existing view of reality, or will we accept the new information even though it temporarily destabilises our world-view and feels uncomfortable? Will we share new ideas and new information? With who? And when?

Revelations about nefarious groups vying for world domination and crimes against humanity, both heart-breaking and disturbing, in turn induce a crisis of consciousness; how do we come to terms with disturbing truths? How do we overcome a loss of meaning? How do we deal with fear, overwhelm or disillusionment?

For those new to the proposition of ruling dynastic families, or for those sceptical, Tim Geilan’s recent documentary MONOPOLY offers a beginners introduction revealing how a small group of super rich criminals have been buying virtually everything on earth, until they own it all.

Manwë and Jupiter conjunct in Aires are in direct opposition to Mercury and the Sun; how do we take resonant information that feels true and integrate it intuitively? How do we communicate an intuitive high frequency vision of the world with others in a way that they can understand? Does our rational way of thinking clash with our intuitive sense of things?

Manwë in Aires in last quarter square with Ixion represents the visionary power of those now awakening to actively and heroically clash with the dark agenda in its many forms and at many levels. Examples of this are the many freedom groups emerging now such as Americas Frontline Doctors, World Doctors Alliance, Stop World Control, Arise Guerilla Network (AGN), Connecting Consciousness, The Light Paper, UKColumn, The Bad Law Project and many others.

Meanwhile Venus in Virgo is in direct opposition with Neptune in Pisces;

  • How do we integrate a crisis in survival and a crisis in values (which drives us to take care of ourselves and those we love), with the possibility of higher transcendent love, one that draws us all to come together and take care of each other? How do we find a healthy balance between the two?

  • And on another level, in healing processes, can we overcome self-criticism and feelings of inferiority through giving to ourselves true compassion and forgiveness? Can we face up to reality as it is, or will we try and escape it?

The Chiron, Typhon, Orcus Nodal Yod - The Healing Crisis as a Path to Power

Chiron in Aires forms a tight Yod with Orcus in Virgo and the lunar south node conjunct Typhon in Scorpio. We know that many more people have been dying from covid jab related conditions than have been reported (many have occurred already under the guise of covid variants) , and more recently there are published indications that there are now surges in excess deaths with strong evidence for a causal link to mRNA jabs, conveniently given the more sanitised label SADS - sudden adult death syndrome . In addition to this some are 'vaccine injured' with a few people in the UK getting some compensation, but many others are not recognised. For those in doubt, the testimony of Wayne Cunnington, banned from Twitter for describing what has happened to him, may be of interest. Understanding his story can help us be aware of the dangers of vaccine adverse reactions. You can listen to or read his story here. His reaction occurred within just moments of taking the jab, starting with pain in his arm and a headache, which became crippling within hours. He had to battle with doctors for two weeks to be taken seriously, by which time he was dizzy and delirious, and when he finally got to see a doctor he was rushed into hospital and was found to have suffered brain damage due to high blood pressure and inflammation of the brain.

Typhon conjunct the south node in Scorpio, indicative of destructive forces in connection with past manipulation and abuse of power, now surfaces as more and more people feel the negative effects of taking covid jabs; we are collectively wounded in a profound way.

Top physician Dr Vladimir Zelenko boldly outlined the hard truth about the covid vaccine and the level of corruption connected to vaccine mandates and health care systems already in September 2021 in an online interview here. Yet this is still not discussed in the mainstream, and people are still accepting 3rd and 4th follow up jabs. We can expect to see more information coming out as more and more people report vaccine related injury, and many will be challenged to find ways to heal.

Orcus as Ariadne - The Spiritual Initiate

Orcus empowers us with a capacity to heal, if we are willing to do the descent work, face our inner pain, work with trauma, and use crisis as an evolutionary opportunity to grow, and through the trine with Pholus and Quaoar access the potential for radical and miraculous positive change.

There are numerous new bio-friendly technologies emerging that will be useful in dealing with the toxic effects of vaccines. For example Dr Christina Rahm has recently launched her Root Brand products for this purpose and to remove toxins safely for general improved health and other specific health issues such as cancer and autism. Her product Clean Slate is a good starting point if you have taken the jab and have concerns.

The Eris, Varda, Moon Trine - Triumph over the Dark Forces through Co-creative Sovereignty

If we were ever in any doubt that the hidden war would be lost, Varda’s presence in this auspicious trine says otherwise. We are profoundly supported by benevolent light forces, which work with us when we step into our innate sovereignty. Through the influence of higher light beings, we are being guided to co-create a New Earth through holding a positive vision of the future. During this time there will be a tremendous amount of energy given to holding the new frequency as a counter measure against ill intent. If you don’t know what else to do, meditate often on a vision of the world you want to see manifested. Clear quartz crystals can be used to enhance this task.

Help is at hand if we ask for it.

Salacia in Aires, in trine with Varuna in Leo, and opposing Makemake in Libra, in a T-Square with Quaoar in Capricorn

This is an ongoing pattern, which I have mentioned in other forecasts. T-square aspects are tense and energised, and yet these trans-neptunian archetypes are operating at much higher more subtle frequencies, which may not register consciously in everyday life, but will impact at the collective level. Salacia sits nestled in an Aires stellium with Jupiter, Manwë and Chiron and she makes available benevolent help from subtle dimensions of existence through the intuition (Jupiter) and through our capacity to heal (Chiron). Together with Manwë there is a great deal of protection on hand if we remember to invite it in.

Makemake in Libra in opposition to Salacia speaks to me of the ancient past and how karmic consequences from pre-diluvial cultures such as the fabled Atlantis are now emergent in the pattern and up for balancing. For many this process may not be conscious, but we are collectively processing and possibly remembering our lost heritage and origins. There is a lot of information available from subtle dimensions pertaining to our true human potential as co-creator beings, and Quaoar at the apex of the T-square emphasises that the current world intensity serves to activate more of our creative human potential as a necessary aspect of world change. If you identify as a light-worker or starseed soul, then the realisation of your potential may well be at the forefront of your process right now. This T-square of course also dovetails with the Grand-Cross amplifying the effect at a global scale. It isn’t enough to simply ride the waves of chaos and uncertainty; we are required to awaken to our true potential and become sovereign responsible co-creators.

How can we work with the equinox energies at a personal level?

  1. More than usual, the choices we make can have powerful effects on the direction our lives will take and on the world around us. Which way will you go? Which side will you choose? Which path will you take? All this will depend on your ability to make sense of the world, so doing your due diligence with regard to information will be invaluable at this time. With Jupiter in opposition to Mercury we can expect information to at times be amplified, over-hyped or blown out of proportion.

  2. Recognise that there are powerful energies in play at the global level; a battle over two very different visions for the future - one dystopian and controlling and the other pro love, freedom and abundance for all. We all have a part to play in this momentous time, which can be found when we move into personal sovereignty.

  3. The increasing chaos serves a purpose as old negative or obsolete social structures collapse, and we can learn to see the positive potential, while paying attention to nefarious agendas that will attempt to use the chaos to move the world in a dystopian direction.

  4. Awareness that the shadow is more active at this time, enables us to work more consciously with the shadow as it shows up in our own lives.

  5. The North Node in Taurus indicates that it is important to stay practical and grounded and to tune into your needs and the needs of others; know what is important to you, what you value and most need as the foundation for the next steps you choose to take.

  6. Recognise that new information is worth embracing even if at first it makes you feel uncomfortable and destabilised; allow your personal structures on all levels to change, and try not to resist by clinging to how things used to be.

  7. Don’t be afraid to share your view of the world with others, but choose the right moment and discern who is ready to hear what you think and know; without openness and receptivity others will probably resist, reject and push back against you.

  8. This is a time to upgrade your understanding of the bigger picture or something important in your life, and don’t be surprised if a new way of understanding things alters or completely changes your life direction.

  9. Watch for synchronicities with regard to information as these will help keep you on track with your personal growth. New information may well cause you to adjust or liberate from limitations on all levels of your life.

  10. You may be called to heal through a healing crisis - if this happens understand that a holistic approach will give you the best opportunities; a healing crisis is a path to personal power. Don't give control over your health to someone you don't know - health care systems are typically unable to address health issues effectively due to their top down control policies and protocols; even if doctors and nurses are well intended their hands are often tied by strict rules and guidelines. If you go to a hospital make sure you have someone you know and trust looking after you and able to stand up for your rights and wishes.

  11. Remember to invite in benevolent help from higher spiritual dimensions, and cultivate an open receptivity so that you can receive insight and guidance as necessary.

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