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Consultation by Appointment
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Unlock your personal mystery

Unveil more of your life purpose

Learn about the Universe

Understand and navigate
the nature of your life manifestations

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If you would like to book time exploring Astrology, Tarot or Self Realisation with me, my fees are the same for all options.

For ease I charge for 15 min slots of time, so you can choose a session duration that suits your budget and nature of personal enquiry.

Sessions can focus purely on Astrology, or they can involve a mix of modalities to suit your needs.

As a guideline half an hour is a suitable minimum duration but for more depth an hour or more is recommended. 

$15/ £15/ €15 ~ For 15 mins

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For the serious student willing to commit to regular monthly sessions, I am willing to offer a bespoke rate to those on low income. This to be discussed and agreed upon, relative to an individual's unique circumstances and how much time I have available. 

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