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Taurus Lunar Eclipse Forecast '22

8th Nov ’22 - 11.02 BST / 06.02 EDT


Eclipse cycles form part of the astrological clock of unfoldment, initiating energy every six months more or less, and they have long been known since ancient times to herald personal and global developments and sometimes significant change. Total eclipses mark changes in the evolutionary cycle for humanity, and for lunar eclipses there is always a more personal emotional dynamic involved.

The Moon is typically associated with the emotions and thus with the irrational side of human nature and in mundane astrology represents the common people. This makes sense because the rise and fall of emotional energy affects everyone.

The Lunar Eclipse is also a full moon, and it works in a complimentary way with the Solar Eclipse energy wave. While the Solar Eclipse infuses us with creative impulses from the Higher-Self, the following full moon represents a potential for objective insight and understanding at the ego-personality level. It’s a time when we are more able to take the impulses from the solar eclipse and make them personal through greater awareness.


The Taurus Lunar Eclipse this year is a total eclipse, setting a new overarching growth theme focusing on emotional self reliance on all levels, which will be ongoing until 2025, when the Lunar Eclipse cycle will shift to Virgo (the next total lunar eclipse). These are chaotic, changeable times, and the Lunar Eclipse cycle initiates lessons connected with staying grounded and emotionally steady. This eclipse works via the north node, so working with the Earth element is critical to progress moving forward; attending to core essential needs, getting practical, taking things step by step, engaging the material world and perhaps above all getting reconnected with the Earth.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio a few weeks ago, has begun initiating significant transformation, deep healing, transmutation of obsolete energy patterns, and rites to personal power, which are best optimised when we learn to be emotionally self-reliant, and cultivate a living connection with nature in whichever way we can.

Let’s take a deeper look at the chart cast for the Taurus Lunar Eclipse (8th Nov ’22 - 11.02 BST / 06.02 EDT) to see what’s on offer for the next 6 months and beyond in terms of emotional development and personal growth.

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Astro Technicals:

  • Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus

  • Moon and Uranus in opposition to the Sun, Mercury, Typhon and Venus in Scorpio

  • Sun/Moon opposition in T-square with Saturn in Aquarius

  • Mercury and Uranus in T-Square with Saturn

  • Orcus conjunct Ceres in Virgo in opposition to Nessus in Pisces

  • Moon and Uranus in trine with Orcus and Ceres

  • Mars in Gemini square Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces

  • Nessus in trine with the Sun, Mercury and the South Node

  • Nessus sextile the North Node, Moon and Uranus

  • Chiron inconjunct the Sun, Mercury and the South Node

  • Hygeia inconjunct the North Node, Moon and Uranus


As I’ve mentioned before, the forecasts for solstices, equinoxes, eclipses and lunation cycles tend to overlap, a bit like playing notes on a piano. Each note played is sustained over a period of a month, 3 months or 6 months, just as if some notes are played harder (eclipses) or softer (moon cycles). Thus some patterns can run for many weeks at a time.

There are some key themes in this Lunar Eclipse wave that have appeared in previous forecasts:

An emphasis on shadow work began to emerge in the pattern already at the last Aires equinox (Mar 2022) and picked up momentum at the recent Virgo New Moon (Late Aug 2022), becoming a central theme in the Libra equinox forecast (Sep 2022) and features once again in both the Solar and Lunar Eclipse charts (Nov 2022). This should not be surprising given that as the frequency of the planet rises, it forces us to take responsibility for whatever is acting from a very low vibration; more light enables us to see deeper into the shadows.

Another emergent theme worth noting, is connected with truth and information in relation to how we make sense of the world, what we believe, and the evolutionary stimulus to expand awareness, especially through exposure to new ideas. This already began with the last 2 Solar Eclipse cycles in Sagittarius (2020 and 2021) and more recently at the Sep Equinox this theme intensified, and is now carried forward on this Lunar Eclipse.

Opportunities for deep insight and new awareness that challenge our existing perception of reality

Central to the pattern of this chart is the T-square of this eclipse with Saturn, Mercury and Uranus.

New information, insight and sudden shifts in awareness will be a key feature energising an ongoing evolutionary need to liberate from an old way of seeing the world, and by extension to moving on from life structures that we have outgrown, including our sense of identity.

The urge for freedom may well be an emotional driver; to break free from the past and from areas of life where we feel controlled or powerless, in order to move toward greater stability and abundance.

This eclipse season centres around deep personal transformation and collective evolution through facing hidden shadow aspects, and there are some patterns in the Lunar Eclipse chart that suggest what is in store for us in terms of personal growth and spiritual work:

We can expect an ongoing process, where information relating to the past, can suddenly emerge in our awareness (Uranus and Mercury in opposition). Some of this information or insight will be connected to our relationship with the Feminine principle, and especially concerning where and when we violate the Feminine in ourselves and in our lives (Nessus trine Mercury, sextile Uranus and the Moon).

For example:

  • How often do we ignore our intuition?

  • When do we resist the call to be still, rest and meditate?

  • Do we favour action over receptivity?

  • Do we tend to over-push for things to happen rather than let them emerge in their own time?

In addition we may become more aware in the next months just how much unresolved pain we are carrying; the type of inner pain we manage through various addictions such as drinking, smoking, narcotics, sex, food, sugar or television.

Nessus is a challenging archetype, as he tends to reconnect us to repressed emotional pain and mental anguish, forcing us to process emotions consciously. With Orcus and Ceres in opposition in Virgo, this process can be handled consciously so long as we are awake enough. If we are well established in beneficial spiritual practices, we have an opportunity to really understand the nature of unresolved pain and suffering, and through this, be able to move into remediation, resolution, healing and purification; we can consciously parent ourselves, and actively nurture the Feminine principle within, perhaps even going so far as to transcend limiting deep seated soul patterns.

Information is free flowing through this eclipse wave: Mercury enables unconscious information to arise in connection to the Nessus issues, such as the pain-body and violations of the Feminine, specifically relating to the past and past-lives. Uranus triggers insight, acting as a beacon of light for anyone choosing depth-work at this time; if we accept that descent to the underworld is necessary for spiritual growth, then this eclipse wave will be very supportive.

In terms of inner development, we are moved now to want to understand, by reviewing past actions and desires, and revisiting the stories we tell about ourselves and our way of seeing things, while intuitively receiving guiding input that augments a change in perceptions.

New awareness initiates healing journeys as we overcome limitations to become more self-empowered

Overall the Lunar Eclipse Chart points repeatedly to transformation through healing processes. Pluto inconjunct Mars will tend to induce a degree of crisis or a feeling of being blocked from normal action-taking until we address whats going on inside that needs adjustment, and Hygeia the goddess of healing together with Chiron the wounded healer (in harmonious trine with each other) make inconjunct aspects to the Sun and the Moon, which means that the healing archetypes are active during this eclipse wave.

Hygeia in Sagittarius: healing can occur through natural holistic methods


What healing tools and agents can we employ during this period to support inner transformation?

With the eclipse in Taurus, the emphasis is on plant medicines, body work, diet, basic exercise and connecting with nature as a natural balancer and stabiliser.

For example, if you recognise you are stressed, what adaptogenic herbs might help the body deal with stress better? Examples include: Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Schizandra Berry, Reishi Mushroom or Chaga Mushroom to name a few.

If you are detoxifying your physical and energetic system (or intuitively feel you need to), which purifying herbs might help with this process? Examples include: Dandelion leaf or root, Cleavers, Echinacea, Yarrow, and Yellow Dock internally, and Mugwort, Sage, Juniper and Sweetgrass burned as a smudge.

Massage therapy, especially with essential oils, can assist in the release of unprocessed emotional energy trapped in the body, and it can really help overly mental people ground into the body.

Chiron in Aires offers us the ability to self-initiate healing related to past transgressions of boundaries and abuse of power. He supports anyone willing to work with their deep patterns of wounding, most often through holistic modalities and in general through the healing of the mind-body split (the perception that the body is a machine and is not affected by mental and emotional factors). Given that the September Equinox forecast highlighted the healing crisis as a means to spiritual awakening, this theme continues with the Lunar eclipse adding more drive toward recapitulation and psychotherapy.

Whenever the energy moves toward transformation processes, it is helpful to remember that this type of inner work is unsettling and intense, and for this reason the Taurus Lunar Eclipse offers a welcome stabilisation impulse if we are willing to follow it; slowing down, getting grounded, connecting with nature, and paying attention to core essential needs on a day to day basis will go a long way to helping this intense period flow more smoothly.

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