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Scorpio New Moon forecast '23

New moon, Scorpio, hand


The new moon can be thought of as a window in time when the Higher-Self initiates specific lessons or personal growth intentions for the coming month, and we can use the lunar cycle as a way of decoding evolutionary forces at a more granular level than the solar cycle or the transits of the slower moving planets.

For the spiritually minded person, the new moon is a time to receive the seed impulses for one’s personal evolution, and specifically those impulses toward bringing something new into conscious awareness. Each moon cycle fits into a larger cycle, which begins at the Aires new moon, and if you seriously want to track the unfolding pattern of higher-self guidance, it is a really good idea to record a log or journal of key messages and impressions received in the few hours before and after the new moon, roughly 4-5 hours on either side. During this window of time, make space to be more meditative and pay attention to your thoughts, inspirations, psychic messages and so on, as these will tend to correspond to the archetype the new moon is birthing in at the time, and correlate to the growth themes we are meant to work with during the month.

At some point in time (after a few months) you can look through your log and begin to see a key pattern unfolding, which can stimulate further insight in terms of life purpose.


yin-yang snake symbol
Scorpio - Snake Symbol - inner and outer change

This Scorpio New Moon initiates powerful transformative energy, with considerable evolutionary stimulus supported by 2 beneficial Grand Trines. Scorpio energy draws us inward in ways that generate inner change. The recent Libra Solar Eclipse has been generating new awareness through engagement with other people, and now we are more than likely to be drawn to deeper emotional processing, healing and inner-change. The call to empowerment is emphasised by a stellium of 5 planets in Scorpio in close conjunction.

  • What limitations do we need to overcome this month?

Let’s take a closer look at the energy in play in this New Moon chart…

Astrology chart, New Moon

Chart cast for the Scorpio New Moon on 13 Nov 2023 09:27 GMT/04.27 EST

For a guide to the astrological symbols click here




  • Saturn conjunct Gonggong in Pisces

  • Eris conjunct the North Node in Aries

  • The New Moon conjunction Mars, Typhon and Ceres in Scorpio


  • Saturn square Mors-Somnus

  • Pluto square the Nodes

  • Eris square Pluto

  • A T-Square featuring Uranus opposing the New Moon, Mars, Typhon and Ceres, with Dark Moon Lilith as the apex


  • Salacia opposing Venus

  • Uranus opposing the New Moon, Mars, Typhon and Ceres


  • Chiron sextile Hygeia (and Chariklo) with Orcus at the apex

  • Neptune sextile Pluto with Dark Moon Lilith as the apex


  • A Grand Fire Trine featuring Eris and the North Node in Aries, Varda in Sagittarius and Dark Moon Lilith in Leo

  • A Grand Fire Trine featuring Salacia in Aries, Mercury in Sagittarius and Varda in Leo



energy vortex

Most striking about this new moon chart is a stellium of 7 planets in Scorpio, including the New Moon itself. Mars is making a close conjunction to the New Moon adding both power and dynamism. In addition Uranus is in direct opposition, energising Mars with extra drive, insight and awareness. Haumea (patron of a New Earth) has also very recently entered Scorpio (now at the 2nd degree), which I think ushers in an era of potent change and regeneration through a return to nature.

The New-Moon/Mars conjunction opposing Uranus makes available this month, powerful regenerative energy for both healing and liberation. New Moon lessons may throw challenges our way as a means to stimulate sudden changes in outlook, which cause us to step up in terms of personal power.

Power challenges

man, wands, flowers

Uranus and the New Moon make a tense and energised T-Square with Dark Moon Lilith at the apex. There might be conflicts this month, or sudden shocks that test us, and these tests (if they happen) will put our attention on personal sovereignty issues, whether that is simply others not respecting us enough, or perhaps on a broader socio-political level it could involve health-sovereignty or the erosion of basic human rights.

A similar theme is reflected in another T-square with Pluto, Eris, and the lunar nodes; there is a strong impulse to liberate from tired and restrictive patterns of control, both personally and in the world at large, and I get the impression here that we might see examples of government overreach arising again, especially now that we are moving into the winter (for most of the western world) and an increase in pandemic propaganda and fear-mongering to encourage more ‘vaccine’ uptake by the public.

A Yod aspect, featuring Pluto sextile Neptune, with Dark Moon Lilith in Leo at the apex (she is also at the apex of a T-Square), suggests the possibility of institutions and authorities selling lies and deceptions as a means for control or profit, which challenge us individually to reclaim power and to choose and act from a place of personal sovereignty.

In addition Dark Moon Lilith is also square to Typhon in Scorpio, suggesting that for some of us, deep and powerful disturbances within the psyche may also arise in order to bring more awareness to personal sovereignty issues, and we may also see chaotic disturbances on the world stage, which also energise the sovereignty issue collectively.

Typhon is making an inconjunct aspect with Eris and the North Node in Aries, so there may be minor obstacles arising in our personal journeys, connected with breaking redundant patterns of behaviour and moving forward in life. This could play out through co-dependency issues; deep feelings of powerlessness to change that make us temporarily incapacitated, or conversely a desire to push forward with change we are not quite ready for. If we are not mindful, we could end up crossing boundaries inappropriately. Eris on the North Node, as a quintessential feminine archetype, calls us to flow with our natural unfolding, and to recognise when we should strive for outcomes and when we should surrender to forces we cannot control.

Guided impetus for positive change

female, energy

A Grand Fire Trine featuring Eris and the North Node, Varda and Dark Moon Lilith adds beneficial energy to balance some of the more challenging elements of this lunation wave. There is an open channel from higher guiding and benevolent forces inspiring all of us with an intuitive sense of where we need to go and what we need to do next, and this can help us a great deal to stay on track with our own personal evolutionary path, as long as we are willing and able to step up to becoming more creative, tuned into our true purpose, and self-loving and accepting.

A second Grand Fire Trine, this time featuring Salacia, Varuna and Mercury, amplifies the possibility of not just clear higher guidance, but also Grace. The Christian concept of grace, speaks to things lining up for us in synchronistic and magical ways. We must however align with natural law to receive grace; if we are too negative, judging or manipulative, grace may just pass us by. This fire trine can offer us some very clear insights, and guiding signals either coming from within, or via messengers on the outside. Given the intense and challenging nature of the New Moon stellium in Scorpio, this is a welcome boon.

Ongoing societal chaos and disruption stimulate awakening

human figures, blindfolded, awakening

Saturn conjunct Gonggong, together with Eris in square with Pluto (she was square Pluto for several years not long ago), is energising ongoing societal change, characterised by more chaos and uncertainty than most of us would like. As I’ve mentioned before this will tend to express for many as disillusionment with the existing system, and Saturn squaring Mors-Somnus indicates a crisis in consciousness that will drive many to awaken to a clearer and more meaningful perspective on life, and drive others to escape the harsher aspects of what is happening in the world, through various distractions and addictions.

A potent opportunity to heal if we are willing to engage inner-work

female figure, labyrinth, doorway

A tight Yod featuring Chiron, Hygeia and Orcus all at 16˚, with Chariklo close by, has particular relevance to those of us actively on a spiritual healing journey; there is real scope to take patterns of wounding, and through healing and integration, to become more activated as a human in service to the greater good. The exact nature of this Yod provides heightened energy, where answers to the deeper questions surrounding deep soul wounding, can only be found when we agree to take the journey toward greater humility and higher service, and if we already feel we are on this journey, then opportunities may arise to deepen that commitment this month.

Pachamama, Earth Goddess, nature, sky, white horse

Haumea’s recent ingress into Scorpio, which occurred on October 2nd 2023, marks a change in the way we process ancestral healing and engage cultural regeneration [currently expressed by the ‘New Earth’ meme]. Haumea's appearance [in 2004] heralds a new emergent awareness and appreciation of the natural world, and her move into Scorpio is more than likely going to potentiate and intensify a return cultural movement to natural medicine, and regeneration of Earth’s ecological systems. In essence this suggests that it will become even easier to heal and transform if we are willing to embrace holistic methods. This is just the beginning of a new influence which will be with us until 2049.

Sedna also recently changed signs; she moved into Gemini earlier this year, and we are already seeing an expansion in trauma awareness - this year there have been numerous free online summits offering the latest insight and developments related to trauma processing, and we can expect this to become increasingly mainstream in the years to come.

Sedna will remain in a gibbous inconjunct to Haumea for many years indicating a clear connection between personal trauma patterns within human relationships and our disconnect from Gaia, and perhaps it is through the crisis of personal trauma that many of us will find our way back to nature, through healing and regeneration.

aboriginal snake design

This month may initiate changes through intense emotional experiences; it's a time to overcome limitations in one way or another. Whatever comes up for you, just remember that the emotional work will be worth it in the long run.


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