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2021 The Corridor of Confusion and Uncertainty - More from Evolutionary Astrology

It’s been an odd last six months in the world. The feeling of being in limbo and uncertain of what is happening and what is going to happen next. This has had something to do with Neptune in Pisces squaring the nodal axis in Sagittarius/Gemini since October last year.

Of course the biggest news, aside from the ongoing story of the Covid Crisis, was the US election culminating close to the winter solstice last year. We were witness to a tremendous polarisation between the two sides, the ‘storming’ of Capitol Hill on Jan 6th 2021, and the rather unusual inauguration of Joe Biden on Jan 20th this year.

For anyone straddling the two worlds of mainstream media (MSM) and alternative news, there are more questions raised than there are answers. As Dave Fuller from Rebel Wisdom aptly asks on his you tube channel “wtf is going on?”

The nodal axis of the Moon currently transiting the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius until Jan 18th 2022 represent an evolutionary fulcrum affecting all of us at the collective level, one with lessons about truth, fact, fiction, information vs misinformation and down right lies. Ever since May 2020 discerning truth from fiction has been a key evolutionary issue, and I predicted in earlier posts that we would all be faced with upgrading how we make sense of the world. Should we place all our trust in MSM or do we need to realise that MSM isn’t always correct? How much should we rely on old ideas about the world as the world evidently slides into transition?

Before Pluto conjoined with Saturn last year, I wrote a post about it entitled Realities Crumbling, speaking to the notion that this alignment was likely to bring in significant structural change at both a personal and collective level. Little did I realise at the time of writing that a Covid ‘pandemic’ would cause so much social challenge and change! And throughout this period I think the personal task for most of us has been making sense of a world in flux and learning to live with uncertainty.

Throughout the period from May 2020 to late Jan 2022 the lessons about making sense of our reality and the world will continue. The ongoing challenges will be about how well we use our intuitive capacity, and that depends on how much intuitive development we have been doing i.e. how often we follow through on intuitive prompts versus ignore them and explain them away.

Another challenge will be about our existing beliefs about reality. Most of us don’t think much about the foundation of what we believe, even though most of our sense-making and action strategies are based upon them. How much does religious conditioning effect our base beliefs about right and wrong? How much are we influenced by collective beliefs? And how affected are we by the beliefs presented on t.v. in the news, through entertainment and via the film and music industry?

At the same time, we live in a time of information and misinformation overload, with modern psychological challenges including over-stimulation, distraction, anxiety due to overload and stress, and confusion over what is true and not true. Will we let in new information if it threatens our existing idea of life? Do we believe everything we read without question?

Neptune in Pisces started moving into a square with the lunar nodes last October just in time for the US election, which added another dynamic to the equation. To what extent do we want to deny reality in order to feel secure? To what extent are we individually projecting our fears onto the world? Neptune in Pisces is a spiritualising symbol - it is asking us to get more connected to the living matrix of life itself in whichever way that most makes sense to us. Through Neptune and Pisces we can find resolution through connection and healing through forgiveness. And yet in its lower expression both Neptune and Pisces lead to escapism and delusion; we may not want to see truth when its in front of our eyes and we may try and hide in a rose tinted version of the world.

A prime divide has occurred over the US election that is intriguing to me. There are those on the liberal left who are greatly relieved that Joe Biden got elected, along with the majority of those following MSM as their only information input with which to make sense of the world. The MSM have been very clear about who they wanted as the next president both in the US and the UK. On the other side there are those who believe the election was rigged, that Trump won over 70 million of the votes, and that Joe Biden is president in name only and does not have the backing of the US military.

The evolution of Qanon has lead to the cultivation of a public more willing to look at the available information themselves rather than simply consume the ‘fact-fiction theatre’ of go-betweens like MSM and some alternative news channels. I am seeing more scrutiny of footage than before posted on social media. As such there are details about the inauguration that leave me with more questions than answers. For example, why did the military at Biden’s inauguration display no insignia or rank? Why was the ‘live’ event available in Spain ten hours before everyone else in the world? Why were so many of the military turning their backs on Biden during the cavalcade? Why didn’t Biden arrive by military plane like every other President before him? Why were characters like Obama and Clinton looking sombre and disturbed when they weren’t aware they were on camera during the inauguration? Why do the lights of the White House go out every night at 11pm? Is it because there is no one really working there? Is Biden operating from a studio version of the Oval Office? And why is Trump being impeached for the second time by the Democrats, when he is no longer President? Since it is unconstitutional to impeach a civilian, does this mean he is still the president? What might be going on?

The next month or so, possibly going as far as the summer, looks likely to reach a tipping point, and perhaps a time of revelation for one or the other side. And with Neptune moving out of the nodal square by late March this year, perhaps the confusion will dissipate as more events transpire.

For example it matters what is really happening with Ghislaine Maxwell relative to the Epstein case and child sex trafficking. Some sources say she has been cooperating with authorities and that right now there is a great deal of military effort assigned to the rescue of children from underground sites. Apparently she is under constant protection, checked every 15 mins to make sure she doesn’t mysteriously die like Epstein did.

Another interesting development is the recent stepping down of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the man who is worth close to $200 billion. His reasons were that he wanted to focus on climate change, but to my mind stepping down makes little sense unless there are other more pressing reasons.

In addition China’s recent move toward a possible invasion of Taiwan may bring the US into another conflict as they move to defend Taiwan as a sovereign country.

The next key astrological line up is the Pluto/Uranus bi-septile occurring in March 2021 in just a few weeks. From about 2012-2018 we were all under the pressure of the Pluto/Uranus square that was generating the necessary traction for awakening. There were lots of shocking revelations about the financial system, sex trafficking, and government corruption during that time. At the bi-septile there is the possibility that information will arise that will set the record straight or catalyse evolution in the right direction. This may occur through ‘fated’ events on the global stage that change the way we perceive things. The strongest time window is from about 28th Feb - 18th April 2021. Given that Neptune is moving out the the square in early March, the possibility of new clarity is promising.


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