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Past Patterns/Future Blueprints

A Written Evolutionary Astrology Reading

  • 1 hour
  • 90 euros
  • Online

Service Description

Patterns of the past ~ Blueprints of the future: a written reading that delves into past-life archetypal themes shedding light on the karma influencing the current life. The intention of this reading is to establish a "bottom-line" understanding of your evolutionary intentions for this life from the perspective of the soul. The aim is to shed light on the key archetypal themes that form the foundation for growth lessons in this life. At the soul-level each of us have a unique orientation to life driven by specific evolutionary intentions, and these intentions collaborate to set up specific life events and circumstances which enable lessons to be learned on the road to self-realisation. In this reading we will look specifically at the past life patterns that determine your current life orientation and highlight relevant areas of growth and ways that you can help yourself flow with your destiny-path for a more fulfilling life. In addition I will include key planetary transits for the year ahead so that you can expand your understanding of the growth opportunities unfolding for you at this time.

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