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December Solstice Forecast '23

Sun, rays, Capricorn symbol


In astrology, the solstices and equinoxes occur when the sun enters one of the four cardinal signs: Aires, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, and the cardinal signs act as doorways for metaphysical energy to more easily influence the field; they tend to initiate change. For this reason, much like with eclipses, which are also liminal magical gateways, we can use a chart cast for these days to gather useful information about human evolution and its affect on the world. I use the term magical in the sense of spiritual energy shaping matter, or the power of Mind to influence outcome, and in the case of the solstice for about 3-6 months.

The sun is central to the evolution of consciousness on the planet, and is directly linked to sun-spot activity and the transmission of visible and invisible light, and throughout the year, pulses of energy pour into the human collective field and the Gaian energy system, much like notes played on a piano generating a shifting musical chord over time. In this way the forecasts are best understood together and not just as sole events, but rather as energy downloads that mix and merge with those that came before.

Astrological symbols express quite differently depending on one's core vibration of consciousness, so there are numerous ways we each can experience how the cosmic energies in play move us. In addition I work increasingly with the newer archetypes correlating to new celestial bodies discovered since 2000. These newer archetypes operate at much higher vibrations than the traditional more personal ones, and this means that the more we ascend in vibration the more we become conscious of these newer cosmic players, and the more they influence us.

I write from an esoteric foundation and aim to decode causative patterns rather than the effects. I am not trying to predict exactly what will happen in the world, but rather to unveil the nature of the energy unfolding and the evolutionary opportunity available to all of us, so we are better prepared to respond individually.


sun, lotus, rainbow light, meditator

The December Solstice currently occurs (in this epoch) in a close conjunction to the Galactic Centre, marking an opportune moment in the year when we can more easily connect with the Galactic Logos for guidance, insight and empowerment. While the False-Matrix world is distracted by a money-driven Christmas festival, those of us awakening to the Living Matrix or Unity Field are moved to slow down, re-centre and open to receive guidance-input from the Higher-Power. The Solstice this year, can be particularly rewarding in this regard, due to Mercury being in very close conjunction to the Sun, and the Moon being in exact trine to the Sun, creating a more open channel for information and understanding directly into ego-awareness. The Solstice energy carries forward for another 3 months, so in a general sense early 2024 can afford us a clearer perspective on personal issues as the weeks pass, perhaps with some significant life insights.

There’s a pretty good balance of energies in play, so lets take a deeper dive into the chart cast for the December Solstice to see some of the themes that will carry forward to March 2024…

astrology chart

Chart cast for the solstice on 22 Dec 2023 03.27 GMT (21 Dec 22.27 EST)

For a guide to the astrological symbols click here




  • Eris conjunct the North Node in Aries

  • Moon conjunct Jupiter in Taurus

  • Vesta conjunct Asbolus

  • Venus conjunct Typhon

  • Mercury conjunct the Sun in Capricorn

  • Saturn conjunct Gonggong


  • Moon opposing Haumea

  • Uranus opposing Venus

  • Orcus opposing Nessus

  • Chiron opposing Logos-Zoë and Makemake

  • Sun and Mercury opposing Asbolus and Vesta

  • Typhon opposing Mors-Somnus


  • A T-Square featuring the Sun and Mercury opposing Asbolus and Vesta, with Manwë at the apex

  • A T-Square featuring Varda, Vesta with Neptune at the apex


  • A Grand Fire Trine featuring Varda, Eris & the North Node, and Dark Moon Lilith

  • A Capricorn stellium featuring Pluto, Aruwn and Icarus, trine Mors-Somnus

  • The Sun and Mercury trine the Moon and Jupiter


  • A Yod featuring Mars sextile the South Node with Uranus at the apex

  • A Yod featuring Orcus sextile Venus, with Chiron at the apex

New Initiations into the Light

Archangel Sophia

Perhaps most striking in this solstice chart is an exact T-Square aspect featuring a Mercury/Sun conjunction opposing a Vesta/Asbolus conjunction with Manwë at the apex - most of these archetypes are at critical degrees of cardinal signs, highlighting a strong impulse toward initiating change over the next 3 months.

wave patterns

Through Asbolus we are able to both notice and decode patterns, signs, signals and omens that manifest in our lives, and with Vesta in a close conjunction in Gemini, there is a heightened capacity to pay attention to these signs, in whichever way they occur, and make sense of them. Signs and omens serve to bring Higher-Self knowing into ego-awareness, so that we can better navigate and cooperate with the Higher-Power and our unique path of destiny.

This solstice is a good time to get your Tarot cards out (if you haven’t for a while) and ask some pertinent questions, and its also a good time to dig out your astrology chart or perhaps get one drawn up for the first time!

There is a Yod also activating the Vesta/Asbolus conjunction, with Typhon conjunct Venus in Scorpio synergising with Icarus and Arawn in Capricorn, which means that there is some evolutionary tension drawing us to pay attention to the patterns unfolding in our lives. Deep unconscious stirrings within, combined with helpful input from the ‘otherworld’, may more significantly manifest in the form of synchronicities and repeating symbolic messages, which we must learn, if necessary, to honour and act upon.

Sleeping man, nature spirits

For some, the period until mid-march next year could represent a strong initiation into the spirit-world and a deepening realisation of benevolent guiding forces. For those of us already familiar, we might experience louder and clearer messaging from spirit-guides as well as a corresponding quickening, relative to de-conditioning from social programming; bold synchronicities for example often serve to break us out of limiting dogma about life and reality.

Manwë, the champion of the Light, continues to rebirth into collective consciousness in the early degrees of Aries - overall this means that humanity as a whole is entering into new awareness of the Light and how it operates in service to others. Considering that humanity on Earth is transitioning out of an age of darkness, this is quite a big deal; something to be excited about; another symbolic confirmation of a shift in consciousness on the planet now taking place.

Manwë represents the angelic realms

This solstice, Manwë is positioned at the apex of an energised T-square with the Solstice Sun; we can expect powerful light-transmissions to accompany this solstice wave, infusing into the collective field throughout early 2024. These forces of Light are both stimulating us to recognise signs and omens offered, and to take action on them, and in so doing, push the boat out towards a more universalised perception of reality, away from the restrictive western cultural paradigm. Not surprisingly this process will come with its challenges; for some it will be a big deal to find themselves out-growing the safe confines of cultural normality and social conformity. For others it will be one thing to notice guiding messages, but quite another to trust them and act upon them.

Powerful plasma-light transmissions continue to promote a collective shift in consciousness

Varda, the consort of Manwë, and thus another archetype associated with high-frequency Light, is both close to Mars and the Solstice Sun (while also conjunct the Galactic Centre), emphasising again, powerful guiding influences at this time, if we choose to open and receive, as long as we stay free of distractions. The issue of distraction is key, due to a T-Square featuring Varda opposing Vesta with Neptune at the apex: the challenge will be very much about how we make sense of intuitive messages coming from “above and beyond”; if we are open, then there is potential to spiritualise, and if we are closed minded then we will be prone to explain away apparent coincidences and patterns, or simply exit through some form of escapism. Overall though, this dynamic could eventuate in spiritual breakthroughs!


A note on the Galactic Centre: the centre of the galaxy is thought to be the seat of the Logos for our galaxy. The Galactic Logos is an over-lighting Divine intelligence, an ordering principle governing the nature of reality within the galaxy. With Varda now conjunct the Galactic Centre at 26˚ Sagittarius, potent light transmissions from the Galactic Logos are now saturating the planetary field. These transmissions are stimulating an awakening of human consciousness on a mass scale. Neptune in Pisces is currently square to the Galactic Centre; these transmissions are stimulating a spiritual awakening on the planet.


Varda also makes a disseminating trine with Eris: the benevolent angelic goddess Varda is in harmonious fusion with the maverick goddess Eris - we can expect ambassadors for off-world cultures e.g. channellers, contactees or prophets, to disseminate more paradigm-busting information next year, in ways that might upset the proverbial apple-cart; startling new information may cause radical shifts or be challenging to integrate into existing structures of perception. On a personal level, we might find ourselves receiving guidance input that takes us to the edge of our comfort zone, relative to the real versus the imaginal.

With Eris conjunct the lunar North Node in Aries, there is momentum building in all of us to make new tracks; to break free from the past and to do things differently, and with Eris and the North Node in a Grand Trine with Mars conjunct Varda in Sagittarius, and Dark Moon Lilith in Leo, there really is ample energy to think big and act big in intuitive ways that bring us more and more into the Light and elevate us into greater personal sovereignty and self-love.

Liberation processes

human figures leaping forward, waves, sun

A Yod aspect featuring Mars in Sagittarius sextile the South Node in Libra, with Uranus in Taurus at the apex, represents internal challenges to break free from past karmic patterns through a desire to expand our understanding of life; we are stimulated to pay attention to past relationship patterns, to balance karma, through adjustments to our belief structures, and in so doing overcome stagnancy.

A Grand Fire Trine featuring Mars, the North Node, Eris and Dark Moon Lilith, emphasises amplified energy toward greater understanding, intuitive action, and an expansion beyond the confines of the now, in order to become more true to ourselves as individuals. We may find ourselves breaking free from a limiting sense of identity into something bigger and more creative.


A note on the Solstice liminal threshold: If you want to take advantage of the potent Solstice energy for personal insight and awakening, the best time to meditate and tune in is over the 3 day period commencing with the exact moment of the Solstice (see the Astro-chart for the exact time). The energy is thought to be most optimum 3 days after, which perhaps not surprisingly is sometime on Christmas day. If you find yourself too busy during this period, perhaps cultivate a few moments of mindful awareness of the energy from time to time. The period leading up to the new year is still an opportune time to reflect, set future forward intentions and ask for guidance and insight.


Spiritual initiations generate internal change

Priestess, standing stone
Orcus represents the spiritual initiate

Another Yod aspect featuring Venus sextile Orcus, with Chiron at the apex, speaks to spiritual initiations activating deep internal change and a rebirth of the relationship with oneself through a shift in values. Spiritual initiation is no longer for the selected few; in this era many many people are being initiated into spiritual awareness in various ways; some formal and others spontaneous.

In addition, once we begin a spiritual journey, we typically experience periodic initiations, whether through others during healing sessions or workshops, through a psychedelic experience, or a Divinely ordained form of spiritual contact. With Chiron at the apex in Aries, we can expect initiation to come via some form of teacher, healer or spiritual catalyst. The suggestion here is that from now until March, there is energy available to take our spiritual journey (and process) to a new level.

Crystals, flowers, lake
Atlantean crystal culture

With Logos-Zoë conjunct Makemake in opposition to Chiron (the apex of a Yod), these spiritual initiations will dovetail in some cases with past life recall of pre-diluvial cultures such as Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria, providing energy for collective healing. I think we are going to see more discussion about Atlantis activated by the South Node moving into conjunction with Makemake at the next June Solstice! Will there be more disclosure or discovery pertaining to our lost human story in the 2nd half of 2024? Quite possibly!


Aquarius, blue man, urn, water, uranus

Pluto now at the very last degree of Capricorn will soon ingress into Aquarius initiating significant evolutionary changes at the collective level. We are finally at the finish line of what has been a challenging and testing 16 years since Pluto first entered Capricorn back in 2008. During Pluto’s transition from Capricorn to Aquarius this year, Pluto has been square to the lunar nodes, and so we have all been impulsed to tie up loose ends, sort out past unfinished business, while at the same time touching into the energy of new beginnings. Now that Pluto is moving out of the square, the feeling of being caught between the past and the future is now abating, and we can expect to feel increasingly able to move in new directions in the coming months.

Last March, the energy began to seed new initiatives within us, but the impulse for new directions was inhibited by the necessity to release the energy of the past. 2024 promises to open the way for productive and creative change if we want it. The Aries north node representing the leading edge of emotional evolution is asking us to reach for new life experiences, by breaking comfortable habitual patterns of behaviour, and to take action on our gut intuition as a way to develop and grow.

The exact trine between the Solstice Sun and Moon represents a green light so to speak; Higher-Self impulses are more than likely to harmonise with ego-awareness and be in accord with our human need to feel safe and secure with what is being asked of us, and Jupiter in Taurus conjunct the Moon suggests that if we follow the prompts of the inner-guide, we can enjoy abundant expansive outcomes. Let it be so.

[for more on the upcoming Pluto in Aquarius cycle see my earlier post: Pluto in Aquarius ~ A new era]


© 2023 Aquila Idha - all rights reserved. Please credit and reference me and this website when choosing to use any written part of this article.

Aquila offers Self-realisation mentoring, Evolutionary Astrology, and Tarot sessions for those awakening to their true potential.

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