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As an astrologer my tendency has been to look at the larger more collective transits in order to understand better what influences are affecting my personal life and the world at large. I have liked working with longer cycles, where the transitions are more palpable and influences last for many months or years; I have found these kinds of forecasts are easier to make use of. 

Only now have I decided to explore the cycle of the Moon to see how useful it is as a guide to short term time periods, as an indicator for personal growth from month to month. 

I offer these short forecasts for your consideration as I follow the cycle of the Moon more closely in my own life, and perhaps magic will happen, and my thoughts and words will be of use to your own life path unfolding.

The Lunar Cycle

The Moon is a symbol for the ego-personality level of awareness: what we identify with, and our emotional reality grounded into the everyday moment to moment experience of life. The cycle of the Moon is tied in with the Sun. A new moon is a Sun/Moon conjunction, and a full moon is a Sun/Moon opposition. These forecasts will always begin with the new moon, because it makes real sense that the new moon sets the seed lessons for the coming month; the Moon rebirths through the Sun, where the ego awareness picks up the threads of evolutionary intent through an alignment with the higher-self (Sun) and effectively becomes energised with an unconscious directive that slowly becomes more conscious as the cycle unfolds, reaching a point of objective insight at the time of the full moon, then ideally integrated, before coming to completion just before the following new moon.

In essence the Lunar Cycle should shed light on the archetypal energy we are trying to make more conscious within us as the month unfolds, and thus should indicate key lessons or experiences we can grow through toward a more self-realised state. 


Leo New Moon: 28 Jul 2022

Virgo New Moon: 27 Aug 2022

Libra New Moon: 25 Sep 2022

Scorpio New Moon: 25 Oct 2022

Sagittarius New Moon: 25 Oct 2022

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